Aislinn had been acting very strange recently. She had been away from the lair for a few days, and when she’d come down, she’d be humming songs of romance to herself, and she was starting to lose focus during Leo’s self-defense lessons.

The Turtles were baffled. In the living room, they converse about her behavior quietly.

“I wonder what’s up with Aislinn? She’s been acting a little funny lately…And not ‘Haha’ funny. I mean ‘Weird’ funny.”

“Yeah. She havin’ one a’ ‘er mood swings er somethin’? This ain’t like ‘er ta be out all da time…”

Michelangelo grabs his head, eyes wide.

“Maybe that’s not Ais at all! Maybe it’s a monstrous alien in disguise that wants to turn us all into pod people!”

“I highly doubt that, Mikey. Hm…She mentioned hanging out with some guy a few weeks ago. He’s one of her friends at her college. Anthony, I think….I wonder if…Could she be–?“

They all suddenly turn to see Aislinn coming out, humming cheerfully to herself. She was dressed in a fancy pink and black blouse, and a black skirt with rose designs on it. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail, and she wore black heels. She smiles pleasantly at them. “Hi, guys.” She heads out of the lair, two movie tickets in her hand.

Their mouths hang open at this sight. Aislinn looked stunning. Not much like a tomboy anymore. More like…a girl.

Raphael finally speaks after a few seconds.

“Whoa. Ais nevah wears ‘er hair back. Or wears heels. What da shell is goin’ on?”

Donatello looks to them. How are they not getting this yet?

Really? Guys…I think it’s obvious here; Aislinn’s fallen in love.”

Leonardo’s eyes widen the slightest bit at the word ‘love’. He couldn’t believe this was happening…But he knew Aislinn wasn’t going to stay a kid forever. She was 19. A young woman. He knew this day would eventually come. He watches her as she leaves. A new, unfamiliar feeling washed over him…Over protectiveness. If that boy broke her heart, it would crush her…He had to be ready for whatever came ahead.

However, Michelangelo was far from ready for this. On the word ‘love’ he runs out of the room, screaming like an idiot.


We Shall (Draco Malfoy x Reader) (Requested)

Request by Anon: Hello! Could you please do a Draco Malfoy x reader one? Like Draco’s teasing and being mean to the reader bc he likes them? Thank you dears! :3

Gif not mine

Word count: 816

Of course he just had to find a way to make the day worse, Draco Malfoy did. The most important day in this whole season, the Yule ball. It was supposed to be fun, you had a date and everything. Sure you were going just as friends with the date, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun.

Well actually, your date had ditched you, so that was less than true. You honestly wouldn’t have minded going with Malfoy himself, he was pretty cute- and despite his normally obnoxious behavior, you couldn’t help but admit that you had a bit of a crush on the boy. If only he wasn’t such a total ass sometimes.

Although he did always make fun of the way your hair looked on some days, or the fact that you were a muggleborn. It’s not like you could help who your family was, you wished it wasn’t that way just to appease the mockery sometimes. You just didn’t understand why he had to be so rude sometimes.

But then of course he had to come in and ruin everything, and hurt your feelings. There you were, dancing along to the upbeat music with your friend Luna, when a pastry had flipped itself over and right on your head, spilling the fruity contents all over your hair -which was something you were very proud of how it turned out- and your wonderful outfit.

It was no accident, you immediately knew what- or whom more like it- caused it. And that’s exactly why immediately after it happened, you stormed off to find the blonde he-devil, ignoring the calls from Luna behind you.

Of course he had been laughing childishly with his friends at the sight of you, all covered in red cherry pastry filling, or a similar fruit. The whole dance was a flop, until you finally had fun and were dancing to ‘Do the Hippogriff’ with Luna. You were entirely infuriated by this point, seeing red.

“Absolutely how dare you Malfoy.” You demand, pushing him against the wall, while his friends watch in surprise. “Get off me, you filthy mudblood.” He demanded, while attempting to push you off- but for some reason your anger almost seemed to give you super strength.

“Like hell I will. What is your deal? Why do you have to make my life a living hell?” You inquired, almost like a third degree interrogation.

“As if i would waste my time ruining your life, when you seem to do it perfectly fine by yourself. How much of a loser do you have to be, to get food on your own head?” He asked while laughing quietly, managing to remove your arms. His friends seemed to have fled the area.

“Screw you Malfoy, how much of a jerk do you have to be, to constantly be mean to a girl who cant help how she is, or what family she comes from? You make this whole experience in this school suck, okay? I can’t even begin to understand what I’ve done to piss you off this whole time.” You declare angrily, with tears beginning to fall down your cheeks. You looked down at the ground, avoiding his glare.

Though once what you said registered and your tears fell, his face softened.

“Y/N…” He sighed, making you look back up at him. “I’m sorry.” He said. “Bull.” You bitterly spat, wiping your nose with the back of your hand.

“Y/n, I really am. I didn’t think anything else of it. My parents are always treating people like this without the most of them showing a single sign of harm, I’m just used to doing what they do.” He said, looking you dead in the eyes. “I’m not most people though. Why do you have to do it, Draco? Why do you tend to single me out, and treat me worse than most people?” You asked, looking back down on the ground.

Before you can even register what happened next, he’s rushed forward and pressed his lips against yours. It’s confusing, shocking, but also nice. After a moment, he pulls away.

“Truth be told, I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you mudblood- er y/n. Couldn’t let you know about that though, could I?” He questions, that usual smirk on his face. “I-I guess not.” You stammer while shrugging, your cheeks blossoming into a light pink shade. “But now the word is out, no need to hide it. Right?” He asks, reaching forward and linking his fingers with yours. “No, I guess not.” You say smiling.

“Then, shall we dance?” He asks, an actual grin on his face. “This must come first.” You laugh. grabbing a bit of the pastry filling from the top of your head, and wiping down the front of his shirt, leaving a bright red gooey cherry trail.

“Now, we shall Malfoy.”

Hey guys, short authors note.This is my first imagine that I’ve written for this blog so I hope you enjoy it!

Until next time, Izzy.


“One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.”

Doctor Who: Theory - Maisie is Susan Foreman.

Heard about this theory. Probably not true, but how awesome would it be? Just awesome!

I feel all the difficulties of governing so great a nation. I might say I feel its impossibility, but any obstacle I had placed in the way would have caused the war I was anxious to avoid, and would have prevented the people from judging of the Constitution, because they would have seen nothing but my constant opposition. By adopting their ideas and following them in all good faith they will learn the cause of their troubles; public opinion will change; and since without this change one can hope for nothing but fresh convulsions, I shall bring about a better order of things by my acceptance than by my refusal … I wished to let you know the motives for my acceptance, so that your conduct should be in accord with mine.

–excerpt from a letter written by Louis XVI to his brothers, 2 days after he accepted the French Constitution of 1791. [translation by Nesta Webster.]


Pokemon Fusion Set #2! Shall I Continue? 

I got a lot of great feedback from yesterday’s fusions, especially on Reddit. So if y’all like these fusions, should I make it another series of mine? Should I try a set of fusions a day? Should I stream fusion designing? Lemme know! 

Also here are some more fusions. Not as good as yesterday (I’ve got better ones), but I just wanted to put some out. 

Foongus + Feebas

Skiploom + Forretress

Dunsparce + Klinklang

I rise each morning 
wishing for death to take me;
to claim my bones and wrap me in black.
Wishing that one day I shall wake 
from a night of horrid pain,
to behold his hand clutching mine.
—  Gryr Solomon

YAYYYYYY!!! So, because it’s been two months and two days since I started this blog (oh my goodness, I didn’t think I’d stay this longXD) and I reached a follower milestone of mine, I shall do my first ever follow forever! I’m not completely sure how this goes, but I’ll try my best!

Before that, though, I would like to thank all of my followers! I know that one should first and foremost blog for oneself and that approval from others is not the goal, it still made me happy to see my followers happy or at least pay attention to my blog lol. Each and every one of you and your support mean a lot to me; so thank you all!!!<33

Now, these are the blogs I’m following! All of them are great and definitely worth checking out!! I tried my best to list them down, but there might be some mistakes still.

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greasy-pole asked:

I see near death experiences are being shared! I shall share mine then. Before I was born I was dying so they got me out of my mom just as my heart failed. I died and was brought back more than once following the months that I was born. When I got older I had bad asthma and I nearly slipped into a coma at age 10 because my mom waited three days to take me to the doctor after I had a major attack the doctor said I would have been brain dead if my mom had waited one more day. I also had surgery

That same year for my gallbladder ( I had gall stones) and they had to use loads adrenaline to wake me up after the surgery because I wouldn’t wake up. It took them three hours to wake me up after a 9 hour surgery.

All y’all cheating death like it’s some kind of game but he’s keep score and he’s not happy

No but in all seriousness, those are very scary experiences and I’m very very glad you’re okay right now :)

When I was fourteen I went and saw a movie with a friend and we asked for an Icee and little did we know that the icees were frozen alcoholic beverages AND THEY SOLD THEM TO US??? We were very confused when we took sips??

Interesting fact about you for an interesting fact about me?

I was tagged by dustlandfairytale0223
Thank you!!

Using only song titles from one artist, answer these questions…

I feel like I’ve already done this using the killers but that may have been on Instagram. I shall do The Killers anyway!

Artist: The Killers
What is your gender: Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
Describe yourself: Bones
How do you feel: Goodnight, Travel Well
Describe where you currently live: Here With Me
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Sams Town
Favourite mode of transportation: Miss Atomic Bomb
Your best friends are: Human
Favourite time of day: Shot at the Night
If your life was a TV show it would be called: Battle Born
What is life to you: A Dustland Fairytale
Relationship status: The Way it Was
Your fears: Runaways

I tag; battlebornekillers21 forthekidinlonelytown a-dustland-phanfiction keuningscurls and neonbrandiva

My #wcw is Kaylee Frye from Firefly. She is adorable, hilarious, and a genius. I rarely find a character who I relate so strongly too. Like Kaylee, I taught myself how to fix things (Toilets and computers to be exact. I built the computer I have now). Mostly, however, I have a crush on the pink dress she wears in ‘Shindig’. One day, it shall be mine. #womancrushwednesday #firefly #serenity #kayleefrye #kaylee #fandom #mechanic #jewelstaite #josswheaton #pinkcupcake #futurecosplay #goals


if the sun refused to shine
I would still be loving you.
When mountains crumble to the sea
There will still be you and me.

Kind woman i give you my all
Kind woman nothing more.
Little drops of rain whisper of the pain
Tears of loves lost in the days gone by.
My love is strong with you there is no wrong
Together we shall go until we die.
My my my an inspiration is what you are to me
Inspiration, look see.
And so today, my world it smiles,
Your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
Thanks to you it will be done,
For you to me are the only one.
Happiness, no more be sad,
Happiness….i’m glad.

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1) Why did you choose this URL?
Well, my it was originally gumichan-anime because gumi is my favorite vocaloid/megloid and because I like anime~ but a friend of mine (you know who you are koupie-chan :3 ) said that gumi sounds like Goomy and so we decided to change our urls 😅

2) What’s your middle name?
Don’t have one (._.)

3) If you could own a fairytale pet what would it be?
Ummm Piyo chan?? 😅

4) Favorite color?

5) Favorite song right now?
Well, for the past few days I’ve been listening to Shall we Dance by Tokiya nonstop so I guess I’ll go with that for now ~

6) Top 3 fandoms
Utapri, Dangan Ronpa, and Free!

7) Why you like Tumblr?
Because there are so many amazing people here that I can relate to and are just pure awesome! I’ve gotten to meet really amazing friends on here and I’m thankful for that :3 also it’s really fun and gets me out of boredom XD

Tag 9 Tumblr Crushes or people you think are cool AF!!

Ehhh okie~ of course you don’t have to do this and even if I don’t tag you, you’re still free to do it :3 pastel-sheik, diabolikasks, chiisy-shibasaki, ichiknows, mangled-beansprout, aquilalyra, the-nerd-otaku, thebright-winterblossom, imagineutapri

Mun announcement:

Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. Took a kind of a break for a bit so I can rearrange my thoughts and get my muses back. Hopefully I didn’t make anyone mad but in some situations that isn’t the case. I just want to say one thing. If I haven’t responded to a rp in oh I don’t know… 4 days and you’ve seen me active. That means I didn’t see your reply and you should message me the link or message me so I can search for it. Thankfully a dear follower of mine did this and I found two rps I missed in the process. So thank you for that mephistophelesspuppy. Follow this lovely person. I shall respond to everything tomorrow when I return and hopefully make some good adventures since I’ve had some inspiration into some mythical lore. You might have seen it with my rps with theydeservetolive. Also recommend following her blog. She is currently on hiatus but we keep in touch. That rp isn’t dead. That is all. Hope you have a good day and sorry for the bother.

anonymous asked:

Tell us a story!

Once Upon A time. The End.

I’m feeling oddly nostalgic….[sighs] So I will tell one I told my siblings

There once lived a Prince, who was a widower. He had an only daughter, so dear to him that he saw with no other eyes than hers; and he kept a governess for her, who taught her chain-work and knitting, and to make point-lace, and showed her such affection as no words can tell. 

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If the sun refused to shine
I would still be loving you
When the mountains crumble to the sea
There would still be you and me

Kind woman, I give you my all
Kind woman, nothing more

Little drops of rain whispers of the pain,
Tears of love lost in the days gone by.
My love is strong, with you there is no wrong,
Together we shall go until we die.
An inspiration is what you are to me,
Inspiration, look and see.
And so today, my world it smiles,
Your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
Thanks to you it will be done,
For you and me are the only ones.
Happiness, no more be sad,
Happiness… I’m glad.

—  Thank you, by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant