Victor and Yuri arrive at the church

world: saved

homophobia: ended forever

engagement rings: out


Okay so this parallel really got to me. In this episode, we are actually introduced to Otabek, who is shy, reserved, and doesn’t really interact with others. However, he reaches out to Yurio, because this small angry blond left such an impression on him 5 years ago. He’s then confronted with the fact that Yurio doesn’t even remember him. And  yet even after that, he still asks him to be his friend.

We then discover that Viktor and Yuuri did meet prior to Viktor showing up at the hot springs. Viktor talks about how he didn’t really have a life, he just focused on skating before he met Yuuri. And as the end credits show, meeting this drunk, unknown skater at the party changed his life and made him actually feel something again. Despite this being a critical moment for Viktor, (aka the moment he fell in love), Yuuri doesn’t even remember it. 

One boy remembers strong feelings, while the other one was completely unaware that this encounter ever happened. Very similar to Otabek and Yurio, no?


you’re the only thing i need in my life