Just want you guys to know I’m not under any illusion that Justice League is perfect. I very much wish there was more than one woman on the team. I’ll have to count on Mera and Lois having important parts, and the possible Iris cameo. But I do wish there was more than just Diana on the team.

(though I am very happy that Aquaman and Cyborg are both members and not white)

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Name: Eli (Kuyuan)
Nicknames: EJ, Kuyu, Ku or The Pinata Lord
Gender: potato
Height: 5′3″ OTL
Hogwarts House: Slythergryff? Grytherin? Slytherin if I had to choose
Favorite Color: Red!
Average hours of sleep: 5, less if if my parents or the neighbour’s dog are yelling OTL
Lucky Number: 13, 6
Last thing I googled: “candela valor” to see what she looked like because GO TEAM VALORRRRR
Favorite characters: Zero, Four (DOD3), Anna, Leo, Cordelia, (FE), Yurick (The last story), Hanbei (Sengoku Basara), Hanbei (Sengoku Musou), Zephyr (Resonance of Fate), Cynthia (pokemon dpp)

How many blankets I sleep with: 1 right now, 2 in the winter!
Favorite Artists/Bands: too many to list. Q.Q I’ll always list Rachmaninoff as one of my favourite composers though, because his 2nd symphony means a lot to me. It made me glad I was alive and able to hear it during some really rough times _(:3_]TL
Dream trip: Vienna, New York City and Japan! I’d love to go hiking up to the castle that Hanbei supposedly captured with only 16 men one day haha
Dream job: game composer or artist (because I can “dream” right)
Outfit right now: Shorts + tights and shirt
How many people I’m following: 791
How many posts I have: 243
When my blog hit its peak: idk, probably whenever I post Robin or Lucina fanart =3=
Do I get asks on a daily basis: Nope
When my blog was made: sometime in 2012

Reason for my URL: I liked the name Hakuren (like from 07 ghost, though I dropped that series pretty quick) and wanted to spell it phonetically in Chinese for some reason so I got “Hua KuYuan” or (花苦園 at the time…) I think Kuyuan was supposed to be for a character originally and not for me, but it was short so I took it.

Now I regret it a tiny bit because nobody can pronounce it and it sounds a bit feminine to me, but I’m kind of stuck with it. But it also helped me meet one of my greatest friends here (sakonma! <3) so I’m also glad I took it. :]

ahhh I can’t think of enough people to bug right now but please feel free to do this if you want!

instinct is still the best team even though the team leader looks like he would probably order a sandwich at subway but ask for nothing other than american cheese and ham with mustard and no bread .. but god . im gay for candela

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i just realized that arsenic reminds me a lot of james from pokemon. i don't really know what to do with this information

This never occurred to me either until other people mentioned it! Maybe…a thing to do with it is imagine them meeting at some kind of party and immediately getting along and complimenting each other’s blue haircuts.

The past couple of weeks with Pokemon back HAS really made me remember that I like Team Rocket, though. I want to have a beer with Team Rocket.

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url thingy!

My Opinion on;

Character in general: Olly is this character who I like..but I don’t understand. Like, I don’t understand the appeal of a toon who is this sweet cinnamon roll, but so prone to depression, suicidal tendencies and getting involved with ‘mean’/criminal types. But I think she plays it off decently, though I wish I could see more into the character’s head. I liked her as a reporter, and was happy to have her on the team (Though she drove Lat nuts every time she approached a certain BLANK) . The choice to move her over to the Crows is still peculiar in my mind since Olly doesn’t have a criminal bone in her body, but it was what it was, and Lat dealt with it accordingly (AKA being super-suspicious). I am intrigued by this new angle with her as a therapist/psychiatrist, and where that might take her, though.
How they play them: She can seem annoying or overtly emotional at times, but I think the sweetness can be there.
The Mun: She’s nice, and we chat on occasion. We don’t always agree, and sometimes I aggravate her, but we still click and chat, and I think she has god ideas as a writer.

Do I:

RP with them: On occasion?
Want to RP with them:  Probably. We have discussed one or two ideas. >_>

What is my;

Overall Opinion: A peculiar character who has made an impression on Lat and the server as a whole, and who I am interested to see develop as a whole.



“In his first game at an NBA arena since he made the decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant was met with a cascade of boos Sunday after his name was announced in pre-game introductions for Team USA’s exhibition against China.

“The type of reaction, though likely amplified by the number of Los Angeles Clippers fans among the sold-out Staples Center crowd, is something Durant will have to get used to as he takes on the role of NBA villain with his new super-team.

“Though fans at Sunday’s contest jeered at the sound of Durant’s name, they couldn’t help but cheer his game.”

– Jackie Bamberger, “Kevin Durant turns jeers to cheers, leads Team USA to lopsided exhibition victory over China”