something about all older imagery of gay men breaks my heart it really does. anything set before 2000 makes me uncomfortable. there’s no happy ending to these stories. i don’t like to see myself in their sad faces.

it’s really fucking annoying that I blatantly told my mom i was gay when my brothers ex told her and she still sets me up on dates with boys to make me uncomfortable. panic attacks and crying isn’t how you should feel while on a date. like mom i like girls. like i have a girl. stop trying to make me what i’m not anymore.

I hate these films with scenes where the dude makes him and his wife zaleel in a party setting they make me so uncomfortable

I liked Chalte Chalte better where Shahrukh and Rani were fighting behind the scenes during the anniversary party that’s so much more realistic

Or did they fight publicly in that film too I don’t remember it much


Your girl did it. I finally fucking got it. It took like 10 months and I won’t physically have them until tomorrow, but I’ve got my prescription. It took a lot of therapy. It took freezing sperm. It took a lot of waiting and discouragement. But I’m on my way to something better. This will be slow. There will be more waiting. And I can choose not to go any further than I want. This doesn’t set it in stone. I can change what makes me uncomfortable. But I’m glad I finally got here. Stay strong my friends. Wherever you are, know that things can never stay bad. Be honest. Be kind. “I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.” - Kurt Cobain

Being in large + strange social settings makes me uncomfortable but at least I’ll have fresh material to talk to my therapist about

I will just say
  • The fact that everyone shits on AC Syndicate due to the fact its set in MY COUNTRY.. makes me very uncomfortable.
  • Also the fact that everyone is moaning about this been europe again even though europe has many different cultures just makes me very angry..
  • They will not be happy until they do a story set in post Aparthied Africa and even then people will be pissed that a historical character was OCC even though he was actually more accurate than how he was usually portrayed.
  • Also if this was maybe set in ancient greece NOBODY would complain about it been in europe even though technically it is!

People trying to set me up with other people doesn’t work.
It makes me uncomfortable. Today is not a day where I feel good about myself so I’m defensive and bitter.
It’s shitful

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I like a boy who doesn't do well with a lot of people in the social setting and I don't do well with only a few people in the social setting. Like I can't handle 2-4 people it makes me uncomfortable but he doesn't like 4/5+

I’m not that great at giving guy advice I kinda suck at dealing with crushes and people in general so sorry if this is bad advice but id say if you really like him and you guys start a relationship then you kind of have to be comfortable being in smaller groups with him. Alone time is important for relationships In my opinion and if you truly like him then try it and hopefully it won’t be as bad as you think!