The worst realization was that my idea of love was not really love at all, and because I didn’t know true love I had never loved anyone, and even if someone truly loved me I was never able to receive love from them because I could not recognize it. I knew all my ideas of love were only shadows compared to this painfully bright, shining, true love that fell around me. All the love I thought I had in me was nothing like true love. It was conditional, confused, and even hateful compared to the love I felt God lavishing on me.
—  Lacey Sturm

A short follow-up to The Contract comic. I kinda wanted to try and make an official-looking thing. 

Here’s the table scene from page 1 in full size, because it’s awesome. And I BET you’d like to read the stuff on the board.

And here’s the comic on DeviantArt if for some reason you’d like to see it there.

Reunion .2

Hey! Remember when I wrote this ?

(Don’t worry. I forgot about it too)

Well I wrote 1000 more words. They achieve nothing plotwise, and I have no idea where they are going, but I wanted to write some pre-couple Golly and was feeling too lazy to start a new story. So, anyway… They’re under the cut, if you want to read them. 

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In my marriage, we do not fight. We do not tell each other to shut up. We do not yell. We do not tell each other to get out of the way.

We just pointedly remind each other there are delicious treats in the fridge and enjoy from twenty to four hours of peace and quiet while they gobble up said deliciousness.

Because marriage.

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I woke up in the night from a dream where I was Gordon in space and he/I had to launch him/myself untethered to grab onto something to save it, but he/I ended up spinning out into space yelling for Thunderbird Three to come save him/me but he’s just a tiny speck in the universe and Alan tried to calculate the trajectory but couldn’t find him/me; there was also a guy (villain I think) listening to the comms and he just sadly shut them off and said Gordon would be out of range soon anyway, he’d spare everyone having to listen to him die.

Apparently, these are the TAG dreams I have. NOT FUN, SUBCONSCIOUS. also RUDE to wake me up like that.

Bought a book by a literary agent about writing the breakout novel. Normally I steer clear of this type of stuff, but I read it for half an hour at the store a couple weeks ago and learned a ton, so it was worth the money. I’m 60 pages in and already I feel my idea surging to life. I know that there’s a ways to go for it to be really good in terms of an idea, but I’ve already promised myself one thing: once I finish reading this book, I have to begin writing my novel. 

No matter how bad it is, no matter how crappy, there’s no excuse. I’ve thought about it for so long. I’m 60 pages into a 260-page book, and as soon as I flip to the end, page one of my novel begins. 

And that is the scariest thing in the entire world.

In a house or maybe in a small, cozy apartment, one morning four or five years from now, I hope I’ll find you in the kitchen cooking something for breakfast.

You’ll yell at me for not cleaning the house. And then I’ll yell back that it was your time to clean. You’ll threaten not to cook, and then I’ll have no choice but to clean the house. 

We’ll eat and we’ll tease each other. And even though it’s just the two of us, the noises will make it seem as if a family of ten was living there. We’ll fight at a daily basis, and then get so emotional the next moment.

Having to share a house with you will either be the best idea ever, or the worst. But you are my best friend, and I can’t wait to live with you.

—  letters to a friend #3, a.n.

anonymous asked:

Ok hi! So I had decent grades last year ( only one B and it was in math which is my worst subject ) but I realized I have no idea how to study, I have a hard time concentrating no matter what I change, and I have a huge procrastinating problem. I want this year to be different. So I reorganized my room, and set up a study space instead of my using my bed. Do you have any tips, tricks and useful things to buy stationary wise that could help? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! :)

Hello! Reorganizing your room is a great first step to getting more serious about studying. I’ve written several posts that might help you here:

But outside of guides and masterposts, I think the #1 thing that helps you study better is simply changing your mindset about studying. I didn’t like studying in high school because I wasn’t very good at it, but I knew in college I needed to get my act together and learn how to study efficiently. Everyone studies differently and sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out how you study best, but it’s worth it once you finally get there because then you’ll finally have a rhythm down. Also buying nice school supplies helps! I don’t really use very fancy stuff, but a cute notebook and nice pens really make studying easier. I like stabilo pens, but they can be a little expensive. I also really like inkjoy pens for taking notes. If you haven’t discovered momentum yet, it’s a really popular app that is just aesthetically pleasing and helps make to-do lists easy. 

I hope this helps!




This is the worst idea I have ever heard in my life, in every possible way

I cannot believe that a real human being living in the year 2015 thought that any part of this would be a good idea