so i heard that stefan karl stefansson has reached stage 4 cancer...

i want to share my support to stefan karl stefansson for being such an amazing person and a great actor, to his family and to the lazy town fandom for supporting him as well and make his (possible) last days the best days of his life.

i remember when i was a child. i used to watch lazy town and i loved it. but, of course, when i started to grow up i kinda lost my connection with the show but without forgetting about it.

then the we are number one song came along and the memories of my childhood returned.

and the fact that one of the characters from a show that marked my childhood is about to die puts me in a very sad mood. but i’ll try to stay positive and keep going.

thank you stefan for being a great actor and person

you’ll always be number one
10 songs tag

Thank you @swaggyt-enthusiast for tagging me ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
So i shuffled my whole song library and here are the first ten songs -
1. Don’t stop - SHINee
2. Oh Na Na - KARD
3. My Time - Bo En
4. Pompeii - Bastille
5. Sugar- Maroon 5
6. Ophelia- The Lumineers
7. Ocean of light- Nell
8. Clocks- Coldplay
9. How Crazy- Yui
10. OMG- Usher
I tag anyone who reads this and is interested.

music shuffle tag meme

@witch-hammers tagged anyone who wanted to do this, and I’m someone who’s wanted to do it!

rules: put your music library on shuffle. list the first ten songs that come up, and then tag ten people.

  1. Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance
  2. Control - Halsey
  3. Addicted To A Memory - Zedd 
  4. Seventeen - Alessia Cara
  5. Arsonist’s Lullabye - Hozier
  6. Ride - Twenty One Pilots
  7. Bombastic - Bonnie McKee
  8. Enigma (feat. GRRL PAL) - Slumberjack
  9. Misery Business - Paramore
  10. The Night is Still Young - Nicki Minaj

Have fun judging my taste in music—I tag anyone who’d like to do this too! Because I’m too much of a nervous wiener to mention anyone.


[170627] gy_stellar

#스텔라 #stellar #세피로트의나무
음원과 뮤비가 나왔답니당 🙏🏻

#스텔라 #Stellar #SephirothTree
The MV and song came out 🙏🏻

creatorofuniverses  asked:

Chase and Jacob for the music ask!

Bruh how did I miss this

I’m not gonna go find the post again, but it was basically just turn on shuffle and find the first song that reminds you of the character.

Chase - On Top of the World, Imagine Dragons

This song is pretty peppy and happy while also acknowledging the low points. That’s very characteristic of Chase, I think. He’s a happy kid, but he has had some rocky points in his life to get there.

Jacob - Beam Me Up, P!nk

I was beginning to think none of my songs would really fit, but then this sad song came along and I went yeah that works. This song is about missing a lost loved one, wishing for just one more minute to talk to them. If that’s not Jacob and his late father, nothing is.


So, Harry has said before that his favourite song is Free Fallin’ by John Mayer, which as you may know is a cover of a famous song by Tom Petty. The opening line to Free Fallin’ is “She’s a good girl” - sound familiar?

Now let me draw your attention to another Tom Petty song (technically Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, he was in a band before going solo too) called Mary Jane’s Last Dance. If you don’t know it, you might guess from just the title that it’s about a woman, but the name Mary Jane might also make you think of a certain drug. Does this woman/drug ambiguity seem familiar?

Well as it turns out, the lyrics of Mary Jane’s Last Dance are quite thematically similar to Carolina. The opening line of MJLD is “She grew up in an Indiana town” vs the opening line of Carolina - “She’s got a family in Carolina”. Some other interesting lyrics:

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anonymous asked:

Do you know exactly what Liam said about Louis? I don't think I've seen the quote on my dash

I tried to catch it all, but forgive me if there are some mistakes:

“Louis’ been great. Bless him. He’s had a tough..a tough..go of things and the way things are happening for him, but he’s handling it. And he’s going down and settling his business and you know….like I say. It’s been really tough for him, but what, you know, what a great song he came out with.”

anonymous asked:

cant believe y'all complain when bieber helped introduce latinx rythms into america like wtf your problem?

oh jesus, WHAT’S MY PROBLEM?

My problem is that Justin Bieber is a disgusting piece of shit who has done nothing but act like a gross diva every time he set foot on Latin America. 

My problem is that I’m supposed to be like “aw he tries” when he sings in spanish but immigrants are mocked and humiliated for their accents.

My problem is that Latinx kids start learning English when we’re on KINDERGARTEN because that’s just how we must adapt to USAmerican Imperialism.

My problem is that he couldn’t ass to at least learn how to properly pronounce the words when that’s his DAMN JOB to do so. 

My problem is that y’all yanquis are giving credit to that ugly worm for ~introducing reggaeton to USAmerica~ when he only put his voice in it MONTHS AFTER THE SONG CAME OUT. 


Neither Daddy Yankee nor Luis Fonsi need to be introduced ANYWHERE. Hell y’all are familiar with La Gasolina, guess who’s the singer? (hint: daddy yankee). 

NONE OF US need an ugly gringo to do anything. He can shove his ugly remix up his ass. 


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