MCU Ladies Week: Day 3 - Favorite Scene


“Jewel is a great superhero name!”

“It’s a stripper’s name.”

Oh wow, where do I start with this scene. As soon as I saw it while binge watching Jessica Jones during finals week (not my smartest move), it stayed in my thoughts and I found it to be such a substantial part of the show as well as both Jessica’s and Trish’s characters. I think it’s an adorable scene and it shows their relationship extremely well, as well as showcasing the Jewel costume which was very exciting for me.

[ ♛ ]   But love—love is weakness.

I just wanted everyone to know that, as is a hobby of mine, I’ve been fancasting an imaginary Uncharted movie and I can’t get away from the idea of Harrison Ford as Victor Sullivan.

anonymous asked:

I really hope you are single because your selfie is killing me omg 🙈🙈🙈🙈

Haha thanks cutie. I’m afraid I’m not on the old dating scene at the moment but thanks for your message it made my day 😍

Denver abc7 News

Last week, my history of media class got the chance to go tour around the set of Denver’s abc7 News station. It was such a great and exciting site to see in person and be able to go behind the scenes to see how everything is made up in just one day. 

My favorite part of the tour was being able to be in the same work area/section where the director of the news broadcast got to sit and control everything that was going on while they were live on TV. There were so many tv screens to look at and the director was so calm. 

Going to the tour of the news station opened my eyes more and made me be more interested into maybe wanting to get an internship for them or another news station and then making it into my career. I really enjoyed this tour and I hope I get to go to more just like it.