“Today I feel inclined for the life of ease. It would have to be a very interesting problem to tempt me from my chair. See you, I have affairs of importance of my own to attend to.”
“Such as?”
“My wardrobe, Hastings. If I mistake not, there is on my new grey suit the spot of grease - only the unique spot, but it is sufficient to trouble me. Then there is my winter overcoat - I must lay him aside in the powder of Keatings. And I think - yes, I think - the moment is ripe for the trimmings of my moustaches – and afterwards I must apply the pomade.”
- Agatha Christie, “The Adventure of the Clapham Cook”

Monsta X Reaction #17 - You sleep in a shirt with another members name on it

@virtualt asked: Reaction from BTS EXO and Monsta X when they see you wearing a shirt with another member’s name on it to go to sleep

Hyunwoo: -minhyuk’s name on your shirt-

Shownu: “Did you give my Y/n a shirt with your name on it…?”

Minhyuk: “Yes! Doesn’t it look so cute? It’s nice to feel supporte-”

Shownu: *gif* “Shouldn’t they be supporting their boyfriend more than you?! That should be my name!” -unusually jealous for sure-

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Hoseok: “You have an I.M shirt?? Wah~ That’s so cute! Your friendship is so strong!”

You: “You aren’t angry at all…?”

Hoseok: “No, I honestly can’t blame you. I love the other members a lot too and I know you’d never cheat on me because we have a good relationship. I love that you’re showing support, it makes me happy.” -smiles-

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Minhyuk: -it wasn’t a bit deal until you started fawning over how amazing Hyungwon is. That’s when he ends up being super jealous-

“Hyungwon is cute but he’s not as sexy as I can be!! Why did you buy his shirt and not mine?? Do I have to make you say my name again and again until you realize your mistake?”

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Kihyun: “Fine. Wear Wonho’s shirt all you want. I still have chicken even though I apparently don’t have you. Chicken is all I need now.”

-salty AF for weeks or until you give that shirt away/throw it away-

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Hyungwon: -hardcore teases you- “OI SHOWNU COME HERE AND SEE Y/N’S SHIRT! I THINK SHE HAS A CRUSH ON YOU!!” -dies laughing at your embarrassment-

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Jooheon: -he’s looking at the shirt after you changed the next morning, not realizing until that moment that it has Shownu’s name on it-


You: “Babe, it’s an old shirt before I even started dating you.” -pretend you’re minhyuk in this gif going to hug him-


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Changkyun: “Well I don’t really like it but I love Jooheon a lot too so… I can’t really blame you for buying his shirt.” -a little pouty, teases you about it whenever he’s feeling a little insecure about it, but lets it go soon-

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A/N: they’re so cute TT.TT

The fact that Maggie’s wearing a suit in this picture

means so much to me. I’ve always hated wearing dresses and was never comfortable in them. It’s only recently that I’ve started gathering the courage to wear suits in front of my family and I’m still uncertain and scared about it each time. But to see this, a woman wearing a suit for a formal event, on a show like Supergirl just means the world to me. It’s not just a pantsuit she’s wearing to work or something like that, but a suit she’s wearing because she wants to dress nice for her girlfriend.

There are still so many people out there in today’s society that do a double take and stare when girls or women wear suits, with or without ties, as well as tuxedos. And to see Supergirl dress Maggie in a suit instead of a dress like many other shows would’ve done, makes me really happy. It’s helping to normalize women wearing something other than dresses. And quite frankly, this picture alone is helping me to realize that I have every right to wear a suit and I should be comfortable with my choice.

Okay, so y’all need to start watching Xena Warrior Princess ASAP because these two

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and their precious relationship

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And awesome fun cheesy moments

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What more could you possibly need

Tonight, there’s a new episode of Shadowhunters. And I’ll say this: 

I love the show. Despite all its flaws, I genuinely love it. And I love the cast and crew and I appreciate deeply what they do for us, that they work hard to bring the story to us. And even though there’re things I would change, the show still makes me very happy in general. 

And if you have a problem with that, if that makes me an “ass-kisser” in your opinion…

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This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge.  My prompt was #36  “I don’t see half the nerdy stuff that you do, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do nerdy stuff.“

Summary: Dean decides to make fun of you for being a nerd.

warnings: none, just making fun of nerdiness and nerd defense

word count: ~700

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“God, Y/N, you’re such a nerd,” Dean teased as he walked into the library, poking at your ‘select your spaceship’ t-shirt.

You rolled your eyes, not really in the mood for his teasing today.  “Yeah, yeah, whatever Dean.”

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Anime recs to temporarily cure depression??????

Idk these series help me out a fucking lot and dont make me want to die anymore. I love depressing shit too but heres a list of more lighthearted stuff I guess

•literally any ghibli movie: literally any of them bESIDES GRAVE OF FIREFLIES NONNONOONONNNOOJJNKOJJ

•ouran highschool host club: its mainstream for a reason. I re watch my favorite episodes of it when im depressed it makes me feel whole

•doukyuusei: lighthearted gay romance without all the disgusting tropes of ya/oi or b/l. Very blissful and pretty to look at. Probably my favorite movie and manga

•nichijou: the funniest short running series of all time

•gakuen handsome: a literal fucking shitpost idk what else to tell you just watch it (watch the half hour long OVA first before the miniseries)

•ghost stories (dub): the best anime dub in existence

•haikyuu!! (?????): idk this show just makes me really happy


•orenchi no furo jijou: a boy finds a merman and lets him live in his bathtub its kinda dumb but cute and lighthearted and also very short

Idk theres probably some I missed but take these theyre good and I like them

#263: You’re Not The Best Cook


Okay so this isn’t me, at all. I’m very well around the kitchen and I know how to cook several things considering I’ve been to cooking school and I’ve also lived alone for a month so this is for all of you who don't’!!! I appreciate you too :^) 

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“Y/N…  I know you told me to stay out of your business and all that but your toast is burning.” He was so careful with speaking, almost too afraid that you would freak out on him but he couldn’t just stand there and witness the toaster sooner than later being caught on fire. You looked away from your magazine to see the smoke slowly build up from the toast that had clearly been too long in the toaster, the smell was even there but you hadn’t noticed yet. “Shit.” You mumbled quickly and ran over to take it out of the toaster. It was hot, warm, and completely burning your fingers but what you hated about it the most was the fact that Luke was right. The toast was completely black. “I-, I can’t even make toast properly.” You sounded completely defeated and at any other scenario he wouldn’t have laughed but this time he couldn’t stop. It was so affectionate you did it yourself before throwing the toast into the trash, deciding to start over again.


“Hold on! You’re cooking? Pinch me in the arm because this will either be a nightmare or a beautiful dream.” Calum commented once coming into the kitchen, four things were going on at once and you were battling to keep up with everything. “A beautiful dream I hope.” You said quietly with sweat on your forehead, if it wasn’t for the fact that you constantly had something in your hands you would have opened a window. “What happened? Did you suddenly wake up and thought ‘I should cook for my beautiful boyfriend’?” He questioned as he opened the fridge to get a water bottle. “Something along the lines of that.” You mumbled concentrated and searched for a spoon so he could have a taste of the sauce. He smiled when you reached out for him to taste, but once his face grimaced you knew the nightmare had come. “Hey…” He cooed quietly and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Efforts for trying babe. Shows you care to make me happy.”


“This is not to sound offending but they actually look good.” His eyes were wide once you took the baking sheet out of the oven and placed it on top of the stove. You were pretty impressed yourself, you had tried to bake cinnamon rolls so many times but they had never turned out to look like this. “Maybe it was because I gave them a bit of mixed egg on the top? That’s why they are so golden.” You observed impressed and watched him take a small napkin he could use as a plate. He also seemed very pleased once he smelled the small cinnamon but after he took a bite you knew something was wrong. “It’s delicious.” He announced like it was nothing but you grabbed the cinnamon out of his hand and saw it was completely raw inside. “Michael you don’t have to eat it I know it’s bad.” You mumbled but he shook his head in disagreement and swallowed. “I have to taste everything you make me, it’s a promise. But you know, some day I will end up with food poisoning.” 


“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” You mumbled and hovered over the bowl to fill it up with some flour you were making for the sauce. So far so good it looked and smelled okay, but you would constantly look over your shoulder to watch for Ashton’s approval. “You’re doing great. Now just grab a bit of flour and use that to make it thick.” “But I just did?” You questioned confused and pointed down at the beige box you had in your hands. “Honey no wait that’s salt you’re using.” Silence fell upon the room when realizing what you had done and you lightly smacked your hand against your forehead. “That’s it I’m ordering pizza.” You mumbled and leaned over to grab your phone, you had already ruined dinner for tonight there was no way you could make it any worse. “Pizza it is then.” Ashton sighed softly and looked down at the pot, he wouldn’t stop until you finally learned the secret of good cooking. 

2017 Follower Favorite: ENFP Winner
Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aang has won! He has won an in-depth profile and has now joined Javert in the 2017 Follower Favorite Chart. 

Read from followers like you and learn why Aang has won the 2017 ENFP Favorite:

I really just spent longer with Aang than Moana, so I have a stronger sense of attachment that demands he has a victory in any competition.

He’s funny and relatable and he is always ready to help others

Because he’s a good round about character that often comes up with fun games and unconventional solutions, not to mention he is able to bring other people out of their shells.

I love ATLA

ATLA came out years ago and seeing Aang in the finals is a true testament to how much he is loved and adored as a character.

He’s a really lovable character and the way he matures throughout the series makes you love him more.

He is just the best thx

He begins the series through an Ne state of wonder and curiosity and at every chance he has he simply wants to share that moment with his friends but later on we see a lot of inner turmoil through his realization of how torn the world around him truly is and he soon begins to confront his Fi. Sorry I’m pretty incoherent and all over the place. My point is that he shows an exciting transformation by the end of the series as he comes into his own.

Aang had to go threw a lot. His culture being destroyed by the fire nation and he still has to save the world on top of that, being at a super young age. The best part is that he goes about fighting the fire nation without killing them. He turns a few enemies into allies.

For me, Aang symbolizes an ENFP to the dot. He seems the youngest of his friend group and yet often has this old soul feeling about him. He tries to inspire and gets excited easily and it is so beautiful to watch. As a person who’s friends with many ENFPs, who have often been conditioned to control this eager, happy side of themselves, it is also emotional. Also, Aang takes his ideals very seriously, best example when he tried to get Katara not to take revenge on her mother’s killer. He is a quintessential ENFP.

Aang is, above all, a character who looks for balance. Throughout the show he holds true to his ideals and his enthusiastic, childish nature despite living through some of the most difficult things a kid can experience. In the end he achieves victory by doing what he knows is right, rather than what is easiest.

Aang’s character has more screen time to be developed. We see more situations that could challenge or invigorate the ENFP mindset. We get a lot of different reactions from him in this way that paint a picture of his core preferences, and even better we see how over time his maturity and increased understanding means different approaches when dealing with similar circumstances.

He’s curious, introspective, and very active, and i can notice it more easily

I really like both of these characters but the reason why I chose Aang is because I used to watch Avatar the Last Airbender as a kid and I loved the show. Although I did like Moana, Aang brings back warm childhood memories for me. Sorry that my choice doesn’t have anything to do with their mbti type 😅

Seeing his struggle between being a peaceful non conflict type of person and have to take down the firelord was great.

Aang embodies the free-spirited ENFP! He’s very compassionate, energetic, as well as harmony-seeking.

A fun loving character, Aang expresses some of the best parts Fo NE creativity with his philosophy. A deep character that also struggle with his past life, but he still stay true to who he is and his morals

Waking up after being asleep 100 years in an iceberg would usually terrify a child, but Aang quickly adjusts and is actually excited to explore the world with his new friends. He is enthusiastic and wise, and like many ENFPs would rather use his (bending) skills to make others happy than for violence.

Least Obvious/straightforward ENFP among the ENFP characters that have made it to the finals. His enthusiasm is that of a stereotypical ENFP, but the rest of his personality isn’t as straightforward as I initially thought.

He’s able to balance responsibility and fun

He’s so fun, and even though Aang acts goofy, in the end he developed as a character and was ready to deafeat the firelord in his own, Fi approved way. :)

Aang’s Ne is EVERYWHERE to explore and find new things and DO YOU WANT TO GO PENGUIN SLEDDING WITH ME while his Fi guides him down his own path to NOT kill Fire Lord Ozi while literally EVERYONE else tells him it’s what he’s gotta do.

I grew up with the show and Aang always makes me happy. XD

I suppose I am a little bias because I haven’t seen Moana. I know she is a lovely, lovely character and reminds me of my sister but Aang is my homie.

Next will be ISTP! Stay tuned and keep voting! :)