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Heehee I was just scrolling through your posts ( love all the wa) I see that I wasn't the only one waiting for the moment Barry points to their hands. Wonder what made GG do that when they filmed. I hadn't noticed the laughing though. They couldn't keep a straight face. Lol. CP should not let G out do her in their kissing scenes! Lol. Oh and I too think Julian is possibly alchemy. But it's still too early. Will be surprised if he's not.

Yea! I was like wait this scene looks different than the bts shots. Grant was doing way more than he did in the final cut 💀. Idk why he looks like he’s chuckling so hard in the gif but I rewatched the episode and he sort of just chuckles a bit after the first kiss. I’m also suspecting Julian is Alchemy or is related to him somehow. They really emphasized how you can repress thoughts and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they had Barry tell them AND that Julian studies the elements. He’s always talking about the elements he’s found in the evidence. That’s just me speculating though. It might be someone else 👀

2. Tōshirō Hitsugaya - requested by thegeekinblue

“Welding one’s blade out of duty alone is what it means to be a captain. Wielding one’s blade out of hatred is nothing more than petty violence. That is not what we would consider battle.