ok but like poe and rey bonding over starships and flying and the sounds of an engine changing as they press buttons and swerve and flip until their stomachs feel weightless and the stars blur together

and finn in the background so in love with both of them but also COULD YOU PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU’RE DOING FOR KRIFFS SAKE

somewhere on the ship bb8 is screaming as it hits walls and floors and ceilings

Remember when someone asked if my sister and I were twins

Well she showed up at our house today wearing the exact same sweater. We both bought them at Target, because they were on sale, duh. Pretty sure we don’t look like twins though. Just goofy. Also the family enjoyment of on-sale clothes is clearly strong.

Who wore it better? 

I wanted to thank all of my followers so much for acknowledging the existence of my trash blog!

To mark this very momentous milestone, I have compiled a list of the most amazing blogs that are currently on this site. Some of them have a really cool aesthetic, others write or draw, still more post hilarious stuff, and some even talk to me! These blogs and bloggers are absolutely awesome! Thanks for making my tumblr experience an enjoyable one!

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I really hope the MTG Tumblr community at large remains a relatively positive subcommunity of Magic. Criticism is nice, and incredibly important, but it seems like that’s all there is on most other sites.

People probably accuse me of being too forgiving and accepting of everything Magic related. My friends who I talk to a lot definitely would. A big part of that comes from wanting to cultivate a community that’s more distanced from the constant negativity and bickering of other communities. I see excitement from the folks around here at times where other forums and websites would show nothing but contempt, and I love being a part of that excitement!

I love this game. It gives me so much happiness, so much to look forward to, so much fun and enjoyment. I’ve built friendships around it, both online and in person. I want to share all that positivity with all of you, because at the end of the day, Magic is far more than just a game to me. Wizards of the Coast is more than just a company to me.
Fic Rec: All I Need to Survive - hot_damn_louis - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan/Zayn Malik
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Lottie Tomlinson, Nick Grimshaw, Jay Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Radio, Student!Harry, Host!Louis, Liam never made it into any dialogue, Also this is super angsty, very self indulgent, Happy Birthday Marija!, Btw a slight sex scene, And a lot of BBC Radio stuff that I have no idea if its true, Don’t trust me on any information I provide

“Lou?” his mum asked, laying a hand on his shoulder as she saddled up next to him, sitting in the barstool next to him. “Are you sure you don’t want Harry here with you? I’m sure that you two wouldn’t be too crowded in your old room,” she added, grabbing envelopes to fill with the reminders.
“He’s just working and can’t afford to take time off, especially since he has to pay for his final term,” Louis lied, plastering on what he thought was his Harry smile. Louis wasn’t going to let his years of acting classes go to waste now. Convincing his mother that he was still in a long term, committed relationship would be the ultimate test of his acting skills.

Aka Louis and Harry broke up two months ago, neither told their parents about the break up, and Harry is still invited to Lottie’s wedding.

tbt the start of year 13 when my english class was all paired up and assigned a literary theory to present on, and i got paired w a boy i hate and had to write about psychoanalysis….but i went to the teacher and said “hey i know its not on the topics list but i want to do queer theory. And i wanna present it on my own.” like idk how i was so brave ?? i did the best damn engaging, fluent and informative gay powerpoint Ever and i was the only presenter that got a round of applause ? And i wasnt out to half my class but i think i basically outed myself sfukhkskdjfks lmao Go Me ☝☝🌈

dunkstein asked:

What the fuck is nisekoi all I see is angry fanboys being mean to eachother what the fuck is one of the characters a MURDERER???

Basically it started out with a decent enough premise, the protagonist is the son of a yakuza, he has a crush on a normal girl, but he gets forced together with the daughter of a rival gang. Basically they have to keep up the charade of a marriage alliance between gangs to ease tensions.

Then it devolves into adding more and more girls and completely forgetting the initial plot in favor of generic high school harem bullshit.

It’s funny at times and if you’re a literal baby like me and laugh at silly faces you’ll get some enjoyment out of it.

I’m THIS close to just being done with Tumblr. Except for a small handful of people, everyone on every side just acts like a raging idiot. Nobody wants to learn anything, nobody wants to grow. They are perfectly content with stubbornly sticking by their views, even when present with numerous evidence to the contrary.

No amount of logic, no amount of emotion, no amount of anything makes even the smallest dent. People are so full of… misaimed pride and superiority There is not discussion. Only hate, hate, hate. And it drains me. 

This site is blind. Deaf. Dead, in a way. Unchanging, unflinching, urelenting. What little enjoyment I got out of drama originally has all but dried up. The longer I spend here, the less hope I have left for the human race. I feel myself becoming angry, hateful, spiteful. Sometimes I start to think that certain people deserve bullying and abuse and when I catch these thoughts I grow terrified of myself.

It should not be like that.

anonymous asked:

syd, what do i do about a friendship thats dying out and no longer as enjoyable as what it used to be,,, but we have a mutrual friend that causes us to see each other everyday?? im so :/

if you see each other every day you can still be polite/friendly but you don’t have to tell them all your secrets or hang out with them otherwise! don’t try and force something that’s just not there anymore

This episode was pretty good! It’s not my favorite and is sometimes a little underwhelming, but we’re reminded how amazing of a hero Marinette/ Ladybug is. She’s brilliant and brave, which is shown a couple of times in the episode! We have a couple of cute shippy moments but they’re not the best yet. Still an enjoyable episode!

It’s been many years since I did so, but I haven’t gotten my hair cut in months. I trimmed the back myself a few days ago to evade some buildup that was tending mullet-wise. Other than that, I am really enjoying long(er) hair. And what is the point of a blog if you can’t occasionally declare to relative strangers your deeply vain enjoyment of growing your hair out? It’s not that I think it looks incredible. It’s that it looks almost exactly the way I’d like it to look. I’ll grant you that the distinction I’m drawing here may be so academic that it’s a little silly and evasive. But no one told me to be serious. No one told me not to evade. I do tend to have tall hair. Last semester I caught one of my students doodling a picture of my head in his notebook and seeing how he chose to depict my hair was revealing. It wasn’t quite a caricature, though. It was real. Just not something you’d ever see in the mirror or a photograph. Hello there, I thought when looking at the picture, I should get a haircut or just keep going.


Drinks + Dresses + Dissapointment

Today involved having to fight against my introverted instinct to hide away from an uncertain social situation that would put me without alone time for about 7 hours.  I had a mostly enjoyable time but I did run into some tough spots and triggers which I had to manage.  I am very frustrated with B for drinking too much while we were out, not listening when I told him that he was getting out of control, saying some unfortunate things, and passing out as soon as we walked in the door when we had planned to spend time together.  Sometimes I worry about the maturity gap.  I’m not exactly in college anymore and I don’t feel like putting up with this very much.

A Word of Advice

This message is directed to both asexual and non-asexual people:

Quit sabotaging each other. Quit shutting each other down for no reason. Quit fighting for power over each other. Quit telling each other that you don’t understand your own identities. It is, frankly, bullshit and pointless. You shouldn’t be getting enjoyment out of ripping into each other. You shouldn’t be creating hate blogs directed at whole groups of people. When I was a teenager, I was angry at all the hostility but I only contributed to the divide. I’ve realized that we need to do a lot better. 

There exist problems in every community. There exist problems between communities. Trying to one-up each other doesn’t help any community, ever. The difficulties experienced by people within a given community, should never be used to negate or ignore the difficulties experienced by people in another. Any unjust of cruel treatment towards a group of people based on their identity can be called oppression, and it is important to dismantle systematic oppression at all levels. 

There is no oppression that is more real than others. The anger that arises between communities that ultimately gets hurled at one another, is a result of ignorance and selfishness. It is the kind of inter-community violence that only perpetuates the status quo, and promotes those with the most power in society. In order to best support one another, we must first seek to understand one another before we are to be understood. Otherwise, we are communicating with brick walls. 

Internalizing the hatred we are bombarded with, does no one any good. Turning hatred flung at us, back on other communities also does us no good. Putting limitations on people based on what we don’t understand, and silencing people with different experiences is abusive and wrong. I am not saying that anger is never warranted, and I confess that I am someone who struggles daily with anger and frustration. However, so many communities are fueled by extreme hostility now and it has solved exactly nothing.