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I love Gwen so much: releasing the album tracklist, with the presumed album title being about truth, exactly 1 year after "her life blew up." She's fucking awesome. That tracklist & her presentation of it (journal! personal! hearts!!!!) just made me even more excited for it. Seems like it's gonna be a pretty even split between sad & bliss songs. A few months ago I was expecting a full heartbreak album, I'm just so happy for her that she's in a place where she can write joyful songs now <3.

Releasing it on the anniversary of that day makes me more emotional than i can’t talk about anon. Is it weird to say I’m proud bc that’s definitely what I’m feeling like. And the journal w/ handwritten list and doodles (!!) is so cute and perfect it’s amazing. 

From what we know about the songs themselves and about Gwen’s life over the last year, here’s my prediction: 

  • Tracks 1-3 & 11-12 are happy and 4-10 are either sad/angry/sarcastic
  • You’re My Favorite & Rare will be explicitly about Blake, 
  • Misery, Where Would I Be?? and Me Without You are more like happy to have moved on from the dark period of her life more generally. 

Obviously this is just my guess! “Where would I be??” could be more romantic, and so could “me without you”. And I guess Truth could too, but based on it’s placement on the list I think it will be about honesty/betrayal in a relationship.

I’m so happy for her too anon, I love her SO MUCH too!! 


This AMV for One Punch Man is amazing. The song is upbeat. The editing is flawless. The entire video just makes me want to get up and dance. It also has its comedic moments but it is worth the watch.

@http-ihy I have a feeling you will love this!



Man, I forgot how absolutely amazing/flawless/gorgeous this song is. I “listen” to it every now and then, but I haven’t really sat and let myself be engulfed in it for a long time. I honestly like just about every song by TOP, but this will always be my favorite. I can’t describe how it makes me feel, but the best way I can think of is that it makes me feel a “good” kind of sad. To quote Tyler himself:

“… I like to be sad. I don’t know, it just makes life more bearable sometimes, I like being sad. I mean I like putting headphones in and looking out the window and pretending like I’m a sad little main character of some movie… I don’t know why we listen to sad music, it’s weird you know, but it helps sometimes.“ 

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Thank you for responding to my question on how History was doing on the charts. You are always so sweet. I guess it makes sense that it has done so much better in the UK. I do wish they had kept with releasing Infinity as a single. I know there are many in the fandom that don't care for that song, but I feel that song has a much broader appeal. I have several friends that are not 1D fans but really like that song. There are so many amazing 1D songs that could have been singles but never were. 😰

i completely disagree with infinity being the single choice. i think that history does have wide appeal, and i’ve had numerous friends that are not 1d fans really enjoy the song. but, i can tell you why i think that single flopped.

  1. complete lack of promo. the only time they promoted it in the usa was when they did their appearances for the album back in november. other than that, they didn’t have anything in the usa to promote that single. they didn’t do any pre-recording to air when the single was dropped. they didn’t do anything promo-wise, because they are on break, but they didn’t put in any effort to have any sort of promotional push stateside.
  2. let’s talk about their twitters. complete lack of engagement from the band themselves. show me an artist that doesn’t even bother to tweet their own music video from their social media accounts. look at zayn’s twitter. look at his instagram. it is ALL about pillowtalk. what did we get from 1d? one tweet. from harry. “history.” that was it. the one direction twitter account, of course, did a lot more. but, niall, liam, and louis didn’t even bother to acknowledge the video.
  3. let’s talk about the video itself. they had an opportunity to release a ton of unseen footage that would have had fans excited to see more, but they recycled clips that we’d seen over and over again. they were clearly biased in the clips that they did choose, and it reflected with outrage from fans who refused to even watch it. also, that ending? yeah, that was a real good decision there. they had the clip recorded to give it the ending fans wanted, but they didn’t put it in. instead, they ended on a note that made fans upset and angry, and they’re clearly not going to keep refreshing when that was the moment they are left with.
  4. no lead-up to the video at all. no buzz about the video prior to its release. no screencaps leaked from shady accounts. no one knew it was coming. no one had time to prepare. it was just out of nowhere, on a random day of the week, in the middle of the day. worst timing possible.
  5. also, in regards to timing, they released it at a time that the views would not be able to be leveraged for a good charting position. that was why friday releases are a thing, because you get an entire week to accumulate streams to help the position in the charts. they released it at a time where we would only have 2 days to get the streams we would need. no time to start streaming from other services. no time to make a dent in radio airplay. no time to make a real difference at all.
  6. think about when they released the single. the fandom was on fire. no one could even spare a thought to a music video because they were being bombarded with tabloid gossip at a rate that made everyone’s head spin.

they didn’t want this single to be a success, so it wasn’t.

“Nine In The Afternoon”

Back to the street where we began
Feeling as good as lovers can, you know
Yeah we’re feeling so good

Pickin’ up things we shouldn’t read
It looks like the end of history as we know
It’s just the end of the world

Back to the street where we began
Feeling as good as love, you could, you can

Into a place where thoughts can bloom
Into a room where it’s nine in the afternoon
And we know that it could be
And we know that it should
And you know that you feel it too
‘Cause it’s nine in the afternoon

And your eyes are the size of the moon
You could 'cause you can so you do
We’re feeling so good
just the way that we do
When it’s nine in the afternoon

Your eyes are the size of the moon
You could 'cause you can so you do
We’re feeling so good

Back to the street
Down to our feet
Losing the feeling of feeling unique
Do you know what I mean?

Back to the place
Where we used to say
Man it feels good to feel this way
Now I know what I mean

Back to the street, back to the place,
Back to the room where it all began, hey
Back to the room where it all began
'Cause it’s nine in the afternoon

Your eyes are the size of the moon
You could 'cause you can so you do
We’re feeling so good
Just the way that we do
When it’s nine in the afternoon

I don’t know if I should say exactly what Eliza said in the DMs but let me just say she is fucking amazing and cares so much for her fans. What she is doing for me is indescribable. Honest to god, this girl deserves the world. She is beyond amazing. I am beyond thankful and this is the best day of my life by far. She made me feel so worthy and like I can actually make it. She even asked to hang out and write a song. I swear to you, Eliza Taylor is the most amazing person this world has ever seen. Wow.


Location: Los Angeles, California
Reason: Studio Week
Tune: Thoia Thoing - R Kelly
Snack: Vegan Enchiladas from Gracias Madre
Vibe: Tispy

Staying in LA makes me really happy. For the next month Alex and I have a super cute little pad in West Hollywood that we’re calling home in between shows. I’m actually planning on making the move over to LA pretty soon. I’m in the process of writing my EP at the moment and I feel like there really isn’t any better place to do this than Los Angeles. There are so many amazing engineers, song writers, and creatives that are based in LA, which makes for an incredible creative vibe and plenty of amazing opportunities.

One of my favourite restaurants to eat at is a vegan Mexican restaurant called Gracias Madre. They do the most insane vegan food, and probably one of the best spicy jalapeño margaritas I’ve ever had. On our first night in LA we hung out with my Aussie hombres Slumberjack, talked some smack over Mexican food, and caught up on their mad Holy Ship adventures! Guess what happens when you mix a whole lot of Aussie DJs, unlimited booze, and 3 days on a boat party…. uh oh!

I spent some time working in the studio with the legend of a human Mike (Gazzo), working on some new music as well as some fresh remixes I’m in the process of writing. This guy is so inspiring, I love working with him as he brings such a live and organic element to writing dance music. After a long week in the studio I can tell you that you’re pretty brain dead. Alex and I decided to get a crew together and check out some local LA nightlife hot spots, No Vacancy & Dirty Laundry. Fun times had by all, and thanks to my buddy Hydrodol I avoided a hangover - BAM!

Tiger xxx

Tiny Thought: When I move to LA I need a super cool car because everyone drives round in the most swagged out vehicles.

I’ve been trying to reinvent the typical cliché overhead bed shot that (mainly) girls take, and attribute it to boys.
So here I am in a pair of WW1 long-johns, staring down my first ever leg tattoo, a stick and poke that says “ok” and drinking coffee.
What is one thing in this world that really inspires you? For me, (aside from coffee) it’s violinists, pianists and other classical instrument players. I have this unbelievable level of respect and admiration for it. Every time I listen it makes me feel like a little boy on the edge of my seat. I’m amazed constantly by the ferocity in finger movements but the poise that each player composes within themselves.
It’s a level of talent I try to emulate in my own work, though a completely different medium.
Off to hang with my pals over at @charitywater! Have a good day!
Song of the morning: Bazzini : Scherzo fantastique Op.25, ‘La ronde des lutins’ by Antonio Bazzini, Charlie Siem.
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Y'all probably tired about hearing about Beyonce but let me tell you what this song did:

Boosted confidence. Imma play whenever I get ready, when I put makeup on, when I get ready for work because that shit fuels me. It reminds me of everything I am as a black woman.
Secondly, this song make me not give one single fuck. She just unlocked the last door to me being carefree. Unapologetic. It’s an amazing anthem and a feel-good song and like can you imagine all the black girls, the black women, the black people in general that this boosted up? My god

Art By: x

“I feel like there should be more animes with musicians. Your Lie in April, for instance, was AMAZING and it’s what helped me pick up my own violin again. I just think if there were more musician animes that more people would be inspired to make their own music and possibly unlock a hidden talent they may have. And plus I wanna be able to cosplay a pianist and then sit down and play a really cool song because I have played piano for like 6 or 7 years and have people be like “wow it’s (name)!"”


FINALLY IT’S FEBRUARY 6TH! So, today is Axl’s birthday, which is basically my Christmas (it’s my favorite time of the year).

Being an Axl/GN’R fan is usually frustrating and requires more than “just a little patience.” It’d be nice to be a casual fan and being cool about Axl but I can’t cause I just love this man so much. I love his attitude, his rants, his music, his integrity, his beauty, his courage, his passion, his humor, his smile and of course his voice. I love how different it sounds on each song and I love how it can make you feel sad/happy/turned on/psyched up/angry at the same time. It never fails to amaze me. Thank you for that Axl <3

Hope you have a long, healthy and happy life, and hope you always feel loved and cared. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AXL ROSE !!

  • Me Explaining Gravity Falls:It's a show that's more mature than it looks. It can pretty much give little kids nightmares.
  • Me Explaining Steven Universe:It's a show that features a lesbian couple. Oh, and it's somewhat of a musical with good songs and pleasant music.
  • Me Explaining Star vs the Forces of Evil:It's a show that feels like a combination of Thor And typical magical girl stories. It also features Eden Sher from The Middle as the lead protagonist, so if you like that sitcom, Star vs the Forces of Evil might be appealing to you as well.
  • Me Explaining Penn Zero Part-Time Hero:It's a show that's basically Quantum Leap for a new generation. The humor is very tasteful with very little silliness. And unlike popular mature cartoons today, the drama is very light. There's also the occasional song break, which can make anyone smile. Plus the cast is amazing. It stars Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley, Adam DeVine from the Pitch Perfect movies, Alfred Molina from Spider-Man 2, and Larry Wilmore from The Nightly Show. Not to mention that the show frequently breaks gender stereotypes, featuring female characters that are just as strong and powerful as the male characters. Plus there might be a few non-heterosexual characters, a possible first in a Disney cartoon. Overall, Penn Zero is pure perfection and you should definitely check it out.

Winner’s comeback is making me anxious. I so dearly miss their amazing, unique style that made me fall in love with them in the first place. But after seeing Exit Movement and hearing Pricked, I’m scared that all of their songs are going to be super sad and serious. I don’t mind it that way, but I hope it doesn’t reflect how the members are actually feeling. I want Winner to be the most amazing group they can be, yet the loneliness and sadness I feel in their songs worry me.

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CS GTKY - Part 8

The incredible @cat-sophia​ tagged me to name

5 songs that remind us of Captain Swan

Without further ado:

The Words - Christina Perri

Pretty sure this tops everyone’s list, right? I mean Christina is a pretty major star in the music world and she is not even a little ashamed to proclaim herself a fangirl and write epic love songs inspired by the stories that she loves.

Perfect Stranger - The Enemies

I think the lyrics are pretty perfect for these two. Bonus because Colin sings and plays in this video.

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

This rock ballad gives me such feels.

Lovesong - The Cure

Colin suggested this one so now it’s pretty much an official CS anthem :)

Only You - Yazoo

I don’t care who else played this song, CS had an amazing dance to it so it makes me think of them :)


Am I the only one who finds this review just straight up rude and offensive? I don’t understand how people can still find flaws in Justin even after all of the hard work he has put in to make a comeback and put out such a truly amazing and different album. The entire album is Justin telling his feelings about a multitude of things: his fame, his fans, his relationships. He opened up for the first time ever on this record and explained how he truly felt throughout this entire roller coaster ride of his career. To make the statement that his lyrics are cheesy on some of the tracks is just beyond me. LIWL is a very personal song and WE understand and are aware of that but close minded people such as this writer clearly doesn’t. But even without proper understanding he has no problem shutting on Justin’s lyricism. This just really bothers me and I had to state my opinion.

Read the full article here:

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I feel like you must have been asked this before, but what is your favorite Grimes song? Or album, if that's easier to decide?

We’re 2 people managing this blog haha, but on my behalf (I’m Victor!) it’s super hard because let me explain my onion (opinion) im gonna try to make this short (lol)

First of all i cant choose an ultimate fave song/album bc im very indecisive!! I also wanna say that Claire’s discography has definitely improved with each album that she’s released chronologically so if you ask me to compare Visions to Geidi Primes i’ll obviously choose Visions, however I think all of her work is amazing regardless!!! (I still love Geidi Primes, no offense)

Each album has something to it that makes it wonderful but i just end up listening to whatever I feel like listening to. My top 5 songs from each album change sometimes as well but that’s definitely an easier question so yeah! I’m sorry I cant answer this question properly. Perhaps Frida (the other person managing this blog can tell u her opinion).

All of Claire Boucher’s work is tru art though just saying!!!!

I was listening to Crystal Ball earlier too and making a gifset lol ♥


@taylorswift hey taylor, it’s taylor (lol). I just wanted to share with you these pictures from throughout the years at all your shows. in all honesty I can tell you that these 5 days were some of the happiest days I’ve ever had. you have this incredible way of making everyone around you feel so amazing and I can’t thank you enough for that. you and your music have helped me so much since I was like 7 whether it be something as silly as being in fifth grade and being so upset because I wasn’t invited to the popular girl’s birthday party and then listening to “the outside” and feeling just a little better or being 16 and having way too much anxiety for one person and listening to a song like “shake it off” and feeling just a little more calm. you’ll never know how truly grateful I am for that. I love love love you and hope that someday I can tell you all of this in person
xoxo taylor