Behind the scenes of The Idiot’s Lantern (Part Two of Four)
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Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s interviews in DWM #371

Mark [Gatiss, Writer]: “There was a line which survived for a long time as the Doctor and Tommy arrived on the Vespa.  The Doctor hesitates when he sees the tower, Tommy asks what’s wrong and the Doctor mutters, ‘Nothing.  I’ve just got a thing about transmitters.  I fell off one once!’  Logopolis humour!  It didn’t make it, sadly.  Wasn’t even shot!
    “There was no end of debate about how the Doctor should defeat The Wire. I actually asked a physicist if there was a way of turning the transmitter into a receiver.  He sent me an e-mail which was virtually talking about the polarity of the neutron flow. […]
    “There was also a closing scene in which you saw The Wire screaming, then some static, then some Corrie with which the Doctor had taped over her!”

Louise [Page, costume designer]:  ”I wanted the Doctor to have his coat on as he climbed up the mast, so that it would flap in the wind.  Russell put that into the script, with the Doctor going into the TARDIS, then coming out with his coat on!”

”It looks fantastic.  I love David’s coat flapping in the gale.  When they shot the Betamax video tape scene, the tape had a blank label, so I got them to write some things on there, then cross them out, suggesting that the Doctor had used it for recording Triangle, Dynasty, and The A-Team!”

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anonymous asked:

I love Indra, she is so interesting, I agree. Someone did have this idea, actually. Cause Indra gave Lincoln the knife - but she could have been seen, someone would tell Lexa and she could be tried for treason, basically. So I wonder if Indra did that because Lexa asked her to. Indra is a military leader under Lexa, she follows orders (almost) without question. Lexa could not come back for Clarke - and risk getting the deal being broken - but Lincoln could (as he was no longer a Grounder).???

Hello. :)

Yes. I need more Indra. I need to know everything. Every time her character is on screen it just creates more questions I need answered.

In regards to Lexa being involved with Lincolns escape… Oh anon… My heart says YES but my head says NO.

I have actually thought about this a lot. I have a whole lot of theories and headcanons in regards to this show and Grounders in general. The majority of my theories cancel each other out but we are allowed to dream… right?

Under the cut I will share some of those headcanons and reasoning’s as to why I personally don’t believe Lexa would have participated in Lincolns escape and how she possibly connects with Indra and others…

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