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along with your Unit 731 observation, in the last page of the most recent chapter, the other people there were wearing masks just like workers would have to wear to block their view of what they were building

Hey anon, thanks for your question.

Kanou’s underlings greatly resemble the members (or is it more accurately to say employees?) of Unit 731.

I actually think, and it is just my suspicion because we can’t be sure for now, that they are clearing this facility and everything what could be associated with Kanou and his, ahem, research.

I strongly believe that Kanou is aware that the investigators already reached Rueshima and are in the process of purging this island so I can imagine for Kanou to make preparations in order to escape or at least secure and transfer his data so it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. But of course I could be wrong, if that they are indeed building something, I genuinely wonder what it might be. 

Well, and then we have this fellow here.

He seems to recognise Kurona while the others pay her minimal attention. Who could it possibly be? Someone we know of? If I understood the timeline right, it can’t be neither Amon, Takizawa or Furuta for that matter. If you have any idea of who could that be, I would love to hear your suggestions. 

In my head Hide popped up immediately as we didn’t see him for a quite a while and there are not many places left where he was able to hide. But then the question would be as to why he would associate himself with Kanou in the first place. And how long he was there to begin with.

Or maybe it is Rio, because he is missing from the storyline since Hachikawa’s patrol was split (and, well, he was killed). But he, in my opinion, has become too mad to blindly obey orders anymore. 

It could be, possibly, hopefully, perchance Scarecrow, Rio’s brother (not confirmed, but indicated to some extent). It is about time that we see “him” again and he is also strongly connected to Saiko’s arc, which was pushed aside for quite a while (and she, along with Urie and others, is heading towards Akira’s… towards Akira and we can only guess if they might even take a look at Kanou’s lab if everything’s been cleared up) . And it would be an intriguing scenario as he is much closer to his brother than expected. Oh, the joys of reading this manga, you never know what to expect.

Or maybe it’s someone entirely new, that would be just as much exciting in my opinion.

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