Neil: (on the phone) Matt, you locked me out of the house again.

Matt: Oh crap, sorry! I’ll be there in like twenty.

Neil: ‘Kay. … Hey, how thick would you say the glass in the door is? Like, an inch?

Matt: Uh, maybe? Wait. Neil, what are you doing?

Neil: (wrapping jacket around hand) Don’t worry, I’ve got this.

Matt: Neil don’t you DARE do what I think you’re about to-

(sound of glass shattering over the line)

anonymous asked:

Could you draw a step by step thing to show how to draw Maccready?

No but I can show you how I draw MacCready

Big head, skinny neck, normal width shoulders (^drew them narrow here lol) but overall skinny figure. Has a pretty good jawline too that I didn’t mention.


had a really weird hazy day but at least i made a lousy video and that’s kind of productive right

i need to clean everything and try and find something to eat for dinner and then try and find the energy to cook and eat it + ugh save me from the responsibilities or existence

i havent done any uni work at all today and i feel guilty and nervous as heck!! at least i have lucifer for comfort


A master @amylee at work. We all found her mesmerizing as she began to warm up for the day of filming. She had us all in tears by end. @voicefromthe stone #colderthanitlooks - @voicefromeric 


A new video confronting how it feels to be in a planner/bullet journal slump and how I try and deal with that! 

why is my girlfriend the most adorable person ever


hey guys so my family has to move out next month bcs our landlord wants the place back so i’d be really really really grateful if you could make dua that we move somewhere nearby bcs honestly our entire life is here (our friends, schools, jobs etc) and i cant afford the petrol money to travel if we move somewhere far 😭