I read an article that said psychics are incredibly sensitive people...

That means their emotions can be volatile, which makes it hard to find a good one. I know because the first one I went to was incredibly depressed. The next one I visited was maniacally angry. Yeah…it took me awhile, but I finally found a happy medium.



Fixing Him (A Troyler Fanfiction) >> Troye Sivan 

I don’t think anyone really wants to die. They just want someone to be there for them. They just hope there will be at least one person there to keep them from swallowing that bottle of pills. 

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Hi, how are you?I just found your blog and i liked it very much.I have a request and i'd be very happy, if you write it for me^_^ So can you write fanfiction for me,where Chanyeo is your boyfriend and Suho is your bestfriend ^^, you're too close and that's Chanyeol get;s jealous ^^

Pressing the buzzer again, a small sigh escaped your lips as you bounced on your feet. The cold January air crept down your back as a shiver ran up your spine, making you jump a bit. Clouds of grey and white consumed your vision as your breath condensed in the chilly night before they were swept away by the wind, and you let out a small groan. They usually took awhile to get moving, but you were going to freeze out here before anyone even came near opening the door. 

It was the day of the week, the same as every other, when you came to the dorm to cook for everyone. It was a small price to pay to be able to spend the entire afternoon resting comfortably with your boyfriend, Chanyeol, away from the exasperating presence of paparazzi and crazy fans. 

As the beautiful sound of the lock clicking filled your ears, you reached down and gathered up the grocery bags sitting at your feet. The door swung open, and you dropped the bags back down, jumping towards the person in front of you. “Oppa, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you!”

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ok so i have a lot of friends + writer friends & they don’t know the difference between who and whom, and to be honest i didnt know the difference until not that long ago

what u have to do is think of the pronouns ur using

WHO is used to replace THEY/HE/SHE etc.

He loves chocolate cake.
I know someone who loves chocolate cake.

WHOM is used to replace THEM/HIM/HER etc..

I saw her today.
You saw whom today?

if the pronoun comes after a CONJUNCTION (with, yet, but, so, or, etc.), you KEEP the pronoun, and put it at the BEGINNING of the sentence.

I got all this way with them.
With whom did you get all this way?

i hope this helps!! i tried to make it as clear as possible but its ok if its not clear to u!! it took me awhile to figure the difference out & not everyone will get it immediately.

What I like about this is that it actually came from a painting I’ve been working on for awhile so technically this took me about an hour to make but the overall process took about two weeks and it took a completely different turn than what I looked like before. It’s different than what I normally do but still fits within the usual theme and vibes I go for with my work!

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Love ya and yer prompts. Took me awhile to think of a one word prompt you've yet to fill that would be really interesting. Cause I know I like a good challenge now and again. My prompt for you? Helium. I think that could be a fun one. Might send more later. Cause I love reading 'em. Keep doing what you do. You make a helluvalotta people happy just by being you. That's special in this world.

(Thank you, darling!)

Judith’s first birthday had been a success. A supply raid at a nearby party store had earned Alexandria several bags of balloons, spools of ribbon, wrapping paper, gift bags, and four tanks of helium. In a spurt of levity, Tara and Carl had inflated several balloons with helium, and to Judith, they had been the most interesting part of the party.

But now the party was over, the little girl had been put to bed, and they still had nearly three dozen colorful, floating balloons to deal with. Daryl had suggested target practice, but Rosita had shot that down (“That’d be like killing joy.”). So, instead, Carol, Tara, Rosita, and Glenn had gathered up the inflated balloons and decided to have a little fun, sitting on the floor in the living room.

Tara held an orange balloon to her lips, inhaling two lungfuls of the helium before belting out: “Won’t you take me to…FUNKYTOWN?!”

Her voice came out like a squeaky chipmunk, and she sang a few more chords before the effect faded. Glenn took a big gulp of helium from a purple balloon and leaned back from his seat on the floor, calling out to the occupants in the other room.


Maggie’s voice drifted in from the other room in a long suffering tone. “Oh my God.”

Then it was Rosita’s turn, and she had an impressive lung capacity, Carol thought, as her blue balloon shrank while she inhaled.

“This. Is. Sparta!” she squeaked.

“What the Hell is going on in there?” Daryl leaned into view from the other room, where a beleaguered Maggie was laughing. “Sound like a buncha drunk chipmunks in there.”

“Daryl!” Glenn held up a pink balloon. “I gotta hear what you sound like, dude.”

Daryl’s expression was deadpan, and he exchanged a look with Maggie, who was out of Carol’s line of sight. “No.”

Carol chuckled and inhaled from her green balloon. She had something clever planned to say, but it got lost when she lost her grip on the balloon. It blew a loud raspberry as it whizzed out of her hands and landed on the couch behind Tara.

“Whoops,” she said, and the squeaky tone of her voice surprised her.

She looked over at Daryl, who was grinning at her.

“Ya’ll are ridiculous,” he stated.

Carol grabbed up an orange balloon and took a deep breath from it, making a second attempt at her earlier bit.

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

“Oh, oh!” Tara took another gulp of helium. “Inconceivable!” she squeaked.

Glenn nudged the pink balloon toward Daryl again, and Daryl groaned loudly before taking the thing, muttering along the lines of “fine, if it’ll make ya’ll shut up.”

Rosita’s voice was high pitched. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Carol watched Daryl breathe in from the balloon, and he locked eyes with her, as if to ask if this was really necessary. She nodded and gestured.

“Go on,” she giggled. “Say something.”

When he spoke, his voice came out just as squeaky and high pitched as theirs, but with enough of his drawl that it immediately had Glenn rolling. “As you wish.”

He deliberately let go of the balloon, and it whizzed over until it hit Tara in the shoulder. Carol cackled and clapped her hands together.

You go to his concert ~ shawn imagine

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Hi beautiful!!!!!😊😊😊Can I Please have an imagine where Your at Shawn’s concert and you get meet and greet tickets but he thinks your really cool and invites u back stage and also to hang out with for the day!!!!!😍😍😍 thanks so much also can u make it silly and romantic again thank u so much🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👌🏼

Here it is sorry It took me awhile i have a lot of request to take care of !!

“omg mom thank you !!, I cant believe I am going to be meeting Shawn Mendes “ I basically screamed Shawn was my idol and i’m just in love with him and my mom just got me tickets for a meet and greet for me and my friend and i can’t wait . 

~ The day Of meet and greet ~ 

My alarm went off and usually when it does I don’t get up But I jumped right out of bed took a shower and  shaved then went to my closet to pick out my outfit I decided on this . 

“Y/N, Y/F/N Here” My mom shouted  “ok i’m coming “ i said as I was walking down the stair’s “ Hey !! “ I said  giving my friend a hug “ I can’t believe this is happening we are going to a Shawn Mendes concert and are actually going to meet him face to face Uggh I’m so excited “ My friend said “Me too can’t wait “ I responded “selfie ?” I asked she nodded. 

“Ok lets go !! “ I said “Bye mom !! “ we both shouted “Bye girls” my mom responded . Yeah shes my mom but we have know each along time so she calls her mom .

~ at concert ~ 

“we are here !! “ we both said 

we went and took our seats we weren’t that close but close to were we could see his face . 

The concert started and we were shouting and screaming and singing along best night of my life !! 

“Thank you all for coming out and supporting me and for everything I love you and I hope you had just as much fun as i did “ Shawn said “I love you “ me and my friend shouted .

“Everyone for the meet and greet pleas come this way “ the security guards instructed So of course me and Y/F/N followed the rules and I was literally having a panic attack. 

~ 1 hour later ~ 

We were next in line and I was literally trying to find a breath but I couldn’t “next Pleas “ The security guard  “ok I’m ready “ I said to  myself  “hi I’m Shawn.  what are your names ? “ Shawn asked “ Oh hi I’m Y/N “ “and I’m Y/F/N” “nice to meet you do you want a picture ?’ he asked “yes of course “ My friend said “Ok great !! “ we posed for the picture . “ you are very beautiful “ Shawn said to me “oh thank you “” are you gonna be here after ?’ he asked “um yeah I think so ‘ i responded “oh great we should hang out “ he said “can you give me your number” He asked “yeah um here “ I gave him my number and just went back to my friend “you will not believe what just happened , “ I started “what happen “ my friend asked looking up from er phone “he asked for my number and wants to hang after “ I was still shocked “You can’t “ sh said “what why” How are you gonna get home we took my car “ sh said ‘oh yeah that sucks I’ll just tell him I can’t” I said my face completely changed . 

~ 2 hours later ~ 

“ hey are you ready to head out of here ?” Shawn asked “Oh yeah about that I can’t I won’t have a ride home we took my friends car maybe another time “ I said “I can take you home “ he offered “that wouldl be great let me just check with her “ I said  

You ~ hey Y/F/N he said he can take me home so you can just leave if you want? 

Y/F/N ~ ok are you sure ? txt me if anything . I love you !!

You ~ I love you too and will do !! 

“she said that’s cool !! “ I said putting my phone away in my purse “ok so how about some ice cream “ He offered “yeah that would be great !! “ I said . “ let’s go then !! “ he said  

~ in car ~ 

“ so what do you like to do for fun Y/N ?’ He asked “oh just normal things like shop and ( your fav thing to do ) “ i responded “oh cool !! “ he said “ listen I don’t want it to be awkward make yourself comfortable “ he said “ok great than” i said pretending to put my feet on the top of the car “hahah just kidding “ He started laughing his laugh could kill “here we are “ he said stopping the car . 

~ after ice cream ~ 

“lets go for a walk “ I offered “yeah sounds great, let’s burn those calories “  He said jokingly  “yeah lol “ I said . “Y//N You have beautiful eyes” He said “well why thank you “ I said in a very posh voice . “where to next ?” I asked “the beach “ he said “I love the beach !! “ I said “me too ‘ 

~ at beach ~ 

we just started walking along the water without our shoes on and the water felt so crisp and the sand kernals just felt like a massage along the bottom of my heel .  “This was the greatest day of my life “ I said “ I can say the same I mean I spent the day with the most beautiful girl on earth “ he said “ aww thank you, stop making me blush “ I said snuggled into his arm he than put his right arm over me and gently rubbed up and down my shoulder .

~ at your house ~ 

The rest of the day we spent on the beach talking and eating some boardwalk food and it was Amazing . “we should do this again !! “ I said “yes we should “ he responded giving me a light kiss on my forehead “ good night “ we both said. and we hung out ever since 

Sorry it took me awhile !! I hope this is what you meant and that you enjoyed it. .     

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demisexuals literally feel NO sexual attraction towards any individual unless they have an emotional bond first unlike those who wait till they have an emotional bond before engaging sexually and it is a subtype of asexual identities

Okay but… I also feel no sexual attraction towards individuals unless I have an emotional bond first. At least these days. I used to be more inclined towards “casual sex,” but I have never felt SUPER INTENSE NEED TO BONE unless I was in love. 

Does that make me asexual? Fuck no. I am sexual. That has never been a doubt. I haven’t had sex in months, and I literally had the opportunity today (took a shower naked with an australian, all i did was wash her bum and make jokes). I just don’t feel it. I haven’t felt like it in awhile. That does not make me asexual, and the “ace spectrum” shit can go too far with this stuff. 

For me, a sexual orientation (included in definition is “points of the compass or other specific directions”) describes WHOM you are attracted to– the same gender/sex (homo), the “opposite” sex/gender (hetero) (I have problems with this phrasing), more than one (poly), or none at all (ace) (to name a few). “Demisexual” does not describe whom you are attracted to, but HOW you are attracted to them. This does not make you LGBTQ+, and this certainly does not make you “qu**r”.

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Prompt for Linctavia (canon setting) - maybe one of them gets mad at the other for something which results in angry sex?

This one took me a moment to come up with.  Thankfully, EBF helped me :)

I would just like to apologize in advance for this, but it’s been awhile since I’ve written angst and it was good to stretch those muscles again.

Rough smut ahead!

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He’s being cute ~ Jack J imagine

magconfan27 said to mmagcon101:Could you please make me a Jack Johnson imagine, where we are just hanging out and he’s being cute?

Here you go sweetie !! sorry it took me awhile I had other request to do before I hope you enjoy !

“jack Stop , pleas !1 “ was all that could escape my mouth He wouldn’t stop tickling me and I couldn’t stop laughing . ‘all right 5 minutes to breath “ he said finally getting off of me . “5 minutes to breath ! “ I said standing up and running away “oh no you don’t “ he said standing up and chasing after me I was barefoot so I had and advantage he kept slipping in his sock’s . “can’t get me “ I said running to the bathroom, and locking the door as quick as i can “hahha” I said laughing through the door “don’t laugh for long “ i heard him say . I looked under the door and saw no feet but I knew his little trick’s he was on the other side. I went and sat down, when i heard someone messing with the door knob I knew it was him so i got up and was ready, and the door opened….. And there was A jack Johnson with a clown mask on I was terrified so I screamed and fell to the ground, he removed the mask and picked me up bridal style and ran with me still in his hands over to the couch . and plopped me down him laying on top of me “got ya “ he said laughing “Jack you know I am terrified of clown’s why did you do that “ I said wiping the hair out of my face “I’m sorry baby, I’ll make it up to you “ He said giving me kisses all over my face and than he started going down my neck and to other place’s he should not be going “oh kay I think that’s enough” I said getting “are you sure !! “ he said hoping I would say just a lil more but “yeah I’m sure        

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A VIXX's Ken scenario where he deals with his girlfriend's silent treatment and cold gestures, only to find out it was because she was extremely upset of his upcoming duet with EXID's Hani, knowing how close they were previously, which she wasn't completely comfortable about in the beginning. Could you also make it that Ken's is a bit oblivious to her whole treatment. Like it took him awhile to find out she was upset, much to her chagrin. Could you make it funny in the beginning then angsty. :)

“Ken what is it that your girlfriend did that made your heart flutter the most?”
“For me…it’s when she leaned on my shoulders.”
“Like this?” Hani said putting her head on his shoulder and smiling.
“And for you, Hani?” Ken said
“For me…its when he would hold my hand. I found that was really nice.”
“When he would hold your hand?” Ken said, “Like this?” He grabbed her hand and intertwined his fingers with hers.
You watched as your heart burned with jealousy. You knew it was silly to be jealous but you couldn’t help it. You knew that Ken only had eyes for you but then there was Hani. She was pretty, slim, and basically she was everything you weren’t.
“And cut!” The director yelled.
Ken and Hani bowed to the staff and hugged each other. Ken made his way over to you smiling from ear to ear. You, on the other hand, were boiling with anger.
“Jagi are you hungry? Should we get something to eat?” He said putting an arm around your shoulder.
You jerked away and crossed your arms not looking him in the eyes.
Ken gave you a weird look but said nothing.
“Let’s just go home.” You muttered.
“Okay, wanna watch a movie?”
“Yeah.” You said coldly.


You arrived at the dorms and were greeted by the VIXX members who you hugged after not seeing them for a while. Ken still hadn’t got the message that you were giving him the silent treatment.

You were sitting with him in his shared room while watching a comedy film. Throughout the movie he kept trying to put his arm around you get get closer but you would just push him away. Apparently, he was fed up and paused the movie.

“Why are you like this today ____?” He whined. He knew you always got weak when he did that but this time you weren’t giving in.

“Every time I try to touch you, you avoid me like I’m the plague! You’ve been giving me the silent treatment all day ever since-” he stopped and you looked at him.

He had the widest grin on his face and you looked at him with frustration. Then he said the two words you didn’t want to hear, “You’re jealous!” He said pointing a finger at you accusingly. You smacked his finger away.

“I am not!” You said.

“Aww my jagi is jealous. She’s so cute when she’s jealous!” He said reaching to pinch your cheeks. You swatted his hand away and crossed your arms.

“Fine I am jealous! I’m jealous because she’s prettier than me! Slimmer than me! And you’re obviously close with her.”

Ken let out a breath of disbelief. “___..” He said reaching to touch you but you scooted further away.

“We’re just friends and that’s all.”

“Well it didn’t look that way to me! How would you feel if I was just casually cuddling with Hongbin in front of you?” You yelled.

“____, you’re the only one in my eyes. Hani is just a friend and I would never leave you for her. I love you, don’t be jealous.” He said kissing you on the cheek.

“It really hurt to see you with someone else so I guess that’s why I got jealous.” You said.

“Don’t worry. You’re the only one for me, jagiya.” He said.

“Yay!” You heard clapping and cheering as the vixx members entered the room.

“Let’s all go get ice cream! N’s treat!” Ravi said while N glared at him. Finally everything was resolved, and you knew the rest of the day would be good.

Thank you for the request!

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Hey, I heard about Sense8 and I want to know what it's about and is it good? As well as is there a good ship for it? I don't know why but I have to have great ships for all my shows it just makes it so much better is it bad that I'm a guy and like that sort of thing? I also wanted to know is there a way to look up what everyone including the cast thought of Killian and Captain Swan back in early season 2? I just got into the show so I feel like I missed a lot and wish I could witness it.

Sense8  is about 8 strangers from all over the world who have the ability to each others thoughts and actions. It’s an amazing show. It took me awhile to start watching it and I’m so glad I did.

This show has ships left, right and center.

We have…

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Are you really confident? You seem like it

I would like to believe that I am. I feel confident most of the time, it took me awhile but I’m learning to love myself and embrace all the things that make me who I am. Being confident is super cool and I hope you are confident too!!

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I'm aro/ace and I came out to my mom but she totally doesn't understand and thinks I'm just afraid of commitment and she yelled at me when I told her I rejected someone's promposal to me and said I should be grateful that people like me pls help

oh my gosh!! first of all i am very proud of you for coming out friend seriously that took a lot of bravery, just explain to her what it is that makes you identify as aro and ace (like why you feel that you are aro/ace) and hopefully she’ll get a better understanding of what’s going on! bc a confused parent doesn’t accept easily and well we all know that- it’ll make it easier to come to terms with your coming out and hopefully she’ll support you, even if it takes awhile!! again, super proud of u bud :)

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Name: I’m Racheal, bruh

Location: USA, USA, USA

Hobbies:I spend my time watching tv shows on netflix and reading fan fiction

Gender: Female

Bands: MARIANAS TRENCH (MY HYPE IS STILL STRONG), twenty one pilots, fall out boy, and more but i listen to them the most lately

Last book and movie: I don’t read real books often but last one i started was East of Eden by John Steinbeck, and last movie i watched was Seconds Apart (highly recommended)

Last song: Fourth of July by FOB in spirit of today~

I tag in-time-we-all-forgot, havent-had-enough, radioactive-mooncalf, ramsassy-and-sweet-lady-kisses, overdose-in-seoul, emjellybean, naturallysuperbandswatercolourpaints, blurryfacehowell, and plantboyjosh but y’all don’t have to if you want~