“How do you go about shaping a Charr’s head when you draw them? I want to draw a friend’s charr but muzzles usually hate me.”



I haven’t been able to do that video. I was trying to record my voice over it but there’s so much noise during the day in my house it’s very hard. (And also because I am derpy and said things wrong again and again, which made my sister laugh very hard) 8)

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So I interpreted the Love Me one as just some general couple-y fluff because it didn’t really specify.
These are some sketches that I made during church because words/specific scenes weren’t coming to mind. 😊 (the top half that didn’t make it into the shot was basically Daer seeing Lillylo laughing really hard for the first time (cause she doesn’t really laugh all that much now that I think about it) and it’s all anime and cute and blushy, it’s great.)

Thanks for the ask! (Sorry I had to set it up this way, haha, silly mobile)