I Got tagged by @supernaturalandstuff123, thank you so much <3

Relationship status: Single pringle.
Favorite color(s): Black, darker plummy purples and a certain shade of green.
Pets: A couple of snakes, a bunch of mice, fishies and A BIRMAN KITTEN IN FEBUARY OMFG
Last song i listened to: Wherever i may roam, Metallica
Favorite tv show(s): Supernatural, Merlin, Sherlock, probably more, i just have bad memory
First fandom: HTTYD i think, or maybe MLP. Not sure though.
Hobbies: Horses, books, tumblr, being a lazy ass
Last book i read: Apocalypse cow, Michael Logan
Favorite book(s): RA series, BBC series, Riyria revelations, etc.

Fun-Fact: I accidentally couldn’t get this to be under the rest because my computer decided to say fuck off and it bothers me

I tag: @the-rose-owl @katzdrawings @flannelwearingviking @winchester11apologies if they have already done it, idk

May your kittens be cute and your ships be canon