“you can do 80% of your work and you can do it 80% correctly. but that’s not a B. that’s a 64.”

that’s a line i’ve got to remember.

mrs-red-fox replied to your post “how many hours of my life have i wasted trying to manipulate stupid…”

So, I’m not sure how you’re formatting your work, but as I tend to have a lot of images on most of my papers - and I always place them in the end. For that, I’ve come to the realization, through a lot of trial and error, that the best place to do so is PowerPoint.

I think placing them at the end is probably the best way to go. But my drafts feel so empty without them :( I use powerpoint too to organize things and then screenshot them to put into a textbox in Word. But then i type like one letter and the entire damn thing disappears into the buttcrack of microsoft or some shit and i’m left wishing i had a punching bag or a shot of whiskey

Help with a gif

So, I’m back on my computer and finished a picture I want to turn into a gif. I have 4 images and want two of them to have the soft transition. However I tried working with “fire alpaca”, which crashed because I needed too many images (I had to repeat the images to match the lenght aso). Then I tried “magix video deluxe” but it wouldn’t export the file correctly.

I’m a noob and don’t know how to make gifs so maybe someone can help? *hopes*