Yo, Annie here! I kind of felt weird about not doing anything particularly commemorative for my 500-follower milestone, so now this exists. I guess I’d like to thank everyone that’s followed me when I was x-lev, and stuck with me when I decided to go with an idiotic name like thehaibaleg. I’ve been a literal meme during my months on this blog and I sometimes wonder why the heck you guys like me, but I’m really glad you guys do. You’re all fantastic people.

     Okay, let’s get this show on the road. Here are some people that I adore! Even if I haven’t interacted with some of these people, they’re a delight to have on my dash. And a lot of times, I’m really fucking scared to approach them. To those of you who think I’m senpai, I think you’re senpai too. And to my friends, go to hell bc I know y'all sin too hard.

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