Apple Stems [Peter Parker]

Idea/Request Credit: @dusktillholland  // Soulmate AU

The beginning

  • Everyone’s heard the whole joke about twisting the Apple stem and whatever letter you get is the first letter of the person you’re meant to be with right? But what if that was actually a reality?

  • Everyone had some kind of tie to their soul mate, you always assumed that yours was the apple stem.

  • Each apple you twist you get a letter and somehow those letters go together to make your soul mate’s name.

  • Sounds crazy, but in a world where there were things as crazy as giant green dudes and People flinging around from spider webs it was a little easier to believe.

  • Ever since you were a kid you’d consistently got the name ‘Peter.P’, That was all you knew

  • While everyone around you was finding their soul mates easy as pie and living their ‘happy ever after’ You were stuck searching.

Meeting him

  • Honestly, on your walk home from school the last thing you expected to see was the hero of queens, Spider Man… Unmasked.
  • You also didn’t expect to make the poor boy almost jump out of his skin by screaming and dropping your food face down on the concrete.
  • “Oh god, no, no don’t scream shh”
  • “Y-you’re him”
  • It was hard to tell who was more panicked, you or him.
  • Oh god, Peters mind was full of doubt and fear- and how beautiful you were -but what was he going to do?
  • The both of you quickly manage to regain yourselves and you quickly promise the stranger that you won’t tell anyone his secret.
  • “Hey, what’s your name?”
  • “Y/N, Yours?”
  • “Peter, Parker”
  • You didn’t think anything of it at first, i mean there’s probably a million Peter.P’s out there.
  • “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your last name?” Peter had, like you, spent years looking for his soul mate.
  • “Y/L/N”
  • “I think you’re my soulmate” He’d say, dropping his mask
  • “And I think you’re mine, Peter Parker”
  • You were initially shocked because, who wouldn’t be? Your soulmate was spiderman and he was so attractive.

Falling for each other

  • You two took it slowly, hanging out together after school (going to separate schools, you didn’t see each other much during the day
  • Peter would talk about you almost constantly to Ned and Michelle and they didn’t believe him at first
  • Until you showed up to congratulate him about a decathlon win and they were gobsmacked.
  • “Holy shi- Ned, she’s real”
  • “Peter wasn’t lying, she’s gorgeous”
  • Peter introduces you to them and as he does he’s holding your hand, he’s so nervous that his hands were slightly clammy but it’s okay because so were yours.
  • You two often met at libraries to study after school or small cafes, sometimes your houses just to watch a movie and relax.
  • By now you’re majorly head over heals for Peter and he is for you too.
  • One day when he’s walking you home it’s super cold so he gives you his sweater, assuring you that he’s okay.
  • You wear that sweater to school the next day and your friends gush over it, asking when they can met the boy to which you show them a photo of him that you secretly took and they already love him.
  • “Did you wear my sweater today?”
  • “Yeah, i hope you don’t mind”
  • “Of course i don’t, it looks better on you pretty girl”
    • It’s then and there that Peter finally asks you to be his girlfriend. The scene wasn’t overly romantic, just the two of you walking back to his apartment hand in hand.

    • Of course you said yes


  • Your relationship was rather slow paced, starting with small things like holding hands and him wrapping his arms around you

  • It took about 2 weeks of actual dating before you had your first kiss and it was as perfect as you’d always imagined.

  • You started hanging out with Ned and Michelle more after school and on weekends, they adored you

  • Your relationship with Peter consisted of playfighting, showing each other good music, helping each other with school work and sometimes, having to bandage his wounds
  • “I hate seeing you get hurt all the time”
  • “I know, it’s just a shitty part of my job”
  • One night, he got hurt worse than other times and you refused to leave him, that was the first night you fell asleep in his arms
  • Peter may or may not have stayed awake a bit longer asking himself how he got so lucky??
  • Waking up to your boyfriend still fast asleep but holding you tightly in his arms.
  • I mean, it was kind of awkward when May walked in and saw you two but she knows how happy you make Peter and just awkwardly turned around and walked out.
  • You and Peter attempting to cook breakfast together but it probably ends up in wiping batter on each other and making a complete mess
  • He truly adores you, to be honest everyone does

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They're going to lose numbers like this. People will just watch online already instead of waiting.

1. The fans excited enough to seek out livestreams and liveblog/tweet about the show are going to watch it properly on netflix. I guarantee it. Alienating viewers hurts the fanbase and social media activity, atleast that’s what I’ve seen. 

2. The network decision to renew or cancel the show happens before it hits netflix. Atleast, that’s what happened for the season 2 renewal. 

3. No one’s watching it through traditional means. Americans aren’t really tuning in. The Nielson ratings for this show are…..not very good. Social media activity and a dedicated fanbase has worked for other fanbases to keep their shows on the air.

These are just my thoughts, and I’m definitely open to hear more input. Just want to see this show stay on the air, you feel me?

hey guys, im at work and this mansplainer wont stop staring at me and explaining why a woman dying in some obscure tv show for manpain is actually good writing what should i do???? 

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I'm white (my husband and sons (2 & 4yrs old) are also white) and i want to expose my sons to other races and ethnicities so they can grow up better than me... but i live in a super white city... there are a few children of color in my sons preschool and local YMCA, but no african americans. I am thinking of taking my son to the YMCA 30 mins away where there are more African americans than whites and signing him up for swim class there... but is this a bad idea?

I’m sure there’s some way to do this that’s less of an ostentatious show of what a good person you’re trying to be.


Rhubarb: “Well if i’m calculating this right, it looks like I win.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. I went for the winning shot and missed.  Now i was going to have to go on a date with Rhubarb.

Marigold: “Well Mr. Thinks-He’s-Better-Than-Everyone-Else where are we going to go on our date?”

Rhubarb: “I guess you’ll just have to find out tomorrow night.”

Marigold: “My family is staying in cabin 6, pick me up there tomorrow.”

I sighed with a huff and headed out of the rec area.  He had tainted my favorite area.  I was frustrated and infuriated.  I just haaaad to show him how good I was, I just haaaad to play against him.  If i would have just left it alone i could have gotten to know Berry better, instead now i was forced to go on a date with that jerk.

honestly ppl killing main/minor characters constantly DOES NOT MAKE A SHOW GOOD OR INTERESTING its tiresome as hell and im done w it all for me its makes a story unrewarding to watch 


FDTD Appreciation Week

  • day seven - why do you love and miss from dusk till dawn: 

                   because it’s true, they put on a good show™

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as someone who plans to study abroad in brasil, where do u recommend i go

mmm go to the northern beaches cus they are the best, but if you’re going to stay south hmu that I’ll link u with the best beaches over here. big cities arent as interesting and fun to see than the historical center in minas gerais. can’t think of much more but a bunch of sites show good places to go. if you are ADVENTUROUS theres a bunch of trails and waterfalls and stuff

Good morning sunshines☀️ today, our days will all go differently. But today, I want you all to just show one act of kindness to someone. Spread some love around and kindness. You never know who might need that compliment or that smile or even just someone to show they care. This world needs it.

Love and light