comfyjimin  asked:

36, 67 :-)

36. favorite movie?

OH man, this is hard lmao. Ti West is my favorite director and i love literally anything by him. other faves are the fall, tesis, mean creek, the craft, ginger snaps.. idk i can’t choose. also this answer made me sound more pretentious than i actually am, but i used to do nothing but watch movies lol so

67. what are your hobbies?

movies obviously, reading, and giffing tbh. most of my free time these days goes to kpop-related activities rip

#26 & #60? 

26. how many pillows do you sleep with?

as many as i can get away with, tho sadly i only have 3 on my bed atm

60. how many pictures do you have on your phone?

2,994 apparently