During a family vacation about 10 years ago, I opened up the hotel drawer and found a bible. Being brought up non religious, I was a little curious about this book that I always heard a lot about. I opened to a random page and saw the word ‘psalm’ I then proceeded to pronounce it out loud as 'pah-salm’ and my mom never let’s me forget it

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

It’s hard to put the experience into words. I guess the most apt way to describe it is that it felt like Stana was standing in your living room in your own home, playing for and with you. It was a small theater, and she has such a presence that the moment she stepped on that stage, she filled the entire space with her personality. I was, quite simply, enraptured!

She was a little nervous, at first, but she found her stride really fast, and she had such fun!! You could feel her enjoyment of acting, and her energy palpable in the room. The play was very funny, and Stana gave all she had to bring the joy and jokes across to us, but it had real depth, an underlying storyline and scenes that really made you think - a “playful, enigmatic and haunting solo show” (New York Times review).

Without giving much away, it tackles concepts such as authoritarianism, constrictions of freedom of expression, and social conditioning to obey or to punish (this has all been written in reviews such as in the New York Times and thus are not spoilers.) The play perpetually contrasts at times goofy performances or witty humor with quiet, thought-provoking monologs, and in my opinion, Stana did a fantastic job playing these facets of the play. At one point she was so touched by the scene that she was crying (and then so was I.)

She was amazing, you guys! I mean, just incredible. Playful, sparkling, indomitable. It was very unique, very fun, very moving experience that will stay with me for a long time!

Favorite moments:

The producers opening intro stating that “for these two gay guys, meeting Stana was love at first sight!” - and can’t we all relate to that?!

Her bright laughter when she walked out on stage seeing all of us cheer her on.

Her joy with acting.

When she broke off script for a moment to check with us if we were getting it.

She had to repeat a certain section on a ‘deadline’ of 30 seconds and that was one of my very favorite sections of the performance.

When the words “police” and “murder” came up and she repeated it, for emphasis! (you can envision it. go ahead. ;))

Not so favorite - not being the right number, or close enough, to make it up to the stage with her! ;) I had read up on it before that there would be audience participation so I was primed and ready to jump from my seat!! Alas, it was not to be. :)

The above photo of Stana is one of those that perfectly encapsulates the performance for me. See that touch of mischief in her look? Yeah, like that. :)
(I apologize, I do not know the credits for this photo.)

BTS Reaction to getting in a huge argument with you (gf) over something stupid

This was requested by an anonymous user. Hope you enjoy!

~Admin Unnie


He would try to calm himself down, and when he had he would question whether this was really something to argue about

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I feel like he is the kind that when he gets in an argument, he won’t wanna back down; so it would take a lot, such as you leaving or the others stepping in, before you guys would make up

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He would probably cry, because he doesn’t like arguing with you.

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He would collect his thoughts and try to have a logical conversation with you about why this argument was stupid and unnecessary

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He would get very quiet and upset and pray that you would stop the argument before it got out of hand because he doesn’t like you being upset or arguing with you

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He would try to turn the conversation around to something enjoyable because he also doesn’t like arguing with you either, but he doesn’t really know how to properly deal with arguments

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He’s probably the most argumentative, so he definitely wouldn’t let the argument go. It would probably escalate to the point where you would almost break up before he realized what was actually happening and try to stop it.

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I love getting lore children because that means I get to spoil them and by extension spoil the user who gave me this beautiful child. I dress these dragons with the intentions of, “How do I make this user cry and thank me for having a kid from their lair.” Is that selfish? I DON’T CARE! >:0

BLY Ep. 1 Reveiw

As promised here is my review for the first episode of the highly anticipated Boys Like You audio drama.

First, for any of the two people who haven’t read the story a summary: Boys Like You is a Zootopia highschool AU written by those other things (known as @hoppinwildely on Tumblr), where Judy is a valedictorian and Nick is a so-called delinquent. Yes, it sounds cliche but personally the reason things are cliche is because, if done right, they can be SO ENJOYABLE. And take it from someone who literally wrote an 80 chapter high school AU this was done right. From the characters being spot on, to the humor, to the heart, to the fact the problems shown in this story perfectly fit what Zootopia tries to teach us-it’s one of the best reads out there (and I don’t say that a lot).

So you can imagine my joy when it was announced the amazing @creativemultitasker was not only directing the audio drama but also staring in it and it is SPECTACULAR.

Let me break it down: the drama opens up with the amazing voice talents of @creativemultitasker as Judy and @citrusstorm who did an ASTOUNDING JOB as Clawhauser (note. the director added a humorous line about no one remembering their senior year that wasn’t in the fic but I enjoyed it), as the two talked about whether anything memorable will happen that year.

We then cut to lunch where we are introduced to Judy’s other pal Fru Fru played by @viper-menae (who’s voice is so adorable omg X3 ). We then get an adorable friendly conversation perfected by the three great voice actors before the one and only Nick Wilde is introduced and OMG, he was perfect.  God bless Mauricio Velazco (who tragically has no tumblr) because his voice is way too attractive and talented for my own good.

The story goes to class where some real sweet voice actors offered their voices for the side characters (applause to PopeLickVA, @marisitamoda @sweettoxicgluttony thezachman1 and @lost-soul-of-remmnent)

It’s at this point where we finally get to witness the great chemistry Nick and Judy have as the fox sits behind her in class and the chemistry is done well by the voice actors. From Judy overthinking why the fox is sitting there, to getting her ears pulled, from Nick borrowing a pen, from helping Judy with her division, it’s adorable and fluffy and I love it.

But of course, this being a Zootopia story any positive feelings toward each other does not last for long as Nick shows off his more snarky side and gives the famous line ‘dumb bunny, sly fox’. (all while giving the most sexy of condensing laughter I’ve ever heard JEEZ Mauricio)

Episode One ends with Nick walking off and Judy annoyed and the audience SO EXCITED to see what comes next.

Point is, this is going to be an amazing, well-done audio drama and I will be there for every episode.

A HUGE thanks to all the artists who took their time to draw some great art for the episode: @creativemultitasker @procrastinationdoodles @zooijiness @tea-party-madness @andyourteeth @trashasaurusrex and Browntable Entertainment. You all did amazing!

So yeah, we have the best fandom whose willing to put so much time and effort not for profit just because they love Zootopia.

If anyone hasn’t read the story go read it, if you haven’t seen the audio drama go watch it, you won’t regret it.

Just as a reminder FYI: if you send me anon hate, the only thing I will do with it is delete it, often without even reading the whole thing.  I certainly am not going to reply to it on my Tumblr, thus giving the hate a bigger audience and feeding it with more attention. So I mean, I guess you can send it if you want, but since nobody including me is going to see the whole thing, you might get a more enjoyable masturbatory experience by just masturbating?

(I actually get very little anon hate, but I suppose my posts from yesterday made it inevitable that some would come crawling out of the woodwork. Tip: if the only way you can think of to defend Trump is with gross misogynist insults, you are actually sort of proving my point!)

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63) “Cross my heart and hope to die.” :D

63) “Cross my heart and hope to die.”

Michael liked to be silly, everyone knew that. He liked to play jokes on people for his own enjoyment. 

Having been with Michael for over 3 years, you knew you were the most prone to his antics, having started the day with a fake spider near your toothbrush. 

Today had not been going well. Everything seemed to all be going wrong: your computer wasn’t working, the microwave stopped, you had left pizza in the oven too long and it burned - nothing seemed to be going your way. You were more than frustrated at life. 

Just as you threw your book on the floor in anger, Michael peeked into your bedroom door. 

“Hey cutie! I just got home. What’s up? Why are you throwing things?” he questioned, timidly walking into the messy room, glancing at the piles of clothes strewn about. 

“Please just go away. Today has not been my day and I don’t need to make things worse,” you seethe, climbing off your bed and making your way over to your boyfriend to shove him out of the room.

“Whoa, slow down there partner,” Michael chuckles, gently taking your wrists to prevent you from getting any further. 

“Mike!” you grumble, trying to break free.

“No. Hey, I got you something love, let me give it to you,” Michael says, bending down and picking up a bag you didn’t notice he brought up with him.

“I swear Michael,” you say, taking the bag from his hand, “if this is one of your stupid pranks you can sleep on the couch tonight. Or wherever you want, so long as I can’t see you.”

“Babe, I promise you this isn’t anything silly. The boys and I stopped at the store on the way back and I saw this and thought of you. Cross my heart and hope to die,” he finishes, gently leading you over to your bed and pulling you down onto his lap.

You roll ours eyes at his cheesiness and reach into the purple bag, hands coming into contact with something soft. As you pull the object out, you are greeted with an Eeyore plushie. Michael wraps his arms around your waist and softly rests his chin on your shoulder. 

“I know how much you love Eeyore and the little guy was just sitting there all alone. Thought I’d bring him home for you to help keep you company while I’m not around,” he sweetly mumbles into your neck.

You turn around and wrap your arms around his neck, placing a quick kiss to Michael’s scruffy jaw. 

“Sorry I got a little mad at you baby, it’s just been a long day,” you speak into his neck, feeling hairs from his head tickling you.

“It’s alright sweetheart, I love you. Now let’s go watch some movies and cuddle with Eeyore, hopefully that’ll make your day a little better.”


Baker: Bruno appreciates the genesis of the Patrick Jane character, what drives him, and that he comes from a very tragic place. And you can’t fluff it off. You have to honor that. That hasn’t been easy because sometimes there’s been a lot of pressure from CBS to avoid the dark stuff, because the lighter stuff is so much easier to swallow. But without the dark, the light isn’t as enjoyable. The light can’t exist without the dark.

TV Guide Magazine: William Blake!

Baker: Exactly! One hundred percent.

—  Simon Baker 2011 [x]

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Hi! I love your blog but I have a question about your url. Is it referring to poly!jack as in polyamorous, polysexual, or just many jacks all stacked up on top of each other so polyjack or a multijack, as it were?

hey, thank you, i’m glad my blog is so enjoyable!!

i’ve posted about my url meaning before but i’ll answer it again – its referring to him being polyromantic/sexual – but it could also be considered a bit of a personal url, too, because thats my romantic orientation and my name is also jack so, haha, i’m a dweeb and thought it was cute

When I say that fetishization of mlm relationship is gross and should stop it is not “trying to control female sexuality” or whatever reason i’ve seen around the web. 

When I see a healthy relationship in media I don’t love it because there’s gonna be more smut online of it or their relationship can be dolled up for my enjoyment.

I love it because it makes me more accepting of the mlm part of who I am and helps me accept what I’ve had trouble accepting for almost a decade now.

tl;dr stop fetishizing mlm relationships in media

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Imo, cosplay is a hobby. its in a way, art. If you're really thin and want to cosplay roadhog, do it! There is no "rulebook" for cosplay and if its not a proffession for you, but a hobby, then your top priority should be your own enjoyment

yeah that’s how I see it!


honestly to the haters: leave us shippers alone. We aren’t hurting you in any way, shape or form but simply creating art of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. *gasp* you heard right FICTIONAL, meaning not real. In the world of fiction these taboo’s can be explored and romanticized to our little hearts content, because it isn’t real.

Now what I’m saying here is that you should’t bash us fans for liking what we like. I’m NOT at all saying that it makes abuse, rape, pedophilia, or any other bad things you can think of okay at all in the real world. In fiction the author/ writer/ creator is able to express themselves freely and create whatever fantasies they want to create. It could be for the sake of their own enjoyment or for the sake of others who like it too, but that doesn’t give you the right to hate us.

SURPRISE NUMBER THREE: They, me, us ,we, you ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS! Shocker right? I am a human behind a keyboard typing this up and guess what, so is everyone else on tumblr, except for ya know those porn-bots that make up like half of our followers :/. but anyway they are still a human being so treat them with respect that they deserve OK.

jfc i didn’t think I would have to go on some extreme rant that probably won’t change a thing and probably wont stop this cyber bullying (YEAH that’s right! this is a form of cyber bullying! which BTW is a crime and can get the cops involved with possible penalties) but I did, and i meant every word of it .

please feel free to comment, add on, and tag whatever you want to, I want people to see this and I want them to share their voice too. I’m just so done with all the hate 

irlpigmon replied to your post “I have no intentions of watching the Kaiju Girl anime because I’m not…”

kaiju girls is……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….better than k-girls. it may actually be …………………………………………………………enjoyable.

Okay, you say that, but I’ve seen that promotional poster with Gomora girl wearing the creepy fetish swimsuit.

No. Just. No. It’s a warning sign, just like bloomers in a post-1995 anime/manga. A warning sign that the intended audience includes creepers.

I don’t like creepers, nor products aimed at them.

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it kinda baffles me still bc even if I didn't read the comics at all, I found the d/ceu easy and nice to get into? While it did make me curious about the comics, I think the d/ceu is still enjoyable on its own and I didn't really need the comics to understand what was happening - and I still LOVED the movies! Granted tho I was never really curious about m@rvel comics even after watching more than 10 movies from the m(u.. (1/2)

All I mean is that - the d/ceu does a good job to explore its story without being linked to the comics either. People are pissy bc they keep comparing to previous adaptation not because they care about the comics. The D/ceu stands wonderfully even on its own (2/2)

yo like..,, same. I didn’t really know the bvs arc but I understood it completely and then when I went and looked at the comics I was like shit bro,,,… 

and yeah w marvel comics, I only really got into a few of their books, which werent even on the m(u characters. I was reading stuff like captain marvel, cindy moon, young avengers, etc. Then I read bw later which was really great, if you ever read a marvel comic read the one by noto. (its what led me to hate m(u blank window, cause like bw its so much more than that,,, desreved better..,)

ok i got a little off topic but like yes. I agree with u and everything u say

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I just read 'Invisible Princess' and it was one of the best fics I ever read. I thought it impossible to make sense of the Fates timeline but you proved me wrong. Everything fits just perfectly, even things that weren't explained in game, like the barrier around Hoshido. Your story made me like Mikoto so much more. All characters felt real and it was so enjoyable to read. I look forward to any fics you will write in the future. Keep up the great work! :-)

This is such a lovely thing to find waiting for me after class, thank you very much! :)


((Where did you all come from?  Hello!  I started this blog as a joke between me and my sister, because we love our meme boys.  I’m really happy that this is an enjoyable thing!  I’ll try to be more active!