FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015: Who Is The Favorite To Win

 imagine little!iceland being on a soccer team even though he hates it and he sucks at it 

and den and nor come to all of his games and cheer from the sidelines REALLY LOUDLY even though iceland just awkwardly stands on the field, occasionally running away from the ball

and norway gets really aggressive like ‘FOUL THAT WAS A FUCKING FOUL FUCK THIS SHIT' and den is like ‘calm down dear’

meanwhile iceland is dying of embarassment because everyone’s staring at him

“Tch, ‘course not,” Jimmy said with an edge of pride; “I’m goin’ to be a famous rock star ‘cause I play a real horrorshow guitar. Obviously.”

1970′s Jimmy, complete with tiny athletic shorts (for Flippy) won out. I have a class tonight, so maybe I’ll doodle a Thomas to keep Jimmy company in 1973, there. haha. For the record, the kit the downstairs team wears with the wide blue stripes was one of my dad’s old jerseys, haha. So is the all-white kit the upstairs team has as well, though that’s not as exciting, haha. The red stripes and the 2 are to denote Jimmy’s position as hooker.

Forever crying about:

  • Beth Childs
  • Felix’s love for his sister
  • Team Hendrix twerking
  • Cosima’s sweetness to Gracie
  • Delphine missing Cosima
  • Pupok’s demise
  • Paul saving Sarah
  • Paul admitting he loved Sarah
  • Paul’s demise
  • Helena coming back for Sarah
  • every single thing that happened in Orphan Black 3x06

laurel lance week → day one
↳ favorite scene


P4 anime cast’s thoughts on Yu and adachi, from Kaleidion’s post

Daisuke Namikawa is Yu Narukami’s JP voice actor.
Mitsuaki Madono is Tohru Adachi’s JP voice actor.

(Please click for full view)


a thing about end of the line! i made this a while ago, before i was really comfortable drawing tf2 characters. boy things have changed some. i’m embarassed about this and it feels really weird but i figured i might as well post something i worked so hard on, even if i gave up. this is the first time i actually like how i formatted the damn thing though - it’s too bad i didn’t think to do it this way with my trek comics huh?

Sometimes I’ll just watch one video, any video really, of Super Junior and then it just hits me of how much I love them and how much I am proud of them and then I think of all the troubles they’ve been through and I just start tearing up and smiling because they’ve done so much for me and for others and all I can really do is watch their MVs and buy a few albums every now and then and it just makes me want to do more for them like they’ve done for me. I am so incredibly proud of these people who have gone against odds and just made a name of themselves. I love these dorks so much and I want the best for them.