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I recently saw the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie for the 872938th time and felt the impelling urge to doodle a P&P/Zutara mashup. Elizabeth/Katara and Darcy/Zuko blend together so well I think no explanation is needed.

[done while listening to the beautiful soundtrack this movie has, it helped my feels an awful lot]

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What if the option was a coming out or a band and they decided all together for a coming out? I can see niall and Liam giving their okay to both louis and harry to make them happy

The coming out WILL affect them as a band but I don’t really see negatives in it. Just as the closet was affecting every member (their nervous looking at the handlers, separation during interviews, the entire HL narrative, the swerving and lying during interviews etc) the coming out will do as well, but from a business standpoint this is not an EITHER-OR situation. The band has great potential and a great future ahead.

There was a reason 90% of the mitam interviews were so enjoyable because HL was allowed at some extent and it immediately shifted back the group’s dynamics to something more balanced out. There were inside jokes, there were stories told where all 4 participated and you could clearly see they were all loose, they just allowed themselves to BE.

They are young. Talented. Successful. Ambitious. Smart. They genuinely are great friends and have the chemistry, they can sing live and they have an idea what kind of music they want to represent and they were all on the same page. Why would any team want this over? The coming out would actually be the fastest rebranding tool. They have millions of fans, their social media reach is skyrocketing. Like Louis just adds the hashtag #lidlife and it becomes a #1 worldwide trend in ten minutes. The fandom has created two successful projects for their songs and they are genuinely good guys. Why would you want to separate them and break it up? In parts it won’t ever be the same.

A well-executed coming out can not only give them the freedom they most probably set as a criteria during negotiations but it would open up the space to a lot of new fans. I think the reach of their coming out will be historical because it never happened before. Not with the trifecta of 1) being a couple, 2) this famous and YOUNG! 3) constantly being in the news because of women (many of them high profile).

Any team with a smidgen of business sense would want to leave 1D untouched. Not to mention that I don’t think HL would ever put Niam in a situation where they have to decide between two things they love. They CAN have it all so why break it into pieces?


1980. British Steel

is the sixth album by the band Judas Priest, released on 14 April.  it was first album to feature drummer Dave Holland.

British Steel saw the band reprise the commercial sound they had established on Killing Machine. This time, they abandoned some of the dark lyrical themes which had been prominent on their previous releases, but some of it still remains.
Digital sampling was not yet widely available at the time of recording, so the band used analog recording of smashing milk bottles to be included in “Breaking the Law”, as well as various sounds in “Metal Gods” produced by billiard cues and trays of cutlery. t was released in the UK at a discount price of £3.99, with the advertisements in the music press bearing the legend “British Steal”.  

What can be said about the great Judas Priest , this is a very strong album.  this album has been worn out with some of its songs played to death, like the (still enjoyable) hits “Breaking The Law” and “Living After Midnight”. this is One of the best known albums of the early 80s British heavy metal scene.

Rob Halford   Dave Holland   KK Downing    Glenn Tipton   Ian Hill

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She’d thought it might feel different. It felt different, but not in the way that she’d imagined, because of course she’d imagined! Imagined what it might be like to like Kim. Thought she might pace the floor, socked feet against hardwood, thinking about the slight groove of Kim’s upper lip, maybe the way she laughed, like she was her own best thing and her heart would thud inside her chest.

She hadn’t anticipated the embarrassment. And so unprepared for it was Violette. Everything embarrassed her, and that hurt her. Kim smiled at her, and her heart flew out of her and lay like something dejected at her feet. She almost couldn’t stand to look at her, so certain that her face would combust and melt into her neck was she. It was regrettable.

I am trying to figure out how to do this. She was troubled by a feeling the size of a universe.

Kim’s tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. When had she known? In a better world, the words would have been drawn out of her mouth as if unable to stay in her throat any longer. She would have kissed Violette over the trays of paint. Instead, she sat on the park bench across from her and tried to remain still.

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have you ever, during your time being vegan, thought that a piece of meat smelt good while cooking? obviously the thought of it is completely disgusting but on a sensory level have you ever thought so? x

Yeah this happened to me a lot at the beginning and sometimes still, it’s more that the smell reminds me of a time when I was eating that with family or friends and it takes me back to that moment/memory. When you have been eating something your entire life it’s bound to smell appealing but over time that changes, eventually it doesn’t smell so good haha.

So you’re not a bad vegan for liking the smell of something you use to eat, you’re the opposite because you now have made the connection that even though it used to be enjoyable it’s ethical and morally wrong to eat.

The Minyard twins are both pretty good cooks.

Andrew grew up in foster care and there were more than a few homes where he was expected to either feed himself or go without eating. He learned to feed himself. Cass probably took the time to help him refine some skills. She taught him how to make a few simple family recipes and she would use the time in the kitchen to try and talk to him about school or books he was currently reading. It was fun, cooking was never a thing of enjoyment in the past but about survival but Cass made it something different.

Tilda was never one to cook, Aaron had to figure it out on his own. It was mostly his responsibility to budget for groceries, to actually buy the groceries, and to cook for the two of them. When he was younger, one of the ladies in his apartment complex would help him. She invited him over for dinner most days of the week to eat with her family. When Tilda found out, she got angry and Aaron stopped going over for dinner. Instead, he learned to cook for the two of them. Maybe he took a few classes nearby after nearly setting fire to their building, but he gets better at it.

Nicky can’t cook. At all. He makes a pretty good helper, but he’s pretty much useless near a stove. When the twins started living together, Aaron still did all the cooking and Andrew pretty much refused to step near the kitchen (or near Aaron for that matter). But after Tilda’s death, Aaron was in a slump. He barely left his room, he barely spoke to anyone. Nicky came to live with them but Aaron refused to do much more than go to classes, cover his work shifts, and crawl straight back to his room to study or sleep or whatever he did there. Andrew took over the cooking then. He’d make enough for three but leave it to Nicky to deliver Aaron’s meals to him. Eventually, the twins made a rotating cooking schedule. They didn’t really discuss it, but Aaron joined Andrew and Nicky for dinner one night and complained about Andrew’s clear dislike of solid foods. (“Are we having fucking stew again?”)

They don’t have to worry too much about cooking at Palmetto since they have dinning halls and Abby and Wymack seem to have little issue providing meals when they stay over the summer. But whenever they’re in Columbia for long stretches, they fall right back into their patterns.

(Nicky has permanent dish duty though.)

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I truly believe it's wrong to keep exotic pets. Non domesticated animals can not be pets and it's ridiculously difficult to keep their lives fulfilling when they are being kept around for human enjoyment. For example, I worked with capuchins at a rehab facility in Costa Rica a while back and you can not laugh at them cause it hurts their feelings even though monkeys are funny. I think that if they are being kept for conservation purposes, such as education, that's important. Just not pets. Ever.

I definitely agree!  That’s really interesting about capuchins.

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Shikamaru NSFW Headcanons??? Pleaseeeee??? I have way too many feelings right now.


♦ He has a love/hate relationship with morning sex. On one hand, it’s a really nice thing to wake up to, but one the other hand, it means he has to wake up.

♦ He likes having you on top because it means less work for him.

♦ As much as he finds sex enjoyable, he would still call it troublesome and would rarely be up for another round.

♦ He’s rather have sex with you on the carpet in the living room than a bed.

♦ Bath sex is probably his favourite thing because it’s relaxing and pleasurable at the same time.

♦ Despite all of this, after a long and stressful week of decision-making for the shinobi alliance, he does love coming home and letting all of his frustrations and tenseness out by having sex with his s/o.

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Okay, so I've been wondering... Do you think these Monkee-bros that are coming out of the woodwork are partly responsible for the disintegration of the online monkees fandom in the past few years? Let's face it, the only fans who truly post creative and enjoyable content are usually female, but recently I haven't seen any of that. Maybe I'm totally wrong here, but I feel like the dude-bros are kind of stomping out all of the intelligent and creative fans. :(

You’re not wrong at all! I can only speak for myself, but their competitive nature and the fact that I would write/research/create stuff and it wouldn’t get any attention but then male fans would promote their basic ass blogs and get a lot of attention really discouraged me from continuing to try or put effort into analyzing the Monkees legacy or creating original content. Just a few days ago, for instance, I published my ongoing look at whether the Monkees did outsell the Beatles & Stones in 1967, something that sadly took me a lot of time to research and no one cared.

Related to the decline to the Monkees fandom on Tumblr was the rise of the Monkees fandom on Facebook a couple years ago, which seems to be a different breed of fan that wasn’t around pre-Davy’s death and doesn’t want anything but positive comments about the Monkees or their career, no jokes or wit or banter, definitely no discussing of the Monkees unless it is from a typical male perspective, and a fawning ass kissy approach. I just woke up so I’m a little out of it, but that’s the best way I can frame it.

I’m gonna talk about - and get emotional about - Fitz tossing around that water bottle because : 

1) catching it when Jemma tossed it to him, tossing it in the air spinning several times and then catching it, and tossing it back and forth between his hands, all while walking, take a performance of gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination that he most certainly had difficulty with after his brain injury 


2) I am a firm believer that Fitz was stimming* with that water bottle, which is a whole thing in my head where Fitz comfortably embraces/redirects the difficulty in controlling his hands, as well as his anxiety and nervous energy, into forms of expression that come naturally and enjoyably to him (he stimmed a lot in the first season), rather than attempting to suppress/stop them altogether 

so basically - Fitz continues to be great 

*the repetition of physical movements, sounds, or repetitive movement of objects common in individuals with various disabilities 

Dumb Crossover and Waste of Potential Crossovers

Yup you read this right, the reboot everyone hate and the reboot that have mix feelings are having a crossover special and all I have to say is why?  Look, the original PPG is a million times better then the reboot but in my opinion the reboot is at least okay, not great but at least okay.  Sure they have done a bunch of dumb changes like not getting the original voice actors for the girls, changing the animation, and getting rid of Miss Bellum for no good reason, but it’s still kind of enjoyable.  Teen Titans Go on the other hand I hate with a burning passion because of how dumb and idiotic it is and constantly ask why this show have not been cancelled yet!  I don’t mind shows that have parodies of itself but if you are going to do it at least make it funny!  Look at RWBY Chibi, it’s a more goofy spin off of the actual show but it’s still enjoyable

Originally posted by kfish16

But what makes me really mad is that this is a waste of potential!  Cartoon Network have so many other great shows they could have crossovers with! Can you just imagine a We Bare Bears and Steven Universe crossover?  IT would be awesome, the bears would get along great with the gems since they are pretty much like them.  Grizz is a fun guy like Amethyst, Ice Bear and Garnet would totally be chilling with each other, and Panda would totally get a crush on Pearl, with all three bears having fun with Steven! 

Or what about a Adventure Time and Steven Universe!crossover  Two shows full of magic, wacky characters, and awesome music!  Why isn’t this a crossover yet!?  Then there’s shows like Clarence, Amazing World of Gumball, or Regular Show that I wouldn’t mind seeing getting a crossover.  This crossover of PPG and TTG just feel like a way for Cartoon Network to make a quick buck on two popular shows which I think is just sad.  Say what you will about Uncle Grandpa but it was nowhere near as bad as Teen Titans Go, and if I have to be honest the crossover with Steven Universe was actually enjoyable.

Celebrate its #starwarsday #maythe4thbewithyou here is a Mara Jade for your enjoyment few as part of a VS commission. Mara Jade is one of my favorite characters of the extended universe

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1981. Night of The Demon

is the debut album by band Demon.

the Band formed in 1979 by vocalist Dave Hill and guitarist Mal Spooner,  They are considered an important band in NWOBHMl movement.

“Night of The Demon” is an enjoyable example of what the more melodic, AOR side of NWOBHM had to offer. If you’re a metal fan, particularly a fan of classic British metal, and haven’t heard Demon, I highly recommend checking them out, and the Night of the Demon is the best place to start.  

Dave Hill   John Wright   Mal Spooner   Les Hunt    Chris Ellis