Crippling insecurities and carelessness get the better of us all, even Kings


Dragon Age Inquisition AU where adaar/trevelyan/lavellan/cadash actually died in the explosion, and the Inquisitor has actually just been a manifestation of the orb.

basically prototype + final fantasy x end. if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go sit somewhere sadly and think about what I’ve done.


new perspective // panic! at the disco


New video! I face my worst fear in THE CHEESE CHALLENGE 

This was a terrible idea.


A short follow-up to The Contract comic. I kinda wanted to try and make an official-looking thing. 

Here’s the table scene from page 1 in full size, because it’s awesome. And I BET you’d like to read the stuff on the board.

And here’s the comic on DeviantArt if for some reason you’d like to see it there.

gruvia in welcome home frosch

for fxllbuster basically the gruvia girl

Taking photos of his friends and teammates has always been a thing Hanamaki does without much thought. A snapshot here, another there, blurry group pictures from tournaments taken in the spur of the moment.

He’s never paid much attention to anyone in particular, viewed each picture as a whole instead of the individual parts, until he lies in bed one evening, lazily scrolling through his camera roll, and stopping.

What catches his eye is a shot of Iwaizumi and Oikawa, sweaty and grinning, but that isn’t what makes his heart pound. In the back of the picture, casually leaning against the wall, is Matsukawa, his gaze lingering on something he can’t see. Hanamaki exhales, bringing the screen closer to his face. In profile, Matsukawa’s strong jaw and cheek bones stand out prettily, and even though the image quality isn’t the best, the thin screen of sweat is visible enough to make his skin glow.  

Matsukawa has never struck him as particularly photogenic before, but he can see it right there, that he’s got something. Something that makes his fingers itch and his skin tingle with the need to see it again.

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Chris Evans relaxes in the Heineken House during the US Open [x]