“You’re a store clerk and oh shit I just spotted my ex please let me hide behind your desk-thing” AU

I saw this prompt earlier and I HAD to do it for Zutara!

The thing about hearing your name being called out is that it’s almost automatic to look around, even if - like Katara - you knew the voice calling it and didn’t want to. The thing about having a name like Katara’s was that ignoring it wasn’t much of an option, either - how many other Kataras were likely to be walking around? The shock of dark brown hair heading her way was, even from this distance, unmistakeable.

Crap,” she hissed, jerking her head back around and quickening her pace, even as she knew it would do no good - Jet was on the track team. This isn’t hiding, she thought to herself as she slipped into the nearest store, some tiny teashop. This is a tactical retreat.

The empty shop was small and quaint and - most importantly - completely devoid of places to hide: it was all tiny tables and squashy chairs. The only possible place was the desk at the back where the cash register was, and she hurried across to it, ducking under the door flap to find, to her dismay, a mess of cardboard boxes on the floor behind the desk. It seemed there was only room for one person to stand, so, grimacing, she started clearing the boxes away when she heard someone clear his throat.

“Is this… a robbery?” asked the guy looking at her, who must have just emerged from a door she hadn’t noticed before - a store room, probably. “Because if it is, it’s a really bad one. I could hear you all the way from the back.”

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WOW OKAY I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED :O So tatinof was absolutely amazing and I can’t even express how proud I am of Dan and Phil and how totally surreal it was to see them in person (and so close!!!) … like tHEY’RE ACTUALLY REAL PEOPLE!?!? I was laughing throughout the entire show it was so so enjoyable to watch and the boys are absolutely adorable and precious. This is for sure a night I’ll never forget.. I would watch this show every day if I could.

I’m watching season 3 of Elementary and like 80% of my enjoyment of the show is a weird parental pride in how far they’ve come in relating and loving one another. Like they don’t fuck around with miscommunication or withholding information; Joan and Sherlock talk their shit out, they do it quickly, they do it well, and with love and respect. 



Kilchurn Castle 

Once home of the powerful Campbell’s the fact Kilchurn is in ruins shouldn’t deter you from making the trip. Still a handsome stronghold, Kilchurn is made all the most impressive thanks to its surroundings. It sits on the banks of Loch Awe with mountains visible around it. In recent years it has become a real tourist favourite thanks to the photo opportunities it offers. If you visit I have heard you can get a boat to it over Loch Awe  for maximum enjoyment, sailing up to the walls you’ll understand why the government were so keen to occupy it following the end of the Jacobite Rebellion. The castle itself is locked up as the keyholder has been struck down with heart trouble but it is worth the walk from the car park just off the A85 near Dalmally.

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What made Splatoon so popular despite not having a past to support it?

Same things that make any new IP a broad success: solid and enjoyable gameplay, an appealing aesthetic, accommodations to support different playstyles (through different weapons and control adjustments), and memorable character designs. Being developed by and published by a studio with a huge following surely helped. Incidentally, that description also fits Overwatch, another new IP that proved to be a roaring success.

  • Me:Aww, 'The Secret Planet' was such a sweet episode! And pretty funny too! My favorite of the pair!
  • Fandom:*most people talking about 'The Bad Hatter', with some even calling 'The Secret Planet' an okay/meh episode*
  • Me:Ha, 'The Hot Shot' was hilarious! It doesn't even matter that I hate *SPOILERS*, I still loved it! My favorite of the pair!
  • Fandom:*is hardly talking about 'The Hot Shot', currently going gaga over the Sylava fuel in 'The Night Out'*
  • Me:.......

One of my most enjoyable drunken pastimes is looking intently at nothing and seeing if I can convince Penelope to look at the same nothing.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always fun.

That’s how I know I’ll be alone forever! 😬

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22 onho pretty please? (btw the rommates au was so funny thank you!)

22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

Lee Jinki’s drink sloshes, again, as someone passes the side bar and bumps his back. Unlike the people before, in a wedding reception more crowded than expected, this person stops to apologize.

“Excuse me–sorry about that..” the young man smiles, face small and eyes hilariously large. Those eyes appear bugged-out tipsy, and that crooked grin of tiny teeth doesn’t help. Jinki looks him up and down, the slight buzz of alcohol leaving him to enjoy looking the fellow over. He’s tall and thin but fills out a suit quite nicely.

It’s not like being horny around all the gorgeous women and men dressed up in their finest could make his day worse. If someone would give him a blowjob in the bathroom that would be great, woman or man, Jinki has a wide preference. But those are only of a fantasy land. Misery at a wedding is reality.

“Who are you here for?” Jinki asks, taking a napkin to tidy the spill. He does not recall Taemin, his younger step-brother, having a friend like this.

The young man crashes his elbows to the bar’s table top, head lowered and cupped with a groan. Jinki arches brows curiously.

“The bride..”

Well that explains that much. It seems most the guests are from the bride, Kim Junghee’s side. She is quite eccentric, and actually older than his brother the groom. He’s still surprised they’re actually doing the whole wedding thing.

“Congratulations,” Jinki offers with a cheer and tips another sip of his beverage. He doesn’t know what he means, but it comes off nice to say. It’s a blessing he wasn’t chosen as the best man. Taemin’s brother, Jinki’s other step-brother, was–and Jinki once more curses his mother for wedding again when he was already in high school and gaining two little brothers he never asked for. Jinki swears he will never get married.

“Why?” a small face peeks out from behind folded arms. “I’ll never get married–not in this country..” he trails off in a miserable whine.

“Why is that?”

“I’m gay!”

Jinki chokes on a sip, throat burning. He glances wide eyes around the room, but finds everyone still chatting amongst themselves. It is risky throwing personal information like that around. Clearly this guy is wasted or careless or both.

“Are you a hyung? You seem like a hyung. You can call me Minho, by the way.”

“Yes,” Jinki answers, assuming on the appearance of a young face and a lightweight. Minho grins, still standing slumped over the bar. “And you never know. Change could still come..”

Jinki interest is piqued now. A good looking guy who might not mind Jinki enjoying both sides. In his fantasy world this Minho guy would suck his dick in the bathroom while his step brother smiles shyly at his new bride. It’s too good a thought–but only that.

“Hyung. I didn’t think she would ever marry. I’m alone now.”

“I’m shocked she married my brother.”

There’s silence, then shared laughter; understanding each other on the matter that is Lee Taemin.

“You know, you’re really a handsome guy..”

Jinki’s head ducks with a snorting laugh. He actually feels bashful now.

“Don’t misunderstand,” Minho quickly adds. “I just mean.. I– I don’t know what I mean.” He makes a strangled grunting, whine of a noise. It expresses Jinki’s own inner feeling quite well.

Jinki laughs, hard, belly-clutching, for the first time the misery of the day lifting. Minho’s glazed eyes brighten slightly, and he stands upright, parted hair swooped to the side a frazzled mess, but not taking away the charm of his presence.

“Lee Jinki–that’s my name,” he offers now, feeling comfortable.

“Choi Minho,” he leans in closer, smelling of alcohol and a fancy cologne, for a bit more appreciate whisper, “One of Junghee ssi’s gay friends.”

If Minho is trying to test the water to see if Jinki will up and leave with disgust, he’s barking up the wrong tree. Jinki does not care; in fact, he feels comforted, like meeting a brother in arms. He calls up for another drink–making it for two.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Hi! I know its not a major milestone by any means but I just hit 100+ followers and I wanted to share some of the snazzy blogs I enjoy looking at a lot. Its really cool that 100+ people were willing to look at my interests on a regular basis so thanks a lot for making life a little more enjoyable. Please check out the blogs below because they are all really cool humans. Thanks again! -Amanda :)


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Reading fanfic like:  i gaze solemnly out of the car window. droplets of rain glide downwards and collect on its smooth surface. the pigeon-grey sky is clouded over and thick with cold crisp moisture. I turn to you and say what we have both been thinking; i yearn to sink into the warm embrace of the slime hovel

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Fairy Tail fandom is ruining fairy tail. The shipping takes away from the true plot, the content makes it look like a porno, and the tumblr people make Hiro upset. The End.

I can’t deny that the fandom ruined Fairy Tail for a lot of people. I know s a lot of artists that quit the Fairy Tail because of the fandom. Shipping is out of hand; first hand proof is when someone insulted me  for ‘shipping’ Gravy (Gray x Levy). Anime content pisses me off to no end sometimes.

But what fandom exist without it’s fault? For me I feel like the good things about this fandom outweigh the bad. Hiro Mashima loves his fans no matter what and everyone who aren’t shitheads in this fandom are super nice. It’s like a bell curve, for every fan who is insufferable there are fans who are crazy great. 

So while I won’t deny that the fandom is sometimes detrimental to the enjoyment of Fairy Tail, I for one have much more fun reading Fairy Tail with the fandom than myself.

Mun: Here’s a “reaction” pic of older!Misty I drew for the blog. I will keep working on a few other facial expressions to use while answering the questions you guys all send in!

Thanks so much for making this blog a success thus far! I really hope that my interpretation of older!Misty is relatively canon-worthy and enjoyable to read about!