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(1) hi im a lesbian and this is probably ridiculous but... i dress more "masculine" and have short hair so i always thought i was a butch lesbian and i felt fine like thats where i fit. but lately ive just had a major self esteem drop. i read this book and the way it talked about butch lesbians was awful. saying they're just like men or that they're ugly and stupid. like is that what people think when they see me? i hear what people say at school about the girls with short hair and it kills me.

(2) it makes me feel so shitty about myself and i feel like nobody will ever love me if i look this way so i should try looking more feminine. i know i worry far too much about what others think but i cant help it. sorry if this makes no sense

oh, anon, i’m so, so sorry. that sounds like a really horrible book, and my heart hurts for you & the things it told you. you look amazing; butchness is amazing; your comfort and confidence are amazing; you are participating in a long, beautiful history of butch lesbians & butch lesbianism, which is multifaceted and wonderful and an integral part of lesbian culture. for example (this is american-centric, for which i apologize; i live in america and most of my knowledge of lgbt culture comes from home, although i am working to expand my horizons as best as possible):

mannish women, as they were known in the early 20th century, were one of the first visible expressions of gay female sexuality in america. they absolutely fascinated the public. powerful, confident, commanding attention and respect, they won the hearts of their feminine girlfriends and caused many to marvel. blues singers during the harlem renaissance were at the forefront of this trend; they electrified audiences with their bulldagger flair and their lyrics, which often proudly declared their love for women.

“It seems I was born different. At least, I always thought so… From the time I can remember anything, I never wanted a man to touch me… Soon I began to feel more comfortable in boy’s clothes than in dresses.” — gladys bentley in an article for ebony magazine

mannish women were so common that songs were sung about them specifically (bd in these lyrics from the lucille bogan song “bd woman’s blues” stands for bulldagger, a specifically black term for a mannish lesbian):

B.D. women, they all done learnt their plan
They can lay their jive just like a natural man

during world war two, butch lesbians were a massively important part of the war effort. lesbians flocked to the women’s auxiliary army corps for many reasons, primary among them the fact that they provided an easy space to live among hundreds of women. butches found happy, fulfilling work and greater freedom of expression in jobs as grease monkeys, truck drivers, and welders.

the idea of butchness was firmly entrenched in the public consciousness by the 1970s, so well-known (and loved by the lesbian community) that many lesbians wore it with the utmost pride or poked fun at the prominence of the label.

shortly thereafter, the aids epidemic struck the world. there are countless stories of lesbians’ invaluable contributions to the relief effort. they worked as nurses, as warriors, as caretakers, as friends. many, of course, were butch.

and, today as much as always, butch lesbians are present, thriving, and absolutely incredible. like stephanie and julie, who were happily married at the san francisco zoo:

or alison bechdel, widely successful cartoonist and recipient of a macarthur genius grant (mom!) (there’s also a gorgeous song in the musical based on her memoir sung by a young version of alison bechdel about the time she saw a butch lesbian in a diner and was absolutely awestruck by how beautiful she was and the recognition and happiness that moment inspired):

and the absolute entirety of meg allen’s photo project, named butch.

your self-esteem drop isn’t ridiculous and it isn’t your fault. it’s the product of a society that expects women to be a single way and hates — absolutely hates — when they don’t fit perfectly into that predetermined box. as a butch lesbian, you overflow in more ways than one, and society isn’t happy about that. unfortunately for society, it’s going to have to suck it up and deal.

because you are amazing. again: you are amazing. you are existing as your genuine self and in a way that brings you comfort and happiness and you are confounding the expectations of everyone who would seek to restrict you as you do. you are the present continuation of a long, rich, complicated, beautiful history of lesbians who defy gender norms. it is yours, and it looks good on you.

butch lesbians aren’t ugly or worthless. they’re strong, brave, handsome or beautiful (depending on which term they prefer), loving, and good. you are all of these things, i promise. there will always be people who disagree, but they are nothing compared to the truth of who you are. people will love you and look up to you; i know that i personally feel a little jump of excitement and adoration whenever i see another butch on the street, a thrill of joy that we are here with a healthy dose of oh god she’s cute. all wrapped up in warm, overpowering pride. that’s your inheritance, and that’s your legacy.

be proud. you are something so good that you scare them. anyone who is worth anything will see you for the person you are. you will be loved, you are loved, you are loved. i wish you well. ♡♡♡♡♡

Josh Hutcherson AMA Transcript

This is the transcript from Josh’s AMA on Reddit on February 16th, 2017.  All spelling and grammar errors are as written by the original people  This is very long, so the majority is under a read more.

Q:  Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh:  yes… they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly… however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

Q:  Hi! What’s your favorite television show to watch?

Josh:  the Bob Ross painting show… i can benge for hours

Q:  Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh:  so many…. joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

Q:  Hi Josh, You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh:  hahaha…. life imitates art…

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Boyfriend Mark pt.2

for my one and only @zxtlx akksksbsjs

  • we’re such trash for mark i cant even
  • and who isnt tbh , mark lee is just wonderful
  • im about to kill myself and y'all with this post ,
  • lots of fluff coming up , dont cry im warning you
  • okay let’s start

  • like taeyong , he’d probably all you his princess/baby

  • and he treats you like one too
  • your contact name on his phone is saved as “ my jagi 💜💜💕❤ /inserts 828292 more emojis/ ”
  • and likewise , he asked you to save his as “ babe 💜💜💕❤ /emojis everywhere / ”
  • one time haechan caught him texting you ,
  • he almost puked when he saw the convo because it was too sweet and corny
  • “ princess i miss you :-( ”
  • “ babe i miss you too , how’s practice going ? ”
  • “ pretty good , but it’d be better if you were here though ”
  • /haechan starts puking at this point of time/
  • he loves you so much he set the password on his phone lockscreen to your birthday
  • and probably every other password he has too
  • he writes/sings/raps songs for you
  • and asks you for your opinions on them
  • he’s so clueless and confused all the time he often asks you stupid questions
  • “ wait why are you giving me a gift suddenly ”
  • “ it’s your birthday today … ? ”
  • “ oh really , i didn’t know ”
  • “ babe i wished you last night at 12am sharp ?? ”
  • “ you did ? im sorry i think i fell asleep during the movie ”
  • “ oh my god , mark you even replied me ”
  • “ you serious ? but thanks anyway , i love you so much ”
  • and you cant help but pinch his cheek because he’s too adorable
  • sleeptalking mark acting up
  • talking about sleeptalking he often hugs you in the middle of the night
  • and mumbles something like
  • “ i … sarang you ”
  • “ you are my jagi ”
  • “ Y/N’s so cute ”
  • and you’re just there beside him blushing and hugging him tighter because his sleeptalk is always a form as entertainment for you
  • he makes weird noises and background noises when y'all have conversations
  • be it together with the other members ,
  • or just the two of you alone
  • “ okay guys let’s meet up next week ”
  • “ alrights , im looking forward- ”
  • “ yes !!! ”
  • “ woo !!! ”
  • “ yeah … ”
  • “ mark … stop what are you doing ”
  • he’s so sweet and nice he actually got you a guitar ,
  • so he could teach you how to play it
  • and also another reason was because he wanted you to sing songs with him next time
  • he stares at you from afar when you have events/performances
  • and everytime he has that proud motherly smile on his face
  • and he’d always give you two thumbs up to cheer you on
  • one time you accidentally fell down on stage ,
  • he got right of his seat and ran forward to the stage to help you up
  • all within like 0.292993 seconds
  • he even piggybacked you down
  • and obviously the whole school saw so there were lots of cheering over mark’s actions
  • that’s how y'all became the popular couple in school
  • even the teachers are supportive of the relationship and lowkey ships the both of you
  • like how they always make the both of you to pair up to do work/projects/presentations
  • one thing he really hates though ,
  • is when you get really sad and emotional ,
  • because he feels like he isn’t doing enough to comfort you and he starts blaming himself
  • but when you tell him all you need is a hug from him ,
  • he gives you the tightest and warmest hug you ever received
  • and he also gave you a small peck on the lips after
  • he smiles a little because he’s glad he’s able to help you
  • he brings you out on food dates almost everyday
  • and instead of you , he’s always the one getting fascinated by the variety of different foods
  • he also loves sharing/complimenting you on social media
  • there would always be a long paragraph of words for his captions for every picture of you
  • and on every single one the members wuould comment and tease him
  • “ ‘jagi i love you’ why do you never say that to your hyung here ” - taeyong
  • “ lee donghyuck error 404 not found ” - haechan
  • “ mork hyung and y/n so cute !! ” - chenle
  • “ why is mark never like that to us /tags the other members/ ” - yuta “
  • on the bright side, the other members really support your relationship and are always there for the both of you
  • my mind’s blocked now so i’ll stop here im sorry
  • in conclusion , date mark lee , he’s boyfriend material af
  • also a clueless little bean
  • i hope you liked it !!
Exoluxion in Malaysia 120316

1. Jongdae being a loud kid himself suddenly shout ‘selamat datang’ which means welcome for his first greeting. Im so proud he made an effort to speak in malay 

2. Lets talk about all the scream jongdae deserves to get but he didnt bcoz im probably the only jongdae stan there rip. Bbh osh kai kyungsoo and pcy are mostly getting the attention and oh yixing too! Yixing gets loved a lot theres nothing i want more. Sehun doesnt need to do anything this kid just breath and the fans already scream :’D

3. The weather is so fucking hot, they already drenched in sweat in just like 3 songs! it was still fine during the star and exodus and when its time for hurt they take off their coat you can see most of them are performing with the black shirt only with rolled up sleeve.

4. Jongdae randomly shout selamat datang again (lol this kid) during peterpan

5. Jongdae’s mistake during lucky. When he started earlier than he should be for the second verse lol he made suho confuse if he was wrong instead. Hes so cute i still remember hes playing innocent face ><

6. Suho always try to speak english once he said  stadium merdeka is beautiful and youre beautiful too lol awkward then jongdae saved him by saying he likes it when suho speak english. Jongdae you sweetie pie.

7. Have i told you how hot it is here during the concert they never forget to ask us to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and once jongdae ask if we all have one bottle mineral with us while scanning the crowd :’)

8. Pcy and minseok try to teach us to say wanbyeokhan areumdaum for machine but it was already three times we still didnt get the correct phrase pcy finally give up lol hes so done with us.

9. Machine, drop that, let out the beast!!!!!! God i barely can remember anything during these part. It was the best part tbh i jump and scream like crazy. And i tot malaysian exols are so…polite…lol they were not crazy enough. How in the world like guys get up and party hard its once in a life time. XD and i was like the only one whos excited when they shout go junmyeon and go minseok for once i tot i attend the wrong concert or i sit at the wrong section i should have been at the pit instead but im scared of being stepped on lol

10. I heard they propose to sing happy birthday song for xiumin for fan project but it didnt get approved but they sing it anyway. Lol they miss the timing, first they sing it when its kai’s turn to speak it was awkward and kai just keep speaking so fail lol. Then when it was sehun’s turn, they sing it again lol sehun like what?(insert sehun’s pretty face here lol) Then suho ask us whose bday is it today and we answer minseok and sehun whine saying its still a long way to go. But suho said lets sing it anyway and we sing it together for minseok! That was the first time i heard they sing without the music live and they sound so beautiful even its just a bday song

11. It was when the last ment they look so fucking tired and sweating and their face are so pale it was so obvious specially suho sehun and jongdae too! I will never forget his pale sick face he looks sick and hes not as cheerful as he usual self. 

12. Suho said he invites us all to seoul for the encore and he really wants to bring us all there and he said seoul is cold youre gonna miss malaysia lmao and we confidently said no rip us and jongdae ask us if we dont have school tomorrow lol i’ll quit school for you bae >:(

13. i keep on shouting jongdaes name someone even hush me up lmao there was once during the ment when everyone already tired i guess and theyre not really answering and jongdae ask something i shouted yes and i was like the only who shouted and jongdae narrowed his eyes towards my direction lol rip that was the greatest moment of my life i grabbed his attention :’)

14. There are a lot of fanboys too theres a fanboy behind me he sing along to miracle in december from start until the end :’)

15. So what else…

16. Lemme suffer from the post concert syndrome by myself rip me i didnt know its gonna be this hard omg how to recover :’(

Okay bye :)


2015 has been my year of decora, and I couldn’t ask for anything else. 

So many days I am troubled over the thought that I “could have done better” or “I could have done more” but at the end of the day, 2015 is still coming to a close regardless and all thats left that I


do is be proud of myself. Doing anything else would just be a waste of my energy, you know? I’m not a very confident or happy person so Im going to try my very best to just be proud of my accomplishments this year….! Each year that has past since I’ve graduated High School I’ve become more, and more upset with myself. “Why aren’t you doing anything with your life…!!!” But I feel like, finally, this year I slowly started to crawl towards my dreams?

I started off the year by handcrafting my first pair of customized platform shoes and made a pompom skirt by hand sewing 300+ pompoms onto tule. On my 20th birthday I got to meet Sebastian Masuda who is my literal biggest inspiration. I got to travel to NYC all summer to help out with his Time Capsule Project. I attended Waku Waku and wore one of biggest coordinates of all time. I spent 40+ hours creating a pair of shoes for said coordinate. I met Haruka Kurebayashi. I was invited to model at Rufflecon. …..I’ve worked with Tokyo Otaku Mode and was (even if briefly) on Kawaii International..(I was also featured on World Ranking on ntv…! Again, even if only briefly)  I’ve met some amazing people and built incredible friendships that will last a life time. I’ve overcome my own personal obstacles regarding my mental health and my gender. I’m.. still fighting those battles, or course. But like, I’m still here. Im still alive and I’m still fighting. And I don’t mean to 

This year I’ve done so many incredible things and although I am still very unwell the least I can do for myself is be proud of all of the things I’ve accomplished this year. (and I don’t meant to say those things to brag- gosh not at all. Im trying so hard just to accept these things myself as accomplishments and to recognize how hard I’ve worked this year…!!)

And, (surprise!) in 2016 I will be attending Anime Expo (all the way in California!) and I’ll be going to Japan… !! I have so much to look forward to. I have so many events I’ll be attending and so many projects I’ll be starting. So many people to meet, and so many friends to continue growing and learning with. 

And I just, I don’t want to give up yet, you know?

I’m saying all of this on my decora post because decora fashion has literally revolutionized my life over the years. I’ve met so many wonderful people and have seen so many creative things and I’ve been filled with more inspiration that I could have ever imagined. I know I say this a lot, but I really… am not a happy person. There are a lot of things I still constantly struggle with and I only bring that up to stress how important decora is to me. Decora fashion has kept me going on days which I thought I couldn’t go any farther. Its so bright and happy and it surrounds me with a warmth that I cannot find anywhere else. And I am just…. so thankful. 

I am so thankful to be apart of this fashion and to be apart of this community and to have the love and support of all of you amazing people. I really am so genuinely blessed.

I will do my best to keep fighting and to keep trying my best! I hope to work even harder in 2016. I never want to stop running towards my dreams.

December 31, 2015

How I’m spending the last day of 2015:

  • Went for a 3 mile marathon training run
  • Got breakfast with Megan and dad at Waffle House.  They accidentally put butter on my grits and toast but it was good and the coffee was good and it felt familiar.
  • Rn I’m making a pink and gold glitter banner for my dorm that says “uh huh honey” and I’ll show you all when I’m done
  • Writing lots and lots to finish up my journal from this year
  • Picking up more calendars from the print shop and half of them have already been sold ????!?
  • Getting ready with Meg and I’m gonna nicely ask her to curl my hair bc she does it best
  • Going to Al’s for a bit then we might go to a party or two.  I’ve been getting pretty good at doing my own makeup and I look forward to it every day so I’m extra excited to do somethin fancy with it tonight

How I spent the other 364 days or so:

  • Didn’t get accepted to my dream school and felt okay about it eventually
  • Graduated from high school even tho the last few weeks were hell???
    • SPOKE AT GRADUATION even though my school vp tried to kick me off stuco a week before grad
  • Made it to state with my lax team for the first time EVER in our team history
  • Did lots of things as class president that I was very proud of - most notably, worked my ass off to plan prom with my co-pres in spite of petty opposition from our vice principal
    • it was so good yall man you should’ve seen it
  • Won a few writing awards for pieces that I was incredibly proud of, finally accepted that I am a writer in spite of my self doubt
  • Made the wrong college choice, made (and am making) the very best of it while having the courage to find the best place for me no matter how hard and scary it is. 
    • Have made a bunch of incredible, lovely friends in the process
  • Got a 4.0 my first semester of college, became more certain than ever that English is where I need to be
  • Trained for a half marathon twice, finally ran one and DIDN’T INJURE MY HIP
  • Began training for my first full
  • Read a book every week of this summer
  • Survived the hardest month of my life in which I:
    • got kicked out of my house
    • had my best friend of nearly ten years end our friendship and deliberately isolate me from the rest of my friend group, nearly uprooting my life, eliminating my support system, and decimating my sense of self & self esteem
    • moved in with my dad thereby ending 18 years of abuse from my mom
    • rebuilt my life a little bit at a time and ended up having a really lovely summer. finally felt safe and happy; sought healthier, purer, and more productive friendships elsewhere
  • Celebrated another year with my favorite person in the universe.  Had lots of good times and got to grow together in ways I never imagined.
  • Got my first professionally commissioned illustration published !!!!!
  • Made lots of art and ran my own business for the second year in a row
  • Found ways to glorify in the little things and live the life I want regardless of circumstance.  Loved my job, grocery shopping, cooking for myself, playing with makeup, reading books, rediscovered myself as an artist, made myself at home at my dad’s and in BG, became a full-fledged PLANT MOM. 
  • Met Taylor (@hippieadvisor) who has changed my life in so many important ways
  • Went vegan and took care of my body and became so much stronger and healthier

I wrote in my journal that I hardly feel like the same person as I did yesterday let alone a year ago.  We talked a lot about the significance of a year in my English class in relation to Sir Gawain because G has to wait a year before completing his task - specifically how endings never reflect their beginnings and life is never a perfect circle.  This year I’m very, very grateful for that.  I’m grateful for where I am right now.  I’m reading journal entries from June that I wrote on nights that I wanted (and truly intended) to end my life.  There are suicide notes I wrote in October and September.  But even when I felt the most alone I’ve ever felt in my life, I had Alex and Hannah and Rachel who did anything and everything to make sure I was okay.  I’m really really fucking proud of myself for thriving this year in spite of it all.  I feel like I’ve healed.  Honestly it feels like such a victory to still be alive.

Heading into 2016, I’m filling out transfer applications, training for a marathon, replenishing a stock of sold out calendars, and planning lots of new art and writing projects for the coming weeks.  I’m very in love with someone who makes me feel safe and inspired and excited to be a person.  I love my class schedule for the spring semester.  I’ve got lots of new friends who I love to pieces waiting for me when I move back to school.  I’m happier and more sure of myself than I’ve been in ages.  I’m happy and excited to be alive.
(can I say that or is the cheese factor too revolting???)
Thank you all for the consistent encouragement and support.  Having an audience look up to me and actively hold me accountable for my attitude has made all the difference.  Y’all always say that you look up to me for being so positive, but it’s less that I’m inherently a positive person and much more that you all have set such high standards, expectation, and examples for me to react to my life with strength, grace, and positivity.  Thank you.  All of the compliments you give me are a reflection of you, not me.  Please continue to be such wonderful and vivid presences in the world.  Your efforts are not in vain.  Know that you have impacted at least one life this year in such a large and important way.  I love you and Im grateful for you.

Love always and happy new year,

Hannah xx

40. - I Love the way you Romance me, my Mr Romantic.


Despite not being in any type of mood to go ahead with this event of mine, I decided to put on a brave face and get it over with. Pushing back any traces of hurt from Mali, I turned my attention into getting ready for the opening. Just because I was feeling like shit, didnt mean I was going to go out there looking like it too.

So as always, getting my hair, makeup and dressing up like a doll always seemed to improve my mood. Stepping into the tight fitting, red bodycon dress I chose for this evening, I held still as Knoelle zipped me up. 

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“I’m starting as a freshman at Gallatin (NYU’s Independent Study Program). The more I travel, the more I realize I have so much to learn about the world. I’m such a nerd about science and math, did you know that? And history, culture, languages… Traveling so much has made me realize, I have to invest in myself. And that’s what education is, I think: a great investment in me. And I need to find a balance between that and my career, so that’s my project for fall.”

Then she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up! hahaha

“Oh! I’m going to continue working as a model. I want to do it all! And I think it’s possible to keep working while you go to school. Christy Turlington did it. Natalie Portman did it. Emma Watson just did it! And those are just women in the public eye, but plenty of others do it, too. You know women around the world are great at multitasking. We do it well.

I’ve grown up doing the shows, in a sense. I like being a part of the shows, the adrenaline, and seeing the collections before anyone else does, wearing them before anyone else, knowing I’m part of a designer’s vision - I really enjoy that… But it’s such a part of my year now, walking spring and fall. Maybe I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t do the runways!”

151001 – the1the8’s second follow forever! (◡‿◡✿)
(I’m as simple as my poster lmao) 

Greetings all! I have recently reached 1K followers and OMG I don’t know what to even feel! To be honest, I don’t even know how to thank you all ;~; 

I want to make this quick and fast for you all, but I just want to say that whoever you are, you deserve every follower you have because you need to have some self-esteem in yourself! Don’t wonder why people follow you. Whether you do works for it or whether it is dedicated to someone/group you love, be proud of your blog and who you are. 

Speaking of dedication, dedicating this blog to Seventeen and being part of this fandom really makes me happy and I feel very grateful for it. I got to do/make things for the boys that makes others and myself happy and smile (or even cry). I got to share feelings with others about our precious boys. I also got to meet many wonderful people who loves the boys as much as I do, and learning more about myself and you all. 

Even though the boys just had their first comeback since debut a few weeks ago, I feel like we all have been together for years, maybe even a lifetime. I know that we, together as fans with Seventeen, still have a long way to go to achieve the many amazing things that we dream of together. I’m anticipating of what the future awaits for us, whether it’s sadness or happiness.

Now, introducing the lovely blogs that I follow and are totally worth to check out! (you and your halloween urls lmao JK ILY ALL) 


ghostwoozi 164cmwoozi 17shiningdiamonds 4jh 7teans adorexuminghao ah-gginda akkinda bo0seungkwan darklordseokmin cantwithjeonwonwoo cantwithkwonsoonyoung cspook csoups scaredycathansol devilishhansol devilishminghao dinochans dkjpg draculadokyum dkokyum spoopydoogi doogisgf ewhansol fy17trash ghostlyseungkwan gyuwoo h5nsol hansoozi hansvc hansvernon hjsoo pumpkinjunhui holyjunhui holyminghao holyseokmin holyvernon spoopywonwoo holywonwoo hongjiswoon hoshitv 


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These are the wonderful networks that I am proudly part of:

17writer-net / the17games | svtcover-net | the8network | seventeenet 

✨ Thank you for following me, thank you for slipping into the diamond life, and thank you for loving Seventeen. ✨ 


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