everything is blue; a chill playlist w/ songs only titled by colors 

click the picture to listen: colors (halsey) | ivy & gold (bombay bicycle club) | yellow (coldplay) | pale blue eyes (the velvet underground) | dark blue (jack’s mannequin) | gold (marina & the diamonds) | that green gentleman (panic! at the disco) | back to black (amy winehouse) | being beige (the smashing pumpkins) | blue (troye sivan) | different colors (walk the moon)


[originally posted 1.22.16]


With Starninger Kin-chan!
With Tawada-kun!

We became good friends at the Super Hero Festival  (^^)

We’re about the same height.
Well, nothing about about it~ haha

This Sunday,
please watch
Ninninger and Ghost!!!

And to all those
who came out to the Super Hero Festival,
thank you so much!!!

It was an extraordinarily fun time  (^^)

Singing all those Rider and Sentai songs
got me really worked up  ( ̄▽ ̄)

We got to be with Ghost’s
theme song artist, Kishidan-san.

Hearing them live gave me chills!!!

The next event I can see everyone at
is my calendar event on the 31st!

Please come!

At the place,
you can get MEN ON STYLE things
and my CA4LA collaboration cap!

There are
new pictures for sale
in the k-shop!

If you were looking to get some
please take this opportunity  m(_ _)m

anonymous asked:

Hey could you give me some artists similar to reddy and jay park please?

hmm I’m trying to think of who is similar but its actually a bit difficult for me to compare…

firstly I would  recommend checking out other artists on both of their labels AOMG and Hilite. Gray and Chacha produce most of the beats for Jay Park and the rest of their label mates so chances are you will like you hear from them.  

I think Reddy’s songs have really chill vibes. Other artists that also give off chill vibes are Donutman, Young Lion, Mad Clown, Beenzino, Ja Mezz 

Jay is a rapper-singer with a mix of feel-good songs, sexy songs, and songs that (try to) go hard. That also describes Crush (minus going hard lol). He often collabs with Illionaire who I would recommend if you like Jay’s “hard” stuff

umm yeah.. that’s all I can think of really. If anyone has anything to add please feel free. I hope this helps you out a bit