• someone:what did you do last night?
  • me:stayed up watching [insert movie/tv show here]
  • someone:oh i don't like [insert said movie/tv show here]
  • me, sweating:y-yeah i mean,,, i just- i was bored a-and i had a lot of free time,, y-y'know?,,? and i thought w-why not give it a shot it- it wasn't that good anyway

✧*. @coldwvter. ( based on this )

           cassandra wasn’t one for business parties, but she’d attended for the sake of her fiancee. the female stood facing a painting, large eyes flickering over it as she admired the artwork. there was something about it that made her feel serene within the crowded room, dainty hands brushing over the front of her dress before someone was beside her. her attention slowly moved toward them, cheeks flushing slightly as she brushed her hair away from her face. “i’m cassandra, but you can call me cassie, or cass… or whatever you’d like..” she giggles softly, realising how much she was rambling. 


Ok ok so I’ve got this party tomorrow night and the theme is The Top End which is way too fucking vague, but I’ve decided finally to go with atmosphere! So I’m wearing four singlets (i own a lot of blue singlets, turns out) and I’ve done my face up to look like space! This is just the trial run, but ive gotta get ready on the tram in tomorrow, so it’ll do. I’m pretty pumped tbh :)

peter quill is fucking adorable…………………. im gonna die.

okay it’s late so i’m just going to go ahead and rant for a bit

i fucking hate yaoi fangirls sometimes. i cannot stand them, not one bit. it’s fucking gross how they can twist something wholesome and twist it into something sexual, especially if the two boys in question are siblings or have a mentor/student relationship or a father/son relationship. not fucking everything is about a guy getting mounted so you can jack off to it and then call it “sinful” because it’s gay. can they just keep their grimey hands off of wholesome relationships? like do you not know what a friendship is? do you not know what any other relationship besides a sexual one purely for your consumption is? it’s so annoying, just stop.