That’s my Angel. Don’t usually like people knowing about her.


*I Like ….Men*

Sehun during the EXO'rDium in Seoul

Sad truth: I have totally forgotten why I used to love Loki.

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George Harrison - Got My Mind Set On You.

I remember being a kid and seeing this video for the first time and thinking it was one of the coolest/weirdest music videos I’d ever seen. (Though I think Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer takes the prize for that. I really wish someone would make a literal video for that song!)

Anywhoo… this is so 80’s-tastic and that little sax solo at the end slays me. So good. Haha.

“I hope your first subway experience, I want to be good memories! ❤😻😽❤ In future we will do a variety of experiences!!💓” - Seulji 💮

Seulji’s effort with using English is ❤❤❤


Coney Island Jam!! - Hollywood Vampires

So, y’all seen that awesome video @skittle479 got Peter to make for @knittingharlot and I last week, there was a small part that we kept private, but this moment…this moment had to be shared. #eyebrowwaggle


Miniature waffle iron/maker up on YouTube 😊
//back from Bordeaux and the art conferences I attended were awesome!
So expect 2 videos about those.
I don’t want to make only speed sculpting on my channel.

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Brighton Trans Pride 2016 was amazing!

Had a fantastic day with @riley-tango-banana yesterday, performed some poetry, listened to great music and spoken word & met a Cool Kid wearing one of my redbubble designs!

So much love and validation poured into one event ♡

Right, so here’s an AMV I’ve been working on starring my second favorite Wander Over Yonder villain (yes, I said second; please don’t kill me), Lord Dominator! The song in question: “I Go Looney” from the new animated Batman film, “Batman: The Killing Joke”.

Weird choice of song, yes. But to be perfectly honest, after hearing the Joker’s song from the comic finally adapted into an actual number, I thought this fit Dominator so well in a sense, and of course, I just couldn’t help but make a video of it because what the composers did with it was so awesome.

Hopefully you’ll see why I did this AMV. I think this turned out pretty good myself.


Bonjour, baguette, eiffel tower, ich wollte mich mal für meine 1000+ Follower hier bedanken, indem ich ein neues Video von AnnenMayKantereit auf meinem Youtube Knal hochgeladen habe. Bleibt so awesome wie ihr seid, euer Lieblingstumblrblog (moi)


Japan expo 2016 ! THIS WAS AN AWESOME DAY ! And we meet our inspiration <3 totally by chance ! Vandetta cosplay ! *^* Well in fact we meet Cim and Eva… it was awesome ! :D they were so kind ~ and happy ! They bring so much joy with them ! >W< it was a real pleasure ~ even if we were a little shy Camy and me ~ ( @animalemotionstudios And @fearynnacosplayymc) Thank you a lot… @alternatefiction and Cim for the awesome pics <3 and your kind words ~ and the hugs ! ( I really like hugs… America love hugs… And Russia too ~ ) Please stay awesome ! >W< We really thanks our friends too ( yeah a second time ) for helping us with the celebration video ! and taking awesome pic of us and all ! we love you so much ~ even if you don’t have tumblr and so can’t see this post :“D Sorry for bad english again… I’m still learning ! XD love ya all <3 ~Fearynna~

alyssam71  asked:

Your video was amazing. It's so awesome that people in the fandom could come out and share their stories and how 5sos and their music has helped them get through certain things. It can really reach out to people who are struggling with living in a broken home and show them that they are not alone. The video was honestly so inspiring to me as a fan. Thank you so much for making it and allowing other fans to be a part. :))))

This is so true, thank you  ❤ ❤ ❤

thickitalianeyebrows  asked:

Hey Sareena! I wanted to ask you if this is a good idea or not: I know a thing or two about computers and see people asking about what laptop to get for college/school, and I was thinking I could make a masterpost about it. What do you think? BTW your YT videos and your masterposts help me so much! <3

that would be awesome!!! if u make one feel free to tag #heysareena so i can see it!!! thanks sm <3