Wentworth 5x01/2 recap


I still think Bea is alive/hiding away somewhere… I mean she escaped 2 times…

“I had to see her, I love her”

Bridget “ I risked everything for you why couldn’t you trust me ?! “ Bridget loves Franky so much omg , pls don’t break up!

As soon as Joan mentioned Bridget Franky lost her sh*t

Joan’s fighting skills XD

Joan is like

I like Franky and Allie as friends… nothing more tho.

Am I the only one that doesn’t ship Vera and Jake.. like.. I don’t see the chemistry.

So… Jake is a junkie and a drug smuggler?

Joan threatening Jake like

I like Vera and Bridget’s friendship :3

Joan’s puns and the “ HA “ xD Also, believe it or not she doesn’t seem like it was her agenda to get Franky back?

So… Will believes in justice but not the system? I hope he helps Franky and uncovers Jake’s involvement.

“She loved you so much” :(((((( BALLIE

Everyone wants to take down Fergurson… I hope Franky doesn’t fall back in that track… kind-of ruins her character development.


I still think Bea is alive and will kill Joan.

So… Joan now wants to destroy Vera? She knows Vera and Jake are together so she’ll continue manipulating Jake/Vera. She can only Hurt Franky if smth happens to Bridget? I hope we see Franky’s sister ? Can Shane just show up and clear the story for Franky. LOL plot twist, Bea killed the guy for Franky xD Jk was probably Jake?

The House of the Lucky Gander episode reactions

I swear, this show just gets better and better each week.

I loved Louie’s arc the most this week. Seeing him go from being so enchanted with Gladstone and his life, to being Donald’s biggest cheerleader made me so happy.

Scrooge was amazing. I live in Las Vegas, and everything he said about casinos was so hilariously true. Especially the part about how they make them look so confusing on purpose, so you can’t get out. Because… yep. I also loved his thirst for adventure, and how he outsmarted the spirit several times. His message about how none of his success came from luck was my favorite part of the episode. I should also note that I’m a Capricorn, and I’m pretty sure Scrooge is one as well. LOL!

Huey loving the water show was hilarious. So was Dewey Jr., and Webby’s reaction to the chocolate fountain.

As much as I loved learning about the kids and their new personalities, it was nice to see an episode focusing on the adults this week. There’s such an extensive mythos to Donald’s family, and it’s so much fun watching them explore that. 

Question: If the boys knew, and had met Gladstone previously, how did they not know about Scrooge being their uncle? Did Donald force Gladstone to keep quiet about that connection?

Here I am for my weekly rambling about the episode. I don’t even know what to say to be honest… It was really good! Lots of action and so many funny moments. This show is just getting better and better. (Kudos for Todd, Darren and the writing team. Y’all doing an amazing job). There were so many things that I liked about it that I’m just gonna list them:

  • Magnus, Luke and Raphael hanging out? Yes, please!
  • CATARINA LOSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sarah was really good as the Seelie Queen. I loved it. She looked beautiful. 
  • That fight scene between Jace and Johnathan was incredible! 
  • Too bad Johnathan will be back. But also I’m happy Johnathan will be back because I love watching Will. I say this every week but he is so good!!!
  • That Clace scene was so beautiful… I was speechless.
  • That meeting was so awkward. But I loved it.
  • Simon is a cute bean. I love him so much.

And I think that’s it? I just enjoyed it so so much. I can’t wait for the finale. It’s going to be crazy and I’m not ready for it. 

And so recently, I’ve gotten myself into Norwegian teenage hell (heaven?) – Skam.

I was scrolling through my Twitter and once again, I discover something that’s invest-my-whole-life material. So before anything else, I just want to say: “Fucking hell, Skam is so beautiful.”

For those of you who don’t know, Skam is a Norwegian coming-of-age TV show that is centered on different main characters for each season. (If you’re wondering: yes, the seasons are connected with each other. Same characters, same universe, different main.) The first season follows Eva, the second Noora, and the third Isak (who were both introduced Eva’s close friends.) I think this concept is actually pretty clever. It emphasizes the fact we all feel like the main characters in our lives (obviously) and feel like everything is thrown to us whenever we experience problems. What we’re sometimes unaware of is that we only play as side characters in other people’s lives, moreover someone close to us. What do they feel about us? What role do we play in their lives? It’s interesting how the personality and vibe of each main changes when the…main changes (Sorry for the redundancy).

The opening sequence to the first episode was straightforward, and in my opinion, letting the audience immediately cross out what I’ve mentioned above. It is not just ’that’ show. As the show progresses, it just gets better and better. Sure it doesn’t involve major conflicts where you have to find out who the killer is or the main character finally accepting his fate as The Chosen One™,  but it reels you in. The shots, the dialogue, and the story in general that may appeal tedious if you don’t look at the minor details. The authenticity of this show is what makes it special. The camerawork (and the cinematography in general), was especially my favorite. I found the camerawork rather awkward and shaky but later on I interpreted it as a way of making it seem like the audience is actually watching the events happen with their own two eyes. Another thing I’ve noticed is how there are these times where they focus on a character making a certain expression that lasts longer than usual. It was super awkward at first but it’s just so fascinating how it imitates the way the expression of doubt, the little breaths, gazes, blinks, and gulps when we try to process our thoughts. I’ve also heard that Julie Andem, the creator of the show, casted actual teens who have no experience in acting whatsoever(?) Oh, and their official website releases clips of episodes released in real time. A timestamp is shown in an episode to indicate this. Example is when a timestamp shows that it’s Sunday, 1:00 PM, both the setting of the show and the release of the clip are the same. (They even have their character Instagram accounts, for fuck’s sake.)

Another thing I loved about Skam is that in contrast to the whole upperclass lifestyle and carefree vibe the show promotes, it still acknowledges social issues such as racism, sexism, and various political issues. Not just that, but its subtopics. Never have I seen a show where they discuss Islamophobia and internalized homophobia and misogyny. The thing is, they don’t just parade these issues around to gain the title of being “woke” , but rather actually educating people of their ignorance (which is rare in American and Philippine television, let me tell you.) Skam has captured both the gritty nature of reality - acknowledging the struggles teenagers go through and the prejudice the minorities face but at the same time showing us how to accept this and live in the moment. It’s a show that has great character development and at the same time sheds some light to major issues we tend to neglect or be unaware of.

It’s too good to be true. We do not deserve this gem. Where else can you find a good show like this? Damn you, Norwegians.

That episode was SO GOOD. FUCK. I love this show. It just keeps getting better and better. This ep felt so different and SO AMAZING. Give me all of the procedural, crime-fighting Shadowhunter stuff. Give me all the emotional relationship stuff. Give me more Magnus & Camille and Magnus & Raphael and Alec & Clary and Clary & Jace. FUCK. And all of the LIGHTWOOD SIBLING hugs. I AM FREAKING OUT.


as stated from his periscope :)

after the Banagic Wand commercial, Star was totally amazed by the idea of “frieeeeendship maaaaagic” by eating the ice cream with friends but by the end of the episode (after Marco’s cute speech about underestimating her), she awkwardly puts down his ice cream slowly and walks away saying “there was a fly on it”

she didn’t let him eat the ice cream because she didn’t want the friendship magic. but. maybe MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP MAGIC?!?!???!?!1

has Star finally caught feelings?

Thoughts on shadowhunters 1x07

This show is just getting better and better!

Simon, i really like Alberto ! I think he’s doing a great job! He is so nervous and nerdy it’s perfect.

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Maureen, I’m still sad that ur not 13 and annoying

Clary, Kat getting better !! It’s awesome how fast she developing. I like that she was the one who kissed Jace and not the other way around. I loved that scene when she slapped jace! That was so fun

Jace, Dom is also getting better! I think that he’s much better now at the sassy-I’m-so-hot attitude. And when Jace played along w the slap and all that and just “babe it was just two or three times” I loved that

Izzy, you’ve been great from the start. I like that they are pushing this protect Alec and let him live a little side of her, she would really do anything for her brother

Luke, i still dont Get why they made u a cop. And did anyone else notice his ass? Goddamn

Magnus, I needed more Magnus in this episode. The laugh in the beginning though! Best thing 

Alec, bby u don’t need to care about Jace and clary just go b with Magnus for another night and don’t do much sleeping and by “for another night” I mean for the rest of ur life. U know u want that D, listen to ur sister izzy. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE DISTRACTION SCENE! That was such an awesome and cute scene I needed it so much ! Matthew daddario is perfect for our Alec! “Do u come here often” I LAUGHING SO HARD OMGGG 😂😂

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This Tv show is, as mentioned earlier, just getting better and better! I love how the actors grow into their parts and I love how they haven’t destroyed the books for me (yet at least, please never do that! I will hate u) Thank u and good night! *chanting* MALECMALECMALECMALEC

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Btw, Simons mom and sister omg those two were so amazing !!

This smile is to much for me OMGGG Matthew why u so smokin sizzling hoooot