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Undertaker tending to s/o suffering from that-time-of-the-month pains? >///>"

Oh I know how you feel Orz

  • actually pretty relaxed about it, he knows neither you or him can do something against it
  • tries to give you as much space as you want, if you want to be left alone he lets you
  • but is by your side the entire time in a lot of ways: giving you food when you want it (even at weird times!), making you laugh and cuddling with you
  • braids your hair so it’s out of your face in case you need to throw up
  • has a lot of experience with people getting their periods, so he might be a bit paranoid that something worse will happen and often asks “you still bleeding normally?” “do you want painkillers?”
  • and also knows how to massage you very very nicely ;)
  • lets you press yourself against him and massages your lower back
  • defiently has no problems with period sex and will actually initiate it, so if you get horny he has no problem with it
  • but if you don’t want to, then he backs off immeadiatly and gives you a forehead kiss
  • gets you pads/tampons and has absolutely no problem with it
  • basically forces painkillers into you if your pain gets worse and maybe wants to drag you to a docters