It was hard to live with the guilt of shattering Pink Diamond. Her diamond. But life went on and she had at least a millennia to live, and although it was a nagging in the back of her mind, the quartz gem just had to try and move on.

And so she did, for a while, the rebellion some 4500 years behind her. The shattering of the one important to her 4500 years behind her (She had to; it was for her cause). 

And then there she was. Thirty foot tall and proud with that signature pink diamond on her navel, a similar placement to Rose’s own gem.

She felt sick. 

“My… My diamond,” She breathed, weakly doing the salute. Was this a second chance, perhaps? Or was it something akin to alternate universes like she had heard about in passing. Or, maybe, it was something more sinister…

What to Do

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Summary: Sometimes the past doesn’t stay in the past. And that’s okay too. ⇢ for anon
Pairing: Jung Kiseok/Simon Dominic x Reader
Genre: Angst, fluff
Words: 4,890 wow I guess Simon brings out the muse full force lmao

A/N: Jeez it’s been a while, huh guys? Sorry I’ve been away so long. I hope this slightly more feelsy request for nonnie can help make up for it a bit. I promise that I’ll be able to start updating more regularly now! Thanks for sticking with me and being so patient! <3

There were quite a few things you valued in Jung Kiseok. Despite all his bravado, he was a gentleman through and through, always making you feel loved and cared for. He knew when to be serious, and when you needed some of his ridiculous antics to cheer you up. He was able to read your emotions almost better than you yourself could at times. He was dedicated, hard-working, and someone you were proud to stand next to, to support and be supported by.

The one thing you appreciated the most, though, was his “the past is in the past” mentality. You both came from fairly different backgrounds, but still carried things with you you’d rather forget. You accepted your baggage as part of you, but tried to let it lie and enjoy the present, and look to the future. And Kiseok was right there with you.

Which was why when he brought up the past one particular night, you couldn’t help but be shaken in the worst way.

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Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day

I always think sometime I’ll do a Proper set of rec posts… who knows.  I haven’t even been reading much fic lately, and I’ve missed a Lot of what’s been posted in the past few months.  But I do Appreciate good writers, so!  Without further ado, fourteen of my favorite fic writers in Hamilton fandom:

@digoxin-purpurea (digitalis) - the absolute master of making you go WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK but like. in the best way.  Especially: born with this story, it’s older than I, which is Hamilton cast rpf but also one of the most interesting takes on Alexander Hamilton I’ve seen anywhere.

@herowndeliverance - who teaches us all that gen fic can be just as heartbreaking and FEELSY as the ship variety.  Especially: so long as you come home at the end of the day which is just honestly an exercise in breaking mults one chapter at a time such a brilliant seamless blend of ‘the past is a foreign country’ and family relations that I run out of words.

@iaintinapatientphase - writes possibly the best Eliza, and amazing studies of the drama that inheres in relationships, and the compensations that make them worth it anyway, but I’m still picking out.  Especially: my declaration, Angelica/Jefferson, such an achingly real portrait of a relationship that’s - good for something, for a time, and how hard it is to let that be all.

@iniquiticity - writes super hot porn for tumblr asks.  (I will get around to reading ironflint, one day!)  But most of all: Esepcially: On the Contruction and Tending of Greenhouses, Washington/Hamilton, an arranged marriage that takes the inherent conflict of the setup gloriously seriously, with extra bits of military plotting that feed my id just as well.

@kiwisatsuma (kisatsel) - hard to characterize, as her work’s a little all over the place, but it’s pretty much always complicated.  And mostly consists of (very good) porn… but I’m still reccing: Especially: gently up shit’s creek, Hamilton, Washington, and the infamous rowboat story.  

@lizdexia (rillrill) - maybe everyone knows Quid Pro Quo, but it deserves every bit of its fame.  Slow burn relationship, super hot kinky sex, and a plot that’s at once built out of thousands of picture-perfect realistic details and at times delightfully over the top.  And the complications of striving for ambition that drew me to this canon, to boot.  Also don’t miss Revolutionary Whore: canon verse, and mostly this time for all the hot kinky sex, tbh.

@philly-osopher (ossapher) - writes the best John Laurens out there.  And the sort of angst that you can technically describe as understated, yet still provides the best fuel for all your wallowing needs.  And Called It Macaroni was the first Ham fic I read more than once, and that made me keep coming back for more; Come Marching Home I have probably read literally too many times to count (don’t talk to me about family issues, okay); but if you’re just looking for one to start with, Ain’t That a Kick in the Head is almost certainly (imo) the best.  Because Alex and John both have Issues and don’t collide with each other particularly well… until they do.

@pitcherplant (poose) - is the true artist of unabashedly filthy porn that every fandom needs.  Has written a LOT of great stuff, but the first - Cunctation - is still probably my favorite, Hamilton/Washington, and one of the hotter descriptions of blowjobs to have graced my fanfic reading years.

@psikeval) - has written many ships, many flavors of relationships, and every one well.  but you’re human tonight sticks out in my memory most - Mulligan/Lafayette, and it’s not pair the spares, but takes on that issue head on.

@schuylering - does amazing justice to all three of the Schuyler Sisters, and to the complications of families.  To pick just one: enough, grief and survival, Eliza’s siblings and the Hamilkids too, and more than anything, in my mind, the picture of Angie (Angelica the younger), breathing her into painful life.

@scioscribe - is the best of the best.  I’m not sure which of her meta fics is More to me, after all: The Source of Distant Rivers, the Sound of Distant Guns and Notes Concerning Certain Performances of Hamilton are both… literally overhwelming.  I know I’ve talked about them before, but I give up, okay.  And fools who run their mouths off!  Might just be the literal Best Thing when (or if) it’s ever finished, but even as it stands… so complicated, characters and themes, a world that feels so real, and relationship conflicts that have literally kept me up at night.

@stuffimgoingtohellfor (triedunture) - writes mostly Hamilton/Washington, and very well at that, but my favorite of all is The Mistranslation’s picture of Washington/Lafayette.  Lafayette thinks that he’s Washington’s adopted son; so cute and sweet, with all the feelings of complex imbalance that makes the relationship between the two so compelling.

@talriconosco (talriconosco) - Just cause a relationship’s platonic, you think it can’t break your heart!?  Only a few fics, all great.  appellation, especially, gets at what I love about war stories, about stories about history; it’s full of adventure and character, and… I REALLY WANT TO CATCH UP ON IT, when I have time - or make time! - to leave the comments it deserves.

@valeriestahl (peakgay) - writes a lot of relationships that are hard, that are painful; full of rewards and satisfaction, but never unmixedly positive.  Highlight: necessary means, Hamilton/Washington, canon era, spanking and deliciously difficult power dynamics.

:~ Hiatus ~:

Not even making a fancy post about this because I can;t find my icons. GG, Vi.

Well, guys. The group I became a member of disbanded, no longer a thing which is honestly sad. u.u I looked forward to it but hey, sometimes things don’t work out. As do many things but hey, that’s just my current salty nature peaking through. 

I’m deciding to go on a hiatus. I’ve got a lot of adjusting to do in this new environment, they want me to improve on my life & I’m going to be working on some things in my life. I had plans of going to a different fandom but that surely went down the drain ( thus why I’m salty af ) but I want to keep my Blake. Even writing this now is making me teary eyed because.. This blog has given me everything.

This blog was made as a getaway from some people in my life, a place to find myself, my happiness. It wasn’t a serious thing! I just was going to make it for a bit then switch to a character I originally was. But you guys, the people I met here.. You changed my mind. I made friends, I fell in love with my partners and the ideas we shared. The love I felt by some and jsut the warmth this group I’ve been a part of has made me feel. I owe this blog so much because of you guys.

The ones who helped me grow, those who helped me get out of my shell, the people who opened their arms to me and gave me a sanctuary. God, I’m crying but because I’ve never said all this.

Thank you. Seriously. All of you. And I won’t be gone for long or I swear, I’ll jsut bawl and cry like a baby who lost her best friend. You guys have become such a big part of my life, big part of my world and happiness. 

So thank you. You.. All made me witness what it was like to honestly be happy.