werewolf AU

OK I swear Nams isn’t my actual bias but um. Apparently I think about him a lot??? Anyway just go with me on this okay?

  • Kim Namjoon is 28 and has a nice career and a nice flat and a nice life in general
  • Kim Namjoon is also a werewolf
  • this one time five years ago on one of his late-night walks he was attacked and that kinda sucked
  • he’s mostly resigned to his life now although it took about three years to get to that point
  • can transform at will but the full moon transformations are unavoidable and it is The Worst™
  • his life is kinda lonely now since he’s pushed basically everyone away for their own safety
  • he may or may not have told his family he’s moved to the us…
  • …he’s actually in Busan which…is about as foreign for him but anyway
  • it’s a week before the next full moon and Nams is browsing at a bookstore for something to read in his cage while he waits to transform
  • he’s so used to being in his own world that he doesn’t notice someone has been talking to him
  • except when he looks up and sees this ridiculously handsome dude staring at him with a grin which startles him enough that he drops his books
  • this dude is Jung Hoseok and he was trying to ask Namjoon about Murakami but then thought maybe Namjoon was deaf and felt awkward
  • which ha joke’s on Hoseok, that attack did fuck up Namjoon’s hearing in one ear, which just leads Namjoon to making a joke about Hoseok being half right
  • it’s a terrible joke
  • Hoseok feels terrible
  • Namjoon feels terrible for making it
  • and now it’s awkward

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Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay

About Cassian being mistreated by his friends

You read that right btw

You see, I was browsing through ACOMAF looking for one line I couldn’t remember exactly and it was about Mor, so I just searched “Mor” and it took me over half an hour to find what I wanted, but at the same time I found few things I wasn’t aware of before.

It’s under the cut, because it has lot of screenshots from ACOMAF and Target Edition.

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cry out [RIJF'16]

hey whats up i just did this thanks to that one post got me Thinkin also i havent written in like 2 years ok lets do it

The Great Reveal

Kara adjusts her glasses for what feels like the seventeenth time in the past five minutes. They don’t sit right today, they pinch the bridge of her nose in all the wrong places, and the cursor on her screen blinks in front of her, nothing behind it, nothing in front of it.

Last night was…a lot.

A little too much, if she’s being honest, and not for the first time since she took on her heroine identity does she find herself questioning everything she thought she knew.

Like, she thought she had a pretty good bead on Lena Luthor.

But last night was…

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Hey y'all i just wanted to share my full Miracuclass Zine ( @miracuclasszine ) piece cause im actually super proud of it !!
It took a lot more time than I was expecting and is generally something kinda different than what I usually do. All of which is why I havent updated Miraculous Night at all lol. (I have a couple pages almost done worry not)

All of the artwork in the Zine is centered around the character’s civilian life & their class and friends outside of their superheroing activities, and features pretty much every kid. The artwork is excellent, and is full of cute and funny moments.

Anyway regardless, yall should definitely look into getting the full zine (more info here: @miracuclasszine ) if you wanna see this & other pieces in their full high quality glory lol,,,, it’s pay what you want, but all donations go towards UNICEF & their humanitarian charity work, so it’s really a good cause.

anonymous asked:

Ok but can we talk about Magnus cooing at that snake and calling it his baby? It was such a Magnus thing to do tbh

HIS SNAKE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS he was so happy to see it?? also the fact that he made it, like ?? this means one of two things:

  • he conjured a living creature into existence
  • he took a real snake and gave it fire breathing powers and immortality (they broke up 150+ years ago so…that snake has been there a looong time)

regardless that is a hell of a lot of power. can we talk about this??? because i’m pretty sure creating something with immortality or granting it that ability is no small thing.

*Update: I ‘made’ my crush jealous!

I submitted that story time! and Yes, I gladly do have an update on what happened, I read all of the advice and took my time and did a lot of thinking and I’m trying my best to stay calm and avoid writing in all caps!!!!

OK, So after I sent that submission, I decided to take your advice, kmusicandblackwomen! I also asked my friend and she LOVED the idea! So I wrote him a long letter, I didn’t expect to make it that long, but I threw in some jokes, to not make it weird. And the letter was basically me confessing how much I like him and that I’ve had a crush on him for over a year and that he gives me butterflies. I also told him how, as weird as it sounds he made me happy! and that every time I saw him walk in that door, he made my day better! And I was like, Man, I hope you’re single, if not pretend you never read this letter!

Even though we talk on the phone some times (mostly text), I couldn’t find the courage to tell him on the phone or to his face, that gave me anxiety thinking about it and I didn’t want to play the “make him wait/play hard to get” game! I was scared some other girl would sweep him off his feet, so I have courage enough to finally take it to the next level and confess, even though I think it’s quite obvious to him I like him. And from all the staring and flirting he gives me, I think it’s quite obvious he likes me too….at least I HOPE!

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♪ ain’t no one fresher than my motherfucking clique 

Rainy Days and Teacups [Tom Holland Smut]

Requests: “Tom smut, where reader (or whoever) breaks up with her BF and runs over to Tom’s apartment so he can comfort her since they’ve been friends for years. Tom comforts her in more ways than possible after they confess their feelings for each other ;)” Anonymous
“694 + Tom Holland ;) literally cannot get enough.” Anonymous (from this drabble list)

Word Count: 2.4k+ ( I have no control)

Rating: M (explicit)

Trigger Warnings: Angst, unsafe sex, smut, break up??

A/N: I hope it is oke that i joyned these two requests, if any of you want me to do it separately I can totally write another one. Also this is a lot of plot, idk why i wasted so much time into this but the real smut is under a break.

You hesitated. Your fist a few inches away from Tom’s door. You took a deep breath and knocked.

“Coming” You heard his voice from the inside. You hoped the droplets of rain on your face would hide the tears on your eyes.

The door opened to reveal your best friend on a hoodie and loose sweat pants.

“Hey.” He said. “Victoria, you alright?” Tom looked worried as soon as you pulled the hood of your jacket back from your head, revealing your face swollen by crying.

You shook your head. “Can I come in?” You asked, your voice a mere whisper.

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whuuuut, is it already the end of 2016? what the heckie! this year passed by soooo fast, & i’m still here, trying to catch up to it lmao. anyways! this year has been the weirdest! stupidest! year ever. but it’s ok, i had you guys on my dash to make it so much better. & you did! which is good, you know, because otherwise i’d complain a lot more than i actually do lmfao

i just want to say thank you soooooo much for making this weird, stupid, annoying, depressed year so much better for me & i hope i get to still be in touch… with most of you (i want to change most to all ok)… in the upcoming years!!! i wish you all a happy holidays, happy hanukkah, happy new years, happy you, happy everything!! (but mostly a happy YOU)

listed in alphabetic order!

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really sorry if i forgot to mention anyone omg

Through the Years, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Continuation of ‘Backstage’ and ‘Wedding Plans’. Actual prompt was made up by me. Compilation of texts sent between reader/Lin through their relationship.

Words: 1501 (Yikes.)

Author’s Note: This took a lot of thought from me. It’s impossible to be clever through text. Sigh. Also, formatting was a bitch…hopefully it looks ok? I honestly feel like I can write a whole fic about each individual text convo. Also, it jumps time a bunch. Not every text convo is covered.

Warning: I’m sure I cussed somewhere. Under a read-more because it is that long.

Askbox | Masterlist | Part One Part Two | Part Four

February 29, 2016 - 11:46pm

From: Daveed, 11:46pm

did he ask you out? this is important. i have money on this.

To: Daveed, 11:46pm

how much money? i expect a cut. he asked me out.

From: Daveed, 11:48pm

$50 richer

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Wednesday 30.11.16 at 6.43pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Isak & Even


Pick it pack it fire it up come along and take a hit from the bong. Put the blunt down just for a second. Don’t get me wrong its not a new method. Inhale exhale* *cigarette emoji*
I don’t like my own bed

What’s wrong with it?

I just got used to yours now. When are you done studying for your test?

I have it on friday and I’m fucked. I’m so behind

Should I help you study?


You have to remember that I’m a 3rd grader. I know a lot more than you

Hahaha you don’t know anything about physics, do you?

How difficult can it be?
I took physics in Elvebakken

Physics and media?
*video of Even’s interview from Elvebakken*

Hahaha. Do you stalk me?

Who is Mikael

The previous man of my life


No. You’re the only one.


Ok I don’t have more time to talk with you. Going to shower.


Uh? What?

Fuck it. Come back to me.


*lyrics from the song “Hits from the bong” by Cypress Hill

That time I got pushed out of a job.

(warning: long story)

A few years ago i got hired at a big company, let’s call it company X. Up until then i had only been a research scientist working in microbiology but i needed more money so i took the job as a technical sales rep. I was hired to do sales and technical support for scientific research reagents. Thing is i was hired to do sales for government and governmental institutions. The job was ok, i interacted with a lot of the country’s leading scientists and built a reasonable network and some cool friendships. The county had been in crisis for a long time and getting worse every year, and my sales were becoming more difficult because the government wasn’t providing public universities for adequate (or any) money allocations to keep science programs and faculties stocked, and as the economy crumbled further, the government’s institutional labs from various sectors also started having serious problems and almost everybody switched to Indian or Chinese chemicals which were a lot cheaper than mine.

As the months passed, i was only able to get a few big contracts and sales (even though i managed to pull a few feats that got me commended as no other sales reps had been able to do what i pulled off). And yet I got yelled at a lot for not meeting my objectives. My manager was a complete tool 100% of the time.

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Sorrowful Things // Carl grimes PART 2!!

it’s quarter to midnight on New years eve and what am I doing.. eating toast and stalking Harry potter blogs.. help me pls 


P A R T  T W O // E D I T E D // 2 2 4 3


The walker’s blood sprayed onto my clothes and I sighed. Blood took forever to wash out. I continued stabbing a few walkers here and there to pass the time on lookout.

It’s been a few days since I ran out on Carl, Ron hasn’t really been speaking to me much and that’s perfectly ok with me, I need a while on my own to wallow in my sadness. I’ve mostly kept to myself these past few days, I did a lot of extra work to occupy myself, if I didn’t I ended up alone in my room thinking about how alone I was, which wasn’t fun.

I felt that I was getting better, bit by bit. There were points when I was furious at myself for letting something as silly as a boy get in the way of my happiness, but then at night when I lay in bed alone, all I wanted was to be in Carl’s arms and be the one he called his. I had been there from the start, we’d been through so much together and he just threw that all away for Enid and her stupid pin-straight hair and stupid perfect smile and stupid blue eyes and stu-

“Uh y/n? You ok there?” I stopped what I was doing and turned towards Daryl’s voice. He looked shocked and slightly worried, and he was staring at my hands. I followed his gaze to see my knife and clothes covered in walker blood and rot and at my feet were the remains of a walker, with several stab wounds all over its body.

“Uh-uh sorry Daryl, just working.. working through some problems at the moment, needed to take my anger out on something ya know?” I laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of my neck with my bloody hands. Daryl’s face showed clearly that no. He didn’t know what I was talking about and that I looked like a crazy murderer at the moment.

“Yeah, no shit you’re working through some stuff. Just come inside already and eat something, you’ve been out here for three times your shift length.” I sighed and nodded. Daryl was pretty much the only one I listened to at the moment, countless people came up to me and begged me to come inside and rest but I always denied. I’d rather pass out from heatstroke protecting my people than face the puke-show that was Carl and Enid.

I sat with all the adults at dinner, not being able to face the awkwardness of my normal seat next to Ron. I was poking at my spaghetti, and almost laughed as I remembered what happened the last time I ate this meal. After a while longer of me looking at my meal, only nibbling a tiny part, and zoning in and out of the adult’s boring-ass conversations, a sigh from across from me caught my attention.

“You gotta eat y/n, the rate you’re going with your work you’re gonna end up passing out on top of a walker soon.” I looked up at Rick as he spoke to me, he was looking at me, his eyes a mixture of worry, saddness and pity, a look I have been getting all too often these days.

I held my anger down this time, but looked Rick right in the eye while I shoved 3 spoonfuls of spaghetti into my mouth to get him off my back.

“There. Now find something worthwhile to worry about. I’ve got my own fucking back.” I snarled, but instantly regretted snapping at him. I had been rude to everyone these past days, it’s just what I’m like when I put my walls up.

“What the hell has gotten into you y/n? You’re not the same anymore, everyone’s worried about you, hell, Carl’s been a nervous wreck!” I rolled my eyes and scoffed at Maggie’s comment, muttering “Yeah right” at her ridiculous notion.

“If Carl’s so worried, he can tell me himself, and it’s not like he’s going to be doing that any time soon.” I stood up and began to walk out of the cafeteria, calmly this time. I was almost at the door but couldn’t help stealing a glance at Carl on my way out. To my surprise, he was staring right back at me. Enid was next to him looking bored and Ron was stuffing his face with what looks like Enid’s spaghetti.

We locked eyes for a while longer, his eyes held so many emotions that I could hardly decipher what he was feeling. His large blue eyes, those two oceans I had come to love so dearly held in them… sadness? worry? anger? longing?

I eventually had to tear my eyes away and as I walked back to my house, all the emotions that I had been pushing down these past few days, all the hurt that I had been covering with anger, poured out of me in an uncontrollable wave of tears and pain and pure sorrow.

I cried for what seemed like hours on my bed. I was so tired of feeling this shit over him. Why couldn’t my heart just let go? Why can’t I accept that he’s too good for me? That he was always going to be too good for me? I didn’t deserve a heaven like Carl Grimes.

My sobs had turned to soft hiccups by the time I heard the door open and boots race up to my room, I was so numb I barely noticed my door creak open until  I heard my name come from his lips. The lips I ached to kiss so, so badly.

“Y/n..” The voice was full of pity, and fucking hell was I sick of pity.

I sat up in my bed, facing him and glared. I was furious.

“Leave. You leave right now Grimes! You leave me alone and don’t come near me again!” I whirled round to face him, edging closer to him as I hurled more icy words at him.

Carl’s face remained emotionless until he saw me wipe my tears from my already red eyes. In the faint moonlight shining through my window, I could see his ocean eyes begin to cloud over as he rubbed his face and took a deep breath in.

When he looked at me again, the words that came out of his mouth were so unexpected, I nearly took a step back.

“I miss you, ok? Why haven’t you been talking to me?”

oh HELL NO.  

“HOW DARE YOU COME IN HERE AND SAY YOU MISSED ME CARL GRIMES! I have been slowly dying over here on my own, let’s not forget you’re the one that left me, not the other way around. My own best friend ditched me, left me alone for a stupid girl! You don’t get to fucking cry Carl Grimes, I’m the one that’s alone, I’m the one that’s been replaced,  I’m the one that’s been crying over my broken heart because the only boy I’ve ever loved gave his heart to another girl.”

My mouth suddenly stopped working as those last words slipped out. What have I done?

Carl was staring at me, with his face showing pure shock, his eyes were wide and he kept opening and closing his mouth like a fish.

“Y-you love me?” Carl managed to utter out eventually.

I nodded slowly, everything was out now, there was no point denying the fact.

“I-I do, Carl, I really do, but I understand that you have Enid now, and it would be selfish of me to hold it against you. so I’ll just stay out of your way, wouldn’t want things to be any more awkward between us that they already are, right?”

Carl shook his head suddenly while looking at my quizzically.

“What? No y/n, we can still be friends! We’ve been together since this shit started, I don’t think I could go on without you.” He looked into my eyes, and I just had to look away, I couldn’t bare looking into those blue oceans of his. The connection I felt when we locked eyes filled my heart with sorrow.

I flinched when he said ‘together’, but he seemed so genuine, maybe.. maybe he really does just want his friend back? Maybe we really could go back to the way we were? No.. how could I settle with being the 'best friend’ while watching Carl whisper sweet nothings and holding and kissing and loving Enid? No.. no, what he was asking wasn’t fair on me.. was it?

“I-I’m sorry Carl, I really am, but I don’t think I could go back to being as close as we were before, I need to heal, I-I just need to heal Carl. Maybe after some time I could learn to accept the heartbreak and..” I gulped. “And move on.” I finished, nodding my head to try and look confident.

I repeated the phrase over and over in my head, trying to convince myself more than anyone else.

I will move on, I’ll find love, I’ll be happy.

Carl looked up at me again from his place on my bed.

“If-if that’s what you feel you need to do, then fine. I’ll give you all the space you need. Ju-just know that it’ll be hard for me y/n, I miss cracking jokes with my lil buddy up on lookout.” He smiled slightly at his comment, and, surprising even myself, I didn’t feel as much hurt as I thought I would at his words, and almost managed to crack a smile at the memory.

We stayed in each other’s presence for a while longer, just… being together and accepting this new relationship between us.

“It’s late, Eni- I mean dad, will wonder where I am, I better head home.” Carl sighed and stood up, placing his hat back on his head and turning to face me as I stood up to face him. He leaned in for a hug, and so did I, but I pulled back at the last minute, not being able to face being in his arms so soon after beginning to feel my heart mending. I looked at him apologetically and crossed my arms while he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Bye y/n.” he said softly, before turning to leave my room.

“Bye Carl, and thank you.” I whispered after him, so quietly he probably didn’t hear it. Sure, it’ll take me time to accept Carl’s feelings, but hey, doesn’t Maggie say 'everything happens for a reason’ or some shit like that?

I sat back down on my bed, heading my head against the headboard and taking in everything that just happened. I think Carl and I are going to be ok. I really do.

Light pattering on my window woke me from my train of thought and I furrowed my eyebrows as I walked over to open my window to see what was going on.

My heart began to beat faster as I realized it was Carl. However, he didn’t notice me at first, and pelted a rock right at my face, killing the mood slightly.

“OH SHIT y/n I’m so sorry! I just wanted to get your attention I didn’t mean to-” I cut him off, rolling my eyes but still holding my sore cheek.

“Just cut to the chase Carl, what is it?”

“Yeah-yeah right, um. I just wanted to tell you that I loved you, ya know? I loved you for the longest time but I never thought I deserved a heaven like you, I was going crazy because I was so infatuated with you, so when Enid came along, I thought I could use her as a distraction but it turned into something more and I think I might love her and that terrifies me and I’m now regretting this decision because you’re crying. Oh god y/n, please don’t cry, I’m sorry, I thought you deserved to know and oh fuck if I had just known what that you felt the same, fuck y/n, things would be so different. And for that I’m sorry y/n I really, really am.”

I didn’t notice I had tears running own my face until Carl pointed it out. I was overcome with sorrow once more, we couldn’t been something, he liked me back the whole fucking time, but I was too scared, I was too scared of rejection that I let him slip away.

“It-its ok Carl, yeah, I guess I am hurting more now because I know what could’ve been, but my opportunity has passed and I need to accept that.” I nodded, although I hardly believed that accepting it was going to be easy.

“I’m sorry, y/n. Really” I didn’t want to hear him pity me anymore, no amount of apologies were going to heal my heart now.

“Goodbye Carl.” I said, looking down at my blue-eyed angel, before shutting my window and crawling back to the safety of my duvet.

I lay on my bed and closed my eyes as I waited for the flow of tears and pain I knew was coming, but to my surprise, I took one, long, shuddering breath, and when I opened my eyes I felt.. almost ok. I could do this. I was a strong ass woman, and I was going to be ok. I know it.

I will move on, I’ll find love, I’ll be happy.

I will move on, I’ll find love, I’ll be… happy.


THERE YOU GO MY LOVES, PART2 <3 I loved writing this lol, I wrote an alternate ending where Nick Robinson arrived at Alexandria and they start dating, but deciding against it lmao

please keep requesting loves, I do ships, headcanons and imagines :) 

comment what you thought, I love hearing your opinions!

-Mads <3