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If I’m going to die for you all, the least you could do is remember my name.” - City of Lost Souls.

the signs based off people in my life 

aries: the person who is always consistent in your life, who reads through all your bullshit. you cannot lie to aries. aries know how you really feel and they are going to make it better, it’s their main mission in life. they claim not to be the leader or dominator of the relationship/group, but everyone knows they are.

taurus: the person who grounds you. there’s never any petty drama. if there’s drama in your life with a taurus, it’s for a good reason. very humble, giving and supportive. many times people take advantage of that or are never appreciative enough, but eventually they’ll cut the bullshit and firmly keep you out of their life. 

gemini: an evil genius. very quiet until you know them well, and then their true colours will come spilling out. if they’ve been drinking, hide sharp objects. if they need to smoke, let them smoke or things will be ugly. when they’re zen, gemini will create something amazing. they’re very entertaining people. 

cancer: creative crybabies. give them a pen or a guitar and they’ll make something so beautiful you’ll be the one crying. they’re sensitive and empathetic, great people to have in your life. but sometimes they just need a bit of tough love. 

leo: they always have to be right, and have too much pride to admit when they’re wrong so they will argue forever. too insecure for words but they hide it with fake confidence, so well that sometimes they kid themselves. can hold a grudge forever, especially if you take their food without asking. otherwise they’re extremely generous towards people they love. 

virgo: no chill. virgo is the old friend who you make plans with once in a blue moon, thinking it’ll be different now, but it’s not. they’re either crying or drinking the whole time, punching holes in the wall or trying to initiate sex (sometimes all at once). big hearts, they’ll do ANYTHING for you if they love you. but they need therapy. 

libra: very wise and always up for a friendly debate. they’re still childish in many ways and always unsure of themselves. insecure in big social events, but once they turn up it’s normally fine. don’t let them drink too much. they’re sad drunks.

scorpio: i dont even know any scorpios tbh 

saggitarius: everyone’s favourite person who you never see often enough. they have a warm atmosphere, big smiles and the weirdest sense of humour that you eventually pick up too. you can’t embarrass yourself in front of a saggitarius because it’ll be the best thing that’s happened to them all day. they all have a million friends and too many things to do.

capricorn: they consider themselves introverted and shy, but they draw in people constantly because they’re unintentionally alluring and intriguing. they have a lot of love to give but are sometimes afraid to let it out or let it show. they hide things, but are never fake. if they love you, you know it. if they hate you, you can just tell. they always need a hug. 

aquarius: the cool aunt or the asshole grandfather. they love collecting weird things and hate cooking. they’ll lend everything they own to you if you don’t make them miss their favourite show. they have a tendency to exaggerate or make shit up, but it’s only because they desperately need more love and attention, they’re terrified of losing you so be patient. 

pisces: self loathing creative type who bottles up too much anger. big sweetheart. hard to shop for. the kind of friend you need in life to go get a drink with and bitch about everyone else you know. they’ll always do favours and nice things for you, but don’t take advantage of it. they’ll lose all patience and fondness for you and they can cut you off with no remorse instantly. 

Mythal and Elgar’nan

Tell me the story about how the Sun loved the Moon so much he died every night to let her breathe…


Omg. I finally…FINALLYYY finished my commission for evilfaeriequeen​. WHAT IS ANATOMY…AND COLOR…AND LIGHTING….basically struggled with EVERYTHING on this piece.

But you know what…I did it. And I’m done with it. And. Happy that it turned out way better than the piece of crap I started with aha. 


Done by request, this is the Hawke from Dragon Age 2 inspired outfit! This was a lot harder to make than my other two, but I tried! This is more of a punk or rebel kind of look, but still very simple and cute to wear! It’s a pretty powerful outfit! I would have made it more edgy, but almost everything I found ended up being out of stock. Here are the links to the items shown! 








Next up is Fenris! I’ll be working on that tomorrow!

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17, 22, 35 for the film ask meme? :)

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17. A movie that you know is bad but you can’t help but love it

I would say Watchmen because so many people think that movie is bad but TBH I DON’T THINK IT’S BAD. I actually love that movie to pieces even though I have my fair share of critisism about it?? So I don’t think that counts, hmm… 

Gosh this is a hard one! Zathura? Nah, that movie is actually rly good (and I love it lmao). The Scooby Doo Movie? Nah, that was a work of art. 

I guess I’d have to say Stardust since that’s the most recent one I can think of haha. It was Awful but yet Enjoyable but, then again, I only watched it because Charlie Cox is in it so… 

22. A kids movie you always watch

Uhh I don’t really “always watch” kids movies because I’m too busy watching new movies (whether they be kids movies or not). Though I do rewatch some childhood classics once in a while. As I kid I would ALWAYS watch Zathura, Oliver & Company, Aristocats, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Emperor’s New Groove, An American Tail, 102 Dalmatians, Mouse Hunt, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, The Land Before Time, James & the Giant Peach, and Fantasia– but it’s been a long time since I watched those…

I guess the answer to this would then have to be How to Train Your Dragon and Megamind because I was (and am) so obsessed with those movies omg.. 

35. A movie you wished they never made

*looks at Age of Ultron* (lmao WHOOPS)

jeneelestrange replied to your post “The people who influenced me the most were the ones who said I’d…”

This gives me such righteous teacher-rage. I want to go back in time and fucking brand “text anxiety” into their skin, these wastes of a fucking teaching diploma.

The majority of teachers in my high school were assholes. If you weren’t part of the Academy before it turned into a free school then they didn’t give a fuck (save for one or two shining beacons who knew and tried but ultimately didn’t have the resources). University was much the same save for the teachers teaching the “lowly thought of” subjects like Scottish Lit and Erotica Throughout the Ages Best two classes I ever took btw

I just got repeatedly told I wasn’t trying, so after I graduated I stopped.