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I just listened to the Greg James interview and learned the entire Unreal Lives thing was unscripted? Wow! My hat is off to Niall. He came up with those wild answers on the spot! I love the one where he says the chaffinch call translates to "large latte" and of course the song. Niall king of accents and improv!

I KNOW! its so funny and hes so witty and clever, i was honestly SUPER impressed. get that kid into show business! lol 


takeuchiyume:  We have today off. ✩°。 ⸜(* ॑  ॑* )⸝ I think I’ll take it slow and rest at home. Oh! I can finally go to the hair salon〜( ´﹀` ) This picture is from yesterday. A shot with Taiki📷✨

risa1lisa2happy:   Another miracle!! On my way back from Fuerza Bruta I ran into Karen-Mars, who I was in Sera Myu with, on the platform!!!! Apparently the show had just ended! lol I had two miraculous meetings today!! Did I draw them to myself? lol 🤷🤷

karen_kbys:   I ran into Risaaaa on the platform💗 It was seriously a miracle romance moment😍 I was drawn in by Risa lol

Karin_T_0722:   Today there was no Death Note performance. So I was able to go to the Sera Myu finale!🌙 I couldn’t stop crying. As everyone appeared on stage and each time I heard a song that made me nostalgic, I cried. It was really wonderful. Watching Sera Myu from the audience made me realize once again how happy I am to have been a part of it.

Karin_T_0722:  Mirai-Saturn💜 She was super cool! Here’s a shot with my beloved Setsuna-mama! The second I saw Mama’s face I turned into Hotaru and couldn’t stop crying😭 She hugged me right away. I was super happy to see the bond between PuuSata during the show so many times! I’ll always love them. PuuSata!

Karin_T_0722:  I’m really glad I got to go see the Sera Myu finale. Seeing everyone made me really want to work hard! Everyone told me to do my best in Death Note, it gave me so much strength! I’ll do my best as Sayu in tomorrow’s Death Note show🍎❤︎ Thank you for your support!

KD_0223:  Huh, I didn’t post my picture with Karin! Karin! 💓

takeuchiyume:  Yesterday, former Saturn Karin and Chihiro who played Tigers Eye, Yumi who played Fish Eye, Kanami who played Zirconia and others… I wasn’t able to take pictures, but I was happy to get to talk to them all for the first time in ages\❤︎/ Also, the 2nd Mercury, Momoyo came! ˊᵕˋ It was a super happy day. ʚ♡

hasegawa_rimo:  Karin♡ Thank you for coming✨I was so happy to see her for the first time in ages. (*^^*) I gave her lots of hugs. lol/// Do your best in Death Note!🌈

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@surreysimmer had to show your goof lol 

Okay so like 10 facts about my fiery bean girl:

1. She’s actually trying her best to grow out her hair - totally over the short phase rn and just wants a new experience you know??  

2. Food cravings are mad high rn for Em ( bc pregnant ofc ) - she will devour a whole plate of garlic noods, with some ice cream and brownies on the side in one sitting. 

3. Being an ‘evil’ sim (yeah right more like chaotic good??) she often loves to scream at random strangers doing random stranger things. 

4. She haaates PDA with a passion. 

5. Actually a scaredy cat during basic horror movies - 10/10 will leap onto your lap. 

6. Wants to own a cat and a doggo when she’s older. ( if she can afford it of course) 

7. Has dined and dashed numerous amounts of times. (evil sim member?) 

8. Will fight you for the last cupcake at a bake sale. 

9. Has a thing for tall people… 

10. Is that type of anon person on the internet that trolls random blogs with shit posts. 

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what the hell is on your wall in the background???

I was actually so confused for a second till I remembered the giveaway post showed above my bed lol!

It’s a vinyl transfer and part of my collection of 3D butterfly stickers - taking some interior decorating inspo from Harry’s Statesman cell.