idk what’s wrong with me but for the past like week i’ve just been tired all the time and i sleep like 10 hours a day minimum. i’ve lost all motivation to run and when i try i can barely do 2 even though i’ve trained my body to do 6 without stopping. i get really dizzy and have a hard time focusing on anything for an extended period of time. also i have like a permanent headache and my stomach is shit. it’s too late for me to schedule a doctor’s appointment but i’m worried because i leave home in like two days for the semester. ugh what if i can’t get focused enough to keep up with my classes and what if something’s seriously wrong. i know my body pretty well and it’s not bueno. not bueno at all. also my month and a half break from depression is slipping away so yayyyy that’s what i get for letting toxic people back into my life. honestly surprised it took this long for it to creep back in