The whole week I was sick and just lying in bed while watching Youtube videos in my tablet and what do you know

Delirious and his friends made me laugh so hard even without my voice lmaoooo

SO NOW I did a fanart! XD Was listening to some of the bgm they used on their GTA videos while drawing this lmaoooo

P.S. I have NO idea if his GTA character’s eyes has blue eyes but I’m just following what most the fanarts did lmaaao 

“You are the fire within me, but I would sooner be consumed by it than bring you harm.”  He murmured against her ear, and she knew she was turning red.  Okay, she didn’t blush.  She didn’t blush.  “Stars are too distant to be your eyes, roses too fleeting to be your lips, and silk will never hold the warmth your skin brings to mine.”

Okay…help.  Help.  Pie wasn’t working, she needed someone to rescue her from this.  She felt him smile against her ear as she lifted her hands to cover her eyes, blocking out the world.  Shit.  Oh…shit.

Shut up.

AnaChromystic - Diner Stories - Chapter 8 - Talk Dirty to Me. 

I made this quick and messy 5 min-sketch, after I read this prompt from @anachromystic ‘s Dinerau. It made me laugh so hard. Poor girl.