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Look at this amazing song @pgthemeerkat made for Telltale Frisk!

Definitely go check my friend PG out, they do amazing music. 

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Im having troubles picking dog breeds for my characters, so what are some of your favorites? Maybe ill get ideas.

//My favorite dogs breeds coming right up. Note; I left out dogs with severely pushed in faces, because while I admit some are cute, I also acknowledge the health problems that comes with them. Also putting the list in alphabetical order, but the * next to the dog names are some of my absolute favorites.

That being said, what makes a good dog is socialization, training, and exercise, as well as a patient & loving owner. That being said, I’m also sure I don’t have to tell you that some of these dogs aren’t good for beginners, so make sure you do plenty of research.

  1. Airedale Terrier
  2. American Pit Bull Terrier
  3. Australian Cattle Dog
  4. Austalian Shepherd
  5. Belgain Malinois
  6. Belgian Sheepdog 
  7. Belgian Tervuren 
  8. Borzoi*
  9. Boykin Spaniel 
  10. Bracco Italiano
  11. Bull Terrier*
  12. Bullmastiff
  13. Cane Corso
  14. Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  15. Dalmatian
  16. Doberman Pinscher*
  17. Dogue de Bordeaux*
  18. Great Dane
  19. Great Pyrenees
  20. Ibizan Hound 
  21. Irish Setter
  22. Kuvasz
  23. Mastiff
  24. Neapolitan Mastiff
  25. Rottweiler
  26. Saint Bernard
  27. Saluki
  28. Samoyed
  29. Sharpei
  30. Silken Windhound
  31. Tibetan Mastiff
  32. Weimaraner 
  33. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Hopefully no one takes it as a person insult if their favorite dogs aren’t on the list. Some mainstream dogs are simply ones I associate bad memories with, some I just don’t like. Feel free to ask if you’re super curious, but y’know. Keep an open mind.

PS: Support your local animal shelters. Every dog deserves a home. Every animal deserves a home.

Sorry for the dramatic closeup, but I need some help!

My settings in-game are all on the highest they could possibly be, but as you can see somehow all skins I use turn out really blurry and ‘’jean like’’ textured? I also use the darkest skin for Ruby and she has this weird coloring on her cheeks and nose :/

Does anyone know what causes this?


my makeup looks kinda good today i guess?

me when hayi does lit anything ever SKFSDLFS memekook ur me ,, has there ever been a cuter person than her …… hello dis is pip nd im rly sorry abt dropping my Boo sunny, i lub her i do, nd i lub all the Connections i had w y’all but my muse was just runnin a lil low ! so i bring 2 u all .. seo yerin !

tw: eating disorder, bullying, me cryin uglie

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I love Yellow Diamond, but she’s a villain, and so I expect her to be one???? Same with the other diamonds. Like. They are basically a thousands of years old dictatorship, have killed countless gems over the centuries, have taken over planets, etc, etc. Like, they can still have dimension, as in, not be stereotypical villains with stereotypical evil intentions, but they’re still characters that have committed many terrible crimes. I don’t understand when people over-sympathize with BD crying or PD being shattered. I just. Does not compute.

all right since i’m shitposting I’ll just get a bunch of screenshots out there

noctis looking like that weird fox thing which I think is becoming a meme in japan

casual prompto on the bed bc why not

last photo on prompto’s camera before he ended up in the hospital probably

casual promnis (this one cute imo)

this one… i don’t even know… wtf is happening.

tomorrow morning is my last appointment with my personal trainer. she’s been really helpful, but i don’t want to pay for another 12 sessions.

i’m nervous as hell about trying to continue on my own, but i’m not giving up on losing this weight and getting healthy!