My Small Oneshot Collection of Inukag Fanbabies

@xxkagomexx Enjoy!
Okay, doing this on mobile so here we go:
(Inu watching his daughter)
(One of @mustardyellowsunshine ’s prompts that has a fanbaby at the end)
(Inu teaching his kids how to fish)
(The oh so famous one that @mmhinman made fantastic art for; cute lil daughter)
And, my personal favorite:
(Cuz its just adorable)

List of Au’s I Need
  • You always watch our soccer/football game but you’re always alone and I wanted to talk to our number one fan 
  • You suck at gym class and coach assigned me to be your partner, seriously dude, you can’t even kick a ball
  • You’re the cute nerd that keeps getting pushed around but you just punched your bully and I gotta save you
  • I’m a monster/guardian that the local village give sacrifices too and you’re the new sacrifice but don’t worry I won’t eat you, I’m kinda lonely
  • You’re my mate but you won’t except it, c’mon, it took me forever to find you can I at least get a hug or something
  • I just captured the ship you’re on and about to kill everyone on it, but you’re cute, I’ll keep you
  • You’re a princess that wants to escape castle life and I happen to be just traveling the world, totally not running away from bad people or nothin’
  • You’re the neighbor that keeps their curtains open, even when changing, and I can’t talk to you without blushing 
  • You just snuck into my apartment and wait is that blood
  • we’ve been roomates for a few months now and I never see you at night except this time when I caught you dragging a body into the kitchen
  • I needed to kidnap you for a mission but don’t worry I won’t kill you, you’ll be staying with my family for a while
  • You just threw your prosthetic arm at me for being an asshole but seriously dude I’m sorry, do you need a hand?
  • I’m that dork that makes stupid puns and you’re the nerd that actually finds them funny
BTS Reaction to another member walking in on you two "getting intimate"

Seokjin - Once Taehyung walked into the room, Jin’s face would instantly grow red and he’d trip over his own words as he tried to make the situation a little less awkward. After Taehyung left, he wouldn’t be in the mood anymore and would set off what you two were doing for another time.

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Yoongi - He’d simply stare into the eyes of Jungkook and say “You have three seconds to get the fuck out.“

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Hoseok - He’d quickly stand up, not even bothering to cover himself, and push Yoongi out of the room with a flushed face, then have his walk of shame back to you, where you couldn’t help but laugh at his embarrassment.

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Namjoon - “Care to join?” He’d tease as he raised his eyebrows at Jimin, whose cheeks immediately went pink at your boyfriend’s words. In all seriousness, Namjoon would shove his dongsaeng out of the room and kick his ass later on for walking in on you two.

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Jimin - This shy boy would try and lie to his hyung as he covered up your body with a sheet. “I was just… helping Y/N… out of their clothes,” He’d mumble as his eyes wandered away from Seokjin’s gaze.

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Taehyung - He’d instantly panic and rush over to the door, pushing Hoseok out of the room, then he’d lock the door quickly and approach you, preparing to remind you how you are his and only his.

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Jungkook - When Namjoon walked into the room, he’d pull the covers over you both and tell you to pretend to be asleep until his hyung left. “Maybe he won’t see us while we’re under here.”

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