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I love, love, love all the brand new tales from Peyroux. They are simply sublime! What a perfect way to start the season. I was wondering when you anticipate that those ghoulish T-shirts will be released. I'm more excited than a tot on Halloween to order one!

Ah shirts. We keep tackling the issue and it keeps falling apart.

I have very specific fit requirements, they have to come in a range of sizes, I want screen printed and not ink jet / dye… etc. – and honestly part of the reason is the size of our shipping office.

I’m eying something like Kickstarter or something, every handful of months. “Here is a design!” Rent out the conference room in the building our shipping office is in when they arrive, have a giant pack party, get them out the door, draw another shirt, repeat.

Working on it, promise, but keep scrambling on the ideas.

yeahiwasintheshit replied to your quote:He wants spaghetti and tomato sauce. He doesn’t…

chase used a minor character like pauly perfectly

You really need to take some time away from the show to realize how perfect each actor was, like even Jackie Jr. makes you cry a little towards the end of season 3. Walnuts is perfect in every scene he’s in, and his smile after the Italians wipe the floor with him should be shown in every acting class. 

just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s