Sunday watchalongs continue!

Join us Sunday, October 2 as we continue our 13-week long marathon of the 1954 Sherlock Holmes TV series starring Ronald Howard as Holmes and Howard Marion Crawford as Watson.

3pm EST  //  8pm GMT

We’ll meet in the Giant Chat of Sumatra (no password needed and all are welcome!).

We’ll be watching three short episodes, all available via the Online Film Collection on Youtube.

16 The Case of the Greystone Inscription

17 The Case of the Laughing Mummy

18 The Case of the Thistle Killer

See you there!

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In the interest of full transparency let me just add that beneath my towering wig and hamglam snapchat filters, etc, in my purple satin pajamas at 1am, I currently look vastly less like Elvira and vastly more like Albert from The Birdcage. You’re welcome, I’m sorry, goodnight. ⚰💤