Here is a drawing I made for the chicken lady to celebrate her graduation. 


I was actually gonna draw more but everything happened so fast and I did kinda lost my motivation and my confidence to draw or to do anything in general recently, so yeah, why would I draw 5 - 6 more fan arts for her when I don’t really feel like it…

I mean I wish I could draw more, but do you know how hard and tedious it is to draw with a mouse!? YES A MOUSE, I WANT A FREAKING TABLET. Is that too much to ask for, I just wanna.. END MY MISERY!

It took me awhile to make this because school kept me busy and stressed out, had to study for exams and got ill a few times, it really sucked..

I also tried to draw this in her style, GOD I love it so much. I had a hard time with coloring the hair… Seriously I demand a hair coloring tutorial, I can’t stand this no more!

Also I didn’t think I would really help her with her research papers and stuff, cuz I’m just a little twerp who literally has nothing else to do with my life!?…

I tried my best, I was really happy to see that other people helped her out with her problem, that’s what I call support! <3

But here it is, and I hope you like it! @kyashee 

Please make sure to support her and her art, because she needs all the attention and love!

I hope she realizes that I made a transparent version too! I mean, why else would there be two photos of the same drawing?

Happy Birthday to iKON’s hard working hyung 💪 You’re making your parents proud! I hope you have an amazing day 🎈

Creepypasta #843: I Used To Play A Game Called Worryland. I Don’t Like To Play Video Games Anymore.

Length: Super long

Change is terrifying, especially when you’re young. For an eight year old boy like me, moving across the country was the biggest change imaginable. When you’re young, leaving the few friends that you’ve made behind feels like the end of the world. I don’t remember the move to Giliman very well, I just remember crying the whole way there.

My parents repeatedly tried to console me. They assured me that I’d make new friends, and that the town of Giliman had much better parks and open-spaces to play in. I refused to listen.

“Bryan, you’re going to love it in Giliman, I promise!” My dad was driving the moving truck we rented. 

“No. I hate Giliman. I want to go back to Springfield.” 

“Oh Bryan, I’m sure you’ll love it when we get there.” My mom echoed this sentiment. “Roger doesn’t seem to mind moving, does he Bryan?”

Of course my younger brother didn’t mind moving. He was four years old and was too young and dumb to understand what was happening. He just sat in his car seat next to me, playing with his little stuffed alligator toy.

“Ugghh. Mom, Roger doesn’t care because he’s still little! If he was my age, he’d want to go back to Springfield too!”

Roger protested the fact that I’d called him little, but quickly went back to playing with his toy. I continued to cry and moan for as much of the drive as I could.

The drive from Springfield to Giliman is around thirteen hours, so we didn’t arrive until it was almost midnight. Another moving truck had already dropped off our beds and moved them inside, so we could go to sleep when we arrived. As angry as I was about the move, I was happy to be able to sleep in my own bed, even if I would have preferred it to be in a different location.

I went to bed full of resentment and sadness, directed at my parents, of course. Knowing what I know now, I wish I’d appreciated them more. They tried so hard to make me happy. I wish I had been nicer to them, and complained less about the move. I wish I’d been a better son, while I still had the chance. When I think about the fall we moved to Giliman, I think of what could have been different. That horrible game ruined everything.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. I grew up in the 90’s. The year we moved was 1995, and like every other eight year old, I was infatuated with my Super Nintendo Entertainment System (which we called an SNES, as I’m sure everyone knows). I plugged more time into that gaming system then I’m proud to admit – it was truly my prized possession.

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was the game cartridge that was plugged into the SNES across from my bed. For those of you that remember the Super Nintendo, you might remember that almost every game cartridge was exactly the same. They were all plastic, slate grey cartridges, with black or white stickers on the front.

But this one wasn’t. It was bright blue, and had a bright red sticker on the front. I didn’t recognize it – I’d never seen anything quite like it before. I was ecstatic, to say the least. I figured that my parents must have gotten me this game to make me feel better about the move. My reservations about the new house faded away the second I saw the game cartridge.

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anonymous asked:

Hey doll! My birthday is the 30th and I was wondering if I could request a oneshot with Junkrat! Like he wakes her up with breakfast in bed and a German Shepherd puppy, lunch and the bookstore, and maybe a special dinner at home with a proposal? Thank you!! You're amazing!!

Of course you can! Happy birthday! I hope you have a good one.

When you woke up that morning, you felt something small and fuzzy tickling you underneath your chin. You giggled, thinking it was just Junkrat touching you with something weird. Opening your eyes, instead you saw the cutest little face in front of you, it was a German Shepherd puppy! It gave you a quick lick on the nose, before Junkrat reached over and pulled it off of you, so that you can sit up.

“Happy birthday! I know you’ve been wanting a puppy, I went out to buy one for you… Uh. I hope you like it.”Junkrat was rubbing the back of his head in nervousness, because he wasn’t sure if you would like his gift for you. He was kind of looking down a little to avoid eye contact.

If he looked at you, he would see the huge smile and the excited look at made it’s way to your face. “Junkrat, I love it so much! Thank you, this is already the best birthday ever.” Hearing that reassured Junkrat and he looked up to you. He looked so happy, he quickly put the puppy on your lap and said, “I have something else for you!”

He ran out of the bedroom and quickly came back with a tray of breakfast foods. “Uh… It took me awhile to make this, I kept burning my first attempts. So I hope this is okay.” He put the tray on your lap, and you nearly started tearing up. He had made all of your favorites, and it wasn’t the prettiest, but it such a sweet gesture and it tasted pretty good.

The rest of the morning was spent in bed with Junkrat and your new puppy. It seemed like an amazing day so far. You got a new puppy and your boyfriend made you breakfast in bed. This would have been enough for you, but Junkrat had plenty more planned. He had rushed you to get dressed because he said he had to whole day planned out for you.

When you asked what he had planned, he kept giggling and saying that it was a surprise. You were a little worried, because the last time he gave you a surprise, it was a frag launcher and that was an… interesting day. So you were wary when he said it was a surprise.

When you finally showed up at your surprise, you were genuinely surprised. He took you to your favorite book store, you looked at him with a surprised look. He gave you a sheepish smile back, “I know you like books… so I decided to take you here so you can buy the books that you wanted.” You squealed and gave Junkrat a quick hug, before running inside and perusing the shelves.

Poor Junkrat probably didn’t have much money left over after your shopping trip. But he’d probably find more ways to get money, somehow. If you know what I mean. After your exhausting shopping trip at the book store, he took you out for lunch. You almost wanted to say no because he spent so much already, but he was so adamant about it, that the lunch date ended up happening anyway. Not that you were complaining much, this was been such a great day. You felt so special.

The rest of the day was spent at a nearby park, just relaxing with your new books. Junkrat laid his head on your lap as you read to him, he may have fallen asleep at some point though. It’s okay though, since you had your new books to keep you busy. And a couple of other dogs came by to greet you. When it was starting to get dark, you woke up Junkrat so that you guys can go home.

At home, you smelled something amazing. Walking in, there was food set up on the table already. “I’m not a very good cook, so I had Hog come help me for your birthday surprise. I wanted you to have a really great day.” You nearly teared up, he had done so much for you today already. You felt so lucky to have Junkrat as your boyfriend. You gave him a quick kiss and hug, before he led you to the table to enjoy your birthday dinner. 

The entire time, he looked a little nervous though. And you were starting to get concerned, did something happen? When you asked him about it, he just tried to wave it off. It bothered you a bit, but you didn’t want to push him for answers until he was ready to talk about it. Dinner was fun though, because he started to look more comfortable and he was talking animatedly again like he usually does.

When you were done with dinner, you were about to get up to put up the plate, but Junkrat stopped you. You were about to ask him why, but he quickly got on his knee. You froze, was he… was he about to propose? Your question was answered when he reached into his pocket to pull out a ring.

“I know I’m not the best person to get married to…I like to blow things up and I don’t exactly do good things sometimes. But meeting you was one of the best things in my life. You balance me out, and make me want to stop doing so many bad things. I mean… I’ll still do it for the cause, but I’ll be safer about it so I can be by your side. I really love you a lot. So uh.. Will you marry me?”

You stared at Junkrat, in shock, you did not expect this at all. The entire day was filled with him doing so many things for you, and you didn’t think he could top it. But he did and you were so happy. You could feel tears welling up in your eyes. He took your silence as a no and started to slowly put away your ring, his face fell into a frown. 

You noticed and jumped on him, “Wait, wait. I’m not saying no. I’m just really shocked. Today has been so amazing and this is amazing. Yes, Junkrat, YES!” A smile made it’s way back to his face, as he threw his arms around you and gave you a passionate kiss. You pulled away and gave him a huge smile. This man was going to be your husband.

“Now uh… we just gotta find the ring. I kind of accidentally threw it when I hugged you. Hehehe.”