so many people asked me what i did over the weekend today and im pretty sure i told all of them different things bc i didnt want to say that i spent 70% of it sitting in silence and the other 30% playing overwatch

3 years ago today this happened. This completely perfect wonderful amazing moment in time happened. And we all got to witness it. And freak out over it. I know I personally floated on cloud 900 that weekend. There wasn’t anything that was going to bring me down. I don’t think I will ever experience another tv moment that will make me as joyful as this did. Mostly because I don’t love anything the way I love Klaine. And I honestly don’t see that changing. On a show that was maddeningly inconsistent, they absolutely nailed this one from start to finish. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Today was weigh-in day, and I can happily say that I had a FULL week of staying on track and my weight reflects it.

I am back down to my (almost) lowest weight (.2 off) that I was in August this year.

If you recall I did not weigh myself in last week because I had gone eating crazy over the weekend and I didn’t want my points to change because of it. So, I stuck to the weigh-in I was two weeks ago, which was 290.2lbs.

Not only did I kick ass on dropping 4 lbs this week, but I also dropped a point of my dailies. Eeeeek! LoL

The pictures above are 5 years apart, and reflect all the hard work I have put in so far to get where I am today.

But I want to note that I always had a smile on my face from then to now, and clearly I never had a problem showing of my legs.

Remember to love yourself for who you are no matter what. It’s your body and it’s going to be with you for life. So don’t hate on it, love on it!

P,S, Today outfit is all new from this weekends shopping. Loving my new dress! <3

How big is it all?

So let’s start this on a bit of a personal note, in the ninth grade I was assigned to read Our Town, a play about a small town, the book was about twenty centimeters by ten, and maybe one thick, a bit small for a book. There’s a scene in it where someone puts an address on a letter that contains the usual data but then goes on to add “the United States of America; Continent of North America; Western Hemisphere; the Earth; the Solar System; the Universe; the Mind of God”. It still gets delivered and may have been a plot point or something.

A more robust system would look a bit more like this

  • House Number, Street 
  • City, State
  • Country
  • Earth
  • Solar System
  • Local Fluff
  • Local Bubble
  • Gould Belt
  • Orion Arm
  • Milky Way
  • Milky Way Subgroup
  • Local Group
  • Virgo Supercluster
  • Observable Universe
  • The Universe

All of this, is of course, a set up. Because I don’t really want to talk about a play I barely paid atention to, I want to talk about how big each of those things is because the only way to get a sense of scale for the bottom of the list is to start from the top, in the interest of not taking up too much of your dashboard, it’s below the cut

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www(.)instagram(.)com/p/BKy_63fD_3Y/ So according to someone who worked at the convention today Seb just left all the gifts people gave him and the staff put them next to the garbage. Idk how I feel about this, I thought Seb was so nice but why would he throw away gifts fans gave him like that. I don't want it too be true but the poster looks legit and the picture clearly is proof that he did leave the gifts behind.

I think people are assuming the worst here. It’s not like Seb was seen shoving these gifts to the trash pile himself. Someone else did that. He can only carry so much with him, and I’m sure he left assured that whomever was in charge of wrangling his goodies from the fans to get them to him. That was someone else’s responsibility, so you can’t exactly blame him outright for that. I’ve seen him at cons, and I’ve actually watched him pack up and take the gifts from fans that he could carry. 

You can continue to think Seb is nice. He is nice to his fans. He is probably the MCU actor who goes to the most cons out of anyone else, and  he does so even in the middle of working, whenever it’s possible. Some actors don’t even bother when they aren’t working. He does not have to do that. He does not have to fly out on his days off, and when he is sick to greet as many fans as possible. He is also very obliging with photo op requests even when organizers tell fans they can’t have hugs or certain poses, and is, easily, one of the most accessible actors from the MCU, always giving so much to his fans, and sharing so much of himself. I think he has proven time and time again that he cares for his fans. So after all of the times he’s done the most for fans, people are already writing him off for something he actually didn’t do himself, and might not even be aware of? I think he’s at least earned enough credit here for the benefit of the doubt before we start coming out with the pitchforks. 

All weekend his tag was flooded with wonderful stories about how great he was to his fans, and how warm and friendly he was even though he was tired and sick. Let’s not string him up for something for which he wasn’t even responsible.

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– MP
How to be a Japanese Translator with Jonathan Lloyd-Davies
Find out what it takes to become a Japanese translator from a man who does it for a living.
By Kristen Dexter

We at Tofugu get a lot of emails from people saying they want to go into Japanese translation, looking for advice. To help you folks out (and to help anyone who’s ever been somewhat interested in translation), we did a series of interviews with professionals in this field.

For today’s article, I interviewed Jonathan Lloyd-Davies, a 36 year old freelance literary translator and asked him all about translation, interpretation, how to break into the field, and what resources there are for people new to the field.

Let’s get started with the questions!

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So we learned today that Ponyhead is a narcissist of the highest order, so what did Star do to win the friendship of someone like that? I predict an origin episode for the pair in the near future.

Pony Head loves herself.
Pony Head x Pony Head is my new OTP.

We shall all learn from her.

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Drabble game: 17+24, Chanyeol, semi-innocent reader + smut of course(i had to)

17. “I don’t know how to tell them.”
24. “Did you hear all that?”

as part of the noonatrash drabble game

It was just one kiss at first.

Chanyeol said he always liked you and if he could just kiss you once, then he would be okay. You agreed because it was harmless. And besides, you did sort of like him too.

But one kiss today would turn into two kisses tomorrow, and soon he was asking you to do things you never considered before. But it was okay because he liked you. And he always asked you. And you always said yes.

‘Did you hear all that?’

He had successfully removed your pants before stopping to look at you. You propped yourself up on your elbows and waited for a response. He lifted an eyebrow inquisitively and said, ‘No. Yes. What?’

‘Saturday,’ you said again. It didn’t seem to ring any bells so you sighed and lay down proper while he ran his fingers delicately up your inner thighs. You parted them easily for him and he leaned over to kiss you, quickly and ravenously, underneath your navel. ‘Mmm, come with me?’ you went on. ‘One of my close friends is having this thing at her place and, um, I don’t want to go alone.’

He gave a low grunt in approval. Or maybe it was just in confirmation. He heard you this time, he’d think about it, that sort of thing. You opened your mouth to speak again but gasped as the cool wetness of his tongue burrowed between your legs. ‘U-umm,’ and you gulped, ‘The only thing is I don’t know how to tell them, you know, about us.’

‘Who?’ he asked.

‘My friends. Everyone.’

He didn’t look too bothered. ‘You don’t have to tell them if you don’t want to.’

He was right. What did it matter, anyway? You knew what they would think, regardless. ‘They all say you’re no good for me,’ you told him.

He smirked, bemused. ‘Do you believe them?’

‘N-no,’ you said, and that was that. You had to shut your eyes momentarily to deal with the sudden wave that rippled through you when he went back to paying you special attention. The way his hands caressed your inner thighs. The way his tongue moved against you. If he was really so bad, then why would you like him so much? That didn’t make any sense. You were smarter than that.


I sometimes get asked what I do when I’m personally having a Dark Day (i.e. everything’s just incredibly annoying and pear-shaped and nothing is getting done because the pressure).

Well, today I’m having a Dark Day.

And nothing I usually did was working, so I just plugged in my headphones and danced and sang along to The Police’s So Lonely by my computer all by myself. yes I’m an 80′s kid go me

AND I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER~ Dancing helps, y’all. I hope you have a lovely dayyyyyyyy ♥

bc i’ma dork and haven’t really talked about myself much as of late? I’ma share a rehearsal story with y’all. A couple weeks ago, two actors and i were talking about how pockets dont exist with girls’ pants and i brought up that my underwear has a pocket, and one of the actors doubted me. So guess what my ass did today. Brought in an extra pair of underwear to show him and he was fucking stoked

i’m trying to think of something to talk about because i didn’t post for 3 days up until today… uh… i haven’t wanted to die like at all lately which is progress! actually when i got my work schedule for this week i kind of did. but like otherwise i’ve been pretty happy.

Monday moving bullshit

Today the high temp here is projected to be twenty degrees below yesterday’s high. This morning felt like real autumn as I helped Husband get the Duo into the car for school. All of that is awesome.

The flip side of the sudden and abrupt arrival of fall is that I am instantly walking like the un-oiled Tin Man. This being a human barometer sucks. Ow. I know some of it is due to all the packing I did this weekend, but why does my HAIR hurt? Fibro, that’s why. Dammit.

Speaking of the packing: it’s not done. It’s maybe 75%? Not where I’d like to be, but despite my hopes and dreams, I’m not actually superhuman, so there were limits to what could be done in the scant 48 hours of a weekend. Husband says we will make it. I’m just going to have to believe him and keep moving.

I’m actually too tired to be nervous about the closing. It’s the one on the house we are buying, for clarification. It’s at 1 this afternoon, and by this point, I just want it all over with. I need to get started on the cleaning, so we can start moving boxes of super fragile stuff and clothes and whatnot. The painters start tonight, too. Let’s get on with it all, already.

Once we get this done, we can really start getting out of where we are. Being able to have even some stuff actually moved will make me feel better about being ready for the movers to come get the furniture and the majority of the boxes on Thursday.

Is it coincidence that “Down to the Wire” by Son Volt started playing while I was typing this? Appropriate, don’t you think?


Is my last day off in a while. I have sooo many clients to work with. I work from home so the spotlight is always on me in getting my cases completed because employers think us “work-from-homers” are just cup-caking all day. I actually get more work done now than I ever did when I worked out of the house.  Anyway, I think I will try and finish up Crash today since I have the outline completed. I actually kinda hate all the characters in Crash ( except for Xavier ) so I’ll be glad when I wrap this story up. It’s weird, being a writer, it’s like the characters take a life of their own, even though they come from your mind.

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 Ok I have 4 four writing styles and I made a khichuri of all four cause I’m half awake orz. I tried to not tag those who I tagged the last time but if I tagged any of you again then sorry cause I’m not functioning properly 😂

 I’m tagging @orange-unnie @peaceminus-ne @gamurd @julla @nyongriri @lipstickbb @jiyongseungri @vipdraskou @seungris-everything @uglyribbons you guys definitely don’t have to do it if you don’t want 😘

Feeling a little worn-out and overwhelmed by the events of today, since it was my first actual day in the new course with lectures and stuff, but I did manage to connect my laptop to the college printers, and finish season one of Steven Universe, so I’m counting that as a win!
Anywho, I’m home now and I feel like spending the rest of the evening continuing on with ‘The Rise of Nine’, but now that I’m aware of all the texts I have to read for my English modules, I feel slightly guilty and quite panick-y for not having started any of them yet hahah!
What are you guys currently reading?

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