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How can you tell people's signs by there rooms? Like what things about a room suggest certain signs?

Here’s basically some things I’ve noticed are common among certain signs– this started out mostly as guessing but now I’ve got a better hang of it from observing. Alot of the time i go by stereotypes of the signs but that has actually been working out pretty decently

aries- MESSY, polaroid pics of self/friends/family, motivational quotes

taurus- fairy lights, teddies, tv/electronics, pets, photos of memories, fangirl stuff

gemini- books, paintings, dreamcatchers, tapestries, bright colors

cancer-  band stuff, fangirl stuff, stripes and polka dots

leo- gold, photos of family and self, mirrors

virgo- neat, green hues, little boxes

libra- ceramic figurines, pink, neat, band memorabilia, floral print, MIRRORS

scorpio- record players, music in general, tapestries, fairy lights

sagittarius - maps, music stuff, TAPESTRIES, posters, SUNLIGHT

capricorn- (SURPRISE) dark hues, bordeaux style, bands, posters, pastel goth, pretty tidy

aquarius - music, tapestries, tie dye, lava lams, BOOKS, sunlight, ART,

Pisces- band shit everywhere, quotes, canopies, pastel or bright colors, FAIRY LIGHTS! 

thanks for asking! 

a garrison tale

so for weeks I hearthed to my garrison (bearrison) only to be disappointed that I couldn’t access my bank.

my alt is something I don’t really play so it has no followers leveled (seriously, they’re 91) and ‘bearly’ any ships, etc., so I usually don’t have gold/GR to build stuff on plots either.

I ran around where my bank usually is only to see dirt and emptiness… for weeks…

in the corner of my eye I saw my trading post which was on the farthest plot. I didn’t question it since who doesn’t like to trade in flowers for riches?

I finally decided that I was done living like a savage; I deserved my own bank where I could throw all of my normal tier into (unlike manlybeast since it’s his best gear.)

I click on the Bob the Builder table, excited to finally make the move – to finally build a bank –

I see that I already have a bank, it was where I thought a trading post was in BFE and I’ve just been hearthing to Shrine to access my bank for a month because I’m an idiot

the end

24k Gold Racing Bike, they’ve scrupulously applied an utterly incandescent layer of 24k gold to this racer’s entire structure. From the tip of the handlebars to every ridge of the gear chain. Yes, i know what you’re thinking - wowzer. Are you ready to pay £250,000?

24k Gold Racing Bike


I want this!

The *Cool Stuffs!

why is that marshmallow wearing people clothes we just don’t know