Bad Ideas (Chapter Ten)

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Little bit NSFW at the end because, really its about time these boys got some action, isn’t it?

Wade never put his hand on his gun that night.

Mostly because he didn’t want to imagine the look on Peter’s face when the omega heard the gunshot.
Partly because for the first time in his life he thought he might actually be able to silence the noise without having to resort to taking his own life.

So he had sat on the couch alone all night, fists tightly clenched, eyes firmly shut, trying to drown the voices with memories of Peter. Laughing, winking at him, his sweet scent, the dorky glasses, the way he blushed, the way he whispered Alpha in that low voice.

And when morning came, he was still there. Still in one piece. And it was the very first time he’d been able to win against himself.

It seemed like a hollow victory though, when Peter got up that morning and all but ran for his apartment as soon as the doors to the house were unlocked.

Wade let him go, knowing that it was better this way. Better that Pete get some distance so he could heal. Better that Wade stay away so that he could try to put himself back together.

The space between them was good.
It was better this way.

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French Perfume Part 1

Crowley X Reader

Word Count: 1.7K

Summary: Female reader receives a package from an admirer.

Warnings: language

French Perfume Series

Originally posted by howtobesupernatural

“You got a package, (Y/N)! A nice one too.” Sam called out to you as he walked the box into the war room to your seat.

You gazed at the medium sized brown cardboard box that was tied with a bit of twine. It had a white label with lovely royal blue script writing. “Is that French?” You asked Sam.

“Yeah I think it is? What did you order?”

“I didn’t.” You explained.

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Sixteen Candles // Supergirl 2x17

anonymous asked:

Kodaka also seems to like the bland mellow male characters as protagonists. Extroverted protagonists with real talents or flaws. He has a boring taste in writing as the murders get predictable as fuck. I’ve gotten pretty much almost every victim, killer, survivor and mastermind write, because he’s obsessed with a repetitive formula.

Kodaka, sitting on his hands and knees inside a 7/11: what is my worst idea and how can it be implemented into chapter 3

simplelations  asked:

sasosaku fic recs? :3

[SOUNDS OF ME SLAMMING STACKS OF PAPER ON THE DESK] alright kids buckle up because it’s about to get wild 

Porcelain by Shoujo Junkie - this is legitimately my favourite sasosaku fic……im a huge sucker for fairytails and this one BROKE me so hard i was crying tears and dribbling snot at the end of it……’s probably the only sasosaku fic i still think about regularily four years later (it also has a pretty writing style it’s so good please read it + the urges i have to illustrate this fic are Unreal)

strings by Cracker-Nin - the best assortment of sasosaku drabbles there is if you try to fight me on this you’ve already lost i lay awake at night angry at how little reviews this thing has

(while you’re at it check out their other drabbles here and here thirrin’s friend is truly a genius beyond our time) 

Carnation by aksdlhfklsd - THIS ONE’S SHORT AND SWEET basically sasori fawning over how rad sakura is i loved it a lot when i read it for the first time 

By a Picture by NushiKasai - this one’s really good because it allowed sakura to have more insight on sasori and that was ;-;;;; ALSO THE END destroyed my tiny frail body

Against All Odds by koobabear - I didn’t actually like this one back when I read it for the first time because platonic sasosaku was boring to me so basically I was WRONG and WEAK please read this one…. part 2 (but pre-shippuuden) sakura and sasori on a mission of self-discovery and friendship (also unfortunately this one isn’t finished)

Das Puppengesicht by VesperChan - this one’s a bit older but the ending’s so good………also i really like german used for aesthetic i am 1000% DOWN with that (you should check vesper out in general if you havent because they are a really really good!! writer!!!)

These Days by StormDragon666 - 30k fic about sasori thinking he’s in the friendzone but that’s okay because his fedora isnt that glaringly obvious okay i was joking it’s a fic about sasori and sakura growing up together with lots of pining and sweetness and they’re really cute… please read this one (this is like..the only fic i like despite it having some tropes and aspects i normally dont find that appealing in (sasosaku) fic thats how great it is thirrin’s friends are truly a blessing to the community)

Chronicles by SunRises6 - another childhood growing up together friendship turned romance fic because i am a Real Sucker for those things

Lost Year by OmgItsPocky - shoutout to this fic for making me become obsessed with same-age ninjaverse AUs I don’t think any fic of that type wrecked me as hard as this one I REALLY REALLY dig how sasori and sakura interact so for that alone you should go and take a peak (they also kick orochimaru’s ass and change history this fic is a service to the community) (general shoutout to this author too i still reread all of their stuff on the regular ;-;;;;)

The Lost Empire by Nheala -  y’all should know this one but I still need to remind you that this fic had the best use of the fight (AND KANKURO AND INO AS SIDE CHARACTERS) I’ve ever seen and I’m so!!! excited!!! so see where it goes I get really giddy every time I see that it updated……i love it sm………..

ANOTHER ONE ID REC IF ID FIND IT IS Wind Me Up Baby by yourturntowatchmyback&her friend(??) ITS A REALLY REALLY GOOD MODERN AU FIC they also wrote another one with edo sasori where sakura brings him flowers which I unfortunately cant find right now but if you happen to explore and find fics with this description read them asap I beg you I love them sm


If you love yourself you should go and indulge in shannon’s drabbles (here on her new blog) because she is not only lovely but also incredibly talented HONESTLY i could trust her with my worst ideas and she’d turn them into gold…. (shannon also has a very good grasp on characters and interaction and her writing style is so lively and!!! im gay)

last but not least if you have ignored my constant advertisements (fck y-) here is the friendly reminder to read Shannon’s and Mine’s child fic Colorblind we have Sasori and Sakura as the TOKEN HETS BUT NOT REALLY BECAUSE NO ONE IN THIS FIC IS HETEROSTRAIGHT who learn to appreciate each other befriend and then fall in love and it’s basically our go to verse for everything LOVE YOURSELF and read it (please) 


tl;dr sooo while I seem very uptight when it comes to my ship I’m actually a lot more tolerant when it comes to fic?? probably because I’ve read all of them at some point

I guess the general gist is that I like fics that have a good interaction between them… I enjoy darkfic (as long as the dark aspects arent romanticized) as much as fluff (idrc if it’s ooc id still read it because im WEAK) so I’m not that picky. I hope I could help you there!!

scaredy cat wen junhui

31 days of halloween: day 28 - haunted houses

➢ fandom: seventeen
➢ pairing: junhui x minghao
genre: fluff
➢ word count: 473
➢ notes: just boyfriends!junhao in a haunted house ft. amused!minghao and dramatically frightened!junhui


Minghao thought this place would be fun. Turns out, he’s really only enjoying Junhui’s response to everything.

cross-posted on ao3

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