So me and my sister @farfallavendetta were talking about cute headcanons with Ford and Dipper being into Lord of the Rings, but then she had to go and stab me through the heart with her sad headcanons.

So Dipper and Ford are geeking out about LOTR together and Dipper’s like “You know that they made those into movies?” 

“Oh yes, the 1978 Bakshi animated film.” 

“No Grunkle Ford, a live action version!” Ford’s like 

“WHAAAT? My boy, you must show me immediately!” So they start watching the films, and  commenting on geeky things, what’s different from the book, Ford is generally impressed by how far special effects have come since he was a kid. 

Then it reaches the scenes with the Eye of Sauron. And Ford just… freezes. Dipper notices he’s stopped his commentary of the movie. He can easily guess what’s wrong. 

“Do you want me to turn it off?” Dipper asks quietly. Ford shakes his head. “No. I want to see the ending.” He knows how it ends, but for some reason feels like he needs to watch the whole thing through now. Dipper understands, and just takes his Grunkle’s hand and squeezes it. He doesn’t let go when Ford starts to sniffle at the end of the first movie, or  when he starts to shake when Frodo is tormented by the Ring. He doesn’t let go when the story gets dark and harrowing and it seems like all is lost, and Ford can only hold onto Dipper’s hand because he knows how it ends, but he’s so scared that somehow, this time, what if the ending is different? 

By the end of the third film, Ford is full on crying. He cries for Frodo whose wounds run to deep and can’t be healed, he cries because Frodo was so lost for so long. He cries because Sam was there by Frodo’s side the whole time, and he cries because he’s not  alone anymore, now his own Sam is his family. 

The credits have long since finished, but Dipper gives his Grunkle a big hug, and neither of them really need to say anything for a while. 

Finally, Ford says, “Thank you for watching this with me, Dipper. It really means so much.” Dipper smiles, feeling a bit watery in the eyes himself. “It’s no problem, Grunkle Ford….You know,  I was thinking, maybe we could go to a convention and cosplay.”

“Cosplay? What’s that?” “We dress up as the characters! Mabel could help us with the costumes. I could be Frodo and you could be Gandalf! You’re pretty much my wizard mentor.” Ford chuckles and ruffles Dipper’s hair, his heart glowing with warmth for his nephew. “That sounds like fun, Dipper.”

Imagine you sometimes catching Leo looking at his shell in the mirror. The first few times you thought he was just admiring his turtle self, but as you kept seeing him look at it, you could see his eyes looking at the large scar on his shell from the mirror.

Since he got the scar from that encounter with Karai and C'hrell, he would try his best to ignore it, but it gave him such a negative feeling. Just knowing it was there always got him down, even if he was in a great mood.

One day, you had seen him glaring at it from the mirror. His eyes flickered from the scar to look at his reflection, and he caught your gaze. He abruptly turned around to face you.

“…how long have you been standing there?” Leo asked, cutting to the chase.

“About a minute. You okay? Gotta say; if looks could kill…”

Leo didn’t respond at first. He walked past you and started heading towards his room, looking back to see if you were following. He saw that you were and didn’t do anything but keep heading to his room. He took a seat on his bed and waited as you sat yourself down. Once you were settled in, he turned a bit to look at you better.

He cleared his throat. “…the scar just gives me this big wave of self doubt, disappointment and failure. I let myself get impaled by C'hrell and let Karai get the upperhand so easily; I saved her life and she repays me like that? Who does that? And I let myself get all broody and distant and cold towards my family to the point I hurt my father. I just—”

“But look at how far you’ve come, Leo,” you say, cutting him off before he could bring himself down even more. “You overcame your distant and cold behavior. You’ve redeemed yourself and you can learn from your mistakes. It was a very rough patch, but you got through it. Instead of it reminding you of all of that, let it remind you that no matter how rough it gets, you can get through it. Shell, you almost died and look at you now! You know what they say.”

Leo bows his head down, then chuckles a bit. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?”

You smiled, giving his head a rub. “There you go.”

Stanswap AU Part 7

A little business first: I have asks open now, so ask me about this story or anything else I’ve written!

Also, after much internal debate, I’ve decided Ford never gets the metal plate installed in his head in the AU. After the latest episode my initial idea was for him to get it around this point, but I have a few ideas for the future that require his mind being vulnerable.

Finally, check out busket‘s Reverse Portal AU, it’s another take on the same concept. link. Read here to leave comments I can actually reply to!

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I’d say it’s been too long since I uploaded a feelsy fic but I’m sure you guys wouldn’t mind me having waited a little bit longer. So this request was made by @anime-dillon88 to be accompanied with the song Torn to Pieces by Pop Evil. At the end of the day, I felt that this was a plot that suited the requests but also didn’t antagonise Pietro, because I’m not sure I could bring myself to write that. It’s just not in his character. Anyway: enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Could you write a fic to the song Torn to Pieces by Pop Evil where it’s Pietro(or Steve)xReader where the two or you are dating and things are going well and some thing happens and you break it off and he is sad. Thank you and LOVE!!! your material

“Torn to Pieces”

Pietro cleared his throat and hooked his finger into the collar of his shirt, tugging at it gently as he waited outside your door. He rapped his knuckles against the wood and gripped the bouquet of flowers a little tighter.

In retrospect, the fight he’d had with you was stupid. Irrational. Petty. He was more than happy to apologise after realising that it was entirely his fault, but he just wished it hadn’t taken so long for him to do it. As he waited for the door to open, he thought about the argument so that he’d have specifics to apologise for.

Your fingers were woven amongst your hair as you tugged at it.
“What do you mean it’s not important?”
“You heard me.” Pietro replied, leaning back against the wall with his arms folded.

“Pietro, it’s our anniversary – and you forgot.”
“We weren’t even serious for the first 3 months! I just assumed that it would be our anniversary 1 year after we started going steady!”

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The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

A/N: Long title for a little feelsy, woods smut drabble. Dedicated to my girls at the OUACS podcast, especially @smorgan4

        It has been a long while since Emma and Killian had a moment to breathe. Ever since coming back from New York and the Land of Untold Stories, respectively, they hadn’t been able to find time to be alone. So they finally made time, asking Regina watch Henry and putting their phones on silent. They would probably regret that later, but at that moment, they didn’t care. They decided a nice walk in the woods would be nice, just to clear the heads. They breathed in the fresh pine scent and listened to the birds chirping, walking hand-in-hand through the autumn leaf-covered woods.

           “This is nice,” Emma said, swinging her arm back and forth in his.

           “Aye, it is. I normally prefer the open sea, but there is something to be said for a secluded forest.”

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‘Til Death Do Us Part

*sees talk about MSA and marriage*

*aggressively headcanons something similar, but not the same*

In other words, I’ve seen some speculation on whether or not Lewis and Vivi might’ve been married before Lewis died. I’ve decided that my preferred answer to this question is “almost, but not quite”. Grab some tissues, because it’s gonna be a long, feelsy ride.

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