• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:monsta x are one of the most hard working and talented groups out there and i honestly don't understand how they don't have their first win yet?? they do so much for their fans, they are such talented artist, and they have such diverse music?? like they make music in so many different genres??? and they are just such kind hearted boys they truly deserve their first win they have worked soso hard and it makes me so sad that we haven't been able to get them their first win yet because they deserve it so much. it truly breaks my heart because they always say "we'll be singers you can be proud of" "we'll work hard to show a better image/better music" and things like that, and i just want them to know that they are so talented and good and that we are so proud of them and it just makes me so frustrated and i just. want them to know how much we appreciate them, i want to repay them for all they've done for us i want-

as stated from his periscope :)

after the Banagic Wand commercial, Star was totally amazed by the idea of “frieeeeendship maaaaagic” by eating the ice cream with friends but by the end of the episode (after Marco’s cute speech about underestimating her), she awkwardly puts down his ice cream slowly and walks away saying “there was a fly on it”

she didn’t let him eat the ice cream because she didn’t want the friendship magic. but. maybe MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP MAGIC?!?!???!?!1

has Star finally caught feelings?

I just watched black sails 2x07 and a few points to summarize, ok here we go

  • all the ladies are interacting and I’m in heaven basically
  • Idelle is a fucking goddess
  • Jack’s rescue of Anne was badass from the description of it but I sure fucking hope he didn’t fuck her at the age of thirteen. Regardless of age of consent at the time period, it’s still fucked for a thirteen years old to have any kind of sex. It would sure help to know Jack’s age at the time of these events so we know how wide the age gap is.
  • Billy continues to surprise me and I’m glad to see where his loyalty lies
  • still convinced Billy is non het and am rooting for him and Flint to hook up pronto
  • I want more platonic friendship between Miranda and Flint because I think they operate better without fucking involved tbh
  • Max handled the whole situation like a pro and I was fucking mesmerized the whole time
  • also she needs to speak french more often because it’s kinda hot charming
  • can classic Charles died already?
  • oh fuck off Dufresne has never been a more relevant phrase then it is now
  • Silver rules and anyone who is surprised that he was rooting for himself and looking for HIS interests above Flint’s hasn’t been paying attention. There was no bromance developing here, maybe Flint and John had some fondness for each other at some point but Silver is and has been and will always be a man ready to throw anyone to the wolves if it saves him, the man is single minded and determined. He wanted the gold and his freedom, he doubted Flint could give him that and saw a future of doing his bidding endlessly without getting his prize so he changed the game and in the process he offered Max an opportunity to expand. I think it’s clear where Silver’s trust lies at the moment and it can change. He has always been a lone wolf, that doesn’t change overnight. Don’t be surprised about it. What happened with John this episode is completely consistent with what we know of him, he’s not a traitor because he was never on anyone’s side but his own to begin with.
  • Eleanor Guthrie fucking slayed this episode and if Vane lays a finger on her I sure hope Flint will decapitate him.
  • can I trade in Eleanor’s sad excuse for a parent and his screen time for more Mr Scott instead?
  • that speech was fucking fantastic and I wonder how much of that John actually meant
  • Abigail Ashe should be protected at all fucking costs
  • Oh and I’m worried about Anne a lot, she’s too lost now and needs to get back on a ship and do what she knows best
  • last but not least John/Max is a brotp, a platonic ship for several reasons. John probably wouldn’t want someone who can easily outsmart him and I think he knows Max is fucking lethal and secondly Max is a lesbian. It’s been clear to me since the beginning that she’s a lesbian, she’s a sex worker and she has to fuck men for work but we’ve never seen her have an attraction or pursue a man outside of work so yeah all hints points to her being a lesbian

08.25.95. a very special day for a special someone~ Dowoon: the person who always promises to work harder every single day, shows that it’s perfectly fine to be an awkward turtle, inspires everyone to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams, spreads smiles across the world by being the epitome of cuteness, and continuously drumming away into our hearts; you are the downbeat to my offbeat. May all your wishes come true today, and may this birthday be the best day you’ve had so far. Happy birthday, Yoon Dowoon! ♡ ♡ ♡

Person of Interest 3x21

THE ACTING IN THIS EPISODE!!!!!! Everyone brought their A (plus plus plus) game, especially actual real life OTP Preston-Emerson combo of awesome. That scene in the bridge was so utterly heartbreaking, and I was so afraid that Decima wouldn’t hold up their end of the deal.

I was also expecting (and so desperately hoping) that Grace would somehow recognize Finch in any way at all, but I should have expected the writers to veer off cliches, which is what I love about this series. That being said, I really hope this isn’t the last we see of Grace (I need a happy reunion dammit)

Another thing I loved: Reese staying loyal to Finch and his cause! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

On a lighter note, I just found out that John Nolan, who plays Greer, is Jonathan Nolan’s uncle. HahahaHaha…. :V

Imagine Woozi getting embarrassed when he finds out that you were binge-watching his predebut videos.

Why does Maya get treated like she can do not wrong? I am not just talking about within the fandom I mean with the writers as well, It is as if they prop her up and at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if people thought she was the girl in girl meets world.

Since the show has started she has gotten all that she wanted. Now she has a family, she gets good grades, she has her friends, Lucas liked her, Josh likes her, Shawn is her Dad. Life could not get better for her. Since the show has aired she has had this amazing character arc and Riley the actual girl of girl meets world can barely manage to get a stable storyline.

The bullying arc was forgotten, her intelligence is constantly looked down upon though she is smarter than almost everyone on the show, the only arc she has had is this damn triangle and when she does get a good plot it is always contradicted in future episodes. 

The episode she don’t like me is coming up and Riley is freaking over someone not liking her when in the past she has been shown to keep that to herself. With Shawn she brushed it off until Maya was involved and same goes for her bully. The writers only seem to like to use her for basic plotlines because they’re afraid of anyone disliking Maya. Why is it that she gets all this sympathy and she gets portrayed as if she knows all of what’s happening in the world.

The show is slowly becoming the Maya show