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Btw I did not do my homework my art teacher will definitely kill me tomorrow aaah ;w; ALSO ! I wanted to thank you guys for 500+ followers ! You make me so happy guys ! All your cute and kind messages make me wanna cry omg. Before being on Tumblr no ones gives a shit about my art so having so much love from you guys it’s too much I’m gonna explode one day but seriously thank you again ! ♥ THE PHANDOM4EVERINMYKOKORO-DESU.

After receiving an (now not so anon anymore *waves at Jane*) ask about “Matsuhana FF8″ :3 Them COSPLAYS!

(i seriously considered leaving the dick across their faces as watermark…)
(also considering prints of this because i love…)

O Maker, hear my cry:
Guide me through the blackest nights.
Steel my heart against the temptations of the wicked.
Make me to rest in the warmest places.

Transfigurations 12:1

If you get the chance, I definitely recommend commissioning @kingcholera She did such an amazing job of taking Cullen and Kaltaine, my vague attempts at description, and tiny little nitpicks and turning them into this incredible work of art. 

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HC: Maggie visiting home because her mom asks to meet the woman who has made her hija happier than she's heard and seen in a long time. But Maggie had kind of lied (read: completely bullshitted) how her father actually reacted to her coming out. Of course she wants to introduce Alex to her madre though, so they go. Maggie immediately tensing up and going so quiet in the presence of her father and Alex of course notices. Maggie's father, who hardly seems to even acknowledge his daughter (cont)

A level of disappointment and coldness in his look that rivals Eliza at the most disappointed Alex had ever experienced. He doesn’t acknowledge their relationship, hardly speaks at all in their presence except to ask for things at dinner to be passed to him, or a sound that’s almost like a scoff when Maggie talks about her career or the amazing things about Alex or their relationship. All Alex can do is watch Maggie get quieter and more subdued in his presence. Despite the loving and sassy relationship she gets to see when it’s just Maggie and her mother. One day it comes to a head though, Alex coming back from a morning run and pausing in the doorway as she hears rapid and angry mix of Spanish and English being snapped by Maggie’s father, with more pleading and upset words coming from Maggie. Ultimately culminating in Maggie going “la quiero, papi. I love her and I’m happy. I’m not ashamed of it!” And her father replies in Spanish (telling her that she should be), Alex doesn’t understand what he said, but she’d snuck closer and she can see the shattered look on Maggie’s face. Like she’d been sucker punched. And she can’t help crossing the space to step between them and cup Maggie’s cheeks, make sure their eyes meet, seeing the sheen of tears that make her heart break. Knowing her words can’t heal everything, but whispering “there is nothing to /be/ ashamed of, Maggie.”




Tumblr makes this look really ugly ew. They look better when you click on the images but then it’s too small to see >:T I really just figure out a better way ugh. Anyway this took me like almost a week to finish and I’m already late to the party lmao. I love how this works perfectly for the events in between Alone at Sea and Beta. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wipe the tear stains off my tablet now.

Update: One of my friends colored it! Go check it out!!

As part of the lgbt+ community episode 7 has legitimately made me cry; finally having this sort of relationship without it being fetishized, having a genuine healthy and romantic love between victor and yuuri shown and told in such a sweet story; it really is making me so emotional to have this kind of representation in an industry that is known for queer-baiting and not taking queer relationships seriously. This is such a move forward and i’m so happy and proud of yuri on ice

Moments in Episode 11

First off, I couldn’t stop screaming this episode.

  • The beginning where we saw an overview of all the skaters <3 My heart <3 We’re one episode away from the ending.
  • I SCREAMED IN THE OPENING. OMG. Remember how everyone said the opening was going to get more detailed? It did. It really did.
  • Victor and Yuuri both kissed their rings!

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  • The two nuzzling eachother in the flashback
  • Victor and Yuri sat at the kiss n cry for too long

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  • Victor, why are you making me nervous as hell? Seriously, wtf are you so distracted watching the other skaters??
  • Phichit and his pets

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  • Phichit wanting to compete in the GPF with Yuri 
  • Phichit is an angel sent from Heaven
  • Phichit’s performance overall was beautiful

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  • Bruh, JJ! Why you gotta copy Victor and Yuri and propose?
  • JJ had an anxiety attack too. wtf???? </3 My heart can’t handle this

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  • JJ’s fiancee still cheered him on.
  • “It’s JJ Style!” 
  • Chris has a cat…
  • Minako and Mari switching out flags for each respective skater 
  • Yurio propping his feet up in between Yuri and Sala’s chairs

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  • Yurio cheering on Otabek
  • Otabek, wtf you think you wearing?
  • Yurio teasing Yuri once again… Seriously, kid?
  • Victor, defend and protect your fiance
  • Baby Yurio and Otabek are adorable
  • 4/10 Needs more flashbacks
  • Mmm Victor in nothing but a bathrobe 
  • Yeah, Yuri, you can’t go off drinking with your old coach and Minako…We know what drinking lots can do to you
  • “Let’s end this.” END WHAT? Being his coach? His career as a skater? What does he mean? Kubo-sensei, you’re such a troll

Now we patiently wait for episode 12….

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legally blonde sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “i can’t believe you’re getting engaged!”
  • “i think we should break up.”
  • “so you’re breaking up with me because i’m too…blonde?!”
  • “i do love you, i just can’t marry you.”
  • “honey, you have to leave this room! it’s been, like, a week!”
  • “harvard won’t be impressed that you aced history of polka dots.”
  • “it’s my lucky scrunchie. it helped me pass spanish!”
  • “she was in a ricky martin video.”
  • “don’t be scared! everyone will love you!”
  • “whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.”
  • “you got into harvard law?”
  • “would be willing to stake your life on it?”
  • “she did make me cry once.”
  • “i’m really glad i met you.”
  • “is she as pretty as you?”
  • “i’d pick the dangerous one because i’m not afraid of a challenge.”
  • “is somebody at this school actually throwing a party?”
  • “what’s with the costume?”
  • “you’re not smart enough, sweetie.”
  • “i’m never gonna be good enough for you, am i?”
  • “and it’s scented! i think it gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?”
  • “remember when we spent those four amazing hours in the hot tub after winter formal? this is so much better than that!”
  • “exercise gives you endorphins. endorphins make you happy. happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”
  • “you have the best high kick i’ve ever seen!”
  • “so you bend…and snap!”
  • “i’d rather go to jail than lose my reputation.”
  • “you know, you’re really being a butthead.”
  • “actually, being a blonde is a very powerful thing.”
  • “don’t stomp your little last season prada shoes at me.”
  • “are you hitting on me?”
  • “it turns out, i’m a joke.”
  • “he’s the top defense attorney in the state. of course he’s an ass.”
  • “but if i’m gonna be the partner of a law firm by the time i’m thirty, i’m gonna need a boyfriend that isn’t such a complete bonehead.”

Noctis’s theme really really really potrayed his feeling… he cant explain his feeling because he is too shy and this song did really well express his feeling… especially when he receive that lover’s notebook his face like tell us that he really meet his lover, but he couldnt 😢 oh my god this breaks my heart :( also dont forget about his bond with the chocobros and his father, this song also potrayed his feeling about them

Yoko Shimomura, you are the best!!

also, on the topic of things that Tolkien does that make me cry:

Celebrimbor, when he heard that Sauron was coming into Eregion, didn’t flee. He didn’t grab all the Important Shit and run. He barred the doors of the Mírdain, drew his sword, and stood right in front of them awaiting the assault. Ready to die, probably convinced he was going to die, because he knew what happened the last time someone in his family did this.

Blood runs deep. I’m sure Finwë, wherever he was, felt nothing but pride.


I was wandering around Red Rocket, doing some maintenance on all our power armor suits when Danse walked up to me and did his “I like when you’re this close” in that awkward trying-to-be sexy voice of his. (his power armor senses were probably going off and came over to stare at me while I modded them)

I turned back to sort of ‘aww’ at laugh at him at the same time


“Need to get in some more target practice.”

X6: ‘stares at Danse’

Danse: ‘sweats and pretends not to notice X6′

I was laughing too hard to get the take screenshots with the subtitles on.

X6 is like an over-protective big brother. Either that or he’s really pissed about Danse’s coat.

this metaphor of the locker has me literally shook. Like his fucking locker was filled with so much stuff that it couldn’t even open anymore??? and then Even comes and bangs on the doors of his locker to open it???? and now that Isak came out his locker opens up easily like… i see what you did there im not crying

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"lot of good that did" that line is were I died xD. Seriously though, the newest chapter was so beautifully heartbreaking you actually made me cry with all the feels! Thank you for this wonderful fic, you've managed to make Mondays fun. Have a good night! 😘

I actually squealed when I wrote that line. I had a totally fangirl moment over my own writing and I’m not ashamed to say that😂

I was actually going to have a full on Rowaelin sex scene in that last chapter. But it didn’t fell right, not just yet at least, so I had Aedion walk in.

But I’m so so so glad you enjoyed the chapter! And thank you for reading it (and sending messaged, I love getting messages)😘

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Umm… how did I get 200 followers?! Why are you guys even here?  I’m actually crying right now because of this! Thank you guys so so much!! <3<3<3<3<3<3


Drabble request from anonymous

Robb Stark X Reader

2. “And why should I believe you?”
5. “I will never be able to trust you again.”
33. “This doesn’t mean anything.”

Want to request something? See the drabble list here!

Warnings: cheating, angst, language, lots of crying, a broken couple, like seriously guys I had tears writing parts of this.

Words: 1425 (this drabble ran away from me a lil bit)

A/N: So I did a drabble similar to this, called Betrayal and Healing and that one had a happy ending. So for this one I decided to make it have a not-so-happy ending. Sorry. Kinda. I like writing angst sometimes. This is rough I’m so sorry lol. xoxox Kat

“Oh Robb!’ giggles were heard from your bedroom from down the hall.

The only problem was, you weren’t in your bedroom.

Your pace increased and by the time you reached the large wooden door, your hand planted onto it and threw the door open with so much force it shook when it hit the wall.

The sight you came face to face with made your world spin and time slowed as you took in exactly what was happening.

There was your boyfriend, on top of some common whore, both of them half naked. There was no mistaking what was going on. Hot tears stung your eyes and began streaming down your face as you turned and ran down the long hall as fast as you could in your heels, ignoring the fact that Robb was now in the hall calling after you.

You just kept running through the castle, you honestly didn’t know where to go and eventually you ended up in the arms of your best friend, collapsed and sobbing.

“J-jon” your body was racked with sobs and you could barely get the words out, but somehow you managed to tell Jon what happened and afterwards he simply clenched his jaw and held you tightly to his chest, letting you cry it out. After what was most likely hours, but felt like days to you, the tears finally subsided. Everything hurt, your throat was dry, and your eyelids weighed heavy as you curled into Jon’s chest and tried to even out your breathing.

–Jon’s POV–

Y/N was finally calm, but she was so exhausted from the emotional trauma and the sobbing that she quickly fell asleep in my arms. Gods, I loved her. But she chose Robb, so I kept my feelings to myself and I let them be happy. Until that ass couldn’t keep it in his pants. I could feel my blood rising to the surface of my skin as I got angry thinking about how much he hurt her. I looked down at her face, red and puffy and still streaked with dried tears, but she was still so beautiful. How could he ever hurt someone so precious and perfect?

I couldn’t sit there any longer. I gingerly lifted her, laying her down on my bed and pulling a fur blanket over her. Kissing her on the forehead, I snuck out of the room and quietly shut the door. The second the door shut, my anger boiled in me again and my legs carried me quickly to find Robb. I didn’t even know my fists were clenched until I got to the door and slammed on it with my fist.

I didn’t wait for him to answer before I burst in the room to find him on the floor, looking almost as broken as Y/N.

“Get up” I heard my voice come out as a snarl and it shocked me.

“What do you want?” a small voice barely recognizable as my brother’s came from the hunched over man sitting on the floor.

“I want a goddamn explanation, Robb!” my volume was almost too loud and it shocked him, causing him to shoot to his feet.

“What? That I fucked up? I know I did!” he screamed in my face, tears threatening to stream down his face.

“Why would you do that man? She was nothing but good to you. She’s perfect” that last part was in a whisper so low I begged he didn’t hear it.

“I know it was stupid, but you know what? I don’t fucking regret it” he said, his face turning to stone.

And why should I believe you?” I spat out, “You loved her Robb. Why in Westeros would you cheat on her and not regret a thing. Are you that much of a fucking prick?” I was screaming again, my face red with anger and my fists back to being unwillingly clenched at my sides.

I was seconds from lunging at him and letting my fist connect with his face when a tiny knock came to the door, breaking me briefly from my rage.

Robb and I both snapped our heads in the direction of the door to see Y/N, looking small and broken, yet calm. She cleared her throat and straightened her back, standing tall and striding over to Robb where he stood, his mouth hung open like he hoped to say something but couldn’t find the words.

Her eyes narrowed and she brought a hand up, one finger pointing at my brother.

I will never be able to trust you again. We’re done.” she said curtly, her voice terrifyingly steady. She wasn’t emotional, she was just cold. Robb’s lip began to tremble slightly and his mouth began to open, but Y/N held a hand up to halt him from speaking, turned on her heel and exited the room without looking back.

I was in shock. So was Robb. We both expected a big fight and lots of yelling, but now the attitude in the room was completely turned on it’s head. There was a sense of emptiness and coldness now. My anger was nearly gone, besides the fact that Robb had still emotionally destroyed the love of my life and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I didn’t even care that I had a chance now. I just cared that she was so sad, and now so emotionless. How could I possibly repair or remedy that? The answer was I couldn’t. The only thing I could do was be there for her and that’s exactly what I decided to do in that moment, be by her side whenever she needed me, even if she said she didn’t.

“Fuck” the word slipped out of Robb’s mouth as if it was all he could manage before he slumped to his knees and let his face fall into his hands. I could hear muffled crying and see his breath faltering as he struggled through his tears. I sunk down to his level and let my hand fall onto his shoulder, I couldn’t watch my own brother break in front of me any longer.

“Gods, Jon. H-how could I be s-so s-stupid?” he struggled out, nearly choking on his sobs as he collapsed into my chest. I had never seen him so weak, over anything. The strongest person I had ever known, my role model, my big brother, was crumbling to pieces in my arms.

I settled for sitting on the floor as Robb clung to me as if when he let go I would disappear, much like Y/N did just a few hours earlier.

I knew his whole no regrets bullshit was an act, but he really did try to stay strong. And I think he would have if she would’ve started a fight. He would have stayed stone faced and taken the screaming, because he deserved it. But she didn’t give him that satisfaction, she knew him well enough to know that a fight would almost give him closure and there was no way he was getting it if she couldn’t have it either. That’s what destroyed him.

The next few days were really hard for both of them, they both barely left their chambers. Well, Y/N barely left my chambers. She was staying with me until we could find her another room because her old bedroom was shared with Robb. I let her have my bed and made a makeshift one from a few lounge chairs and lots of blankets.

Unfortunately, the day came where Y/N and Robb had to go to a wedding together. They got ready separately and didn’t even speak until they got to the wedding together. They both stood outside the large wooden doors of the hall, with myself and Sansa and Arya close behind them. She took a deep breath and linked arms with Robb. He looked down at her with a sparkle in his eyes and a smile tugging at the edges of his lips. She looked up at him and said,

This doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a formality.” she breathed out slowly and turned her head.

“Right” he cleared his throat and I watched the sparkle in his eyes die and his lips curl into a frown. He quickly regained his composure before the door opened, standing tall and becoming stone-faced, but I saw right through that.

All I saw was a very broken man clinging to the woman he hurt so badly, and all she wanted to do was let go.

Ok but I really hate the stereotype that artists are tortured souls and the only inspiration they have comes from all of their mental struggles like the only mental struggle I have when I’m painting is pouring too much color on my palette and wasting it. Seriously tho I’m so done with artists crying over their paintings and using their tears as paint water I love everything I do no matter how much it makes me cringe because I see it all as progress and I am so proud when I finish smthg just because I did.
Like pls stop not every artist is a hipster crying into their coffee abt how no one understands their art and how the world doesn’t get their great incredible vision of yellow sweaters and van gogh socks

To the seven: What would you do if Annabeth DIED?
  • Piper: N-no more percabeth?
  • Jason: I couldn't handle....I just...I can't even
  • Percy: I'd probably die from heartache.
  • Frank: Annabeth is my friend. I can't stand it if anything happened to her.
  • Hazel: I'd cry a lot from the loss of a great friend.
  • Annabeth: Well. I'd be dead so.
  • Leo: I'd have a party. Everyone would be invited.
  • Hazel: Leo!
  • Leo: Party? did I say party? I meant funeral service.
  • Annabeth: Geez Leo, I didn't know that you hated me so much.
  • Leo: I don't hate you. You just make me uncomfortable. Must be that blonde hair of yours.
  • Coach Hedge: Finally, someone understands.
  • Jason: Okay, seriously! Wht's wrong with blondes?!
Happy Birthday, Jungkook

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^ i imagine that last gif is what kookie looked like on his birthday (btw did y’all see the twitter video of him dancing on his birthday? THOSE HIPS DOE. NOPE NOPE.)

i know i’m late but in celebration of the giant baby bun’s birthday and for garnering another bundle of followers (seriously why do you all still follow me i’m trash okay the love is too real I CRY), here’s my birthday tribute to the life ruining, most precious golden maknae who deserves all the lovely things in life and all the birthday cake he could ever want. 

to the only seagull who can make me hate him as much as i love him – happy belated birthday, bunbun :)


Jungpal: Are you free right now?


Jungpal: Noona, hurry up and reply, ya slow poke.


Jungpal: Can you come over right now?


Jungpal: NOONA.

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