“I’m all alone now.”

Honestly what the fuck, i can’t voice act Osomatsu 😂 His voice is so weird, Takahiro’s voice is weird ! But I guess thats why we love our son/s huh?

Sorry if it sounds a bit off, I toggled with the pitch a bit to made my low pitched feminine voice sound more masculine, oops lmao

And this is a primary example why Osomatsu San shouldn’t get dubbed omg, although It’d be interesting ! 

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Nobody Loves You The Way I Do Chapter 2

Chapter 1:

“Y’know P, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Lapis this happy.” Said Amethyst as the older woman slipped on her coat, she watched her friend struggle with the stuck zipper and giggled before a much taller woman with bright pink hair pulled it down and managed to get it to go all the way up to just under Pearl’s chin.

“Oops, sorry Pearl… At least you’ll be warm.” Sheena laughed softly as Pearl adjusted her coat and grumbled. She leaned against the wall and turned her head to look at Amethyst. That’s why the purple haired woman liked Sheena, she’d always listened to people, she was an example that appearances did not always match personality. She was respectful and polite… Never-mind the fact that she and Pearl had killed someone last week, that didn’t matter anymore.

“Yeah, Ames… You’re right. We’ve known her for three years and I have never actually seen her like this. That lady she met must be some kind of fucking miracle worker.” Said Sheena, Pearl huffed loudly from the doorway.

“She takes up so many photos on my camera because I have to keep taking pictures of her for Lapis. I had to memorize her schedule to make sure I always know where to be. And no matter what kind of gift I put on her doorstep she never takes them!” Pearl shouted in frustration before a loud, sleepy groan from a certain blue haired woman’s room upstairs caused her to shut her mouth immediately. Lapis was NOT a morning person, and she was already a volatile thanks to the events of two weeks ago.

Pearl and Sheena may have had power in the suburbs of the huge city, but the west coast was Lapis’ territory, and if you were there you did what she said. In the south coast it was Jasper, Garnet had the business district and Amethyst had the slums. If you were in your district you were feared, the only exception was the true boss, Rose Quartz. You listened to her no matter what.

But Rose Quartz couldn’t always be there for them, she had a family… A husband named Greg and a teenage son named Steven. Rose made it quite clear she didn’t want them involved in the business, that didn’t stop the kid (and his girlfriend on occasion) from visiting. It was sweet really, he knew what they did but he loved them anyway, even Lapis was nice to him, and she was rather crude with people when she wasn’t out in public.

Speak of the devil, here she was. She leaned on the railing as she came down the long spiral staircase, clearly still half asleep, “It took me an hour but I found it.” She said, her voice somewhat rough due to only recently waking up.

“Found what?” Asked Pearl, who was seconds away from stepping out the door, the blue haired woman looked at her as if she had four arms.

“Peridot’s phone number! I told you last night when you were in her apartment, were you not listening?” Lapis shouted and Amethyst cringed, Lapis’ voice turned lighter but the anger in her eyes still burned, “Tell me when she isn’t home so I can call to hear her voice on the answering machine.”

Pearl sighed, “Alright, I will. I’ll be off now, goodbye.” She said calmly, and Sheena rose from her place leaned on the wall to go over to her… Girlfriend? Wife? Amethyst wasn’t sure.

“Wait Pearl! You have something on your face!” Sheena told her, the pale woman stopped, only half in the house, puzzled, Sheena quickly pecked the shorter girl on the cheek, “It’s me.” The pink haired woman said with a wink. Pearl took a sharp breath in, her face turning a bright pink before she stuttered out a quick ‘I love you bye’ and rushed out of the huge house. Amethyst just laughed, Sheena smiled as she watched Pearl leave.


She shivered in the chilly late October air, it was only 6:45 in the morning and the west coast was still asleep. It wouldn’t be much different in her part of the city, the wealthy part of town had the cushy soft people who never worked a day in their lives, never REALLY earned their money, Pearl hated them. She didn’t take her car, instead opting to simply walk through the mostly empty streets. She took put her phone and slipped the earphones in, the peach haired criminal placed one of them in her ear, pretending to listen to music. She was waiting for directions from Lapis.

She wanted to go home and sleep for another hour (she was a morning person, but she wasn’t a MORNING person, if that made sense) but their base of operations just HAD to be in Lapis Lazuli’s district. It wasn’t that she disliked the girl, the two just… Didn’t exactly see eye to eye.

“Good morning.” A smug and haughty (not to mention wide awake) voice cut through the frigid air (oddly cold for late October, at least in this city. A tall woman with pale blonde hair similar to Pearl’s (except that it was clearly dyed, Pearl’s was natural) passed by her, almost bumping into her. Pearl started to open her mouth to say something, but her breath caught in her throat. The woman looked a little TOO familiar, maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her. Because THAT woman had died years ago.

It was almost 7:00 when Olive stepped out of a small apartment complex. She looked pissed off and exhausted, not ‘I just woke up’ exhausted, but ‘I’m so done arguing with people’. She took a quick picture when the nerdy girl wasn’t looking and sent it to her obsessive ‘teammate’. They all called the gang different things.

She immediately heard (she needed to remember to turn the ringer down when she had her earphones in) her phone go off. She looked down at the new message.

Lazuli: Thank you! I love it… But do you think maybe you could get her face a bit better?

Pearl growled, pretending to be angry with the phone being ‘slow’ and shoved it back into her coat pocket. She noticed that Olive was turning the corner near a store and the tall woman had to speed walk to catch up in order to continue watching over her. Olive walked past a jewelry store, and stopped to look at some of the things, her green eyes widened and she sucked in some air through her teeth when she saw the prices, she quickly kept walking.

Pearl stopped by the window to the store and called Lapis, the blue haired criminal was decidedly being an ass that morning, as the phone rang twice before she picked up.

Lapis’ sharp and uncaring voice sounded in her ear, “I was eating breakfast, what is it?” She asked and Pearl resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“I don’t think Peridot has much money, she was looking at necklaces before she saw the price, then walked away quickly.” She said slowly and quietly, taking a small pause when a teenager walked past. ‘Oh yes, that’s right, we have Steven coming over tonight.’ She mentally reminded herself, sometimes she could be pretty forgetful.

“Really? Oh the poor thing! Go into that store and get a peridot necklace for her, it’ll help her get used to her name when she comes to us.” Said Lapis, and Pearl could HEAR the smile in the younger girls voice and she shivered, she still didn’t know what exactly it was that Lapis wanted.

She ducked into an empty alley and whisper-shouted (you never knew who was trying to listen), “You had better not be trying to make some kind of human pet, we have standards Lapis!” There was a noise of pure disgust on the other end, like the blue haired woman was gagging.

“Seriously?! I love her! I don’t ever wanna hurt her, how could you even think that? Do you not trust me?!” Lapis screeched into the phone and Pearl had to take out the earphone for a second to rub at her now sore ear.

“I-I’m sorry. It’s just, I saw someone… Someone who made me think about… Well anyway, I’m sorry I brought it up. You know how my thoughts get all… Muddled.” Said Pearl, and she walked back out onto the sidewalk, and subsequently into the store. It was open surprisingly early, it was only 7:30 in the morning for pete sake! Then Pearl realized that the people who owned the store most likely lived upstairs.

“Alright, I have to go.” Said Pearl and she hung up the phone before the other woman could give a response.

She walked into the small shop, the short, dark skinned lady was reading a book at the counter. When she neared the front of the store, the woman looked up. “Oh, hi there, good morning and welcome to Beach City Treasure Chest. Is there anything I can help you with?” The short woman asked, she couldn’t have been older than 20. Pearl nodded and pointed over to where the necklaces resided at the window.

“Yes ma’am, you see, I have a specific request… I need a necklace with a Peridot in it, I hope you have one?” She asked, she didn’t like talking to people, or ‘outsiders’ as they were known by the others; she never knew what to say and she always felt awkward.

“Um, I think we do… Have somebody special in mind?” The woman, Abby as her name-tag read, stepped out from behind the counter. She walked over to the display case, and in the exact spot Olive had been looking was the jewelry Pearl needed.

“Lady you have NO IDEA.” The pale girl said with a strained smile, Abby didn’t seem to notice.

The necklace had come to little over 85$. This girl BETTER be gay.

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