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29 - I thought you were dead. ———————————————————————– 

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“Hi Scott.” You told your boyfriend, that you hadn’t seen in 3 weeks. “Oh great, I’m hallucinating again.” “Scott, it’s really me. I’m alive.” You caressed his cheek and he leaned into the touch. “Y/N. Is that really you? Oh my god I missed you so much, but how?” “When Theo shot me, in the woods, a pack of werewolves found me and took me to their house. I was bit so I could live and when I woke up I was shocked and terrified but they told me what happened and I actually found out they were very nice and welcoming. They let me stay at their house for about 3 weeks and now here I am. Back to you and back to the pack.” I finished “So your a werewolf?” “Yes I am.” Then he pulled you into a kiss. A kiss that was passionate yet rough at the same time. You both pulled away when you needed a breather. Scott put his forehead against yours and whispered, “I love you so much Y/N. You don’t know how much.” You were shocked. This was the first time he said I love you. But you knew he meant so you whispered back softly, “I love you too, you big goofball.” You spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching TV until you both fell on a blissful sleep.

Follow Me (Part 8)

Title; Follow Me (Part 8)
Pairing: Newtxreader
Warnings: N/A


“It’s a girl.”

I was behind everyone else when the box came up unexpectedly. I had been so shocked by what Newt had just said to me that I couldn’t move even when he had walked away and left me alone in the deadheads. I didn’t move for a long time, not until I heard the alarms for the box.

Even then, it took me a bit, but I finally snapped out of it and hurried into the Glade and towards the box. I could see Gally and Newt opening the top, Newt jumping in. I stopped behind the rest of the Gladers and heard Newt speak up. 

A girl. 

I frowned and pushed through the rest of the group so I was at the front. Me and Thomas both looked down just as she woke up and gasped out his name. My brow raised as I turned to look at the runner, just as all the others did the same.

“Thomas…” I said quietly. Gally was even more pissed off then he already was, I missed the meeting about Thomas, but I couldn’t stand to be there, I knew Newt had to have run it. I wondered if him and Newt talked about anything else. I glanced down at Newt as he and a few others moved to help lift the girl from the box. “Tommy, come on.”

I urged him to follow after me, away from the others who couldn’t stop staring at him and then at the new girl. “What the hell was that punch about?” Thomas finally said when we were far enough away. I sighed, that gave me my answer, they obviously didn’t get a chance to talk about it. 

“He…He thinks I ran into the maze because of you.” I answered, walking towards the med-jack tent to check on Alby. 

“Why would he think that?? You went for Minho didn’t you?” 

I shook my head and gave a small laugh. I had to. The way he said it just seemed so ironic. “Wow, Tommy…I’m glad you didn’t talk to Newt yet. The way you say that, makes it sound like me and Minho have something going on. I don’t think I need the added problem.” 

“Wait…” Thomas was quiet as we entered the tent and made our way over to Alby. “Why would Newt be mad about you going in the maze for me or Minho? I honestly thought you and Minho were maybe like…together.” 

“You shuck.” I smirked, stopping before I got to Alby’s bed. “I’m not with Minho, he’s like my brother,” I watched Thomas for a minute and rolled my eyes. “You don’t get it do you? I love Newt. I have since I arrived in this damn glade.”

Thomas’ eyes widened and he ran his hand over his face. “That explains the punch.” He shook his own head and sat down for a moment. “Well you told him you didn’t run in there for me, right? So…What’s the problem then? He believed you right?” 

“Sure…If you consider him telling me to stay away from him ‘believing’ him.” I swallowed, trying to fight back the tears stinging at my eyes. 

“Aww…Y/N…I’m sorry.” Thomas sighed, standing up to put his arms around me and give me a hug. “I didn’t mean too…”

“Am I interrupting something?” 

I broke away from Thomas’ embrace instantly and looked over to see Newt’s hurt face. 

Damn. This was just getting better and better wasn’t it? 


“Doesn’t matter, yeah? Y/N can you excuse us…I need to talk to Thomas about this girl.” His voice was harsh, making me flinch lightly as I looked back at Thomas who frowned apologetically at me. 

“Y-Yeah…I’ll uh…I’ll go help Gally get everyone settled down.”

I pushed past the lanky blonde and hurried outside. I made my way over to the builder and pursed my lips as he told Chuck to go find something else to do. “Hey, shuckface. Don’t talk to him like that, he’s tryin’ to help.” I glared, setting my hand on Chuck’s shoulder. 

“I get that, Y/N. But we got a lot to do and he’ll only get in the way.” 

“I damn well know that he can do a hell of a lot more then you give him credit for, Gally. Just tell him what he can do and leave it alone.” I rolled my eyes and then smiled at Chuck when Gally caved and gave him a job before turning to me. 

“What are you doing out here anyways? Thought for sure you’d be in there cuddling up with Newt or is Tommy your new interest?” He smirked, shaking his head. 

“Shuck it, shank. I’m not with either of them…I came out here to help you because that’s what’s important. We need to make sure everyone is okay, they all seem on edge. We don’t need a bunch of freaked out gladers in case things continue to get worse.” I replied, walking past him and towards the gladers grouping around the box. 

“Hey, hey!” Gally called out, rushing after me and setting a hand on my shoulder. “You agree then? Shit’s going bad…Since Thomas got here…and now this girl?” 

“I’m not saying it’s Thomas’ fault, Gal. I’m saying shit is getting weird and we don’t know why. Thomas has nothing to do with it, but things still need to be figured out before someone else dies.”

“Someone else?” 

I sighed and turned to face Gally with a serious expression. “Do you really think Alby’s gonna make it through a sting, Gally? We already lost Ben.”

He looked away from me and glared at the floor, opening his mouth to respond before he watched as Thomas and Minho hurried out towards the maze with a group of others. “Yeah, he sure isn’t causing us any more problems.” Gally said sarcastically, pointing at the group. 

I turned and watched as they slipped through the gates before groaning. “Shit…” 

I moved to run after them, only to have Gally grab my wrist. “Do you really think you need to run after him again. Specially with Newt watching.” He raised a brow, tilting his head to the med-jack tent.

I turned to see Newt standing at the door, glancing over at me before looking away and watched Thomas and the others head into the maze. “He really lost it when you went in last night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like that…Not since he went and–”

“Hey…Don’t.” I frowned, taking my wrist from him. “I get it.” 

Before anything else was said, I hurried across the glade and over to Newt. He looked up with an angry gaze before moving back into the tent. 

“Newt, come on. I know you don’t want me around, but…what the hell is going on? We need to figure this out.”

He didn’t hesitate to peek back out and point at me. “No, I need to figure this out. You need to stay out of here and let me do my job…You wanna figure something out? Chase after your greenie and find a way out of this shuck place.”

“Jesus, Newt…This is getting a little harsh. I haven’t done a damn thing!” I yelled out, pointing a finger back at him and taking a step forward. 

“Oh please, Y/N. I saw you hugging on him with my own two eyes!” He yelled back, stepping back out of the tent. 

I threw my hands up, trying to keep myself calm. “Drop it! He was hugging me because I was upset about you! He thought I want into the maze because he assumed I was with Minho, even he understood I didn’t go in that damn place for him.”

He narrowed his eyes and ran a hand over his face. “So what? You ran in there because you cared about Minho?” 

“Leave the jealousy thing alone, Newt. I have never ever given you a reason to think that I love anyone else but you. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard to prove that to you after everything we’ve been through.” 

“You should have stopped when I asked!” He practically lost himself at that point, throwing his hands forward and shaking his head as a single tear slipped over his cheek. “If you loved me like you say you do now, why didn’t you just stop running?” 

“I already told you I was sorry…I went back into that place because they needed my help.” I swallowed again and took a step back. “You don’t want to believe me, that’s fine. I’m sure you won’t believe me right now either.”

“What are you talking about?” He said quietly, wiping at the tear. 

I looked back at the doors and shook my head. “I’m going to help them. You can think what you want. I’m going because I want to get out of here too. You can think it’s because of Thomas or Minho. I don’t care anymore. I’m not going to explain myself to you. I have nothing I need to make up for.”

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hi! i've been looking for a certain fic for like 3 weeks now but havent been able to find it. its a carmilla hsau and laura works at an ice cream shop and drags carmilla into it and (i think there is a motorcycle?) and i remember the first word of the fic is "fluffernutters!" (hah laura you dork). do you know which one this is? sorry! :)

Hey! It took me a bit, but I found it! Sorry for the wait. The fic you’re looking for is Tomorrow Makes it Better by fitforresonance. It’s Incomplete, 8 chapters in, and Rated T. You can read it here.


here are some SpaceBoy!Dan lockscreens in pair with PlantBoy!Phil! 


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Tokyo Ghoul x Persona 4 Crossover


Hi tumblr friends! If you have a minute please read about my little friend Noah and share :) 

I didn’t know I could love something so deeply and so unconditionally until I met this kitten. It may not have been love at first sight.. His eyes were completely crusted over, he had fleas, he was dirty, but it only took a little bit of time for me to fall completely in love with him.
His name is Noah and he was abandoned by his mother at the vulnerable age of approx. 2 weeks. We think she abandoned him because he got too sick to keep up with the rest of them. :,( 
Today, his condition worsened in a terrifying way. He has an upper respiratory infection that has caused his eyes to become infected to the point of buldging out of his little skull. We rushed him to an animal hospital and were told that he may have to have at least one of his eyes removed but for now he’s just on antibiotics for his infection.
I made this gofundme in hopes of raising money so I can give Noah the financial aid he so desperately needs, including eye surgery and medication. As a college student, I have an everflowing amount of love to give him, but not an overflowing bank account.
Any amount you are willing to give will be greatly appreciated by me and especially Noah. I hope to show him that the world has so much more to offer than pain and suffering.
If you can’t find it in your bank account to donate, find it in your heart to share this link so Noah can be seen by as many people as possible.
Thank you so much for reading Noah’s story and sharing it. 

gofundme link: here

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prompt: Sephiroth, "humane" Jenova, Lucrecia, and Vincent playing TWISTER. Hair everywhere. Someone watches on. Write a short drabble! :D

Sephiroth wasn’t sure how he found himself here. He remembered getting into this awkward position, but not…why. 

“Valentine, Left hand Red. And don’t tear up the mat this time,” Hojo said from a seat nearby. A clawed gauntlet gently laid itself up on the red dot in front of Sephiroth’s face, taking care not to catch on anything. 

Sephiroth’s own hands were twisted, his left on a blue space near his chest and his right on the red dot below Vincent’s. 

“Lucretia, right foot green,” Hojo called out. Sephiroth heard movement behind him. 

“Well,” a female voice said, “Sephiroth might actually be Vincent’s. He’s certainly got his ass.” 

“Oh no, he got that from me,” an unnatural, yet silky voice replied. 

“Jenova, right foot green” Hojo said. 

“This game is too easy,” Jenova’s low voice scoffed, “My only real competition is my own son.” 

“Excuse me, but I gave birth to him,” Lucretia snapped back. 

“Sephiroth right foot blue,” Hojo continued. Sephiroth tucked his foot on the thankfully blank spot next to his hand.

“Valentine, right hand green,” Hojo said. 

“…Where is it?” the red blob nearest Sephiroth growled. 

“Other end of the mat,” Jenova supplied helpfully. There was a heavy sigh before the sounds of a struggle started. Sephiroth tried to nudge his hair back with his head, but it just fell back. 

“I’m rather impressed,” Jenova said. 

“You don’t know the half of what he can do,” Lucretia said. 

“Lucretia, left hand yellow,” Hojo directed. 

“What?” Lucretia asked. There was a rather loud thump followed by a grunt from Vincent. 

“Sorry,” Lucretia said and tossed her hair in the other direction. Sephiroth saw some streaks of brown being added to his silver tresses in his face. 

“Oh…” Jenova purred, “I guess I do have more competition.” 

“Jenova right hand blue,” Hojo said, his tone never shifting. He almost sounded bored. 

“I would prefer it if you would place you hand in a place further away from my thigh,” Vincent’s voice rumbled. 

“Why,” Jenova said, “Are you…uncomfortable?” 

“Sephiroth-” Hojo started, but didn’t finish. Sephiroth felt his feet being swept from beneath him. He awoke just before he landed. 

He sat up in bed, completely alone. 

“What the fuck,” he breathed to himself. 

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Heeyyy birb lord do you know (or do you do?) any art tutorial stuff for people trying to get back into drawing? Idk where or how to look for anything.

I know you already found some stuff but I figured I’d throw in a little advice anyway! This is gonna be a bit long and include some links and technical + motivational help. Most of this is what I’ve learned at school + uni and from my years as a hobby artist.

First of all, if you’re starting up again after a long time of no drawing (or even if you’re a beginner) I’d recommend:

  • Starting completely from scratch. It’s tedious, but it’s always good to start with the basics, sort of “relearn” drawing.
  • Drawing from life! Real life is THE BEST foundation to build on, before you focus on having a personal style. Try croquis drawing if you can, if you can’t you should check out some of the sites I’ll link to at the bottom of this post.
  • Studying proportions and anatomy!! A lot of the drawing process is memorizing proportions - it’s always completely necessary if you want to develop your own style. Simple help sheets can be useful! You don’t have to master anatomy to start experimenting tho, but there’s never an excuse to not study it. You have to know how the body connects before you can start drawing it!
  • Always focusing on what’s underneath. A problem with a lot of new artists is that they want to make something that just looks good on the outside. Try drawing “skeletons” and helplines for faces (links below).
    Tip: Try dividing the body into several different shapes. What I usually do is that I draw a circle from the head, line for the spine and plot in the hips and shoulders as shapes before I start on the actual figure.
  • Not undermining the importance of composition. As with proportions, everything in an art piece has its place. It’s all about individual pieces working together to form the whole. You can detail as much as you want, but the way you’ve composed the picture has a HUGE impact on how good it will look. 
    Tip: study your pictures from afar - if it doesn’t look good, it won’t look good up close.
    Another tip: Use composition to create a focus point - this is what will catch the viewer’s eye and guide it through the rest of the painting. (here are some examples of how I create focus points, but it’s not very in-depth). Focus points can be created with colour, light and placement, often by using harmonic composition principles (links below)
  • Studying colour theory. Colour can be used in so many ways, and knowing very basic colour theory can really help you find colours that fit!
    Tip: Don’t use pure black and white for natural shading/highlighting, it often looks dull, shadows have colour too, and often in a contrast to the colour of the light source (see links).
  • Use references! There’s no shame in using references, they can be excellent to remember proportions and shading. Just remember to credit the photographers/models (unless it’s you) and don’t trace them and post your tracings!!

When it comes to getting back into drawing, here’s some advice that’s worth thinking through: 

  • Try to understand why you quit in the first place. If it was anything but just not having the time, it’d be good to try going in a different direction than you did the first time, figure out why you quit.
  • Try finding a reason to keep going. I create art because it makes me feel accomplished and productive, it’s relaxing to work on (most of the time), and it’s a way I can make people happy. Make sure the positive effects outweight the negative. Try surrounding yourself with things that inspire you, you could for example keep folders of inspiring works (or watch speedpaints) that just makes you eager to start creating.
  • Challenge yourself! An artist should ALWAYS strive to improve. It’s a journey with no destination. You can never be perfect, which is both terrifying and comforting. Never shut out legit advice - the feeling of accomplishment will only last if you work for it.
  • Experiment! A way to stop feeling stuck or like you want to quit is to try out different and new techniques (i.e. different brushes, watercolour, charcoal, etc.) You might find a medium you really enjoy but wouldn’t consider working with before.
  • Keep in mind that drawing should be enjoyable in one way or another. It can be stressful and make you feel bad if things don’t turn out the way you want to. This is normal, but if it becomes a source of crippling anxiety instead of an enjoyable activity that makes you feel accomplished, it’s probably not a hobby you should pursue.
  • Be aware that things take time. Working on a craft will always be tedious - don’t lose hope if you feel like you’re not good enough, you can only get better with time and practice.

Here are some resources I’ve bookmarked and looked up (it’s not a lot but can be good to get started):


  • ManStock - Reference pics of male models (contains nudity)
  • dAPoses - Reference pics of all models (contains nudity in some folders) 
  • Posemaniacs - A LOT of 3D models of people you can rotate (sadly doesn’t take things like bodyfat into account, but is great for basic poses and proportions)
  • Posemaniacs Handviewer - 3D models of bodyparts you can rotate (contains nudity)
  • Pixelovely - Recommended site for gesture drawing, easy to customize and good if you wanna avoid slacking off!
  • Quickposes - Another timed gesture drawing site.
  • Hand Challenge - A LOT OF HANDS
  • UKhairdressers - Hair / facial hair / face references
  • SketchFab - A lot of different and sometimes stylized 3D models




I wish I had more links but I hope it helped at least a little! DeviantART has a lot of tutorials, but sadly a lot of them are bad or too stylized for beginners so it can be difficult to find useful ones. Youtube however has a lot of stuff made by professionals, and I’ve personally learned a lot from videos when I was a beginner. I hope most of the ones I’ve found can help you, and don’t be afraid to ask if there’s something specific you need help with.


Day 4 ––– Autumn / Costuming / Cooking Together

Hide knows ‘neki is a ghoulie and they live happily together~

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