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@CHA_NNNNN @jaehwany0406 @AceRavi @RedBeans93 @HSangHyuk I’m sorry that I can’t support you from close by but I truly support and love you♥
Ravi: @☆ @CHA_NNNNN @jaehwany0406 @RedBeans93 @HSangHyuk Thank you truly~^^

@jaehwany0406 @AceRavi @RedBeans93 @HSangHyuk
The first weekend of December~VIXX must be busy but you all are well right?!ㅎㅎIt’s gotten a lot colder so dress warmly, and don’t skip any of your meals💕
Ravi: @☆ @CHA_NNNNN @JUNGTW_LEO @jaehwany0406 @RedBeans93 @HSangHyuk I’m healthy so you please be careful of colds^^

It’s morning so my writing may be a mess but it’s what I’ve always wanted to say
Pic: When I’m chasing my dream and get lost I listen to your song. I worked so hard when I first listened to it, and my goal was so vivid and clear in my mind. When that song first came out I felt admiration and happiness just at the fact that I heard it. I want to be like you. A person who improves, can be proud, and is the source of strength for others. I’ll get ready to shine bright so that you can see me from anywhere. Thank you and I love you
Ravi: So that the idea of becoming like me can be more valuable and great I’ll become a better person too⭐️

You’re really an addiction,
an addiction that can’t be treated.
Ravi: this is supposed to be good right?ㅋㅋ

good night💕💕💕
Ravi: good night^^

Aww… Your kind words warm me up!~ 😊💓 Thank you so much for caring about us! Love, 😘💋💞
Ravi: thank u teixeira~^^

you worked hard today too:) I hope you’ll spread out your legs and go right to sleep I love you❤my pride❤
Pic: Today was tiring too huh. I don’t think there’s anything that will bring a tired person down more than telling them to cheer up. You endured another day, thank you for enduring - Yoo Gwisun
Ravi: Rather than enduring I hope you’ve felt happiness today, tomorrow too!^^

My happiness. I am always supporting your path. Your own path that you’ve made step by step. I’ll support VIXX’s path and follow it. And I’ll also support you who is carving out your own path even tonight.
Ravi: Thank you good night~^^

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx

The Closest to Heaven

@bringmesomepie56 saw I had opened up to aesthetic ideas based on songs and she came up with this:  Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls Dean x Reader Give to a listen. It’s a good representation of Dean and how I feel he would be with the woman that he really loves.

Dean would never have a normal life, his illusions of that left him long ago. He had never thought he would have, someone like her in his life either. From the first time he had met her, he hadn’t wanted to leave. He wanted to stay in her bed, feel her warmth and breathe her in.

Dean had always been afraid to show people who he really was. It wasn’t just his life that scared people away, it was him. He was damage and he knew that. What he hadn’t expected was her. Someone that saw through his walls and lies, someone that loved him for who her was. Someone he wanted to know, who he really was beneath it all. She was the closest to heaven that he would ever be and he was not about to let her go. He would be the man she deserved and her never stopped being amazed by her acceptance and love.

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8 Can't-Miss Performances From the Mnet Asian Music Awards

7. Monsta X’s Jooheon & NCT 127’s Taeyong Rap Battle

Many popular K-pop boy bands performed at 2016 MAMA, and only a few individuals stood out from among the mass of men. But in a quick rap battle, Jooheon and Taeyong shone in the spotlight and proved their worth as rappers as they delivered some of the hardest-hitting moments of the award ceremony. Their fierce battle came wedged in between their group’s songs (NCT 127’s “Firetruck” and Monsta X’s “Fighter”) but it was the aggressive charisma of the pair that stood out.

NCT 127 was dubbed the best new male artist, while Monsta X received the best of next artist award.

via Billboard

Birthday Sex

I had someone message me and asked when there was going to be Hoseok smut! Here you go my darlings! Please enjoy!

God it was hot in this club.

You had come out with your friends Taehyung and Namjoon to your favorite club for your twenty first birthday.

It felt amazing to drink with your friends and dance with random strangers.

Would you have a killer headache the next day?


Did you care?

Not one single bit.

A slower paced song came on, so you decided you wanted to go to the bar again and get another drink.

You sat down heavily on the stool and rested your elbows there waiting for the bartender to come over and ask for your order.

You felt someone sit down next to you.

Orange hair lit up in your eyes and it was attached to a very attractive male in leather pants and a loose white shirt that was open low enough that you could see his chest. You licked your lips and quickly turned your head away from the mysterious man before you completely flushed pink.

The bartender came over and gave you a small smile. Then you recognized him.

“Yoongi? Oh my god is that you!? I’ve missed you!”

The now black haired male smiled and reached across the bar to pat your wrist in a brotherly manner.

“It’s good to see you Jagi. I’ve missed you as well.”

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aurumdalseni  asked:

So, I was listening to music while sewing, and a Lindsey Stirling song came on. I happened to be thinking about Lance and suddenly... Lance playing the violin. <3 I thought it was really pretty and you were the first person I thought to share that with.

i am MOVED AND DEEPLY TOUCHED BY THIS!!! he would be the most beautiful violinist ♥

historically accurate kaz is my jam. because he would have

  • gone to college with early hippies
  • had access to weed and LSD, and realistically, probably tried it just because he could
  • learned to play guitar on Beatles songs
  • came to the US just after the Red Scare, which probably didn’t do him any favors as a foreginer
  • been there for the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK’s assassination, and the start of the Vietnam war
  • seen a great deal of the Civil Rights movement and likely sympathized with African-Americans given his own upbringing

A cover of the Missy Higgins cover featuring Cam K on vocals and LKP on guitar

Also featured: my awkward attempt to wake the computer up mid-song, my weird laugh at the end

Not featured: Cam promptly bursting into tears the moment the camera stopped rolling



“Yeah-yeah, I did. What I think it was always, it actually it’s… I suppose they want a more interesting answer than the fact that we changed the set. I used to do it for one particular song, for ‘Me,’ because I always felt, it kind of came from the fact that I felt quite fragile delivering that song, so delivering it to the back of loads of phones felt at odds with the way that I felt about the song. So-so yeah, exactly [this part was an answer to something the interviewer said that I didn’t catch], and then I was like, ‘Well hold on, if we’re having this personal moment - let’s have it, let’s not have it later or before or share it with anybody else who isn’t here. Let’s all be here,’ which encouraged people to put their phones down. I do do it occasionally, but then again I also understand what it’s like living your life in a forum. And one of the things I always say now is that I’m very aware of how we validate our experiences through documenting them. I’m just as bad as anybody else, cause as soon as I see anything that is worth documenting or that I find beautiful or whatever - my first thought is, fuck I need to capture that. Reminding people that they don’t… not… telling people not to do it is very different to reminding them that they don’t have to do it. If you remind them that they don’t have to do it then people are like, ‘Oh yeah, fuck what am I doing? I don’t have to, I just use my eyes.” But when people go on stage and are like, ‘Put your phones down,’ it’s like dude it’s 2016, like you’ve got a phone backstage, like, you know, like, don’t hate.” - Matty (2016) (x)                         


I’m sinking in MM fandom deeper and deeper so I decided to cover the OP song, piano version :)) I watched a synthesia video on Youtube and came up with this arrangement. I don’t use music sheet and it’s a bit messed up but well, there you have it. Hope you all enjoy this piece :3 

 Original song from Cheritz.

Do you think the inspiration for that storyline where Peter Parker kills Mary Jane with his radioactive cum came from the line ‘66 cartoon theme song “he’s got radioactive blood?”