Mother fracker this took ForFREAKINGever! But it’s here! 

A while ago @jinx-burns​ requested that I drew Burnie in my RoyalHunters!Au and after so much time and effort and GOOD LORD I’M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!

I give you all, the ruling heads of Miinos! From right to left you have…

The Lady Jenkins, Queen of Knowledge

The Queen of Knowledge rules over the fragrant climates of the flower forest biomes. With beauty beyond compare, she rules her kingdom with wisdom and care for any deception she makes. Her subjects are in awe of her and try to emulate her teachings so the citizens are composed of scholars and great physicians.

But the Mind is more powerful than then Might, for it is with deadly precision that the Queen takes out any and all who dare to hurt any of her citizens. 

Sir Burns, High King of Arms

The High King of Arms rules over the plain biomes. The First King was declared High King since the creation of the kingdoms because of his indomitable will. And said Will has been passed down from generation to  generation eventually landing on Sir Burns. Prone to bursts of anger but always pasionate about the betterment of his people, whom they respect and swear their loyalty to without question in return.

But let any who dare go against his will fear his name.

For like his name, any who opposes his will will feel the Burn of his rage for all of eternity.  

Sir Oum, King of the Hunters

The King of the Hunters rules over the humid climates of the jungle biomes. His attitude is quiet and composed. He is never seen often within the castles walls, him preferring to spent the time out in the wild hunt for bigger and better prey. But never the less, his kingdom adores him and in his honor train to become great Hunters just like he himself is.

But be careful of a wolf in sheep clothing.

If anything threatens a member of his brood, may the Ancients have mercy of their souls. For the bite of the Hunter might assures everyone that nothing left of you will be left behind.     

The Lady Tuggey, Queen of the Winter

The Queen of Winter rules over the icy tundras of the snow biomes. Her attitude is carefree and cheerful which let her subjects adore her without question. During her youth, she roamed the icy streets of the citadel and begged the citizens to tell her stories. This in turn allowed the citizens to look at their princess grow from a child into a capable and happy Queen. 
However, do not let her smile fool you. 
The Queen’s carefree nature hides a calculating tiger below its surface. To the enemies of the crown and country, the Queen’s eyes become icy and rigid. It is said that the Queen’s angry gaze can freeze anybody's Core from the inside out.      

The Lady Hardy, Queen of the Souls

The Queen of Souls rules over the arid plains of the warm biomes. Patient and kind, the Queen’s court consists of caravans and artists, musicians and poets. And in return for her kindness and protection they dedicate ballads and art to bless her castle. 

But kindness has its limits. 

And if the limits of the Queen were to be broken, she will call out to the vast ocean around her. And her siren call will call forth judgement to those who dare threaten her and her people.  

Tadah! Some more lore behind my RoyalHunters!AU! I promise I’m going to come back to this but I’m incredibly busy at the moment… 

BUT more background lore for my little AU will come soon!