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can you recommend your favorite lesbian movies??

My all-time favorite lesbian movie is Loving Annabelle. Although I do suggest watching it with the alternate ending! But still, that movie .. All the feels.

Better Than Chocolate, this one, ugh. Body paint/sheet/two lesbians, do I need to say more? It’s a big angsty in some places though.

Bound, because Jennifer Tilly.

Bloomington, because I’m just obsessed with teacher / student movies and the library scene gets me going.

Fingersmith, although I do suggest watching it in the right order and not watch the second part before the first one, like I did!

Kiss Me. I loved this one more than I am willing to admit.

I Can’t Think Straight, seriously. I don’t even know what to say. 

Room In Rome, bit of a mind fuck, but so beautiful.

A Perfect Ending, this one is gonna make you cry, but holy shit. It’s hot and good.


Cracks, EVA GREEN! Man, this movie. Unf. It hurts. Seriously, go watch this one right now.


On the upd8 flash

I…I literally just broke down crying and I have no excuses for that.

Seriously, fuck this stupid webcomic for making me have so many emotions.

Over the years I have been in and out of so many different fandoms but NOTHING has made me react the way this one has. NOTHING. And I know that a lot of people out there wont get why I had such a strong reaction, hell even I don’t know why I did. But ya know…to each their own I guess.

I just hope that what ever happened in this flash means what I think it does.


look at greg. look at him.notice his posture. i didnt fucking realize this before.  yea he’s scared but he’s. his arms are spread out and he’s making himself a BARRIER between the currently scary auntie whispers and wirt + jason. im going to cry over this. im seriously going to cry someone please protect greg.. idc if someones already said this i. i need this at least for mYSELF….

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Loam is so adorable like?? I want to kiss his forehead and tell him he's precious

HE IS!!! Okay, I’m going to take a second to talk about Liam God Damn Payne. Alright. This is the kid who has wanted to sing for years and years, and he’s tried so hard. Like, you can tell in his X Factor auditions that he took their criticism to heart, and he was ready to prove himself. Like, Cry Me a River was such a powerhouse. I’m still blown away by his audition. But, he just wanted it so badly. He took it so seriously at first, just because of that. Now, even 5 years later, he’s gotten everything he could have ever dreamed of when he stepped up to audition. And it’s probably even better than what he could have imagined when he did, because he’s got three of his best friends right alongside him. He just tries SO hard to make the fans happy. We joke about it, but he does take on the brunt of the heavy work when it comes to scandals. He’s the one that does the Twitlongers to try and comfort us, and let us know how he’s feeling. He apologizes when he thinks he’s messed up. He takes on the hard questions for the band during interviews, and he does it phenomenally. He’s so appreciative of us, and I think our support does just floor him at times. He seems so amazed by us and how much we love him and the rest of the band. He’s a vocal powerhouse, and he has taken on Zayn’s solos amazingly. He’s so talented. He’s got such a great vocal range, and he is so consistent with his performances. But, he has fun on stage, too, and he engages with the fans. Still, he’s humble, and he’s grateful. And so god damn adorable. He’s out there tweeting celebrities that he admires trying to make them laugh and he wears batman costumes and idolizes superheroes and making voice over videos because he thinks it’s funny and now apologizing for being bad at Twitter. He’s just. Liam Payne is really important.

From an anon…

lol how boring is your life if everytime a guy is flirting with you you think it’s rape culture.and your sex life must be so boring. i bet there aren’t that many guys who want to fuck you if every little thing make you cry rape. or maybe you do that because nobody wants to fuck   you and you’re just a sad virgin. you know maybe if you stopped being such a man hating bitch guys will actually want to sleep with you. seriously you getting your panties in a twist over a relationship like cs that’s just romantic and sexy like it’s rape or something says so much about you

Did it make you feel good to send this? Did it give you a feeling of power? Did it make you feel superior? Were you expecting to hurt me with your childish and baseless attack on my personal life and your infantile thoughts on sex?

This message only shows that you’re incredibly immature and that you’re just as influenced by media like OUAT that sells relationships like CS as sexy and romantic that we worry people will be. And by sending it on anon, you showed that you’re a coward as well.

Your attempts to somehow hurt me or undermine my opinions by bringing my personal life, my romantic life, into this are childish. It shows that you can’t actually respond to anything I’ve said with canon or facts to back up your disagreement, so you needed to try to undermine me personally.

What does how often I have sex, who I have sex with, or whether or not I’ve ever had sex have to do with being able to recognize when something is or isn’t rape culture? What does it have to do with my ability to critically analyze media? What does it have to do with my ability to recognize misogynistic behavior and writing? What does it have to do with anything other than your infantile ideas about what’s “sad” or “acceptable” or “cool” or “valuable”?

Furthermore, you’ve only managed to demonstrate your complete inability to understand what the actual discussion is about. Nobody is saying that anytime a man so much as flirts with a woman that this is rape culture. It would be rape culture if she was unreceptive and he kept pushing. If she said no and he wouldn’t take that as an answer. If he tried to insult her or undermine her in an attempt to get her to want to earn his approval. If he expected her to sleep with him or give him some other kind of physical reward for being nice to her. If he acted in any way entitled to her. It’s entirely possible to flirt without doing those things. The fact that some people seem to think it’s not, that they think these things are normal and “just flirting” is a part of the problem.

I’m not sure where you get the idea that anyone has “cried rape” on “every little thing”. When it comes to Hook, the only time rape, and not rape culture has been discussed has been in regards to his comments about plying women with alcohol in order to have sex with them. Yes, that is rape, and at best that line is Hook making a joke and the show yet again acting like rape is something to joke about and no big deal, and at worst it’s Hook admitting that he’s a rapist and the show acting like it’s no big deal. Nobody cries rape on “every little thing”. We call things rape when they’re rape.

Unless you don’t actually understand what the difference between “rape” and “rape culture” actually is. Which, at this point, considering how long this conversation has been going on, is indicative of willful ignorance on your part.

And the fact that you see CS and Hook’s behavior as “romantic” and “sexy” only shows exactly what the problem is in the media’s portrayal of relationships like this. This is a relationship where the man tried to kill the woman, where he left her to die, where he hurt people she cared about, and it’s never been addressed. This is a relationship where the man implied to a woman who was in a vulnerable place that she owed him a kiss for a good deed. This is a relationship the woman has, more than once, been treated like an object to be won rather than a human being. This is a relationship where the man continued to pursue a woman even after she was clearly unreceptive and where the man decided that the woman had to deal with her issues on his timetable. This is a relationship where the man has been lying to the women since before they were even together, where part of her perception of who he is is based on lies. This is not a “romantic” and “sexy” relationship. And the fact that the media sells it as those things and that people buy it is exactly the problem. And you’re not somehow worldly or smart or more mature or sexually superior just because you were easily sold dangerous relationship behaviors by the media.

And the idea that women who demand to be respected, to not be treated like objects, whether in their romantic relationships or just by every single person they come into contact with, must be a man hater, or a virgin, or somehow sexually inferior is ludicrous. Seriously, how ridiculous is it to think that women who demand respect and who have no problem being open about what they expect and want would somehow be worse when it comes to sex.

So, actually, your childish ideas about sex and your willful ignorance says a lot about you. And I, personally, have absolutely no problem with what my ability to recognize misogyny and rape culture in the media and in real life, and my unwillingness to bury my head in the sand says about me.

I hope that writing this message made you feel good. Because as soon as you hit that button to send it you proved that there’s nothing about your behavior right how that you should feel good about.

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Positive!Anon challenges YOU: answer this with a nice message / compliment to a fellow Tumblr user & tag / mention them to make their day. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pass on the challenge to the next FIVE on your dashboard. <3

Okay, naming one person is hard. I play with so many who are all equally awesome. I’m just selecting a few okay and just picking them randomly (mostly ;) )

biolxgy: Her writing is superb and I have shed a few tears over our threads, that is how much feels she gives me. I can see our threads so clearly that I can admit and proud to do so, I actually did cry as I replied. 

eyesbrightaskrystal: Seriously, this is Krystal. Like, the way she talks and acts? Brilliant. 

cosimaxclone: Is very good at playing different sides, from funny to angst and romance. Wonderful.

firefxghterclone: Okay for one I think that she picked a firefighter is super awesome. Like, you often see the same profession, so this is just amazing. I also think it’s a very well thought out character and you could truly believe she is in the show. Fits right in.

topsides-executioner: Omg the way Ferdinand is played is just super amazing. Like I don’t know if you spent hours studying him or whatever, but you are him. Most definitely 

I was gonna do 5, but seeing as I had to give it to my nest 5 on my dash, eh, I’m doing another five and they all can decide if they wanna do this or not. I’m already writing this now anyways and I’m super mushy and always gushing so here we go.

thegirlwiththebuffytattoo: Big cuddly wolf. This mun is a sweetheart and I can tell how well they have studied everything to make this character. I can see how she portrays it in shows I have seen about werewolves/lycans. It shows.

dyadcasualty: Probably the best Rachel I have seen.. I mean playing someone with brain damage who is recovering, is super hard and you do it amazingly well. The stutter is spot on, not over the top and you’re playing her as she is, your portrayal is definitely right on. 

g33kych33ky: Wonderful, wonderful Cosima. You always have super amazing ideas and that storyline we are playing out is life. Your portrayal is amazing but what of the things I like best is, you do her playful nature so well, she’s a brat and I love it. 

darkiisms: You know how much I love Melissa and Lucie. Two original characters who are so well developed. I especially love the protective nature you have for those two and how they fell in love despite their own views. 

And of course, as if I would never mention her.. my buddy (Yep, I’m sticking to calling you that now :P )

onecosima: I’m not gonna say anything.. just a gif.. 

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i hate guys like that, i'm actually even being made fun of because i started crying one time when a guy locked me against a wall and started making out with me. like seriously, i was so chocked and afraid that i started crying, and instead of teaching the guy a lesson, people make fun of me instead.

Seriously what the heck is wrong with those people, it’s absolutely normal to start crying because he completely disrespected your privacy and did not ask for consent, it’s not funny it’s rape and it’s sad and scary that people don’t see it as that. It’s scary that literally every girl I know has been harassed in one way or another by a guy and it’s scary that most of them are too ashamed to say anything because that’s what makes the guy think it’s okay.

thank you uhuhuhuuhuh my chest still hurts and like i have to deal with more things but this was the hardest one for me and i did itttt im in a lot of chest pain but i dont care cause i did itttt

like id rather sing in front of a thousand people than do this, not a million tho thats too much, also i dont sing so it would be embarrasing

Rambling about Leverage:

I just finished watching all five season of Leverage and let me tell you, the first fucking half of the series finale had me in tears. 

If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about, because all I could do was cry and shout, “ALL YOUR KIDS ARE DEAD!!!” But I knew that couldn’t be the ending, but it didn’t make watching what happened happen feel any better, especially how they did it.

With all that said, that was an amazing last con to pull off and I love it even more because Sterling was involved and I don’t hate him.

So here’s my 2 cents:

If you haven’t seen Leverage. Go watch it. Netflix has all five seasons primed and ready for you to watch.

If you’ve only seen a few episodes and were like, “I’m not sure how I feel about these characters,”  Go watch it.  All of the characters grow and we get their backgrounds and their motivations, but as I first stated, they do grow and that is very important (I’m lookin at you Parker and Eliot)

If you have watched it.  Go watch it again.  You know you want to and you were just waiting for another excuse. Do it. You have all the permissions in the world. Go enjoy 20 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound bag because its very distinctive. 

Keystone Motel Impressions

Ouch to the tension between Pearl & Garnet.

Did Rebecca Sugar just reference the Emperor’s New Groove?

Ruby and Sapphire being mad at each other is so painful but at the same time I love that they’re getting character development time.

Fire & Ice!

Seriously, Ruby’s expressions were what stopped me from crying because they are fantastic.

Poor Steven, he’s really blaming himself for this.

“Laffy Saffy” OMG They are adorable

I was so expecting things to go horribly wrong at the end but it ended kinda optimistically? This just makes me in dread for tomorrow really.

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i'm so sad and angry at the same time about what happened to TRB in NY, i just want to cry because wow these people are seriously the worst, i'm sure there will have repercussions for all of us who did nothing and that make me even more angry. i'm so upset with this kind of shit that people do and with this fandom srsly !

i’m not even an american army and can’t help being sad and upset and ashamed and just urgh :/ i feel sorry for everyone who hoped to get the chance to meet the boys eye to eye, but had this chance stolen by a handful of reckless fans or antis. 

and the boys, omg, just thinking that they didn’t feel safe among their fans has me near tears :(

about Naomily

i really really love them at first

but i just don’t understand why naomi acts like that and how emily could forgive her after all she did

i mean im such a bitch i cheated on you i lie about liking you i dont do anything to get you back and then i go with these amazing rehearsed speach and you forgive me??? really???

i know emily loves her and everyhting but i just dont get it seriously

even after all on skins fire naomi keeps these attitude and it makes me even more upset about it

dont get me wrong i cry a lot when she died but i still think that ‘Naomily’ isnt that perfect as everyone says

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Jerza :3

001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when I started shipping it if I did: Honestly, when I saw Siegrain take Erza’s chin when she was arrested I was like, “hmmm I smell a ship,” and then the TOH arc just fu*ked me up.
  • What makes me happy about them: How much they love, support, and need each other
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: It annoys me when authors keep Jellal as a evil man because he is not evil and that just makes me sad (but I don’t see it too often so that’s good)
  • things I look for in fanfic: Jellal doing sweet, little things to Erza, like kissing her on the forehead or just being a romantic, adorable dork.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: See the thing is, I can’t see them with anyone but each other. I just don’t think its possible for them to not be together.
  • My happily ever after for them: Jellal coming up to Erza after the last battle and her asking him if he is once again leaving her and he says no. Then she asks why not, and he says that he’s found his reason to live and its her. I WILL BE A HAPPY PERSON IF THIS HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: Jellal is the big spoon- he loves wrapping his arms around her waist and sticking his nose in her hair because he’s obsessed with it and it smells like strawberries
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: cuddling or maybe relaxing on the couch- Erza’s head in his lap while he runs his fingers through her hair.

i just feel like deleting all my social media even tumblr right now, i’m seriously so mad… why did i ever thought he was a nice person? this makes me so mad, because i always told people he was different and he isn’t? god i hate myself so much. my mum even told me and now this….. omg why am i so stupid?


Lax has ruined my life to the point whereby shitting on yourself is not fun and uh…. Maybe considering an adult diaper in case you shat yourself while sleeping.

Seriously. I don’t think I’m the only one to be considering adult diaper at this point of time.

Lax should be in its full effect ages ago. Maximum should be kicking in at its 12 hours and it did and now it’s almost at the 20th hour and I’m still feeling sick and on the verge of shitting myself.

Was at dean & deluca and popped by to grab coffee. Genuinely thought I’ve shit myself. 😕😳😖🙊

That moment when you can’t tell the diff between farting and shitting yourself is too real.

This makes me wanna cry cause I feel hella weird for the thoughts and yet I can’t stop and all that with the fear of embarrassing yourself. (Seriously feeling dumb for wanting to cry over this. Is this a big issue? Idk maybe. But it’s hard and sad to cope. Not now seriously, I can’t deal with it. I can’t)

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A song that will always make you cry?

I don’t cry to music…can’t remember that I have.

But I did cry at the Ed Sheeran concert!


  • This or that
  • Opinion on book
  • Opinion on ship
  • Top 3
  • Advice
  • Dares
  • Favorite
  • Seriously just ask me something
  • Anything Harry Potter

it makes me so sad that people are so mean to cops. One of my moms best friends is a cop and when I was at her house once I decided to bring up the topic of Mike Brown just to have a discussion and see what her thoughts were.
She looked completely devastated when I brought it up and I seriously thought she was going to cry. She told me that yes, there are some cops that have made some mistakes. But that it isn’t fair that all cops gained the reputation of black murderers. The went from highly respected people to having their cars burned in the street, just because they are cop cars.
You can’t blame all cops for what happens. It’s not fair to disrespect and make fun of people that have worked hard to protect us, despite the fact that A FEW of them did a wrongdoing.

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Hi! Are you the one who wrote Bechloe fanfics? I really hope so, otherwise it would be embarassing. Just wanted to let you know that I just read The Things You Didn't Do (I know it's pretty old), and I HATE YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA! WHY DID YOU WRITE THAT? HOW DARE YOU BREAKING MY HEART LIKE THAT? Btw you're really really really talented and you managed to make me cry, which is not often so congrats, but I hate you anyway.

Hi, yes hello. I did write ages ago haha… do you mean this gem?  Haha is it weird that messages like this satisfy me? I love causing the paaaain!

Sorry, weird reaction…

But seriously, thank you :) i’m glad you liked it because I think that’s one of my best ones haha

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I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW that you using logan (*google voice* did you mean the love of my life?) is making me miss using him as a fc! ugh i need to go back and revamp my albus potter CRYING FOREVER ABOUT YOU AND YOUR WRITING AND YOUR BLOGS AND YOUR FC CHOICES TBH

IT WAS THIS OR MAKING CHARLIE AGAIN BECAUSE THE LAST TIME I QUIT HIM. LET’S BE REAL THIS MOVIE MADE MY ENTIRE YEAR OK. BUT seriously??? you saying he works as a fc ( whICH is WHAt i tAKE THE LAST LINE TO MEAN makes me crY TEARS of happy?? ) because he’s really not popular so far omg. like people aren’t itching to write with that fc omg….. BUT I ACTUALLY DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL LIKE LAST WEEK THAT YOU WERE ALBUS PoTTER and i’m just so PLEASED by this, pleaSE bRINg the bae back because i wanna play with you on there omg. he was SUCH A good muse . YOU’RE AN AMAZING WRITER I BOW BEFORE you ok??