150630 Jhope

더쇼!!! 2위 감사합니다 ㅠㅠ아미 4랑해여!!!

정국이 신나서 형을 혀로.. 위협한다..무섭다

뱀 뱀 뱀 같은 남자 ~



The Show!!! TY for 2nd place ㅠㅠI love you ARMYs!!!

Jungkook being excited to his hyung his tongue.. Dangerous..Scary

Man like a snake ~



"A word that needs to be brought back to the series, in this manner."

Sam and Dean enter a bar.
We need to figure out which one is a demon.
       Dean: Yeah, well, how do you intend to do that in a room full of people?
       Sam: CHRISTO! [raises hand as if he’s greeting the room; Entire room goes black eyed and looks at them, before looking away and resuming what they were doing-]
       Dean: Well..
       Sam: Yeah…
       Dean: We..?
       Sam: uhuh…
       Dean: Let’s go.
       Sam: Right behind ya.

clintonvevo asked:

Not gonna lie, Sweaters & Cigarettes and Show Me How To Love are some of my favorite fics (also, The Santorum one is absolutely HILARIOUS)

YESSS I READ THE SANTORUM! I forgot to remove it from the read later list lol. I have never read such a hilarious fic like that in my life

I think i’ll read Show Me How To Love tonight! Its less than 30k so I won’t have to stay up all night lol 

I keep putting off reading over 100k fics >_< i stayed up till 5am reading twist and shout XD