Dan and Phil's unlisted videos (as many as I could find)

In no particular order, here we go!

SuperNote 2012 - THE LLAMARMY ~ Danisnotonfire

Dan Mail ~ Danisnotonfire

Dan Mail 2 ~ Danisnotonfire

Dan Mail 3 ~ Danisnotonfire

Uncle Ken ~ Danisnotonfire

SELF MUTILATION ~ Danisnotonfire

EPIC PRANK OFF! ~ Danisnotonfire

Prank winners ~ Danisnotonfire

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! ~ Danisnotonfire

HO HO HO☃★ ~ AmazingPhil

SUPERNOTE 2010 ~ AmazingPhil

Dreams of the Future ~ AmazingPhil

CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE❆ ~ AmazingPhil (You can find this by playing his interactive Christmas adventure but it was too cute and I just had to put it on here)

Viewer Mail - Louder! ~ AmazingPhil

DOG-A-LIKES! ~ AmazingPhil


Okay, this isn’t actually one of their videos but I found it when I was going back through Dan’s facebook (it’s actually quite interesting, I recommend stalking it, especially in the year of 2009) and I thought it was an amazing video


How long can you last? I lasted the whole video!

Now, if any of the links are broken or they’re the wrong links please tell me about it so I can fix it for you guys and feel free to tell me about any more of their unlisted videos so I can add them to the list!

anonymous asked:

If you could have designed DA2, what would you have done? Like, complete power over storyline, character-development, etc.?

Oh man, that’s kind of a huge question haha. I’m gonna put some limits though, because otherwise it’d literally be ‘design the sequel to Origins completely from scratch!’ which is kind of terrifying XD But let’s say the big stuff remained the same (the Expedition, the Qunari, Anders doing the thing), and basically give you a list of things in no particular order I would’ve liked to see:

  • More dialogue/scenes with companions. More like DA:I in volume, but with the same sort level of ‘personal warmth’ you get in DA2 (I personally found the relationships in DA:I to be a bit lacking in that department, though the volume of interactions was much better)
  • No rivalmances, or at least ones that don’t make everyone uncomfortable
  • Also work on the flirt timing a bit for everyone. And make it so Anders will mention Karl to a female Hawke because that’s so out of character it hurts. The dude literally just said he was an abomination (in his mind). You think he’s gonna shy away from saying he’s bi? Also make it so that conversation with a male Hawke isn’t presented as a giant, flashing ‘I’M QUEER’ sign. Basically re-time that entire conversation, and de-gender it. That whole bit is so important to his character but it wasn’t done properly in either case, imo
  • Being able to give Anders a cat. Or a fancy quill. Or a new blanket. Literally anything but that amulet, really, as his gift
  • ANDERS SHOULD APPEAR WITH HIS HAIR DOWN AT LEAST ONCE and if Hawke is romancing him there should be a ‘run fingers through it’ button
  • Also options to hear Anders’ manifesto in the friendship. And to help him write it. And actually support him after he blows up the Chantry
  • Also I think that in a very specific case, Anders will actually confess his plans to Hawke. But only if the following criteria are all met: Hawke is 100% friend, romancing him, and has literally never picked a single anti-mage option in dialogue/quests/whatever during the entire game, whether or not he’s in the party. Basically if they’ve proven they really will support him. He’ll still be evasive, but he’ll eventually confide in them
  • A Justice that wasn’t literally reduced to a poor allegory for mental illness
  • Also option to actually talk to Justice if you bring him into the Fade. Or at some other point. JUST ACTUALLY BEING ABLE TO TALK TO HIM OKAY
  • There should also be a ‘hug’ button for every single one the companions. They deserve it
  • Especially one to hug Anders during Legacy. He needs so many hugs okay. So. Many. No amount will ever satisfy me
  • More importance placed on class and specialization in story (like Anders and Fenris should be miffed if Hawke is a blood mage, among others)
  • Mage Hawke not being somehow free of what that means (i.e. no cutting of the ‘pursued by Templars’ quest)
  • DLC companion that is actually pro-mage (either instead of Sebastian, or as an entirely seperate DLC) to even the balance a bit
  • Also allow options to get the companions to understand each other better because it’s kind of weird to me that even after 6 years of running about together, so many banters in Act 3 are rather confrontational. I don’t expect everyone to be all ‘best friends 4 lyfe’ but still. Some mutual respect/understanding should begin to happen. YOU IDIOTS ALL HAVE SO MUCH COMMON GROUND FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY
  • Ability to get involved in banters like in DA:I. So when one starts talking shit to another one, you can get involved with that
  • Not hiding half of the important stuff about the Circle/Chantry in ambient dialogue
  • Give us a way to actually give money to half of the poor in Kirkwall. Hawke has more than enough to give
  • Citadel-style DLC to hang out with the crew more (lbr I want a Citadel-style DLC for every Bioware game ever)
  • Some actual interaction with any surviving sibling later in game, regardless of faction. Sure, they’re not going to be hanging around the whole game, but they could have some quests of their own
  • A way to find out Meredith’s history while still being pro-mage. It’s actually really important

Uhhh I’m sure I’m missing some?? But that a not so short list at least of what I, personally, would have liked to have seen in DA2. I mean, I love it, but we all know it’s not a perfect game. I know there’s more improvements I could make, but that covers a lot of it.

i’ve probably destroyed more of gotham trying to drive the batmobile then the villains who are currently inhabiting it

You guys are fucking insane. - Me

I’m sort of a follow forever whore. This is my 3rd follow forever since the beginnings of this blog – but whatever. I’m too lazy to do a promo and I want to thank you guys fer stuffs cause’ yous be amazin’. I’ve had this blog for less than four months, guys. That’s like – not a long time. Certainly not long enough to have this many followers.

I take this blog 0% seriously – just like I take myself. It’s probably why a bunch of you claim you think I’m a cool person – its just because you see that I don’t give a shit about being professional and that apparently is a magnet or some shit like that. I’m not even sure anymore.

But anyways – before we get to the real festivities (yes, festivities. This is a party – a fiesta, if you will. We are celebrating this momentous occasion and all I ask of you is that you bring something. Perhaps some plates, maybe some homemade salsa? Guacamole? Something of that sort?) I have to name off all those bitches I love more than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (and trust me – I love a good pb&j. They’re hard to come by. Not really but you get the point.)

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dammit amatus

(Trespasser DLC Content - Fireworks Minigame)

Dorian: Hurry, Amatus! We have to get Solas to fix your arm! QUICKLY!

Pixy: Just hold on, I’m a bit busy here.

Dorian: What in Andraste’s name are you talking about Amatus?!

Dorian: Amatus, this is NO time to play with the bloody FIREWORKS!

Pixy: No wait, just a little more! If I can beat the high score, I’ll get the best prize of all!

Dorian: Amatus, YOUR ARM.

Pixy: Holy shit, about time. That literally took forever and a half.

Dorian: Amatus. What.

Pixy: Here you go, Bull.  One Dawnstone Chromatic Greatsword, in exchange for your unending loyalty and renouncement of the Qun.  It will make your enemies shit rainbows.

Bull: Boss, you are the best!

Dorian: AMATUS.

Hai everybody, Cynthia here! So for a while I’ve been thinking about doing a follow forever and now that I just hit 1.2k (woo!) I decided to make one!

I know for sure I missed out on a lot of people so if we’re mutuals or I’m following you then I’m sorry that you’re not on here! Here’s my blogroll because I missed like half the people I was supposed to add~

It literally took so long to do the banner/gif omg but I think all my hard work paid off because I really like it! I hope you guys do too! <3 

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I’m sorry it’s so shit though omg Thank you so much everybody for making my tumblr experience so far wonderful! I love you all <333

So, this is the second time Im making one of these and I still feel like I have no idea what Im doing, so… yeah (◠‿◠✿)


♡ ten1991 ♡


Another amazing person that really deserves an extra shout out:

♡ larryandthemicrophone ♡

She literally submits half the things that I post and seriously just thank you!!


People I REALLY talk to:

bumstagram: It has been amazing talking to you lately and I will forever have a grudge against you for that damn fic

genderqueerstyles: I feel like we’re two seconds away from getting married so yes.

inksparrows: Even my best friend knows about our bromance romance

lukelickmyass: Im on a different level of proud that you will never understand. And I love how you tag me in all your selfies ♡♡

pocketsizedtommo: There’s perfect and then there’s you

time-not-to-sleep-with-nopes: You have no idea how much our little conversations mean to me. Just no

yourssincerelylarry: please forgive me haha


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I LOVE YOU GUYS ( ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Wow this was way longer than necessary and I am SO sorry if I forgot to put you in here. I still love you!!

p.s. i know z comes after s but the - messed me up… ok im done. 

wassap yall its ur favorite heaux here (me) and this is my lazy ass follow forever that i should have made a week and a half ago but here it is right now feel blessed that i even made it

my faves

zaynjavvaadmalikeffie my mother………. she raised me to be who i am today….

shaymitchellsgf: asia!!!!!!!!!! a truuuuuu friend shes the shadiest heaux i know i love her

osamabinsleepinmunz!!!!!!! 10/10 her snapchats give me life and she is too funny

bobmorleystrophywife: ally is my literal momther shes so hot and funny she lowkey nasty af *tongue emoji* *water droplets emoji* but i love her

topsznigga: alicia!!! one of the 3 people from the real world that i follow on here cause shes hot and her love for drake equates mine

zeysus: lexi…… *tongue emoji + water droplets emoji + ‘ok’ hand gesture emoji* thats all i gotta say about her

coconutcafe: shefali……… where is her damn chill

dylano-brien: the absolute SWEETEST girl i know, her blog is A+

namakpaareheather is the cutest person ever and can switch to bein so nasty so quick smh idk how she does it

masalamermaid: kathleen is HOT HOT HOT 

werkziamtala is a tacky bitch i hate her……….

twentyonepxlots: olivia is probably the best thing thats ever happened to me

thenaturesprophet dax is the sr dumb to my jr dumb

turbofever: mason is a skank

mcmlx-xvfarwa aka my UGLY ASS SISTER



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that’s all folks! there’s a handful of nonmutuals in there too js

So, I remember like a year and a half ago during the Red Era, when everyone took digs at Taylor all the time still, I was at a party, and there were a load of cool kids there.
One of them was like “ew, Taylor Swift? She’s such a dork.”

They weren’t even talking to me, but I just went “That dork’s my friend, so please shut up” and they literally did.

And now look where we are. They’re the first to come up to me and suck up about how cool it is TAYLOR follows me. Started from the bottom now we’re here.

❀ Yurax’s first follow forever! 

This doesn’t mark a special day exactly, (since I have no idea when I started this blog, oops) but I am literally on the border of 1.5k followers. Yay! Numbers aren’t something I tend to pay much attention to, though they do make me incredibly happy. I’m both shocked and overjoyed I’ve come this far, and I’m happy to have so many of you enjoy my not-so-great gifs and such. Thank you so much for sticking by me!
Now, since I don’t follow many Girl’s Day blogs and this is only a side, I will be including those I adore and reblog religiously on my main (suxgkyu; and other sides like ha-kyeon, jivoon & ggukie n_n; too many blogs, heh), and I’m sorry but 60% will probably be Infinite biased. I encourage you all to check out those listed below, and I apologize for missing anyone off, I’m tired and these things take f o r e v e r. Smooches and love will be sent to you all! Including those who aren’t noted because ♡

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Since I’m very close to 500 followers (not thaaat much but still, I’m happy okay) I decided to do a follow forever. Hip hip hooray! 
I guess half of you don’t even know I exist butttt anyway, I love seeing your blogs on my dash and it really makes my day! <3 

My ‘favourite favourites’ are bolded yeah. Also, here are the cutiepies who literally have my heart and soul and ily! (All of you ehehe)

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amandapandawrites replied to your post: It took forever but I literally got all the…

i would do it this year to , but i be gone half of december for a week

You can still do it if you want to? Like I’m scheduling/queueing my posts this year because I’m not sure how much of December I’ll be around too tbh - like Christmas season is always a tad unpredictable for me - so I figured it was the best way to do it this year. ♥

Of course, if you’d rather not (which I get, it took me a bit to make graphics for mine and I haven’t even started writing the 4-24th’s posts yet), that’s cool. You do what’s best for you. But I just wanted to mention the scheduling option in case you didn’t think of it - because I didn’t until a friend mentioned it to me.