so i was thinking abt how the Reveal™ changes things (whats new) and im just. laughing so much. i laughed at this scene the first time round cause he sounds so pouty and offended and i thought that was because yeah viktor he has confidence in himself and just assumed yuuri would like it etc etc but now its even funnier cause viktor’s just going “you stripped and grinded on me and asked me to be your coach and i flew halfway across the world to accept the offer and???you dare????to look like you didnt enjoy it???????? i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now” im dying please send help

for @ask-estonia, who is doing a viking!estonia M!A right now that im crazy abt because i love viking estonia.,. ;; - ;; this blog is so cute and good and my new fave honeSTLY

( i just really love young viking-era eduard being the guy you go to for the technical behind the scenes stuff, like advising and helping planning raids and smithing weaponry and fhsdfjds. ed is so intelligent, i can’t help but think he’d be a gifted kid and use his smarts rather than muscle power when it came down to being a vital part of everything, ;;; - ;;; ok. i’ll be quiet now. )

Okay but let’s please appreciate Henrik’s and Tarjei’s acting in this scene because both of them were so fucking perfect! Henrik did a great job on showing that Even wasn’t feeling good and that he’s been very down for the past days and Tarjei was just fantastic as well, the carefulness of Isak, everything. I’m so fucking in love with this scene and these actors and wow.

Hamlet: Act 3 Scene 1

Hamlet: I’m just saying that if you’re good and beautiful,

far more easily than goodness can turn a whore back to a virgin.This used to be a great puzzle, but now I’ve solved it.

At the core… no matter how hard we try to be virtuous.

.Why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners? I’m fairly good myself, but even so I could accuse myself of such horrible crimes that it would’ve been better if my mother had never given birth to me! I am arrogant, vengeful, ambitious, with more ill will in me than I can fit into my thoughts, and more than I have time to carry it out in. Why should people like me be crawling around between earth and heaven? Every one of us is a criminal. Don’t believe any of us. 

 If you marry, I’ll give you this curse as your wedding present—be as clean as ice, as pure as the driven snow, and you’ll still get a bad reputation.

 Good-bye. Or if you have to get married, marry a fool, since wise men know far too well that you’ll cheat on them. 


Anonymous asked:

I have this really pervasive habit of making lists. Every explanation of some plot or motivation will involve a bunch of reasons. Characters will tick them off with their fingers, or say “First… Second… Third…”, or characters will take turns asking questions. This wouldn’t be a problem if it was once per story, but it’s almost every chapter and scene. How do I break this habit? What alternatives can I use to elaborate on what’s going on? By the way, your blog is awesome. :)

Well, you know that you do it, so that’s a good start. When you feel tempted to do it, just don’t. Try not to think of it in terms of a list. Just take out the “first,” “second,” “third,” and see what you have to add to make it make sense.

So, here’s an example of what we’re trying to avoid:

“First, I told Kevin to tell you I was going to be home from school late. Second, I warned you and Dad that I might have to start staying late for practice. Third, if you had looked at the coat rack, you would have seen that my practice gear was missing. And fourth, you could have just texted Ted instead of calling the school in a blind panic when I didn’t answer your texts. You know he always watches my practices.”

Now, here it without the listing:

“I told Kevin to tell you I was going to be home from school late, and I warned you and Dad that I might have to start staying late for practice. If you’d just looked at the coat rack, you would have seen my practice gear was missing. Also, did it ever occur to you to text Ted instead of calling the school in a blind panic when I didn’t answer your texts? You know he always watches my practices.”

Ask box will re-open soon. In the mean time, please check the master list or the main site for help. :)  

okay so since i remembered last night that when you’re drunk you’re actually really good at speaking foreign languages you know, i have an alternative proposal for the banquet scene. 

so we know that yuuri has been obsessed with viktor for like… i dunno, at least eleven years. now, yuuri and i are not the same, but if i were obsessed with some dude who spoke a different language, i’d try to learn it. 

the first four photos come from the makkachin phone, so they’re not yurio’s. yurio’s are the huge number of photos at the end. SO the first person that yuuri approached was viktor himself, who photographs the entire encounter. 

just imagine, for a minute, this drunk off his ass guy with a reputation for being extremely quiet, suddenly, out of nowhere getting in viktor’s face, describing how he’s going to have a dance battle to win him and then trying to say things to him in russian. 

anonymous asked:

About the movie "Storks": I don't wanna have kids, i don't even like kids, and the whole idea of being called "mom" even just for a joke makes me extremelly unconfortable, but the baby delivering scene made me literally tear up... it's a good movie!

Anon 2:

Oh my, since you reblogged the Storks post lemme just tell you how underrated that movie is. It’s seriously such a good animated film but unfortunately the advertising for it was just bad, and a lot of people either completely missed it or simply didn’t even know about it. You should definitely watch it, it’s just great.


i was actually so curious about the movie last night that i looked it up on tvtropes to learn more about it haha

i’ll try to watch the movie whenever i get the chance!!!!

anonymous asked:

So... is YOI like actually, legit gay? I've seen gifsets and posts of it before but I kinda assumed it was just the sort of queerbaiting we usually see – do we finally get a gay anime??

Trust me buddy, I have been burned by queerbaiting shows before. Allow me to ease your mind.

There’s a scene where Yuri buys matching wedding rings (as proven by a screenshot someone took of the receipt) and they exchange them in front of a church facade with a choir singing in the background. Yuri claims that they’re meant as a good luck charm and a thank you gift for all that Viktor has done as his coach.

In the previous episode, they have a tear-filled racing-to-hug-each-other reunion in an airport wherein Yuri asks Viktor to be his coach until he retires, and Viktor responds by kissing his knuckles and comparing the question a marriage proposal. He also says that in that case he hopes Yuri never retires.

When a friend notices the rings, he announces to the entire room that his two friends have gotten married. Viktor corrects him by stating that they’re engagement rings, and that they’ll get married after Yuri wins a gold medal.

Yuri dances his short program every time by thinking about seducing Viktor and proving to the world that he’s the only one who knows and is worthy of Viktor’s love. That’s how his internal monologue goes. Every. Time.

Aaaaand, Yuri, back at the start of the series, began his skating season by announcing:
-the theme of his season will be Love
-he didn’t understand love until he met Viktor
-now that he has someone he wants to hold onto he’s going to win with the power of love

And there’s still two episodes left. Each episode has been more explicitly gay than the last so I have pretty high hopes for the end of the series.

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When do you think the EQ will be turned back into a human? I doubt they're going to keep her a black cobra forever?

I really, really, really hope that this storyline wraps up in 6x11 or 6x12. The split EQ arc did not go well. I think what made the EQ so sinister in Season 1 & 2 just couldn’t be recaptured. It seems that A&E want everyone to know that it will be over soon

Eddy: All I can tell you is that this town is clearly not big enough for two Reginas, so that needs to get sorted out pretty quickly.

I think they realize that it just didn’t work. The “double Lanas” is hard to film and for a lot of the outdoor scene the CGI of having both on screen didn’t look good … and (in my opinion) the acting was lackluster. In the beginning of the season they were teasing “who knows how long this could last” and now the message is “don’t worry … we’re almost done with this” so it sounds to me like they want to reassure the audience that we have a much different 6B to look forward to.

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I read on your twitter that you were scared of Kaneki ignoring Hinami as well? now I feel sad, I hope he isn't

ohh yes, I said that. Yeah, I feel weird about that, I understand if he ignores Touka because many shitty things happened between them and both hurt each other deeply, but Hinami is 100% innocent and I’d be devastated if she’s being ignored by him, I always said that to me, Hinami is the character that loves Kaneki the most, and their relationship is so precious, I hope they’re in good terms with each other because we haven’t seen any scenes between them since Kaneki came back. 

I just don’t want for Hinami to stop being Kaneki’s little girl. I know she’s not a kid anymore but I hope that in Kaneki’s eyes she’s still the same child that needs to be protected by onii-chan :( 

astraltactician  asked:

This was quite an episode :O. Animation wise, I noticed a few derp moments, but they didn't distract, and they're somewhat excusable because they haven't animated this kind of story before. Once it started getting slightly happier it got back more to normal. And they brought back their song, in just the perfect way. And seriously, this cliffhanger was almost worse than the end of season 3 one. But honestly, I'm just happy that Otoya has the shine back in his eyes. He'll be fine. :)

Indeed it was. I noticed they didn’t really know what to do with the shadows for STARISH at some points, but it was overall a good feel. Yeah, most of their dark-concept episodes during S1 happened at night, so they didn’t have to think much about colors, shadows and such bc they were used to it. Cloudy days, which are neither light or dark, can really mess up our sense of what to do next. Specially in scenes featuring Otoya, I think the animation was really solid! I also love how they brought back the song, idk if in the anime-universe it was released to the public or if they simply dropped it out of nowhere, but it’s nice that it wasn’t directed only to Otoyan, but also to everyone, fan or not, just everyone that was able to listen to their message. It really has the STARISH spirit on it.

I’m glad Otoya’s eyes are back to normal, and that he seems to have decided what he wants to do from now on. It’s important for himself and his group. I hope the next time we see him smiling, it can be the best and purest smile he’s ever given :’)

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So it's not just me that finds Blaine oddly irresistible? Like, I'm half glad he lost his memory because now I can love him guilt free but also half sad because he's just not himself. S3 better get him some sex scenes. Just sayin.

 totally not just you Blaine is so freaking wonderful. I know he’s done terrible things and really isn’t a good person, but I love him and I refuse to feel guilty about it!! also I would love some shirtless Blaine scenes for what ever the reason.

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tina65adams  asked:

Lou I am so glad that I can come your blog and Jen's. Because if I only had Facebook I would have stopped watching Arrow all together. 5x9 almost did it for me, but I read you two lovely ladies insight on the episode and it made me feel better. You ladies really really made me watch between the lines. And now I really see what the writers are doing. Now I don't really agree with some of the scenes, but hey I am sure the writers have their reasons. (1)

Facebook is so so bad. Felicity hate, Laura coming back for good. Thank god for Tumblr (2)


Just protect your bubble, @tina65adams. Other people can easily ruin your pleasure in things if you don’t. :)

Office Christmas Party (Kate) Review

So I watched Office Christmas Party!

This is not the sort of movie I’ll watch in the cinema, usually. I was watching for Kate and I went with no expectations and it was an enjoyable enough romp and turned out better than I had thought. I have tried very hard not to include spoilers and I hope nothing below is spoilery but just in case, you have been warned…

So. Kate was a delight and consistently good and funny, as you’d expect. She was a scene-stealer and lit up every scene she was in and was just so joyous and fun and passionate. And she had a few good one-liners and punchlines. Even though she was really just a supporting character. And you can expect to see a few of her trademark comedic elements, including a few bits as joyously-weird. She does it so well. And I was just so delighted every time she came on screen, and she does have more to do than make reaction faces!(amazing as they are) Yay! And considering as has been said that she was given a fair bit of free reign to improvise, she makes a lot out of, and performs the heck out of, whatever she was given. She was kickass in unexpected ways too.

And I’m starting to think you just can’t hate any of her characters, in general. Either she will humanise them in some way or you’ll start to sympathise with them or she will play them with more depth and complexity than you’ll think and in the end you just can’t hate them or find them annoying or dislike them, even if that wasn’t how they started out, or even if they’re supposed to be antagonistic in whatever way. I feel for her characters.

So all in all I had some good laughs, (and from the other performers as well), and it was so good to see Kate on screen again and relishing every single bit of her performance, and an enjoyable time was had. Oh, I am so in love with her. Now to look forward to Rock Your Body and her own movie!

P.S.Stay for the credits!

anonymous asked:

Robert put a shirt on under a Christmas jumper. I can imagine Aaron giving him the side-eye. Unless he already had one on and then he just put the jumper on over the top? Who bought the jumpers? The costume department have done well though because they suit them. They aren't OTT. I am seriously just living for that deleted scene to be honest. So much goodness in 23 seconds.

Hehe!! Robert’s such a 50 year old with his shirt and jumper combo, bless him! I can’t wait to hear the story behind the jumpers, and what Robert/anyone else had to do to get Aaron into a christmas jumper in the first place! 

They really do suit them. It’s so great to see them so domestic and so in love and just enjoying Christmas. Aaron deserves such a happy Christmas, and it’s in such contrast to last year’s. That deleted scene is a blessing!