I made fast subtitles of one of my favorite moments in the first episode of the streaming program “3LDK” on stolabo with Uehara Takuya, Hirama Soichi and Mizuta kouki. It was very funny so I thought it will be great if everybody could understand this part ^_^
Sorry in advance for my bad english^^‘ 

(Please, do not re-upload and ask me first before doing any translations to another language from my own translation. Thank you) 

I’m making a sormik edit (finally with a decent computer) and this part it’s probably one of my favs part of the anime.

Like…just look at them and their trust in each other. How Mikleo is in Sorey’s back, supporting him. How determinate Sorey looks, because he knows Mikleo is there with him, he can feel Mikleo’s presence and his power with him.

His friend, his one and only is with him and for Sorey, that’s the only thing that matters.


Favorite Choreo Sequences: Xiaoyu Yu & Yang Jin, Humility and Love (x)

So, I found this song recently and I really enjoyed it. But not just that, I find it really interesting. Even though there is…erm…let’s say “Adult things” hinted here and there, the song is about love. Well, there are surely a lot of interpretation. 

As for me, I saw like…a virtual entity in love with a “real” person (Maybe the one who programmed them), but this love is going only in one direction, as the real person does not love the virtual entity, wich is not real. Well, it’s kind of blurred, that’s why I like it.

But then, there are lines of codes that goes up as the song goes. And those lines of codes refers to the lyrics, for exemple :

“If I’m a set of points then I will give you my DIMENSION”

“ if(me instanceof PointSet){            you addAttribute(me.getDimensions().toAttribute());            me.resetDimensions();        } “

And I was blown away by this detail. Like, during the whole song there are lines of codes that ties with the lyrics, like trying to translate from speech to code.

I found about this song by playing Osu! And I really recommend you see the storyboard made by Exile-, it’s like, wow.


Wonderful music, wonderful storyboard. I can’t.

Also the picture on the video, the drawing like okay waw

so like my internet on my computer’s broken again so i haven’t been able to go on it but i still have my tablet so i’ve been using that to go on the internet, but the thing is i still don’t really have a good drawing program on my tablet and i have one on my computer, so basically i’ve just been drawing shit on my computer then using a flashdrive to put them on my tablet to post, it’s ridiculous but it works so i’ll stick with it


October Skating Challenge Day 12: Favorite short program(s)
↳ Daisuke Takahashi: Cyberswan, Eye, Mambo, In the Garden of Souls


When in doubt, doodle about!

So, when i was browsing my files, i noticed i had saved some doodles i made last semester in school when i was bored, but never posted, why? because the plan was to doodle everyone, and the program i was using (sketchbook pro) corrupted the colors of the Pokemon reps when i was working on them after saving the progress for the day and going home.

I figured “why not finish these doodles now then?” and so i did. Behold a lot of doodles and jokes!

the original doodling is only the first page, page 2, 3 and 4 are what i was drawing lately, was a lot of fun and practice, actually, I’d recommend giving it a shot.

One thing of note, before this post i mentioned that i was working on a secret project, well boys and girls, this ain’t it. Hard to believe, but this is only practice for the real thing, and the real thing is more elaborate than all of this, more on that later.

(PS: i consider the inkling to already be part of the smash family, what’s with the success of the game and it being first party, its just a matter of WHEN they will join the cast).