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Do you ever cry because you’re just overwhelmed by the beauty of something? Like, one time I went to an Indian restaurant and the food was smelling and looking so good and I was soooo happy I almost cried, and today I listened to music and the songs were just flawless and they made me blissful that tears welled up in my eyes, like, those are the moments I live for, honestly.

The lyrics in New Romantics are so powerful and just so genius. I just spent like half an hour listening to it on repeat analyzing every lyric and metaphor and it’s just a masterpiece that entire song it’s just so flawless and relatable and empowering. Taylor really outdid herself!

Takeru Festival
佐藤健 - Sato Takeru
Takeru Festival

Another song by Sato Takeru live at Takeru Festival


This is my favorite song from the whole Festival! He really sings very good when he sings slow songs! The beginning is just flawless!

I have the whole Takeru Festival but i don’t know if I should upload it or not because it’s 2 hours, if i should upload somehow let me know and I will so I can share it with you all! \(^.^)/