Yuuri surprising Victor

One thing that is interesting about Victor is how obsessed he seems to be with surprising people and being surprised. In fact, the very first line of anime tells us that:

In the second episode, we learn that Victor’s main goal as a skater is not to win but to surprise his audience the way he hasn’t before. And it makes sense because Victor is obviously an artist as much as an athlete - he creates stories with his choreographies and he’s extremely talented with that. But now he can’t do it anymore.

When I watched it the first time I thought it was because of the reason Yurio gives in this scene - that Victor was just so good so long that no one is really surprised that he wins. But I don’t think this is really Victor’s case and that’s because of the other thing Yurio says then.

What Victor seeks so desperately that he came to Japan without a hesitation is apparently an inspiration. He can’t surprise people because there’s nothing to surprise him anymore. Nothing except of Yuuri of course. 

Now, let’s stop there for a second. Because we have Victor Nikiforov, who has the world at his feet, who has so much money and is surrounded by beautiful things, who travels around the world and does what he loves for living and he is bored. Or rather tired. Unhappy. Lonely and forgetful and despair. In other words, he’s probably depressed, he wants to feel something true and deep again and he can’t. And this is where Yuuri enters the stage.








Victor falls in love with Yuuri more and more every day because he makes him feel things he never felt before. Because he’s so beautiful it helps Victor get out from his mental dark place. Because he surprises him. What Victor needed was not only an inspiration for his skating but also to have someone make the same effort for him as he did for other people. And Yuuri does exactly that.

What Yurio doesn’t know in the second episode is that Yuuri is the first and only person that surprised Victor in a very long time. But his words are important because from that moment the only thing that Yuuri wants is to show Victor that he is worth his attention. 

And he does. He does it from the first moment they meet and he really turns out to be the only person to satisfy him.

Victor spend his whole life working very hard to surprise people and make them happy by his skating and it only gave him depression but then the one thing he really needed and wanted was for someone to do the same thing specifically for him and Yuuri showed up and absolutely smashed his expectations. And then Yuuri wanted to surprise Victor as much as he always surprised him at least once and in fact, he has done that every day since they’d met. And this is just so beautiful I may be crying right now.

And then they became canon and surprised us all and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

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so i feel like a lot of people missed this because i know i definitely did, and not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the part where clarke elbows the grounder in the face so bellamy can shoot him isn’t non-verbal communication like i’ve seen a lot of people saying and how i used to assume. 

If you get to 1:00 and listen closely, you can hear bellamy shouting “GIVE ME A CLEAN SHOT” to clarke while the camera is focused on her.

this 100% doesn’t undermine their epicness as a team though. clarke still had no idea how bellamy planned on shooting that grounder, all she knew is that he was going to try. and once she saw how he was going to do that, she had to act in literally less than ten seconds to think of a way to get the grounder off of her, not to mention putting her life in bellamy’s hands and trusting that he would shoot the grounder while missing her.

in a way, it makes me love the scene even more. even though i loved the it without realizing that he told her he was gonna try and shoot the grounder, it did seem a tad unrealistic that clarke would be able to respond to something so quickly without some sort of a heads up. 

and this is the part i love. she knew as soon as he turned the rover in front of the truck that she had maybe two viable options. 

the first: to try and swerve out of the way of the rover. bellamy might have been able to shoot him through the passenger side window. and while it would been considerably more difficult to do so, it would be a whole lot safer for clarke. it had more of a guarantee of her own self-preservation because if she had swerved to the left of the rover, the grounder would have been the only person in the shot. but it would have had less than a guarantee of working for bellamy. 

the second: to do what she actually did, which was keep heading straight towards bellamy. and this means so much!!! this option was much less safe for her to follow through with but it gave bellamy a better chance at shooting the grounder. and i don’t care how good of a shot bellamy is and lbr he’s an absolute dead shot, sorry s1 raven, shooting a moving target that is right next to the last person on earth you would want to shoot is HARD. Hell, shooting a stationary target is hard, and i can speak from experience (i just feel like i have to note: this was in a very safe and controlled environment where everyone was extremely meticulous about everything to make sure there were no accidents and that everyone was safe). so when he’s got high stakes, extreme emotions, moving targets, and limited time, there was always the chance that bellamy could have accidentally shot clarke. Clarke knew this but instead of saving her own skin, she decided to trust bellamy wholly in order to give him a better chance at doing what he needed to do to keep her safe. and it worked!!!!   

honestly there are times where i have been floored by how much trust they put in each other. and something like this will definitely have a lasting impact on that trust in the best way possible.

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Okay but the new Power Rangers movie was actually amazing?? I did not go into it expecting it to get me so emotionally invested, thought it’d just be nostalgia and goofy, but that shit had plot and cute scenes and was campy and just?? so?? good?? Also can we talk about how amazing the Blue Ranger is?! My boy is the heart of the film and he’s not only a leading black character but he is also an autistic superhero which is huge. And Trini!!! Oh boy, don’t even get me started on my little yellow sunshine ranger. I’m so stoked on her character. Yes she is queer, that’s made clear with a tender exchange around the fire with Zack and the others, but the thing I loved about the movie is that it’s not her ~defining~ characteristic. She is caring and brave and incredibly fierce- that girl is a little spitfire let me tell you, first one to straight up jump up a mountain and fling herself across a canyon like gottdamn- and an amazing, loyal friend and she just so happens to be LGBT (it’s not clear yet if she identifies as exclusively lesbian, bisexual, pansexual etc or forgoes labels all together but fuck yeah). It’s refreshing to see that we can be represented like that… you don’t have to be in a relationship to be gay, you don’t have to have it be something that is tortuous and portrayed as a burden and source of constant conflict to the character. There’s something so nice about normalizing queerness. Yes we exist in all arenas of society, we are everyday people doing everyday things, sometimes we’re single, and sometimes we’re superheroes with a kick ass group of friends. Go go POWER RANGERS!!!!!


The ocean chose you for a reason

MPGIS: The Shoot-Out (P5-Last Surprise Meme)

(Did I do the meme right? ‘w’ I couldn’t just choose one part of this fight so I just did the whole thing. First time editing like this, so yeah sorry if it’s not perfect ;w; I might tweak it later and re-upload it, but yeah this scene is just really good itself so enjoy. 8U)


You just feel bad for the dead in your wake. I don’t feel anything.

If that were true, you would have killed me by now. 


Do you have.. feelings for me?

You know what scene is just so good?

When Greeling teams up with Ed, Heinkel, and Darius, because that whole scene is such the most ridiculous display of stupid macho power-grabbing. Like these characters are literal children. Ed suggests Greed team up with them. Greed laughs, tells him “Up yours, Kid!” because he doesn’t answer to anyone. Then he follows up with “Now if you wanna join my team, that’s a different story.” And Ed just rolls with it. So, yeah, they do team up. But Greed had to be more importanter.

Like, the conversation is literally

Let’s team up.”
“Fuck no.”
“Actually yes, but I get to be leader.”
“So we are teaming up?”
“But I’m captain.”
“I’m very important Ed.”

The end of the special episode is one of my absolute favorite scenes in a podcast now. Just the perfection that is Isabel Lovelace, her talk with Cutter, the music (Paradise Valley is such a good song and an absolutely perfect fit for space imagery), Cutter’s “Clear” leading into the sounds of Lovelace’s revival. The entire scene just felt so good, the atmosphere was incredible, and it really, really makes me wish Wolf 359 could get a visual adaptation.

Jackson Imagine - Protective

A/N - Another anon requested imagine~ Hope you guys enjoy it and apologies for the lack of balance between the members recently, there have been so many Mark, Jackson and JB requests!

Not only was your boyfriend a famous kpop idol, but you were also in the public eye. You were also a singer well known for your rock sound and edgier look. It had been quite a surprise to the public when they saw that you were dating him, given your image. But you didn’t care what the public said about your relationship because you loved him and you knew he loved you. The only issue was that Jackson was very protective of you and easily got jealous around guys. You did love that he cared so much about you but it always made it hard to tell him that you’d be doing more of a sexy concept for your next album. He loved seeing your leather jackets and ripped jeans with heavy eye makeup but he just didn’t like other people seeing it.

Because of that, it made it difficult to tell him that you had to do some intimate scenes for your new music video. You were totally comfortable with doing it because you knew it was all simply acting and there were no romantic feelings involved. However, you already knew that Jackson would hate the idea of you kissing someone else, let alone filming a sex scene with them - even if it was all fake and acted. As you arrived home, you greeted Jackson with a kiss.
“Hey, Jackson. Have a good day?”
“Yes, jagiya. How was the meeting for the music video?”
“It was good, we’ve got everything planned and sorted. But there is something I do need to talk to you about.”
“What’s up?”
“Well, as you know, the song isn’t exactly innocent and because of that, the video isn’t either.”
“Basically I’m going to have to film a lot of kissing scenes and a sex scene with some actor.”
“Nope I would be fine if it was a couple of kissing scenes but not a sex scene, (Y/N). Sorry but I just wouldn’t be comfortable with it.” You sighed in response, knowing he wouldn’t change his mind. You loved how protective he could be and often found it endearing but sometime it just annoyed you.

After speaking with your manager on the phone about Jackson’s reaction, you had come up with a plan to continue on with the music video without needing to worry about Jackson’s protective nature. You returned to the living room and sat next to him closer than usual. You linked your arm in his and rested your head on his shoulder, something you would only do when you were trying to get your way. Jackson sighed, knowing what you were doing.
“(Y/N), snuggling up to me isn’t going to make me comfortable with you doing those scenes for your video.”
“Well I’ve been talking to my manager and she came up with something that I doubt you’ll refuse.”
“Is it to get rid of all the intimate scenes?”
“Nope they’re still in there.”
“Then what is it?”
“She said instead of hiring some random actor, why not get you to do it? That way it’s not awkward for me to kiss some stranger and you’ll be happy that I’m not kissing some other guy. Plus the scenes would be way better if it’s an actual couple doing it. What do you say?”
“I think we need to rehearse our scenes. Y’know, just so we look good on camera.”