So. I was bored. It was noon and I was home alone and I was bored. And I may or may not have just watched the entirety of Riverdale in about 10.5 hours. Like non-stop which is the fastest I’ve ever binged something in my life and god fucking damnit this is a really good show. Also I’m legitimately in love with Jughead fucking Jones. Thank you for our time. Have a nice day.

Perks of the job: these past few weeks, I’ve seen so many people (all ages, all genders) reading their crisp new edition of The Handmaid’s Tale, curled up in their Starbucks armchair—It MAKES ME SUPER PROUD. You go, Gideon, you continue watching good tv shows and subsequently buying good books and learning about life and social justice through solid literary dystopias.

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tbh i'm upset that they're making a season 2 bc its more for the money and bc there was so much hype for the show. i watched the show bc i had read the book but now they've gone completely away from the source material. idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the book and show are separate things. there are plenty of good shows that diverge away from the source material to become their own thing. i feel like the characters were so interesting and layered, especially compared to the book, that it would be a shame to not explore them more. also the shows ending was left a bit opened ended, to where there could be a second season. and with most shows, the more popular it is, the more likely it will be renewed. so while i do understand your point, i think its best to wait and see how it all plays out!

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I saw the anon about voice dysphoria - I have that too, and what really helps me is to listen to a guy named Ben Tyler Cook sing. He played Racetrack Higgins in Newsies and he has a REALLY high speaking voice for a cis guy. And he's really awesome, so if a cis guy with a high voice can be awesome, so can I. See if you can find a clip of him speaking or singing from the show!

oooo good advice buddy!! 

- Micheal 


Guess who’s back?! I’ve been MIA lately because college has been draining the life out of me. Our class had to participate in an annual inter-class competition (and I headed the production, and thank God we won a good prize!), plus finals week approached, and we had several oral and written exams that really took its toll on my mind and my body. But now, all that college stuff is done! *yay* And I’m back to my trashy lifestyle; watching television shows and wasting my days inside my cozy room.

For the second episode of my Fast-Forward Series, I’ll be reviewing some good shows that recently released, and they’re basically new since they’ve only launched their first season. All of them have completed their first season, so you can sit back and binge watch to your heart’s content! And P.S. Forgive me for the layout, I’m feeling pretty homey.

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Ok I know this isn't something we even want to consider, but do you think the writers will be annoying and have Bellamy be in a relationship with Echo (or maybe even Raven, but like, c'mon, writers)? I know he said "I might never trust you" or smthg along those lines, but I wouldn't put it passed the 100 to pull something like that

My knee-jerk response is literally “don’t think about it don’t think about it no no no no pls no.”

But here’s an actual answer:

I’m leaning toward predicting that be/cho won’t happen, just banking on the fact that even when Bellamy is a little more soft with her in the finale (as you mentioned) he still says something along the lines of “I probably won’t ever trust you.” If they wanted to set them up as a couple, I doubt they would have included that line unless they plan on showing us a good amount of flashbacks of the six years on the Ark and the ways that Echo changes enough to be lovable in Bellamy’s eyes. But I also don’t see them doing that either, especially since Echo is a side character (regardless of series regular status), and there are likely more important plotlines in s5 that take priority for that screen time.

So I guess the only way I see be/cho happening is if the writers just erase Bellamy’s distrust of her with some throw away line like “people change a lot in 6 years.” Which would obviously be terrible, but not really any stupider than other things the writers have done, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for br/aven my response is broadly the same re: spending screen time on those flashbacks. But I guess I find this one a little more likely, just given the affection there and the “always” moment in the finale.

Beyond that, I agree with what other people have said so far: that making br/aven a thing is broadly a stupid choice because:

a) we know that there will be a bellarke reunion in s5

b) it seems likely (see above) that there won’t be a ton of time for Ark flashbacks given the many new plot lines I’m sure s5 will grace us with, so whatever relationship that occurs won’t be very developed at all

which means that

c) if br/aven happens, it will likely be either as fuckbuddies OR to create jealousy in Clarke, both of which do really shitty/careless things to Raven’s (and debatably Clarke’s) character, given the Finn debacle and especially given Raven’s growth and self worth revolution from the last couple seasons.

tldr; If the writers are smart/follow their own foreshadowing, then be/cho or br/aven won’t be a thing, unless they get really creative with it. Alternatively, the writers just don’t give a shit and give Bellamy (another) throwaway romance for the sake of a cheap plot moment.

I’m tired of slash ships being disrespected while as straight ships born in fandom always get taken seriously and, most of the time, become canon. Not here for it. 

Also, fuck Alberto Rosende. Glad I quit that show. It’s so bad it’s laughable. What even is the fun of watching a show where you know who will end up with who from the start? I prefer when shows rely on chemistry and good storytelling.

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Another thing i noticed is that, in the mirroring thing, while Viktuuri is essentially a ``Strangers to Lovers´´ trope, Otayuri would be a ``Friends to Lovers´´ trope. While Viktuuri quickly became a romantic relationship, i believe Otayuri would be a slow burn, which defitely contrasts with each other.

That would be great and definitely something I can see happening! I think many within the fandom agree. 

A possibility: I foresee a lot of mixed signals and emotions in the upcoming movie. A lot of “Oh yeah, we did that crazy stunt for the exhibition skate, but it was part of the show. We are just really good FRIENDS. RIGHT, Otabek (????)” “Uuuuhh, right…” 

I also imagine basically everyone assuming they are involved after that skate, or at least vehemently teasing them about it. They both deny it and they carry on as bffs (not wanting to upset the other or destroy the friendship), while their feelings for each other are growing. Then, when everybody has stopped teasing and paying attention to them, it actually happens. 

But that’s just one theory. 

Who else has theories??

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I've been watching the rehearsal packages from all/most of Vals partners and Normani and Laurie are really two special and beautiful pairings. Like those two definitely brought out something in him but he also taught them a lot about themselves and was really emotional about those two. I dont know it's just something I noticed and I'm a new fan to the show who is sucker for good partnerships (Laurie and Normani being his best in my opinion).

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Sorry if you've already been asked/expressed your feelings on this, but what do you think of Boruto? I'm not really enjoying it. I hate how similar the concepts are and how its painting Naruto as such a bad dad, despite before this I always pictured him being a great dad, having spent his life as an orphan. Really bored of seeing all the comparisons and miss the times when it was just team 7, pure and simple. Really interested in your opinion, I love your analysis its so in depth!

It’s been a decent watch so far. Nothing extraordinary, but I really didn’t expect the show to be that good while they’re still in the academy, because that really limits the scale of the things that can happen. I’m sure once they graduate, the show will get a lot more interesting than it currently is.

Regarding the issues portrayed between Boruto and Naruto, Gaiden and the Boruto movie already showed us that this was gonna be an angle in the new series, and will likely continue until their issues were resolved in the Boruto movie, so maybe you should try and give it some time until then :)

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brett calls nate up on skype after shows and tells him how good of a job he did, but it also ends up with nate stripping good and slow and touching himself the same, and nate can hear how his breath hitches whenever his baby boy touches himself a certain way, especially when he pays attention to his chest, and he'll get nate to put the camera right near his cock when he cums, so he can see nate make an absolute mess, telling him how he's gonna wreck his ass when he comes home 💞

Boi you know he does 😂


Okay, for those unknowing, while This Exists is actually a pretty good show usually, with  I don’t think they did the otherkin community justice in this ep, not just in the point-and-gawk tone* but; from what I can tell as someone not in that community; in understanding the symbolism and identification of that community.

So, I was wantin to ask any of the folks I follow who are in that group, such as @zitface, what did this video get wrong/miss about otherkin?

Because, I’m hoping to send the answers to the dude in the hope he’ll make a follow-up vid, because he seems ignorant on this subject; not malicious…

*Tho, at least the dude did say “What’s the harm in these practices, it’s just weird, don’t be jerks” in the end, which is more than you can say for the commentors on that vid…