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Supergirl 2x02

-I’ll give them credit for doing Superman right. When he wasn’t on-screen in the first season, they kept going on about him being some weird loner or something…

-And even here they have a random line about him “abandoning Kara with the Danvers,” like, fuck you Clark for putting Kara in a stable family environment instead of raising a traumatized preteen girl yourself in between a journalism career and regularly risking your life… so, go get into a car accident, show…

-But that one super-random line aside, they actually portray Supes as a decent human being. (Gotta suck to be Henry Cavil and have to play Supersulk and then hear about how some Teen Wolf guy guest-starring on Glee girl’s show is a better Superman than you, largely because he gets better material than

-So, credit where credit’s due, they didn’t have some dumb storyline about Superman being overprotective of Kara or something. He’s just a noble, heroic dude. Yeah, show, you don’t have to tie this into some bleeding obvious social justice message, you can just have a character from the comics show up and it’s nice.

-I even like the conflict between him and J’onn over Kryptonite. You have Clark being upset that the DEO and by extension the US government has access to a hoard of Green K–huge difference between that and Batman alone having one chunk of Kryptonite for use as a last resort–and J’onn wanting a protective measure against Kryptonians. No one’s being an immature little shit or mooding out because a girl doesn’t like them or anything.

-Although it is a little convenient that Clark’s Righteous Fury over the Metallo Kryptonite turns out to trace directly to losses from the DEO warehouse. I mean, that stuff was popping up all over the place on Smallville. Imagine if he went “J’onn, you motherfucker, your Kryptonite nearly got us killed!” and J’onn went “no, they got it somewhere else, we actually have more security than just letting random people walk around with our Kryptonite and trusting they put it back or whatever.” Fortunately for him, like all government agencies in comic books, the DEO sucks at everything.

-Seriously, fastest sting operation in history there. “Hey, my dude, can you take this Kryptonite and not give it to the bad guys?” “Sure thing, I totally won’t–shit, you got me!”

-You know, we should take a moment to imagine all the thinkpieces if that scene of Cat talking about how much she enjoyed staring at Clark’s ass had had the genders reversed. Do you think male!Cat would or would not be seen as an irascibly lovable mentor sort?

-So, a whole thirty seconds with Jimmy James Jim-Bob Olsen. The Season 2 Wally West Special. Yeah, dude, I wouldn’t put money down on any mortgages soon. Oh, but now he’s Kara’s boss! No, not that boss, the other boss!

-I’m sorry, but making Olsen the “get down to the docks and check out reports of that monster sighting” guy is, like, the least interesting take on the character imaginable. Besides having him become a street-level vigilante, of course, because God knows we don’t have enough of those in the Flarrowverse. It’s almost making me nostalgic for the days when he complained that because he was black, he couldn’t be as angry and violent as he wanted to be.

-This is a problem you see in a lot of adaptations, and sometimes they try to cover it with race-swapping and sometimes they don’t, but they’ll take a generic archetype and just slap a famous character’s name on it, even though they barely have anything in common. So Jimmy Olsen, who in the comics was paired with Supergirl because they were similar in age, is Fucking Forty and has more abs than he does facial expressions. He’s not at all Jimmy Olsen, he’s just Generic Male Romantic Lead, and that’s a problem. Over on Arrow, they’re able to find a nerdy black guy to play Mr. Terrific and he doesn’t even look like he’s chaperoning a high school dance.

That guy looks ten times more like a black Jimmy Olsen than the True Blood dude. That’s the thing, they’ve got to meet people halfway instead of arbitarily saying “Jimmy Olsen is a studly black guy named James now and he’s Fucking Forty.”

-Similar issue: the show introduces a blatant Not Perry White to be Kara’s new boss and the audacity of transforming this show almost entirely into The Adventures of Superman If He Were A Girl is almost impressive (I guess the ‘The Devil Wears Prada: Superhero Edition’ well ran dry). I mean, we’ve had two Not Lex Luthors show up. Now all we need is for Kara to fall for a male reporter who ignores her and has a thing for Supergirl.

-I take it that, since he’s a dude, him treating people like shit will be seen as a bad thing instead of quirky and lovable.

-Although, to nitpick, but you’d think an experienced newspaperman would be political enough that, when his boss hires him and says “give this person a job,” he just sticks Kara with writing obituaries or whatever instead of saying “fuck you, no, I will drown this woman in a toilet before I let her consume one molecule of oxygen in my workplace!” 

-Also, they name the guy Snapper Carr for no particular reason except that’s a Generic DC Comics Name They Can Use For Things. Maybe I’ve just been reading a lot of Superman comics lately, but they could’ve called him Ron Troupe, Steve Lombard, Morgan Edge, Sam Foswell, Colin Thornton… all of those guys could serve as a ‘Kara’s boss’ character and offer grist for the mill in terms of comic book storylines to adapt. I mean, Colin Thornton is secretly the Devil! You could do something with that…

-Similarly, Cadmus. Here, it’s an anti-Kryptonian terrorist group instead of a government or government-affiliated research group dedicated to cloning–though since it’s a genre show in 2016, I suppose it could always turn out to be a government agency running false flag operations. Anyway, seems odd for the group that famously created Superboy to have this massive hatred for Kryptonians, or for them to send a Metallo to massacre a bunch of people in order to… get people on their side against Kryptonians? 

It just bugs me to take a clearly defined group of Mad Scientists and turn them into generic Friends of Humanity sorts. If you want a kinda generic terrorist group from the Superman canon, you could use Cereberus, SKULL, even Kobra. 

You’d just think that the producers would have a guy who they’d go up to and say “we want a character from the comics who hates Superman because he blames Superman for killing his dog!” and the guy would say “oh, Action Comics 432, a guy named Mortimer Dowd blamed Superman for killing his cat, that’s pretty close, it’d be pretty faithful to do that.” Instead of going, like, “yeah, Dick Grayson, it’s a bold new take on the character! Now he has nothing to do with Batman and hates Superman for killing his dog!”

(Seriously, isn’t that what the Arrow guys are doing with Prometheus?)

I know, I’m the only one who cares.

rosylake  asked:

hi chessy! if u have energy and time could u give some tips on what to do when you dont have anyone to be with and you probably shouldn't really be alone because u have super intense feelings but there really is no one to be with, like stuff that can make u feel a bit better maybe? 💛

tbh ive always just indulged in escapism when im alone like reading a book or getting unhealthily involved in a tv show takes u out of ur isolation and gives u something to feel about and for? but i know that what makes me feel actually better is doing constructive things for my future/progress/something im working on like its much easier to feel positive about urself if u can give urself examples of what you’ve achieved that day whether its exercise, or work, or a recipe u wanted to try its like even if u feel negatively about urself bc ur alone u also have something to be positive about and feel like ur moving forward?? i hope that helped im sorry im a mess

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Once, when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his nameday, he begged them for a dragon. “It wouldn’t need to be a big one. It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.


[Message 3 - Left at 6:51am] Clementine? Baby, if you can hear this, call the police. That’s 9-1-1. We love you…we love you…we love y–[Beep]

it’s always sunny in philadelphia is not “a great show” because it makes racism/sexism/transphobia/ableism etc etc funny. if you think that’s what it’s doing and that “they give zero fucks” about offending people, you are very very wrong.

it’s always sunny in philadelphia is a great show because it flips comedy on its head. instead of making us laugh at marginalized people, it makes racist/sexist/transphobic/ableist people the butt of the joke. EVERY. TIME. and those marginalized people who would have been made fun of in other “comedies” are actually really well-developed and established characters.


David Tennant and The Proclaimers

Spanning David’s first meeting with the Proclaimers to them presenting him with a special National Television Award.

Excerpt from the Graham Norton Show “Uncut” (April 2007)

Graham Norton:  You were in a fantastic video, the Proclaimers video
David Tennant:  I was
GN:  …and of course the Proclaimers are going to be playing for us in a few moments. They’re here.  The Proclaimers are in the building.  Was it all filmed in one day?
DT:  No!  I got a phone call… Matt Lucas phoned me up and said, “I’m gonna do this thing.”  He knew I’m a big Proclaimers fan.  He said, “Oh come along.  Join in.”  I said of course I will! I’ll get to meet the Proclaimers! But they’d been and gone when I turned up!  They’d filmed their bit, and I’m just stuck with Johnny Ball and Rod, Jane, and Freddie up the back!  And Dusty Bin.  Not that there’s anything wrong with them, they’re lovely people (especially Dusty Bin), but I was devastated.  So to find that tonight I might actually get to meet the Proclaimers… I’m a little bit over-excited.
GN: I hate to break it to you, but we did tape them in the afternoon.  They’re not here.
DT: <long pause> I wouldn’t have a sense of humor about that.
GN: They are here, they are here.  Don’t worry.

Laura Michelle Kelly attends the Opening Night of Finding Neverland on Broadway | 4.18.15

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