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For the first time, I didn’t sketch out more than two panels at a time. I don’t know if it’s just an illusion, but it seemed to go quicker than Page 1.

Drawing fights is such fun, but holy hell is it haaaaard. 8 Ball’s face was amusing to draw XD


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Semi-formal is not the same as formal, and you can bet your entire fortune that these scientists abuse that small difference. Their usual attire is suitable enough for such an occasion, though both did make some concessions. Ghast in the form of a lapel echo flower - just a small one, enough to add a tiny bit of colour to his monochrome, and Wight with a nice cashmere scarf. He’s considering making it a permanent addition to his outfit.

Featuring their date for the ball, Suzy of @thelostfollowers who really deserves more attention than the rest of them. At least if you ask Wight. Ghast just has paternal feelings towards smol lizard ladies.

imagine summer rain in the afternoon while calum avoided the weather like he’d be just staring out at the beautiful garden almost with a melancholy glare but you’d just saunter right by him with a raincoat on and his old soccer ball in your hands and you’d throw it out there and turn around to look at him, teasing him to get him to come out play with you and at first he’d just watch you through the window with a smirk of admiration and you’d act like you had no idea how to play or even terribly kicking the ball in your boots and when you look up he’s gone but a huge smile erupts on your face when he rushes towards you and steals the ball, hitting the wooden fence with a bang and running around you playfully remarking how great he was but you took this opportunity to take the ball from him and do the same thing. as the rain falls harder and you two get even more competitive while hitting the ball against the fence to get the points, it gets to the point where he accidentally trips you and you fall but not before you grab his hand and take him down with you, both of you giggling and kissing in the rain, drenched in mud and just in a blissful moment of happiness as your little dog runs out of the house to join your game in the rain.

  • Flowers for Aries:Honeysuckles, tulips, thistles
  • What to get Aries:Watch, diamond ring, pepperoni pizza
  • Where to take Aries:Paint balling, laser tag
  • Flowers for Taurus:Poppies, asters, lilacs
  • What to get Taurus:Chocolate, wine, sweater
  • Where to take Taurus:Dinner or shopping
  • Flowers for Gemini:Lavender, lily of the valleys, daffodils
  • What to get Gemini:Books, shoes, handbag
  • Where to take Gemini:Skydiving or bookstore
  • Flowers for Cancer:Acanthus, cornflowers, iris
  • What to get Cancer:Books, baking supplies, pillows
  • Where to take Cancer:Cooking class or antique store
  • Flowers for Leo:Sunflowers, marigolds, hydrangeas
  • What to get Leo:Makeup, jewelry, something for their pet(s)
  • Where to take Leo:Zoo or indoor pool
  • Flowers for Virgo:Morning Glory, buttercups, ivy
  • What to get Virgo:Calligraphy set, first edition book, cacti/succulents
  • Where to take Virgo:Ice skating or plant nursery
  • Flowers for Libra:Red roses, blue bells, gardenias
  • What to get Libra:Makeup, clothing, jewelry
  • Where to take Libra:Shopping or ballroom dancing
  • Flowers for Scorpio:Chrysanthemums, hibiscus, peonies
  • What to get Scorpio:Movies, perfume, lingerie
  • Where to take Scorpio:Dinner at home or movies
  • Flowers for Sagittarius:Narcissus, daisies, wildflowers
  • What to get Sagittarius:String lights, polaroid camera, candy
  • Where to take Sagittarius:Clubbing or hot air balloon ride
  • Flowers for Capricorn:Carnations, hollies, pansies
  • What to get Capricorn:Speakers, vinyls, sunglasses
  • Where to take Capricorn:Nature walk or go out for drinks
  • Flowers for Aquarius:Orchids, aloe flowers, anemones
  • What to get Aquarius:Concert tickets, makeup, chocolates
  • Where to take Aquarius:Concert/rave or stargazing
  • Flowers for Pisces:Water lilies, jasmines, eucalyptus
  • What to get Pisces:Paint, canvases, make them dinner
  • Where to take Pisces:Art museum or concert
Witchy Tip ✨

If you pour a little essential oil over a cotton ball and burn it, the result is a lovely smelling fire and smoke! The cotton ball takes about a full minute to burn in a little fireball formation and produces an incense-like smoke when it goes out (it’s pretty interesting, actually) and doesn’t really flare up much, so it’s perfect for cauldron use.



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The hardest part of this was not the background, or the lining, or even drawing poor Stanford in pain (although that kind hurt). It was writing the word “MATH”. Urrrrrrgh. It’s MathS. Curse my need for remaining in-character! You yanks will be the death of me.

If I may say so, this is the best looking out of the GF comics I’ve done. I’m quite pleased with the backgrounds. The glowy lines were fun ^_^

Be safe, my babies. Save each other.

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Ok but I really need to get this off my chest after seeing my other post becoming Chichi defense(seriously?). Why is people always complaining there’s too much bulma but not android 18???!! Who’s been getting so much more attention in merchandise than any other females, whether they deserve it or not??! Why?! (no offense to 18 fans)

And then it leads me to think why people tend to complain there’s too much vegebul in DBS, but no one says anything about videl/gohan despite them having as much spotlight??!!!(also no offense to g/v fans) I have seen so many people complain about it on Tumblr and other sites but I chose to ignore them. But I really don’t understand. Can someone give me a reason? I have even seen them saying something like “I’m sick of vegebul in DBS” “I will throw up if I see more vegebul in dbs”. Seriously? I understand you’re salty, but why only attack vegebul as if this show is really just about them?! (i wish)

Vegebul deserves all the moments in DBS ok? Like It’s just a kiss on the cheek some fans already complain this show revolves around vegebul but they are actually just catching up on other couples ‘cause THEY LITERALLY GOT NO SWEET MOMENTS IN DBZ!! Bulma also deserves all the attention ok? She’s one of the most important characters in the series but people never give her much credit and even saying she’s overrated. I mean which part of her is overrated??! I’m so sad. Like finally FINALLY i found some random poster that has Bulma in it and then people started to complain too much Bulma……… I really wish people could recognize Bulma for all her amazing works in DBZ/S.

timeladyaerynjenkins asked:

how long does it take you to complete a drawing? like from a moment someone sends you a request or a prompt, do you need to make preliminary sketches to work out facial and bodily proportions, or do you just go "ok drawing levi!" like it's in your muscle memory? (sorry if this has been asked)

I just kind of wing it; if the sketch is neat and legible enough that I can just tidy it up a bit and post it immediately then I’ll do that and I guess that probably takes like 30 mins - 60 mins at most but most of the time my sketches are atrocious and I have to do a draft and a final linework and that takes longer, ESPECIALLY with comics. this comic here I was able to draw and just use the original sketch with some tidying up (though tbh I had a reference from ACWNR for the first half) but most of the time my first sketches look like this fucken mess and I need to take more time making sense of that shit:


goodbye and good luck, sean poole 

Spoole’s List of Manly Man Actions 

1. He can use grindr
2. He is a true Alaskan fisherman. Kind of. Look, he was on the boat.
3. He killed a deer. At the tender age of three.
4. He buried a dead dog. Takes guts.
5. He can cross stitch. By hand.
6. He was a boy scout. A tenderfoot, nonetheless.
7. He cut down a tree, by climbing on it.
8. When he drinks, he only drinks Dos Equis.
9. He owns a hat. And wears it.
10. He took his shirt off on stream. Takes brass balls (which we didn’t see).


Long video and worth every minute.