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Good news y’all! After dragging my feet on it forever, I’ve finally finished rebuilding my master list of mp3 links! (I don’t know if y’all remember, fucking Tumblr deleted all the links cos apparently you’re only allowed to have a certain number of links on a page, which is why it’s now broken up into four pages.) That took forfuckingEVER, so please do make good use of it!

On and Off Screen (uniq fic)

Ah, I’m finally writing something for a group I haven’t done 300 times over and the same genre

Title: On and Off Screen
Pairing: Xuanjoo (@ask-uniq’s fave)
Inspired by this post:


Kim Sungjoo. Yixuan had heard of him, seen him quite a few times as well. Various dramas, various themes. Delivered his lines smoothly, though some scenes seemed too heavy. Not delivered as the writes imagined. But oh Yixuan loved his performance. One day his writings would flow from paper to the young mans lips and onto thousands of television sets across the nation and light up the laptops of international fans. One day, if he could get just one major done. And knew how to write a script. And wasn’t in the cinematography department.

“Cut!” The director yelled, signaling the end of filming and the start of the lunch break. Cameramen abandoned their equipment, scurrying out of the studio to the streets in search of food. Lighting was switched off, sound people putting down the microphones and makeup and hair artists packing their things up. Sungjoo’s love interest in this scene skipped her hand out of his, waving goodbye and abandoning her place beside him to tend to a frantic manager. And it was silent. It was beyond peaceful, a state that only came over the expanse of an hour, halting Sungjoo’s world to a stop. And he loved it, he rejoiced whenever it came. In a world where nothing ever stops and it’s just noise at all hours of the night, it was a special state of complete and utter calm. He loved it

The lunch break went fairly quick, Sungjoo had shared a McDonald’s meal with one of the staffs. They were back to shooting, lasting till 5 pm, later than most days. It wasn’t too horribly wrong, meaning people who lived outside of Seoul wouldn’t battle traffic for the most part- but Sungjoo didn’t bother about went on in his co-workers lives outside of these doors. He had better things to do and think about, such as were the fuck this karaoke bar was that his friends invited him to, being they were bringing someone ‘special’.

After four back and forth phone calls and walking through two bad neighborhoods, Sungjoo made it. It was relatively calm in the building, a few of he voices floating down the hallway as all seven of them crushed into a room. There was a man he didn’t know, didn’t regularly hang out with, that just seemed to be staring at him in shock, amazement even. He didn’t speak to him until they were jostled around to a seating arrangement that Yibo saw fit. He still had no idea who the hell he was sitting next to, let alone why some stranger was sitting with his group of friends on their regular Friday night activities. He was particularly fidgety, squirming as he looked at the other people in the room, familiar and comfortable with each other.

“Chill out man.” Sungjoo had finally voiced, not too entertained by the shaking leg that was smushed next to his, moving his lower body. The leg stilled as the man next to him apologized profusely. “Dude, chill out,” Sungjoo playfully pushed him, a smile gracing his face, his eyes brightening up when they caught each other’s gaze.

“Oh my god,” He uttered lowly. “Um, well, I mean I’m Yixuan.” He quickly composed himself and bowed his head.

“Ah, nice to meet you. I’m Sungjoo, and I’m sure you know everyone else here.” He nodded and they continued to talk quietly amongst each other while their friends sand the songs off key and belted notes way too loud. They got to know each other better, how Sungjoo was Yixuan’s favorite rookie actor and the latest episode of Falling In Love was absolutely amazing. They discussed life as well, how Yixuan was in college and dabbling in film. They didn’t sing together, but just enjoyed the comfort of each other amidst the chaos.

“Thanks for tolerating me.” Yixuan smiled and squeezed his hand again.

“Always. Call me sometime. I’d love to talk to you.” He placed a folded piece of paper in Yixuan’s hand, smiling up at him.

“Invite me down to the set sometime, I’d love to see your work. Up close and personal.” Yixuan smirked before pressing his lips upon Sungjoo’s, getting positive feedback from the shorter male. They pulled away a short time afterward, Sunjoo waving goodbye to go and catch a taxi. Yixuan turned to fast to see it speed off, but he made sure Sungjoo was in there and safe.

Sungjoo settled into the backseat it the cab, one hand over his rapidly beating heart and another over his lips. He had just had his first real kiss.

“It’s amazing what one night can do to a person.”