“W-What about a massage?”
“Not the stiffness I’m worried about.”
“Your tea will get cold.”
“I like it cold. Besides, you’ll be more thirsty than I am in a minute.”

*clears throat* I’m feeling really thirsty after this story… 

Excuse me while I recover from Saizo’s event story.

Saizo’s story event is so GOOD! Not just because these steamy scenes and angry shinobi sensei is hot but also because it also features Hanzo, Ieyasu (deliciously villainous), Shingen (in his fabulous furry old armor) and my personal fave chara, Mr. Cute Recycled Sprite!

Tiny work in progress

Hey, cool people! I’m alive and trying really hard to re-learn this writing business. It is way harder than it should be right now. Here, have a tiny little piece of a slightly larger scene, as a good faith effort: 

She dreamed that night, pressed back-to-back with Kanan and nearly falling off the bunk. Her town was burning and dark smoke crept under her shut door like some protean monster. Frightening, but just a dream, with none of the vivid flashes and chaos and dirt and snot of the real memory. 

In her dream, her cousin Jepth shook her awake—“Hera! Hera! The house is burning! You have to get out.” 

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I always look forward to Rumple and Killian scenes whether I have a problem with Rumple or not. I think they may have one of the best dynamics on the show because their hate for each other has never once changed.

Their scenes always play so well because their hatred for each other is so delicious and it just makes it so much more fun to root for your fave in that scenario. Plus Colin and Bobby are sooooo good at the dynamic between Killian and Rumple. Their scenes are never a miss because it’s like you can cut that hatred between the characters with a knife and it’s a constant on the show. When all else may or may not be changing on the show, you’ll always know Killian and Rumple haaaaaate each other and will always be antagonists in each other’s stories.

you know, on re-watch I think I love ‘The Calm’ even more than I did the first time around, because it’s really the first time we see Kane interact with anyone that he doesn’t already have massive beef with and you get to see this whole other side of him

like for the entire of season one he’s either butting heads with Abby and Jaha or being all professional-asshole-just-doing-my-job at people like Nygel or Shumway, so we mainly see him how they see him and he comes across as sort of a douchebag (with the brief exception of his scenes with Vera because she’s his mother and she at least can see the good side of Marcus)

but then you get to The Calm and he has all these scenes with Wick who he presumably doesn’t have a whole lot of dealings with, so there’s no rancour there between them, and suddenly Marcus Kane is just lovely

like…he’s calm under pressure and he takes action immediately to help others and he’s giving orders with a sense of natural command, and he’s smart at figuring out the best things to do but he’s also compassionate and selfless enough to risk his own life to save others, and he even inspires others to help him as well, and even more notably he’s totally fine with snarking and joking along with Wick and like…I don’t know, just what a great way to introduce us to Marcus Kane the person rather than Marcus Kane the Antagonist

How I imagine people reacted to the Lincoln photo scene:

Static Quake/Daisy and Lincoln stans: *uncontrollable screeching and crying*

Skyeward fans: “Well obviously, she has a picture of Grant Ward hidden away. She’s just too traumatized to even bring it up. Just wait, he’ll come back from the dead and we’ll finally get the Skyeward ship we deserve.”

QuakeRider fans: “Aww, that’s so sad. Robbie should hug and comfort her…you know, for reasons.” ;)

Skimmons fans: “Well obviously, she has a picture of Jemma Simmons hidden away. She just…um…doesn’t remember she has it. Wow, we haven’t had a good Daisy-Simmons scene in a long while.”

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Personally, I like all episodes in this show (through, certainly, some less than others) except one (which you haven't seen yet), because of the subversive nature of the show. This might have seemed like a very stereotypical episode, but what I liked was that it wasn't done by the selfish naysayer who wanted to be a dick, as usual, but by a genuinely good and caring man. It shows that even good people are not above occasionally doing bad things, and their reasons for them can be kinda selfish.

See, I get that, but it wasn’t just the use of those tropes that bugged me, it’s that they were used in the worst way possible, at least for me. I can think a lot of different ways that episode could’ve gone (even with those two tropes) that wouldn’t have been so painful.

At least there were good individual scenes which made it tolerable.

A Kiss Under the Stars

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Pairing: Natasha x Reader

Request: “ Could you do a oneshot where the reader takes Natasha to her happy place which just so happens to be an old abandoned amusement park and all sorts of nature have taken over the old rides and stands making it beautiful”

Warnings: None

A/N: Holyyyyy crap I wish I could draw, this scene with Natasha kissing her significant other in an abandoned amusement park is just such a good image!! I loved this request omg

You ran up the stairs to Natasha’s room in Stark Tower, too excited to take the elevator. Your girlfriend had been feeling down for days, and you didn’t know how to cheer her up until you got an idea from Tony just a day earlier.

“Natasha!” You knocked on her door, bouncing of the balls of your feet as you waited for her to answer. When she did, you could barely contain yourself.

“Can you come with me?” You asked, holding out your hand.

“To where?” Natasha furrowed her brows, suspicion lighting up her eyes.

“You’ll see,” you said. “Please? I promise it’s okay.”

“Okay,” Natasha sighed, taking your hand. You led her down to Tony’s garage, taking one of the older cars he had. Natasha tried to get out of you where you were going, but you wouldn’t tell her. You pulled into a gravel parking lot, Natasha’s eyes widening when she recognized where you were.

You got out of the car, walking right beside Natasha into the old, long-closed amusement park.  The rusting, broken down rides were covered in creeping vines and sprouting flowers of all colors. The sun was just setting in the distance over the rides, the sky a beautiful blend of pink and orange. A soft breeze stirred your hair as you turned to see Natasha standing with her mouth open.

“How did you know about this place?” She asked quietly.

“Tony said you loved it here,” you said, walking up to her. “You seemed a little put out lately, I wanted to take you somewhere you felt calm.”

Natasha smiled softly, brushing a lock of her red hair out of her face. You loved the way she let herself relax around you, trusting you completely and wholly. She was beautiful in the light of the setting sun, her green eyes bright.

“Thank you,” she whispered. You stepped close, slipping your hands in hers. You sat down slowly on a patch of grass, leaning in close to Natasha as the night got colder, stars beginning to wink among the indigo sky. The two of you cuddled in each other’s arms, completely relaxed for the first time in months. 

You leaned forward, giving Natasha a soft, sweet kiss. You rested your forehead against hers, her breath ghosting across your lips.

“I love you,” you whispered, Natasha giving you a tight hug.

“I love you, too.”

ill say this a million times but i hate mortal coil. its placement in the season just feels wrong. if it was swapped with crossing the line i wouldn’t mind so much, but its just. Charlie is just so…unlikeable. And i like the guy when hes going behind blakes back or being a dick but i just find him nearly unpalatable. the B plot is more annoying then anything else. theres like one good action scene at the end, the hole digging scene amuses me, and Charlie is v. beautiful but like. it just feels Not Right. the episodes on either side of it are my two favourite but Mortal Coil is just.


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Will we get a scene where someone tries to broach the "are you *gay/bisexual/what-have-you* with Kara, and she's just like "Literally, I am sleeping with *aliens*, you people are *aliens* to me, So I don't care about genitalia because *ALIENS*. Cause that could be be funny/good.

kara is SUPER into gender theory & sexuality& queer studies bc it’s so current & bc she needs to learn abt this stuff so she’s like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im not convinced gender exists

Waste not want not

Sooooo it has come to my undivided attention that I delete ALOT of what I write in my fan stories before you lovely people get to read it because either :

1: it doesn’t fit in with the story very well

2: its out of left feel and breaks the consistency of emotion or plot 

3: it causes a external writer block 

or 4: I choose i just simply don’t like it or it makes me slightly uncomfortable to write it in the script.

so, as far as waste not want not goes for my Zootopia Fanstory, apart from the sneek peeks you guys get, I’m gunna treat this like a DVD/BLUE-RAY and save all the scenes I delete in a separate folder and show them to you as DELETE SCENES, if It gets good feedback I will continue with it, if not ill notice you guys are bored of this idea and stop putting them up. 

I thought this would be interesting so you guys can see where my head is at and how often I delete and re write stuff.

otherwise I would like to hear your opinion on this, 

note: Most of the stuff I delete is pretty well written and will show where the story could have gone. 

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or maybe katie is just trying to up the ratings of the show because she's getting paid to do that? i mean, she did post an old photo of moira's funeral scene on instagram last year and made it seem like they were filming the funeral episode for the person that was in the grave so that people didn't know that it was laurel who was in the grave so fans would tune in to watch the episode so i wouldn't put it past her to string laurel fans along to get good ratings

The “grave” photo was probably part of the cast/crew doing damage control when those photos leaked that basically screamed “Laurel is in the grave.” Damage control and promotion are very different entities. The fact Katie is saying to watch Season 5 says to me that she has a role beyond the one people have assumed (flashback, earth-2, time travel appearances). And with the early reviews out saying Laurel’s final words are very much open for interpretation says to me that we might have her future role on ARROW alluded to in her alleged “final” scene in 501 “Legacy.” 

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Okay silly question, but I would love to be a voice actor for one of your series, but would I have to be a professional to try to apply?

not at all just have a good clear mic is really my only concern! actually id love to just get voice clips so i could animate important character scenes aswell

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eyebrow queen, this trial scene is so good I'm so fucking excited and I love sassy Zuko WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NOW


real footage of katara calling ozai a bitch and zuko in the background screaming:

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take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can’t help falling in love with you

I’m doing zen’s route again and he’s so sweet it hurts


‘You know my powers, my dear Watson, and yet at the end of three months
I was forced to confess that I had at last met an antagonist who was my intellectual equal.’