The internet reminded me today that the National Jukebox at the LIbrary of Congress is a thing that exists, so being the nosy little nerd I am I went over to see what might be in the offing for the World War One AU. I typed in 1918, getting everything that was published that year, and came across a song “Lafayette We Hear You Calling”  (You can listen to it here: It’s predictably and gloriously awful.)

Lafayette’s a popular guy in World War One - Charles Stanton redirects the First Divison’s march through Paris to go to Picpus Cemetary just to say “Lafayette, we are here” to the Marquis’ grave. The Americans who join the French as aviators call themselves the Lafayette Escadrille. George M Cohan references him in ‘Goodbye Broadway, Hello France”, saying “France sent us a soldier/brave Lafayette/whose deeds and fame/we cannot forget./ Now that we’ve got the chance/we’ll pay our debt to France.” Which, admittedly, is pretty catchy.

However, this got me wondering: What other Revolution-era references can Tin Pan Alley make?

Friends, I was not disappointed. 

“Just like Washington Crossed the Delaware (General Pershing will cross the Rhine”

I could not make this up.

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Punk!Bones teaching a cheap, local guitar class at a music store for quick cash while he's putting himself through med school. One day nerdy Jim Kirk shows up with a beat up guitar that he may have borrowed without permission, some crumpled bills, and a smile that won't stop distracting Bones long enough to teach him even the basics without blushing over tiny mistakes.

(im so happy to hear from you yvonne<3) okay i read this and this song came on my shuffle and I feel like it sets the mood really well.

Paying for med school is rough, and Leonard takes any odd job he can to make money. It’s hard since he’s covered in tattoos, and while he switched his septum hoop for a horseshoe so he can hide it, people are still weary of his appearance. 

The most recent of his jobs has been teaching guitar classes at the local music shop. He gets younger kids mostly, and they love him. He teaches them a few cords a week and answers any weird questions they have. Leonard’s favorites being, “Where do boogers come from?”,“Can you eat a penny and live?”, and ”If I cross my eyes for too long will they get stuck like that?” 

So when a string bean of a college freshman comes through the door Leonard can’t help but arch a questioning brow. He gives Scotty (the shop owner) a few crumpled tens and they exchange a few words. 

Scotty turns and points to Leonard, “Aye, he’ll teach you a few things. Watch out though, he bites.”

The gangly blonde kid turns bright red, picks up his guitar and scuttles over to sit on the stool across from Leonard. He doesn’t say anything, just stares down at the guitar in his lap. One of the kids Leonard works with is the same way. Shy.

“I can’t exactly teach you if you don’t look at me, and it would be nice to know your name?” Leonard supplies, not rushing for an answer, “and I don’t actually bite. If anyone were going to bite in this store I vote Scotty to be the most likely candidate.”

Blondie chuckles at this, and looks up at Leonard. His glasses are so thick but his blue eyes pierce right through them. Leonard is a little taken aback. 

“I’m Jim. Jim Kirk.”

Jim is terrible at guitar. Scotty knows it, Leonard knows it, hell, even Jaylah the store regular knows it. Leonard tries to teach him simple cords, but Jim’s fingers just can’t seem to navigate the neck of the guitar. But Jim comes back week after week for more lessons, those weeks turn into months, and Jim gets better at the guitar. 

Leonard starts teaching Jim how to play songs, and when Jim is concentrating really hard on the cords his tongue sticks out ever so slightly from between his lips. Leonard teaches Jim songs every class just so he can see him make that face. 

(ah that’s all ive got for right now!) 

Manuel: God, this whole prom is perfect for basic bitches I swear.
Stacie: Yeah, totally.
Manuel: Yo, I think I have to go back inside.
Stacie: Oh, that’s right. They’ll play slow songs soon, I’m sure the girl you came here with is waiting for you.
Manuel: I didn’t invite any goddamn girl. I came here because my brother didn’t let me stay home. Anyway, I gotta go.

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Just downloaded the MP100 op and it came with a second song, it's Reigen's voice actor singing and its just perfect


but i’m glad it’s good holy shit im looking forward to listening to it

I Played Alone, I Played On My Own | Levi and Nicholas

The place was quiet, except for the stereo that propagated the melody through the air. Sometimes, practicing his archery to the sound of the piano, the instrument he loved almost as much as the bow, helped him focus. Archery was good to release some energy. He paused as he lowered the bow, looking around him. The university’s gym was empty. He looked at the clock on the wall, and hummed pensively. No one would come here now. He was alone, and there was no risk of being interrupted. Nicholas set the bow down, and was about to choose a different song, when one of his favorites came on. His sister had written it. He closed his eyes for a moment, and imagined his fingers jumping from one ivory key to the other. He missed dancing, he realized. He opened his eyes, and bit his lower lip. Nicholas took a few steps towards the center of the gym. The melody started sot at first. He stood on the tip of his toes, and leaned his body forward, one leg stretched back. He kept in perfect balance, surprised that he could still do it. He moved with the song, as its intensity increased. Where his limbs had been flowing before, they were now tensed and outstretched, his body mimicking the frustration he felt with the recent events of his life.

Eventually, the music died down, and his movements slowed, to an inevitable stop. As his foot landed in the last note, Nicholas froze. He wasn’t alone. But he didn’t have the courage to turn and see who it was. He had been trained by some of the best Russian ballet dancers. He wasn’t as good as his sisters, but he was still a sight to see. But he hadn’t allowed anyone besides Ingrid to see him dance since he was very young.

Orpheus (Gonna Be A Star) demo
  • Orpheus (Gonna Be A Star) demo
  • Glitzerstar

well here it is… after about 9 straight hours of learning how to use my first DAW i was in no condition to sing, but I wanted to have laid down a vocal before I called it a night, so I powered through it. This song’s not even a week old, being written while eating a cheeseburger at a diner down the street from me on Sunday. The verses all came at once, and the Orpheus theme came later; it’s funny how songs evolve.

Other than my singing I’m pretty happy with how this experiment came out :)

(album cover by the great @toast1862)

Okay everyone, so I can’t believe I haven’t heard this song before, but around the time Same Love by Macklemore came out, there was a remix created by Bizzle, a Christian rapper. I just want to make it clear that I have no problem with any religion except if you’re using it as an excuse to take away someone else’s rights, which is clearly what this guy was doing. I thought I’d break down the lyrics and respond to the anti-LGBT song. I’ve seen barely any response to this, which is surprising having listened to the lyrics already. If anyone else has something to say about the song or just your opinion on the entire topic, please respond. I love hearing what you guys have to say.

“It’s funny how the media portrays things; they’re really pushing hard for this gay thing; And it’s so wicked how they manipulate things; Can’t even disagree without making it a hate thing”. You know what, rapper who I had no idea existed until now, you’re completely right. How dare we fall in love. It’s disgusting, really. Loving people. And I’m sure making an entire song stating how you despise a song that had nothing to do with you will really show how you’re misrepresented as a person who hates gay people. Congrats.

“I’m sure that you lust like I do, just in a different form; But I’m married, so if I give into mine I’m a cheater; If you give into yours, you just fight to make it legal” Okay, so now you’re comparing us to adulterers. Don’t you think that if you have such a hard time lusting after other people while you’re married, then maybe you shouldn’t get married? I’m so proud that you have the self-control to not cheat on your wife. I guess when we choose to love people we’re just not as strong as you are. Fucking sue me.

“You would compare your sexual habits to my skin…; They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at?; They burned us for entertainment, you go through that?…; You can play straight, we can never play white” Okay, in the past few years the crime rate dropped tremendously for the LGBT community. And this was the year that the Orlando shooting happened. And now you’re telling me they can’t be compared? Yes, racism was and is awful. I don’t see how you can’t compare that to the homophobic hate crimes still happening. And telling us to just play straight and live our entire lives being oppressed and never speaking out is just shallow and willfully ignorant.

“And these sell-out rappers will do whatever you tell ‘em; Skirts on stage, campaigning for that black vote; Afraid to be blackballed, so they played that role” Wait a second, so you’re implying that rappers who support gay rights are just doing it for the media? They’re just sell-outs? Because I seem to recall that most rappers still use derogatory terms for gay people regularly in their songs. And when Macklemore wrote Same Love, that was the song that changed history. That was the song that people were talking about because he went against the media and what he was expected to do as a rapper.

“It angers you if I compare you to a pedophile; Cause he sick, right?; And you better how?” Pedophiles. Now you’re comparing us to pedophiles. So people who sexually abuse children and scar them for life are somehow the same as two consenting people who love each other. Okay, I need a moment.

“Well prove he wasn’t born that…; He was once nine, so at one point in his life it was just fine” Right, he was a kid. But then he grew up. He should have learned by then that a child cannot consent, and there is no excuse for making someone do something they didn’t consent to do. We are talking about loving someone who willingly loves us back. Tell me, how does that compare to someone who rapes children?

“And that rainbow you using as a gay pride symbol; It represents a covenant with God if you didn’t know; Check Geneses 9:13 for the info” Oh, you mean the rainbow in the bible that was used as a symbol for when God committed homicide and killed a bunch of people? It’s funny how you seem to look at that as a positive thing.

“When your right goes against my right, whose right would win?” See, but we’re not going against your rights. We’re fighting for equal rights. You can have your rights, we’ll have ours, and there never has to be a problem. It’s that simple.

“I guess down syndrome isn’t really a thing ya’ll; What do we call your syndrome; Oh that term is offensive now when it hits home” Now you’re comparing us to people with down-syndrome. I should just start making a list. People with down syndrome are born this way as well, but the difference is they’re born with a different amount of chromosomes. We’re born with an attraction that goes against societies standards. We don’t have a syndrome, you idiot, and I’m honestly kind of upset that in a hate song about gay people, you’re comparing us to people with a mental disorder that they cannot control. So basically you’re saying that they’re just as bad as we are as sinners, which you seem to think we’re pretty bad. It’s insulting and disgusting.

“Like we don’t have people from the LGBT community out here; Running up in churches, disrupting services; Kissing on the pulpit; Out here attacking old ladies; Throwing crosses down and stomping on ‘em; Violently assaulting people” If anyone has any proof of anything happening like that, please let me know. Because to my knowledge it’s usually the churches that are being violent towards LGBT people. And I love how “kissing on the pulpit” was just thrown in there, like that’s as threatening as beating up old ladies. It’s hard for me to believe anyone was actually serious about this song.

Okay, so that’s basically a break-down of some of the most ridiculous lyrics in this song. I honestly think that this sounds like some sort of joke, like it’s not possible for a person to be that ignorant. But whatever, I guess stuff like that can still surprise me no matter how much I’ve seen. So I’m done with my rant now, and if anyone would like to bond with me over this stupidity, I’d be happy to hear what you have to say.

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Boy sees his father crushed under the weight
Of a cross in a passion where the passion is hate.
Blue mink Ford, I’m gonna detonate and you’re dead
Blood in the house,
Blood on the street
The worst things in the world are justified by belief
Registration 1385-WZ

I don’t believe anymore

Raised by wolves
Stronger than fear
Raised by wolves
We were raised by wolves
Raised by wolves
Stronger than fear
If I open my eyes,
You disappear

I  was going to do a thing of Cabriel but this song came on and all I could think that out of all the characters Narel fits the title the most at this point as an angel and a sinner. But the whole point is that they are all angels and sinners so there are interesting things to develop because as far as we know Luci has done no wrong in her past…yet

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My choir class is singing a song in Latin!!

Rome: Oh my Goodness!! I want to hear! I want to hear!!! What’s the song about? Is it a romantic song~

China: … please let it not be the song that Germania, Rome, and I came up with!!!

Germania: … I thought we burned and cursed it a long time ago?

So there’s a song with the word flares in the title but I couldn’t remember it so I just told Siri to play flares and the song that came on is Lovesick by Flares. And Lovesick by Crimson1 ( @crimsondomingo on tumblr) is currently my fave fic. It’s an instrumental song so I’m just sitting here listening to it and remembering all my favorite Lovesick moments so far and I’m having so many feels.

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>music intro<

When I’m feeling lonely

Sad as I can be

All by myself

on an uncharted island in an endless sea

What makes me happy

fills me up with glee

those bones in my JAW!

that don’t have a flaw, My Shiny Teeth and ME

My shiny teeth that twinkle

Just like the stars in space

My shiny teeth that sparkle

addin’ beauty to my face

My shiny teeth that glisten

just like a christmas tree

You know they walk a mile just to see me smile, Woo!

My Shiny Teeth and Me
(shiny teeth shiny teeth)

Yes they’re all so perfect

so white and pearly

Brush Gargle Rinse. A couple breath mints. My shiny teeth and me

My shiny teeth so awesome

just like my favorite song

My shiny teeth I floss them

so they grow to be real strong

My shiny teeth I love them

and they all love me (AhhhAhhh)

Why should I talk to you, when I got 32 (woo)

My shiny teeth and me
(shiny teeth shiny teeth)

My shiny teeth and me
(shiny teeth shiny teeth)


My shiny teeth that twinkle

Just like the stars in space

My shiny teeth that sparkle

addin’ beauty to my face

My shiny teeth that glisten

just like a christmas tree (ahhhhahhhh)

You know they walk a mile just to see me smile. Woo!

My Shiny Teeth and Me