“Tom and the Tabby” - Digital Oil Painting

“Any idiot knows that this is the way you hold a cat while being shirtless.”

Tom Felton is one hell of an actor, because he is the sweetest person ever in real life. That’s why I had to paint him.

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I took a Narcissistic Quiz for Ibis...

“Results of your
Narcissistic Personality Quiz

Your Total: 33

Between 12 and 15 is average.
Celebrities often score closer to 18.
Narcissists score over 20. 
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anonymous asked:

U should be casted as armand. Appearence wise at least

Goof around in period costume AND get paid? Sign me up! 

I know I would provide excellent behind the scenes footage (because let’s be honest I would just follow the Lestat actor around all day and play pranks on him for no other reason than the fact that he’s Lestat. That’s what you get for picking a troll from the fandom) 

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On screen though? 
Director: I need you to say your lines and then cry in this scene
Me: Tell you what I can do. Stand in silence over there and not do any acting - how does that work for you? 

Maybe I can be like a hair double. Is that a thing? XD