RoTK 13!!!

After some random web surfing I ended up with this gold nugget of information. OMFG why did I not know this earlier??

Koei made another game for the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series!! The screenshots look promising (the epic battle scenes, plus the updated character portraits) My day is fucking made. Here’s to hoping that they translate it to English, or at least provide a Chinese version. If they don’t I’m going to have to learn some Japanese just to play this thing.

scarletvich replied to your post “went to see ant man :D”

Yaassssss, how good was it? Maybe if I show Mr dad enough opinions he’ll wanna go see it with me

it’s great!! i wasn’t too excited because i didn’t really care about this marvel storyline in particular (fantastic four tho sign me the hell up) but it was waaaayyy better than what i was expecting. lots of good jokes, i got emotionally attached to an ant named antony (i’m not kidding), paul rudd is v v attractive, lots of falcon which was super great and of course that particular after credits end scene made my entire day :D (there is one directly after the movie which is also good but the final one is definitely worth the five minute wait) i didn’t care too much about the whole plot or evangeline lily but it was definitely worth watching! also cassie is super adorable (and in it a lot so if you like young avengers y/y). overall the plot was like a 6.5/10 but additional guest appearances and jokes (some more successful than others) i’d say 8/10 :) and just thoroughly entertaining!

So I was watching MASH tonight and there’s this episode where Radar asks Hawkeye if there’s something wrong with him, because he doesn’t feel the desire to flirt/be perverse with the “b girls” like the other men

I swear to God that was so much like how I felt when I began figuring out I was asexual that I almost cried at the scene

Hawkeye telling Radar that there as nothing wrong with him made my day