reasons to watch Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja!!!

first off, let me just say that I just recently started watching this show and I’m already addicted. (it’s been exactly one week and I’ve already almost finished season 1?? wow)

So what’s rc9gn (aka ninja show) about anyway?

A town called Norrisville has been protected by a ninja for 800 years, but what the citizens of Norrisville do not know is that a new ninja is selected every four years. Randy Cunningham, ninth grade teenager, is the next ninja. Now, Randy must protect Norrisville from the evil plans of the Sorcerer, his ally Hannibal McFist, and Hannibal’s assistant Willem Viceroy. (x)

Reasons to watch:

  • perfectly balanced humor and action
  • seriously the humor in this show may seem dumb at first but there’s so many good (bad?) puns and makes fun of itself
  • dumb, silly, strangely endearing slang that you’ll catch yourself using
  • great lessons and messages 
  • also, check out that gorgeous animation and background art
  • the creator of invader zim did a lot of character designs for the show (x
  • the characters are unique and you’ll end up loving at least one, if not all of them
  • Randy and Howard’s friendship has its ups and downs and they tease each other just like real high school age best friends
  • Viceroy’s sass
  • Viceroy in general I mean can we just take a moment to appreciate him
  • great voice acting
  • the cast, crew, and fandom are all so passionate and dedicated
  • seriously this fandom is one of the nicest I’ve ever come across
  • also the shipping. there’s so many great ships to ship and, as far as I know, hardly any ship bashing or ship hate in this fandom
  • did I mention how much the staff loves interacting with the fans?
  • they put a fan’s song on the show and she got an internship on it (x)
  • we’re trying really hard to get another season, but that won’t happen without a bigger fanbase, so why not give it a shot?

Honestly, the first episode I saw, I wasn’t sold, but I decided to try watching it again and now here I am, completely and utterly obsessed. My only regret about watching this show is that I didn’t start watching it sooner. So I’m doing what I can to help spread the word about this wonderful show!

You can watch it here, but if you are able to, please try to support the show in any way you can! I hope if you read this all the way through, you’ll decide to give it a chance. Thank you for reading!

EXO’s reaction to your huge and super amazing collection of books

Sehun: *horny maknae is horny* “So where do I find the erotic section?”

Kai: “So…many…books…I can’t…”

Tao: he didn’t come to see your boring collection of books, duh.

Kyungsoo: *senses a threat* “So she read all these books… I have to keep an eye on her, she might be after world domination as well!”

Chanyeol: “OMG… you basically have your own library!!”

Chen: *takes pictures* “Going to show off in front of the guys later! They’ll be jealous that I got a beautiful and apparently also highly educated girl and they’re still single!”

Baekhyun: *senses that his girlfriend might be richer than Suho* “Erm how much money do you spend on books in a month…?”

Lay: “Wow! This is amazing!!”

Suho: “She’s pretty and smart at the same time…? I win at life!” *squeals*

Kris: “Of course, of course… well-educated, smart, loves books! We have so much in common!”

Luhan: “If I was doubting my love for you before I came here, now I’m sure I definitely love you!!”

Xiumin: *no words* *stops and stares open-mouthed for a very long time*

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So I'm I(?)NTJ female and I get a LOT of men crushing on me, like I do nothing that could be flirting or show any kind of interest. Is it even normal for INTJs to get other people so interested? I feel very uncomfortable about it.. I feel like I can't have normal conversations, can't trust people to be friends with me.

A lot of women get this, especially if they are pretty, regardless of type. It’s really annoying when men can’t take a hint or think that being polite is the same as flirting. Even if you’re emanating the bitchy vibes they can mistake it for playing hard to get. INTJs in particular can attract guys who “like a challenge” and see us as some difficult to obtain prize.

So um yea…a full recap is on it’s way.  But you know when you ship a show and you talk about it to your friend and you try to be cool whilst hiding your obsession and they’re all like “"They’ll never hook up because its a tv show and most people are waiting for it to happen, so it will never happen."  And then you watch MFMM episode three and it’s pretty clear that will happen…because we are only at episode three and holy shit guys the PHRACK will happen cause we still have 5 episodes and already my mind is blown.  I’m not even sure this post makes sense but whatever…my phrack mind is blown

Ok guys I usually don’t make posts like this but I was pretty suspicious about that tetrachromacy test because while it said only 25% of the population are tetrachromats, a lot of people (including myself) have seen over 30-whatever colors. So I looked into it and apparently it’s impossible to create an online tetrachromacy test. Sorry, guys. We just haven’t yet created screens that show the color depth required for a such a test. 

What you do have is pretty good color vision. 


With A Little Help (Part Four)

Sam x Reader

With A Little Help (Part Four)


The crime scene was the same as the others apparently. It appeared to be a body dump. No EMF, no sulphur, nothing that led to us being able to pinpoint anything.
‘Still waiting on an ID, but I have had my people trace prior known locations for the other victims, nothing shows up at common.’ Barrett told us. ‘And my tech guys are organising any video footage they can get.’ He added, I nodded, watching as Sam talked to the person who found the body.
‘So you two are together?’ Barrett asked, looking at Sam.
‘Yeah, pretty much.’
‘Is it serious? Or is there’s a chance I can con you into staying when they leave?’ he asked, surprising me. Sam looked over at me, smiling one of his smiles. It fell slightly when he noticed Barrett.
‘Serious.’ I told him. ‘No chance of me staying.’
‘Does he treat you right? Cos from what I read in his file, he needs a bullet or 6.’ He growled.
‘The files crap. He saved my life, probably in more ways than I like to admit.’ I told him.’ He looked at me,
‘Fine, I’ll save the bullets but if he hurts you…’
‘I’ll shoot him myself.’ I finished. Barrett laughed, and squeezed my hand. Before heading off. Sam wasn’t happy about what he witnessed, but his mood improved when I explained our conversation.

‘So we are serious?’ he teased, later that night in our motel room as I came out the shower.
‘Well I live with you, cook for you, you stitch me up, killed a werewolf for me. Although that was after you used me as bait, so it probably doesn’t count.’ I smirked, ‘You get upset if another guy looks at me. And when your brother interrupts us. So I am hoping I didn’t assume the wrong thing.’ I smiled slightly, biting my lip.
‘Yes, the interrupting part. Where were we exactly?’ he asked, kissing me. It didn’t take long for us to find where we were up to. Sam had just finished removing my shirt and pants when the idea came to me.
‘Oh My God.’ I said
‘I know baby, it only gets better.’ Sam said kissing my breasts.
‘Huh, what? No, not you.’ I sat up, jumping out of bed. Sam stopped, looking rather upset, it wasn’t until I had grabbed my laptop, that what had happened came to light.
‘I’m sorry, I just… it came to me.’ I apologised, my face falling. I put my laptop down. ‘It was good, I swear. I was thinking of you and focusing on it and what you were doing. It’s just it hit me. I just.’ I sighed. Swearing mentally. Sam took my chin in his hand and kissed my lips.
‘It’s ok.’ He said, smiling a sad smile. ‘You do get distracted too easily.’ He teased.
‘I’m sorry. I really am.’ I said quietly. Sam chuckled,
‘It’s ok. It’s one of the many things I love about you.’ He smiled shyly. I kissed him, softly. ‘What did you think of?’ he asked, kissing my shoulder.
‘What if it’s not our case? What if it’s human not monster?’ He stopped kissing my shoulders and back.
‘I’m not following.’
‘Did you ever watch Bones?’ Sam shook his head.
‘Ok so it’s a forensics crime show. Absolutely brilliant, they solve crimes base on forensic anthropology. It’s based on Kathy Reich’s novels. So anyway there was a serial killer who made a set of teeth, sorta like dentures, but he used teeth from victims of people he killed and ate. What if this is what we are dealing with, well not this one exactly but along the same lines. Someone has falsies and switches them out.’ I explained quickly.
‘That means we can go back home.’ He said happily.
‘Not until we know for sure, it is a theory. But it still could be something nasty and our kind of case.’ I suggested, I grabbed my phone to call Barrett. Sam pulled it from my hands.
‘How about you not disturb him and let the guy sleep it is late.’ He suggested, I looked at the clock pointedly. I nodded. ‘And then we can too.’
‘Not be disturb.’ He grinned cheekily. I smiled, my cheeks flushing red. Sam kissed me again. Throwing my phone on the couch. His mouth and hands picking back up where he left off. This time he managed to keep my focus on him. Well and truly on him.

I lay in his arms when we finished, his hand running through my hair, every so often he kissed my head. His fingers rubbing my anti possession tattoo on my hip. I fell asleep in his arms, listening to his heartbeat, the steadiness of his breathing.

The next morning we met with Dean, who thought my theory was weird but was happy not to deal with any weird monsters we hadn’t thought of. We met Barrett for breakfast. Sitting in the diner running over what I thought, he seemed impressed.
‘I remember those episodes. It’s plausible, and makes sense if nothing else is standing out.’ I shrugged, taking a bite of my waffles.
‘Have no idea. Just a thought. We can help look into it, stay until it is confirmed one way or another.’ I offered, Barrett seemed happy by this.
‘I have all the CCTV footage. We can have a movie night if you want.’ He suggested, unenthusiastically.
‘We can take divide them up if you want.’ Sam suggested. ‘All four of us looking will go quicker.’ He added, Barrett agreed.

We spent the night going over video footage; nothing useful came up on the dumpsites. So far, the last known location was bust too.
‘I’m going to get something to drink.’ I told Sam, heading for the door. He nodded, distracted with the video. I knocked on Dean’s door offering him a drink as well, apparently I also needed to get pie. Thank got for a gas stop over the road.

I got everything, and headed back outside, when I heard a cry from behind the dumpster. I swore when I realised that I didn’t have any form of weapons on me. I pulled out my mobile and prepared to call Sam. Walking down the dark alley I stopped when I saw the image in front of me. I gasped, pressing dial. There was no one here aside from a partially eaten body. My stomach lurched slightly. Sam answered,
‘I-.’ it went black.

“I got very lucky. I started working for a family firm right out of high school. I was just doing clerical stuff in the back room at first. But whenever the boss’s kids didn’t show up for work, I’d raise my hand and say: ‘I can do that!’ So I started to be given more and more responsibility. I was one of the only women on the floor back then. The guys wanted to teach me as much as possible, because that meant they could take more breaks. I used to get teased but I didn’t care, because my older sister had been calling me an idiot my whole life. I thought: ‘Yell at me all you want, I’m going to use you for all the knowledge you have.’ Pretty soon, I was yelling right back at them.”

so lately tumblr mobile has been glitching a lot for me

and yesterday i reblogged this post:

its pretty funny bro

but you see the screenshot of germanys mouth right??




DONT BELIEVE ME??? (just watch)









‘nice’ -germanys mouth



BY MIRIAM PETHANIA on 12 May, 2015 at 09:10

Ok. So I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in saying that Zayn had the strongest style game out of all of the 1D guys. And it’s not just the soul-drenched eyes, impeccable grooming skills or his awesome tattoos that impress. This guy has seriously impressive taste – whether it’s a show-stopping red carpet suit that’s a cut above the rest of the crowd, or a quietly impressive look that leaves you wishing you only looked half as cool when you’re on your coffee run.

So it’s only fair that you should steal a few pages from his style book, right? Totally.


Zayn’s number one style secret is not about rooting out the most amazing, off-the-radar designers or having a stellar personal stylist doing all the hard work for you. His secret? Working the body shape you have. As a slim guy, he picks out great shirt and blazer combos that work to broaden his chest – without looking over-exaggerated. We’re not looking for zoot suits here.

For him, double-breasted jackets and waistcoats work perfectly to do this. For slim guys like Zayn, this is a great way of creating that visual illusion to create a fuller look. But if you’re a bigger guy, you can create that same, streamlined effect by opting for a slim fitting blazer that creates great definition.


You can rarely go wrong with black – but head to toe in one block shade can sometimes make you look a bit, well, ridiculous. So here’s sneaky style tip numero 2 from Zayn – break it up by going for a tonal look instead – within a single colour palette. Sounds too complicated for you? Take this super casual look Zayn was sporting on stage, relaxed, easy but still somehow leaves him looking a ton better put together than the rest of his former 1D compadres. He layers up black and grey like a subtle pencil drawing – sleek and shiny leather lace ups, jet black skinny denim and a well-worn, faded grey tee.

You can work this with more than just black – in fact, working a single colour in this way looks even more impressive. Start off with safer shades like green or blue – throw khaki, olive and emerald into the mix, or go with Japanese selvedge denim in indigo,  paired with chambray or even a blue tinted madras check print.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to rock a statement piece. Whether it’s a classic bandana, an attention grabbing tee, or a bold printed shirt – work it.

And Zayn perfectly demonstrates how to do this – by balancing statement style, with a whole load of restraint. It takes some finely honed self control to do this – because it’s tempting to just go the whole way – but trust me, less is definitely more here.

This incredible graphic printed shirt from Sandro is paired brilliantly with a clean, minimalistic look – letting it do all the talking. And the overall effect is stop-you-in-your-tracks striking. (SOURCE)

!!!!!! finally !!!!!!!

i’m not going to talk about the actual show much bc i’m gonna incorporate that into my owob slot (except to say that they are always the best live band, i love) so meeting them:

tyler + josh: heyyyyy!

me: hey! so uh - 

tyler: bring it in *hugs me*

me: i don’t know if you wanna do that, I’m pretty sick

josh: oh no, you’re sick?

me, very aggressively, A Mistake, i’m sorry i was genuinely really ill: yeah, cause i’ve been queueing in the rain all day

josh:…ah, yeah

me: i just wanted to say that seeing you guys on stage is like seeing my brain being performed and it’s just really cathartic and empowering

tyler, nodding really intently the whole time i was speaking: thank you so much for making that from our music *hugs me again*

and then michael was like I’M TAKING THE PICTURE IN 3, 2, 1 and so i turned round rly quick and was like ‘pls can we pull goofy faces’ and then said thanks and left and as i was leaving josh like, kept patting me on the back as i was walking away (tyler monopolised me, sorry josh!!), a good time

So. It looks bad, doesn’t it guys? I know, I know. I understand. Oliver marrying Nyssa is a repellant thing. I’m not quite ready to even approach how offensive that is on a social rights level. Talk to me after the finale. But for now, from a ship standpoint, I think …we’re GOOD. Honestly. Did you see all the longing glances between Oliver and Felicity when he announced he had to marry Nyssa? Did you see how the camera kept cutting to Felicity during the wedding ceremony? I mean, I think that paints a pretty clear picture, don’t you? As far as this ship goes, I don’t think we have much to fear from the next episode.

Arrow 3x22 Olicity Heart-to-Heart: Live by the Sword… [x]


For some reason there is this trend, but it’s not trending yet. 
Don’t you guys think it’d be amazing if we got girls on Ellen this year? I mean they wanted this to be their year and Ellen is a pretty big deal! 
So let’s just go and tweet @TheEllenShow with the hashtag #LittleMixOnEllen2015 and we might get them on the show when the album releases! 

Exo Reactions To Seeing You Dancing To Call Me Baby

I’ve done a sexy dancing one before… but I think this is kind of different. Their choreography is very suggestive in a subtle way (or not) so their reaction would be different to if you were full-on sexy dancing.

Quick Note:

I usually stick pretty close to what I think the boys would actually say/do but for this, I kind of decided to throw out a reaction that is just for fun. I still did my best to capture their personalities but I wanted to show some fan-service since you guys are so great. Please don’t think I’m going to do them like this all the time. It was fun, but I felt like it wasn't up to my standards of quality content (which isn't that high honestly but shhh). ENJOY. (; xo 

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “You make it look so good, let me see it a little closer up without all those distracting clothes.”

Chanyeol: “Come to Chandaddy. I’ll show you some different moves.”

Chen: “You look good, but I can think of how to make it better.” *kisses, then sex, then cuddles, then more kisses, then a little bit of all three at the same time, followed by him demonstrating those sweet, sweet Chensing Machine moves naked* /omg what am I even doing anymore?/

D.O.: *sings to you while you dance - keeping that intense gaze on you that says “I’m going to pound you so hard, you’ll be walking funny. But not because I hurt you because that wouldn’t be morally right” in less words*

Kai: *dances with you, against you, on you, in you* /don’t look at me like that…/

Kris: “That’s… cool.”

Lay: *also dance with you, but just dances because he’s a little shit* /P.S. I still think this little shit is a freak in bed so imagine that if he ever noticed the sexual tension, he’d be all up in that like a jackhammer okay bye/

Luhan: *gif* 

Sehun: “Here, let me show you my favorite part.” *doesn’t actually do part of the dance, just does hip thrusts against you* /feat. Kai & a very sassy Xiumin in the background/

Suho: “The choreography for this was- blah, blah, blah.” *goes on forever about the actual dance & hardly realizes that you’re basically body rolling against him*

Tao: “I could teach you a few… in-depth steps, if you want.” *wink wink*

Xiumin: *he doesn’t let you actually do any dancing but you do get to perform some moves /if you know what I mean/ - BOOM. POW. SHAZAM. ERRYBODY PREGNANT IN DIS BITCH. YOU’RE WELCOME. GOODNIGHT.*

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

You will get some answers. You get more insight into who this Charles person is. But you know, it’s the nature of the show that once we answer some questions, there are a million more. So it’s like a continuous thing. We still have a year and a half of the show left, so you guys have got to hang in there to the end
—  Lucy Hale on us finally getting some answers in Season 6
The Signs (from a Sag’s POV)

Aries: My partner in crime! You’re probably the most real person I know, and you don’t give nor take any shit. Try to calm down though, sometimes you take things way too far. 

Taurus: You’re so cute and shy and dorky and stupid, I love you guys. Best laugh and best smile. Although sometimes pretty passive.

Gemini: Yoooooo, what’s up. You are the hottest sign in my opinion, really know how to hold a conversation and make me laugh. A lot of integrity, but don’t be afraid to show people how you feel.

Cancer: Hi Cancer. I’m sorry if I ever made you cry. I love you and all of your feelings, but I REALLY don’t know how to deal with you. I’d love to learn, because you’re truly worth it. The sweetest sign.

Leo: Shut up. Okay? Stop talking. You’re loud. (Funny and hella relatable) but v annoying.

Virgo: You need to lighten the f up ok. Not everything is a damn competition. BUT on the bright side, you have beautiful skin and hair and you’re pretty cute. Also dorky and flirty.

Libra: Very kind, very gentle. I envy you for your people skills and beautiful personality, but you tend to be passive. And you back down from arguments ALL THE TIME. STAND UP, GIRLL.

Scorpio: Scorpio, I’m so jealous of you. Stunning!! You’re so driven and passionate and TALENTED!?!??!?!? Omg. Wish I could be you. On the other hand sometimes you’re strange and i don’t understand you.

Sagittarius: What a cool breed us Sags are. I think we’re funny and weird and inventive. But I wish we knew how to commit to something or actually finish what we started.

Capricorn: 50/50. Sometimes you’re cool, sometimes you’re cold and superficial and I can’t work out why. You’re very opinionated and intelligent, and great to have a convo with.

Aquarius: I imagine all Aquarius’s to be lil aliens inside. That’s all I’ve really got to say about you guys. hella gOOD MUSIC TASTE.

Pisces: Fishies. Nawww you cuties. Somehow I find myself attracted to you alllll the time. We share a lot of similar beliefs but sometimes you ain’t too forthcoming with them. Also very weird and alternate, like fairies.

yesterday, @laurdiy & I found pretty places and filmed for you guys… was so fun and I think 80% of the footage is us getting the giggles - but I’m excited to show you🌻🌞. can you guess what video?

So I’ve never hit 100 followers before, but I’m pretty close *neat!*. I’m looking for more Tumblr friends, and more on my dash.

Please like if you blog about:

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I know I made one of these recently, but I realized I left out a few important shows that I watch. Also, I wanted to find more people to follow because the more the merrier! :3 And I’m so close to hitting triple digits *shameless plug*, life is good guys.

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@christian and muslim (and maybe even some jewish) acespec & arospec peeps: so im not saying jesus was aro-ace but i'm pretty sure whether you see him as a prophet or a savior he never showed romantic or sexual love toward anyone and potentially had a dozen queerplatonic loves so if you're searching the scriptures for someone like you? jesus might just be your guy <3