Fact about me: Somehow I always thought “Jenova” and “Gehova” was the same word so I genuinely thought for years that FFVII’s Jenova was called after Gehova and that I couldn’t make too much fun of Jenova because there was people calling themselves “Jenova’s witnesses” and all my life I seriously thought that SE called an antagonist like that for that joke.

And somehow this was while trying to type it one day that I realized “wow it’s nowhere close to Jenova” and long story short I’m an idiot.

(Also petition to rename the Remnants “Jenova’s witness” I think I’m onto something)

Imagine a new show with Block B called “Makeup Gurus on the Block”. Each week Seven Seasons will upload a video on YouTube of a member showing us a new makeup technique, trying out new products, doing makeup challenges, X vs X, and doing monthly favorites.

Really I just want to watch them talk and do makeup and find out who the best and who takes this show too seriously. This thought was brought to you by a short snapchat convo with @blockeyedbees.