Prefect Secrets

Here’s the new part, I hope you all enjoy it !!!
The locker room part is inspired by one of my favorite childhood movies, let’s see how many of you can guess which one it’s from…

Chapter 5-Confrontation 

Jude spent all night training his speech in front of a mirror for when he confronted Connor. On one point, Cade, his roommate had walked in on him which had startled Jude, but luckily for him Cade was oblivious to most things so that didn’t worry him.

It was now the next day, Jude was mentally prepared for this.
‘You can do this’,
‘Just tell him everything and then it’ll all fall into place’, but would it?
What was Jude expecting from this, he wasn’t quite sure himself either. He just wanted to express everything that he’d felt and that had bothered him for so long.

They had ‘Defense against the Dark Arts’ first period, so he decided to confront Connor before class. Everyone had made it there aside from Connor and Lucinda. Jude suspected that it had something to do with Quidditch seeing how they were both part of the team. He asked professor Seamus and his suspicion was correct.

Though Jude thought he’d confront him later, this couldn’t wait. He started to mentally prepare himself again as he made his way to the Quidditch lockers.


The lockers had a secret code of their own which you had to chant in order to get in. Luckily for Jude, his friend Peter, Gryffindor’s seeker, had taken him there after a game last year to retrieve a book which he’d borrowed from Jude.
He wasn’t sure if the code was the same but it was worth the shot.
“Lion heart” said Jude as  he waved his wand…and the doors opened.

There was a hall which separated the girls from the boys section, last year there was an addition of a third for people who identified as both or didn’t at all.

Jude opened the door for the boys section, the odder of sweat made him dizzy. A boy who was half naked gave him a look that could only be translated as ‘What the fuck are you doing here’. Jude ignored all the bare muscled chests of the other boys and all the names that were being said until he found him.

Connor was sitting on a bench talking to a friend of his, he didn’t notice Jude but the rest did.
“Heads up Stevens” said Logan, the boy Connor was speaking to before motioning him towards Jude.

“I need to speak to you” said Jude as he looked straight into Connor’s eyes ignoring his bare torso.

Connor was shocked and jumped out of his seat and before he could explain his sudden explosion he started “Jude listen I know you thi—“ before he was cut off for the third time by Jude in his life “No you listen” replied Jude sternly.

“You turned out to be exactly who I thought you were, a phony, fake but most of all a coward”, he paused a moment before “ All these years you’ve always acted on how you think people want you to act, trying to impress others, and apparently making fun of the nerd, or should I say ‘freak’” He said the last one removing his eyes a bit from Connor’s to look at his teammates, to look at the faces that had said those words.

Then he continued “But you’re not like that, at least not the Connor I remember, so if you think that in any way I’m a loser, someone you should pity on…don’t” his words were obviously making an impact because Connor’s face was pure shock “Because it’s you who I feel sorry for, because no matter how much I get ridiculed and teased on, and even though we both know how scary it is, I know who I am, but you, you’ll just waste your life pleasing others, instead of looking to help yourself” Jude didn’t wait for Connor to say anything, he turned around and made his way out of the lockers.


“Jude” Connor shouted but met no reactions, he was sure that this was the last time that he’d call his name and wouldn’t receive an answer, but those words had stung like a bee and there was no way he could come back from that, and before he knows it Jude’s gone.

“What was that all about?” said Logan clearly confused.

“Yo Stevens, what’s the deal with the freak” asked Pierce, one of the Beaters.

“Don’t you fucking dare call him that, if any of you ever says anything to him ever again you have me to answer for” said Connor with rage fueling inside him. He then made his way to the bathrooms to recollect himself, he didn’t want anyone to see him crying, to see him be ‘weak’.

All those years trying to reestablish a relationship with this boy that made him feel, different, gone in a matter of seconds, all because he was too scared to chase after what he really wanted.


A few days had passed since the ‘confession’ on Jude’s side. Jude wasn’t feeling any regrets anymore, his weight had lifted. He hadn’t seen Connor ever since, and he thought it was for the best. But later today they had their Halloween party  to talk about with the other prefects, which would mean that he’d see him there.

As he thought of Halloween he remembered last years party…


“Jude let’s go, we don’t have time” said Taylor while she knocked on the bathroom door.

“I’ll be right there, let me just fix this” Jude was struggling to fix his Jedi cape but it kept getting loose. You’d think a wizard wouldn’t be interested in sci-fi, but not Jude, he was all about it.

“Are you done yet because I’m not waiting for you anymore” said Taylor as the door opened “Done, see, fixed” said Jude annoyed.

“Wow you look great” she said as she gave him a wink. Jude couldn’t believe what she was wearing. “Aren’t you a little to old to dress up as the pink ranger?” Jude asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey she’s an icon, and I look good in this tight outfit so get your butt out of there and let’s go” Taylor said as she stroke a pose.


This was their first party with the big kids, which would mean, alcohol, hallucination potions, people making out everywhere. The whole scene made Jude feel uncomfortable but the decorations were amazing and Taylor was having fun, which mattered the most to him.

“I’ll go grab something to drink, do you want some?” Jude asked Taylor, she only nodded and continued dancing with Lacie.

Jude took two light drinks and made his way there until he tripped and spilled everything on a taller boy.
“What the hell asshole” said Jeremy, a quidditch player.

Jude only looked at him at first before “S-sorry, I really am” he flicked his wand and the other boys clothes were now all dried.

That didn’t stop Jeremy though, he grabbed Jude by the collar “Listen here, you cross me one more time I’ll make sure that’ll be the last time you do anything”.

“Leave him alone Jeremy” said a familiar voice, it came from Connor. Jeremy only glanced at him, then back at Jude and let him go.

“Come on, let’s go” Taylor said grabbing Jude’s hand and dragging him out of the party. Jude only looked at Connor for one more time, he was looking back, then he was out.

-End flashback-

“Hey” he heard a voice call out behind him, he turned around knowing whom it belonged to.

“Hi” he said smiling at his best friend.

“Can we talk, I hate not being able to talk to you, your silence is deafening honestly” said Taylor with a pout and puppy eyes.

“Yeah, I’ve missed talking to you” said Jude with a reassuring smile. “Plus, I have something to tell you”.

Taylor with a huge grin grabs Jude’s arm “Ok spill” she said excitingly. God had he missed his best friend.


“So what happens now?” she asks .

“I don’t know, nothing I guess? I just feel, good, having to say those things that have been bottled up inside of me”.

“Yeah but you forgot one thing” said Taylor as she pulled away from him and looked into his eyes while she grabbed his shoulders.

“And what would that be?” asked Jude confused.

“You forgot to tell him that you love him” said Taylor with a slight smile, her eyes mirroring what he felt, sadness.

“Yeah well, no point in telling him now, he has things to deal with, plus he has a

girlfriend.” Those words were pretty hard to say for Jude, but he promised he’d move on, so he tried.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that” said Taylor with the evilest grin she could pull.

“Don’t try anything please” Jude tried not to freak out but he couldn’t let Taylor do something stupid.

“You have nothing to worry about Jude, promise” replied Taylor as she gave him a reassuring pat.

Sometimes his best friend scared him, he knew the whole school was terrified of her, but Jude had learned to tame her, but you can’t tame a wild beast, only befriend it, or in this case, her.


“Welcome everyone, please take your assigned seats and let’s begin” said head girl Oriana and then she adds “Now I know what you’re thinking, a Halloween party after Halloween? What’s the point in that? Well, it’s the only time headmistress McGonagall will allow it, something about the dead and respecting traditions, so we’ll settle on that date instead”.

Jude stared at her for a second and then looked at him, but he wasn’t looking back, actually he looked miserable today. He’d never seen Connor so, empty. His hair was a mess which was a first, he had huge bags under his eyes and he kept staring at his feet. Jude figured he’d come right after practice.

“So we’re thinking of having ‘The pollyjuicers’ play for us, they’re students and they won’t charge us anything, everyone else agree?” said Oriana as she looked around at everyone to see if they agreed. No point in that, whatever head girl or head boy say is absolute law, though whatever Oriana suggested seems to always be brilliant so no one ever opposed her.

“Ok anyone have any ideas, something we can integrate into the party” she asked.

“Well I kind of have a plan” said Daria as she got up and stood right next to Connor “ We were thinking we could do a couples booth, where couples can take pictures and write what they liked the most about each other, and then it would make it to the yearbook, plus we could pick which couple had the best costume combo” said Daria with hey eyes gleaming.

“Guess we already know who’s gonna win don’t we” said Taylor sarcastically. Jude turned his head to her and gave her a look.

‘Please don’t say anything, please don’t say anything, plea——‘

“What’s that supposed to mean?” said a cracking voice, it was Connor’s, anyone could tell, but it sounded…broken.

“I mean, you two are so obviously in love that we already know who’s gonna win right?” added Taylor with the fakest smile and enthusiasm she could give, making it obvious for them.

“Why are you acting like this?” asked Daria with her a sad voice, she was hurt by what Taylor was saying.

“Acting like what, making the obvious… obvious ?”  she rolled her eyes and got up her seat.

“I think we’re done for the day, there’s no problem with doing the couples thing really, it’ll give us a chance to see which couple are actually real” she said as she got up and left the room without saying anything else.

Jude knew that whole overreaction was her acting. She was a drama queen after all, quite talented. But he now felt horrible, he didn’t want to be the cause of it, but what was done was done, and he wasn’t having none of the further discussions that would have been made so he got up.

“Where are you going?” said Oriana looking at him worryingly.

“I’m heading off to find Taylor, she seems upset” he said as he made his way to the door before turning towards Daria and Connor “And you can do the couples thing, it sounds like a great chance for people to express their love for one another” he saw Daria who gave him a small smile but Connor’s face fell flat, he only stared at Jude, if looks could kill, they both would have been dead.

Jude smirked and got out of the room, and as he made his way to Taylor who was waiting for him outside he was shocked at what he just did. He obviously felt hurt by the whole Daria and Connor thing but he never expected him to make Connor feel bad about it, and no matter how much he hated to admit it, the feeling of having him hurt rather than just himself gave him a slight satisfaction, a guilty satisfaction.

“So, did you like my little show?” she asked while giggling.

“Taylor what did you do?” said Jude with a harsh tone.

“What did I do ? I gave that idiot a piece of my mind, he should know what he’s doing is dumb, and I thought you’d be glad” she said the last one with a sad face.

“Well I kinda threw a jab at him right after you left, but I don’t feel good about it, it would have been better if we just let them be, I can’t handle anymore of this drama” Jude replied “But thanks for that, I don’t think I would have been able to handle Daria and Connor go at it like that”. Jude gave Taylor a smile.

Taylor smiled before grabbing Jude’s arm and pulling him forward “What are you doing?” asked Jude confused.

“We’re picking the best outfits we can find and we’re winning that competition” said Taylor with a grin “I’m not letting those two get away with this”.

Though Jude wasn’t competitive, he loved Taylor’s enthusiasm for the whole thing, and kinda agreed with what she said. He wasn’t letting Connor and his problems get to him anymore.



Sometimes being a grown up feels like the worst thing ever, but on this day I was a child again. Going to the fair all grown up is like being a kid but without all the rules. You can do what you want when you want. No ride is off limits and the world is your fried food buffet.

This week we went to the Orange County Fair & it was marvelous. I got to watch baby piggies race & was even able to meet Strawberry the pig. I played one fair game- won a stuffed minion, things were really going my way. Let me just list off the other jolly activities of the day… We indulged in a cheeseburger that came between two Krispy Kreme donuts, a slice of “fried pizza”, bacon wrapped pickles & my favorite childhood sweet- cotton candy! All split 4 ways of course. I found out that I love monster trucks but can’t fully explain why, we road the G Force ride after stuffing our faces & no one threw up, finally to top it all off- we took in the beautiful night with all the sparkly lights around us from high in the sky on the swing carrousel.

Normally I don’t like large crowds, lines and everything else that comes with it.. But the OC Fair did a great job keeping this little girl smiling for hours. I’m thankful for every happy moment of it.

*Most photos taken by Blake Nyman

8 People I Want To Know More About

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1.Name: Daniella Molina-Mota, fun fact: my last name means weed haha

2.Birthday:November 27, 1996

3.Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius  ♐

4.Height: I’m 5′2 aka hella short but i’d still kick your butt

5.Time: it’s 3:27am haha

6.Sleep: My sleeping habits are trash

7.Favorite book: I love books so much and I have multiple favs but my childhood favorite is called tangerine by Edward Bloor

8.Favorite Artist: I have a wide range of music i listen to so just a couple of my favs are Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, G-Eazy, Beyonce, Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, Fetty Wap, The Neighbourhood,Maroon 5,Fall Out Boy, Elvis Presley, Demi Lovato,Never Shout Never, A Day To Remember, The Amity Affliction, Crown The Empire, Issues, Zedd,Timmy Trumpet and bascially anything edm (that list was probably really unnecessary so if you actually read it s/o to you)

9.Last movie I watched: Journey to the mysterious island or something like that lol

10.College: currently  i am enrolled in to the local community college here and its been a pain in the ass to get fasfa completed so its hella annoying atm

11. Dream Job: this is going to sound hella weird but its between being a youtuber, a comedian, or a voice actor, but in reality im probably going to be a juvenile counselor  

12. Meaning behind URL:im dandy and i ain’t lion

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15 facts about me

I was tagged by the wonderful seppuku-en-espanol. Here we go!

  1. My favorite color is green. 85% of my clothes are green and the other 15% are other colors that my mother approves of me to wear in public. 
  2.  I can understand written/spoken Spanish at a basic level. Mi español es muy mal. 
  3.  I hate eggplants. 
  4. My favorite memory from childhood is when I would watch Bambi and Pocahontas with my sister and my dad.
  5. I love cartoons, especially Teen Titans. I even bought a shirt from Amazon with all the characters from the 2003 show.
  6. My favorite new school cartoon is Steven Universe. He is such an adorable character and I love all the characters from the show.
  7. My best friend is legendofpooja
  8. I have an Albert Einstein doll that is somewhere in my room, possibly under the bed.
  9. I have a Pikachu scarf. I love it so much.
  10. In school, my favorite subject was English. My least favorite class was gym.
  11. I’m only Facebook friends with at least 5 people from high school. The rest I deleted because of racist postings or because we really didn’t have much in common. But mostly because of the first reason.
  12. In addition to cartoons, I also like reading and shopping.
  13. I am not a religious person.
  14. I got way late into the Parks and Recreation love. I started watching the show when they announced that Season 7 was their last season. Also, Aziz Ansari came to my college and I figured I would watch a couple of episodes for research. I never met him but he seems cool.
  15.  I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

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games done quick
  • runner whispering:I saved two frames.
  • audience:clapping
  • chat:Kappa// FrankerZ//
  • donation reader:Hey SGDQ. Love to see Glover, a favorite from my childhood, being runned. Recently I learned my 4th grade teacher passed from cancer, here's $200. Please kill the animals.

Happy Birthday, Robin Williams!

I miss him so much, one of all my time favorite childhood actors I grew up with watching. I adored him much. He was defiantly a damn legend in my book. 💙💙

R.I.P, buddy.
was and always will be a fan of his. 🙌

Thank you for the amazing childhood movies you’ve given me to grow up with. you’re truly are a legend and will never ever be forgotten. 

Make-Me-Sing Munday

Send a symbol and I’ll record myself singing one of the following:

♈ - My current favorite song
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Fuck you Hulk Hogan for ruining my childhood. Ultimate Warrior was my favorite wrestler anyway.I’d love to give Brooke the bizness btw.

on my plate

I’m going to visit my parents this weekend and have lobster and blueberry pie. This is my favorite weekend of the year. It beats any holiday. I will eat too much. I will crack open too many lobsters, caught by my father, and put them on my plate, which will overflow with succulent juices. I will smell of shellfish and brine. I’ll be too full to eat dessert, but then my mother will put her homemade blueberry pie on the table, made from blueberries handpicked by her in the backyard of my childhood home. It’s my absolute favorite dessert ever and I’ll overindulge. Then I’ll have a nap and a cup of coffee, and drive to the ocean.

The ride along the rocky coast on our side of Acadia National Park is one of my favorites things in the world. I used to drive it nearly every day on the way home from school. It was not on the way home, but it was a diversion that was always well worth the trip. I’d grab a bag of peanut M&Ms, maybe a Clearly Canadian, and throw in a current mixtape in my cassette player. I had a soft case, black nylon, full of tapes, some bought, some copied from my friends. I always carried all the INXS albums, the first four solo Michael Jackson tapes, The Doors Greatest Hits, and Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs. I carried music for all weather and moods so I could play what I felt, no matter what it was doing outside. Sunshine, fog, rain, snow. I drove to clear my mind.

There are places along the coast to bike and hike. I used to visit these trails often, but since my children entered this world, I haven’t been back. The kids are are still too young for some of the more difficult hiking routes, but I think there are some they could handle. I know they would enjoy the views of the mountains and ocean, even if the hike is strenuous. I’m wondering if I can rig up something for my son, maybe a backpack for me that holds the vent, while he runs along out in front of me. Then my wife and daughters can carry the extra equipment and help him get through the tight spaces. It would be so much fun. But I may be biting off more than I can chew.