100% me as a Mercy hahaha
I literally throw myself trying to save my teammates but sometimes it doesn’t end that well hahaha Maybe most of the times hahaha Unless there’s a good guy that tags along with me and protects me and doesn’t leave me alone on the payload or things like those LOL

This scene actually happened in-game so I deided to draw Mercy with the Skin I use, the Devil one and Mei with the skin it’s user had, the Yeti one. (SO MANY DETAILS WHY DID I DO THIS AJKFBLAWGHEUI)

I had so much fun drawing beaten up Mercy tho, I made her the most comically injured as possible hahaha :’D

I hope it makes you laugh!

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard

Denny: “We slept together!”
Alan: “I won’t tell!”

This scene made me laugh so much. I know that it may not show Spader’s incredible talents but I just loved it. Alan and Denny’s friendship is amazing. It’s like FRIENDSHIP GOALS! This scene just depicts how such close friends they are that that moment (where they ‘sleep’ together) would happen. The picture is from @red-is-the-new-blackington.

Also, I really wanted to add this scene from the Blacklist. Again, it may not display his true talents, but it totally shows how he makes sliding down a wall look cool and the fact that this is too great to not post. Spader’s face as he slides down the wall is like “Donald, I’m not impressed. This is all incredibly disappointing. I’m out.”:

The gif is from @ventingblacklist.

Wow, this is late to the show. I’m sorry!

ok, so, i’m wondering, would it really have delayed the ethan rescue party that much if sir m. and kaetenay had made a “quick” stop in london to get vanessa? or rather, would the delay be that significant if it meant they added vanessa as an asset to the “don’t let ethan go to the dark side” mission?

because also? that whole chase/make ethan see the light business would have been a lot less stressful if she had gone with them. do you really think ethan would have been like yes, hecate, agent of satan, that’s great advice, if vanessa was with the pursuit team? i don’t think so. 

like it already took a lot for him to leave her once, i’m not convinced he’d be able to do it again. 

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Have you listened to Eric Nams I can't help myself ft Loco. It's fucking goooood! Im not an Eric fan so I hesitated thinking it wouldn't be good but it's great!

I’ve been a fan of his for a few years and he looked so freaking cute and handsome in this mv I sear. His dancing made me laugh so much and the scene changes were nice and colourful! BUT DID LOCO DRESS UP AS MICHAEL JACKSON WHAT WAS HE DOING? My mouth dropped as I stared at my screen. This child I can’t handle him. Overall it was a nice and cheerful song ^^

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but r*cas is life !!!!!!! They have so much chemistry!!!! Remember that library scene back in season 1!!!!!!! Literally 2 years ago !!!!! Or that 2 second kiss!!!!!!!! So much chemistry!!!!!! They are made for each other !!!!!!! Riley and Lucas are in love !!!! TRU love !!!! Soulmates!!! You're just jealous of Riley and Lucas !!! Riley is the main character remember !!! (I wasn't gonna add this but I hope you realize I'm being very very sarcastic, most sarcastic person to ever live)

yes i understand your sarcasm, im also very sarcastic :o) thank you for making me laugh :o)

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Okay everyone, how long can you go without laughing? Be noted, it's Robin Williams Improv, it's impossible not to laugh. /watch?v=yaX3r3_NP7s

America: I’m not gonna lie dude, I laughed immediately!! I love that guy so much!! 

England: I laughed after about the second or third scene, I’m disappointed that I lost 

France: I made sure to let out my laughter after the black sheep so I could beat him

Russia: I liked the part where he turned him into a prince! that made me do the laughing

China: I like the comedy in America, so it did not take me long to start laughing

Germany: I waited until the end to let out my laughter

Italy: I started laughing uncontrollably a little after America

Japan: I let out a lot of quiet laughter that I’m not sure anybody else heard about halfway through the video

-Axis and Allies

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Just started Collaboration and the "obligatory cas prefers bees scene" chapter title made me laugh so hard my sides are hurting send help

Ha! I once titled a chapter where I had Cas doing a charity boxing event “Shy of the Tiger.” I hate titling chapters SO much. So thank you thank you for enjoying the effort! Lol


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Your portrayal is witty, well written and true to character. You can feel such positivity radiating from your posts. It's a pleasure to read. I love the scenery you paint into your writing because it's seamless. I can see the scene play out and makes for great reading! The roach post you and lexipedia shared was adorable and Mark's reaction had me literally laughing out loud. I hope you never lose the desire to share your creativity because it's fabulous!

whoever sent this in, thank you so much. i am always glad to hear that people take my writing in as a whole, rather than just mark? it really means a lot to hear that, anon. and that thread made me laugh, too! it’s always fun to have a thread that’s just PURE comedy. this is such a muse boost, because lately i’ve been feeling like i haven’t been writing mark as well but this is reassuring. thank you so much for taking the time to send this and i hope you have a great day/night wherever you are!!