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Can I request a Lysander drabble? Closer by chainsmokers has been stuck in my head for a while now and I can't help imagining the characters in the song being Candy and Lys. ❤️ some angst with a happy/hopeful ending please :3

I happen to really love that song and I’m a sucker for going drabbles based off songs. Hope you like it!

There was a brief second that Lysander swore he forgot to breathe. It was like the air left his lungs and if he ever breathed again, it would be inhaling her breath or the scent of her perfume. Instead, he stood there simply staring just at the end of the bar, his eyes firmly planted on the girl sitting alone on one of the stools, absently stirring a drink.

Last time he saw her, her hair was shorter and a lighter color. She seemed to be a few inches taller, but he wasn’t sure if that was due to her heels or not. Her body was drastically different than the small, petite girl he remembered that could fit underneath him perfectly. Her eyes were the same – swirling so deep that he could drown in them. There was sting in his chest as old feelings rose to the surface.

“Candy,” he breathed her name like a whispered confession.

She turned her head sharply at her name. As their eyes met, time slowed to a still and he was acutely aware of the pounding in his chest. There was so much in her eyes that he knew that it was the same girl he fell in love with four years ago, but that also made her the same one that broke his heart without hesitation. He couldn’t seem to look away, but his feet moved on their own straight toward her.

“Hey,” Candy spoke first, softly as if she didn’t want to scare him off. Her eyes broke contact with his just brief enough to look him over, “You’re – uh – you’re looking pretty good.”

He swallowed thickly, “You too.”

She was. He told her years ago that she was the most beautiful person in the world.  He meant it then and despite knowing that it was dangerous to believe so now, he couldn’t help it. She was still Candy. The same Candy that whispered to him in the movie theater with her hand on his thigh. The one who loved being the small spoon, but halfway through the night would squirm away and steal the blankets. Who he told his secrets to and who confessed to him more than once about things that no one else knew.

He needed a drink if she was going to keep talking to him. He sat down beside her and waved down the bartender for a quick shot, well aware that she kept her eyes closely on him.

He couldn’t say exactly how it happened, but the next thing he knew they were in the back seat of her rover parked behind the bar with their lips pressed together that he couldn’t tell where his ended and hers began. His hands slipped under her shirt as Blink-182 played on the radio and a groan left her lips.

“Wait, Lys - “ Candy pulled away briefly, with her face flushed and her breathing a bit labored, “If we do this, I have to know that I’m not going to be stepping on anyone’s toes.”

He could see past the clouds of lust in her eyes to see the worry shining in them. He gave a sad smile, his hands politely backing away from her body to answer her.

“I’m not with anyone,” he answers honestly, “I… I haven’t really been with anyone seriously since you left so there’s no exes you need to look out for either.”

Candy’s gaze softened and her hand tenderly cupped his cheek. He leaned into the touch with a sigh.

“If we’re being honest,” she admitted, “I can’t remember why I left you in the first place -”

“- You wanted to explore and see the country,” he supplied the reason, remembering it so clearly. He wanted to go with her and create new memories, to go on adventures with her hand in his. “You said a relationship would slow you down.”

Candy let out a small laugh in disbelief, “I gave up the most perfect guy I’ve ever met because of that. God, how insane was I back then?”

“Fairly much so according to Castiel,” Lysander’s voice was dry and she couldn’t help but laugh once more before she put her hand on the back of his head to bring him in closer for another kiss.

“Then show me what I’ve been missing these past four years.”


love sticks / sweat drips // break the lock if it don’t fit

[image: two gifs of Kendra and Sara from Legends of Tomorrow. in both gifs Kendra wears a maroon sweatshirt and purple jeans while Sara wears a blue and black shirt and dark jeans. in the first Sara and Kendra fight with their fists and in the second Sara turns, grabbing her sparring rod to meet Kendra’s raised rod. the gifs are overlayed with white text from the song ‘Kiss With a Fist’ by Florence + the Machine. the first gif reads “a kiss with a fist” and the second gif reads “is better than none”.]

“I thought of angels choking on their halos
Get them drunk on rose water
See how dirty I can get them pulling out their fragile teeth
And clip their tiny wings

Anything you say can and will be held against you
So only say my name
It will be held against you”  x

this song has been stuck in my head for a while and ive been on a vaderwan kick so voila

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Nickname: i just go by my name ;( sarah lol (although my fam has a bunch of nicknames for me that i wont bother sharing hfjbdnskm)
Gender: female
Star Sign: capricorn
Height: 5′4″ so 162cm
Time right now: 1:40pm
Last thing I googled: “train to busan” bc i wanted to see what it was abt
Favorite Bands: bts & hey violet
Favorite Solo Artists: drake, banks, halsey, melanie martinez, nav, the weeknd, frank ocean, kehlani, beyonce… a lot tbh
Song stuck in your head: passionfruit - drake
Last movie I watched: yo honestly i dont rmbr its been a while tbh ive been too busy
Last TV Show I watched: again , idr its been too long hdfjnskm /;
When did you create your blog: 2015? but i deleted everything n started over a couple months ago so ye
What kind of stuff do you post: 85% bts, 10% aesthetics, 5% memes/weird shit
When did your blog reach its peak: it hasnt rly lol im just chilling
Do you have any other blogs: nope
Do you get asks regularly: eHHH i get them randomly hfgdnsm
Why you chose your URL: bc min yoonji runs my life tbh ?? i , the biggest min yoonji stan , would die for her
Following: 199 fhgdbsjnm
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Hogwarts House: slytherin
Pokémon Team: i dont rly know pokemon but is this the pokemon go thing ?? cause i think i chose team instinct randomly lmAO 
Favorite colours: black & red
Average hours of sleep: issa mess tbh . sometimes more than 8 hours and sometimes less than 3 ,, it depends
Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, & 25
Favorite manga Characters: i dont read manga hfdjnsmk
How many blankets do you sleep with: three lmAO
Dream job: actress or something related to investigation/crime (i am a crim major after all lol)
Dream trip: dubai ;((( tbh i wanna live there tho lMAO or the bahamas?? mayb even hawaii :P man i wanna travel the whole world BYE

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In Uruguay we take weird to a whole new level. 
LOL Anyways i have this song has been stuck in my head for a while so i guess i’ll share it.


What’s your favorite NSP or Starbomb song? (x)

This song has been stuck in my head for a while now; thanks, Jack.


     Take it easy, take it easy
     Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy
     Lighten up while you still can
     Don’t even try to understand
     Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy

Back in October, after toatom​ and I did our first version of Daughtry’s Crashed”, the amazing outofgloom​ approached us about doing the never-before-seen-or-heard Matoran version. While it initially was just going to be a piano/vocal version like before, our comrades wanted to join in and a new English version had to be created as a ruse so they didn’t know what was really happening while I practiced the Matoran. (I practiced so much, I memorized the lyrics, for the record).

Well, here it is, outofgloom, four months later.  Once again, thanks so much to Tom for lovingly mixing this, and putting up with me, Corvin for the drums, Iron Duck for the guitar, weepingwhitelighters for constantly telling me I needed to practice, and of course outofgloom, the dedicated nerd who works so hard to develop this language and translate this important song.

Full gloss translation

The lyrics:

Well I was moving at the speed of sound.
Head-spinning, couldn’t find my way around, and
Didn’t know that I was going down.
Yeah, yeah.
Where I’ve been, well it’s all a blur.
What I was looking for, I’m not sure.
Too late, didn’t see it coming.
Yeah, yeah.

o idekahuai voyanuga
mei-‘wivu, zavoyavoru-ama, no
o akuyanuru ki uvya
ya'o, ya'o
ki'i oa-nu, ai kuru
ki eleyaga, kowi o-ru
vake, o ki vuyanuru
ya'o, ya'o


And then I crashed into you,
And I went up in flames.
Could’ve been the death of me,
But then you breathed your breath in me.
And I crashed into you,
Like a runaway train.
You will consume me,
But I can’t walk away.

va owa kareyanu
no itahua kya
kura'o akai-nu-se
fa ou 'ko kauyanu-ile
owa kareyanu
ou 'ko suyako
fa o vyavoru-ei.

Verse 2:

Somehow, I couldn’t stop myself.
I just wanted to know how it felt.
Too strong, I couldn’t hold on.
Yeah, yeah.
Now’m just tryin’ to make some sense
Out of how and why this happened.
Where we’re headin’, there’s just no knowing.
Yeah, yeah.

ako fayavoru-moa
asuwi-aku azu'onga
apaka, mayavoru
ya'o, ya'o
va o akuai soyaga
ki no kimu ai kayanu
ki'i voyaga, rhu akuya.
ya'o, ya'o



From your face, your eyes
Are burning to me.
You saved me, you gave me
Just what I need.
Oh, just what I need.

inohu, akhi
ai 'ko tayaga
ou 'ko hya, oai kya
ki azu-nga.
O, ki azu-nga.


And then I crashed into you, (x4)
And I crashed into you,
Like a runaway train.
You will consume me,
But I can’t walk away.

va owa kareyanu (x4)
owa kareyanu
ou 'ko suyako
fa o vyavoru-ei.

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♫ what time is it? Summertime! ♫

june/summer spread!! that song was played on the school tv news station the other day and now its stuck in my head OTL

I just finish my last finals for the school year so now i’m all revved up for summer! not gonna lie, i’ve been really inspired by @studypetals ‘s absolutely gorgeous posts lately, so i used a lot of reference from her in making this. i wanted to do something fun, to kick off summer break :) 

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“Oh. No. It doesn’t hurt me; it’s good to know she’s there, somewhere. I mean…the worst thing is that she’s gone. So it’s good that she’s out there. Even if I can’t see her.”  ― Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife


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Screenshots from ONE PUNCH YANDERE | Yandere Simulator #3! :D

THIS VIDEO WAS AWESOME! SO MANY ONE PUNCH MAN REFERENCES I LOVE IT! :D I love One Punch Man I just finished watching all the episodes a few days ago it’s such a great show. :) But I’m getting off topic back to the video! I just loved watching Jack punch people into the walls or into the air over the buildings it’s hilarious! xD I didn’t even know how much this game had changed and updated I just haven’t seen this game in a while even though I’m subscribed to Yandere-chan’s voice actor. A lot has been added in the game and I think it’s coming out great. :) I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS VIDEO! :D

But… Now because of this video I have the One Punch Man theme song AND Mad World stuck in my head. THANKS JACK! >_>


How can something be both futuristic and timeless?!

Two words to describe my obsession with “Stanley” on Jasmine Sullivan’s third album titled, “Reality Show”. Her album has been out for a while and I knew it would be good but being who I am I have to allow the buzz around an album to die down in order to listen to it.

After a chill night on Bourbon Street, blackmalehair played this song during the drive back to my place and it’s been stuck in my head! Stanley took me back to the “finding myself” days in college. Proving my worth and good qualities to men who did not appreciate me.

To me, the song has a greatness about it due to genes from disco nights with Donna Summer, funk with the Gap Band, raw sex appeal from Prince, and R-E-S-P-E-C-T from Queen Aretha. I’m obsessed with Stanley and the entire reality show. Jasmine Sullivan’s album should be on your playlist if it isn’t by now!

Feel free to comment with your favorites from her album, “ Reality Show”