you know all the posts about how “but marco’s so important for feminine cis boys :c” makes me thing of Marco running like a boy positivity blog and at some point it goes inactive until like a year later they post a picture of them with their hair grown out and everything just like… “w h e l p”

Witchy Self-Care for Finals (or whenever!)

It’s no secret that I’ve been going through a pretty rough mental health patch. And with final exams this week, that is not a good thing. But because every cloud has a sunbeam behind it, it inspired me to create this witchy self-care guide for whenever you really need it. (Prob going to be a long post, sorry.)

It’s real important for us to keep up our self-care routines, if only because our body is the conduit through which magic flows. If the channel is damaged, our magic will suffer. 

Eat small and eat often. Our brain needs calories to function. Food is energy, it is not the enemy. But if preparing food is just too much work, try eating small meals that are easy to prepare and clean up after: instant oatmeal, fruit, instant potatoes, cheese and crackers, etc. Add spices/certain elements for intent. 

Limit caffeine. Don’t completely cut it out bc then you’ll just have withdrawal and be miserable. But try subbing coffee or energy drinks for tea. When in doubt: water is the best option. If you can’t stand the taste- try adding mint, lemon, or other fruit to match an intent. 

Don’t sit in the same place all day. I am hella guilty of this, but we are not sedentary creatures. Even if you’re studying like a madman, get up to stretch once an hour. Try to take a walk everyday, get some time outside. Again, if you’re really really low energy: you can do stretches in your bed. Try these.  If you really need a break or stress removal- try to do a full workout vid. 

Please sleep. Even if it’s a little bit. We cannot function on no sleep. It limits brain activity, and you won’t be able to perform at your best. If you can’t relax enough to sleep for 8 hours at once, try sleeping in short intervals. Anything is better than nothing. Try sigils, herb sachets, sleepy time tea, to relax. 

Bath magic! When we’re low energy, it can be difficult to devote time to making spells work properly because we can’t channel enough energy towards our intent. This is perfectly normal, but can be frustrating. Bath magic kills two birds with one stone. It’s a low energy form of magic, you get clean, and relax all at the same time. Try @recreationalwitchcraft for some awesome ideas.

Hope these help! Add more self-care ideas to the chain. Every little bit helps, you never know who will read it when they need it most. 

Many blessings- Kate.  

cathlita  asked:

I'm sure you're already aware, but your Clod and the postman story is in Tumblr's Top 2016 Tumblr Gets Deep stories. None of the negative nonsense you received is in the thread shown either, which I think is super :)

OH CLODDAMN, I was wondering why that was getting notes all of a sudden! 

To anyone who is reading this having just seen the post about Clod, here are some important things that he did today:

  • purred until he dribbled, then shook his head and sprayed drool everywhere and looked genuinely proud 
  • rolled off a table
  • ate a bit of lamb with cranberry sauce (that’s not really dramatic at all, but I feel like it merits mentioning)
  • had the 5th treat from his advent calendar and batted it under the oven, then meowed until someone fished it out from underneath, then promptly batted it back under again 

He is such a shit. 

Thank for letting me know! I was 0% aware! 


Some of my characters that will show up in No End in the distant future at some point. Not main cast but important characters in some story arcs either way. May not be final designs, it’s the first time I’ve actually drawn some of these lol they’ve just been… fully fleshed-out characters with vague appearance in my head.

@jaggedcliffs tagged me in the thing! and when do I not want to ramble about myself eh

How old are you? 23. I had to think about this for definitely longer than I should have.

Current Job? I’m working in digital marketing at a science fiction/fantasy publisher, and I’m still super excited about it even if things have been kind of chaotic and disorganized lately.

What are you talented at? what do you mean you want me to say nice things about myself?? I mean, I guess I’m pretty good at writing of various sorts, and I like to think I’m not too shabby at analysis either. 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? Actually, my biggest goal for this year was probably getting a new job, and I did do that! Actually this has been kind of a big year for me in general in terms of life stuff, I just keep forgetting about it because so many things have…really sucked. 

Right now I’m also working toward finishing the Remember This Cold fic for Civil War, if that counts as a goal? 

What’s your aesthetic? I don’t think I have an actual coherent #aesthetic? Things I like include: rough seas and rocky shorelines, magpies and crows, abandoned places and ruined buildings, pre-Raphaelite painters, things dark lords would wear, and probably a fair number of other things I’m forgetting. 

I find a lot of things attractive/aesthetically appealing. 

Do you collect anything? Assorted nerdy merchandise? I’ve sort of started a collection of Funko Pop figures. I also have a minor collection of various Lokis, and Marvel Select figures. I don’t think I’ve actually focused enough on other stuff to call it “collecting.” 

…actually scratch that. I definitely collect comics. Specifically I have started collecting “comics featuring Black Widow”, except now I’m down to the really rare/weird ones that get kind of expensive to find. 

What’s a topic you always talk about? Dogs, my feelings on Loki in particular and morally complicated antagonists in general, how much I love Laura Kinney, Tolkienian apocalypse…there are a lot of things I won’t shut up about. That’s why I have two different blogs and a Twitter.

What’s a pet peeve of yours? People oversimplifying things. It just sets my teeth on edge - whenever I feel like someone is portraying something without the nuance or complication it should have, it definitely irritates me. 

Also, people “asking” me to do things when there really isn’t a choice. Like, “do you want to [x]?” when the actual deal is “do [x]”. I’d much rather they just say the latter rather than acting like there’s an option.

Good advice to give? uhhh. I always blank on every good idea I’ve ever had when questions like this come up. Have I ever known how to do anything? Probably not!

I guess my advice would probably be: think about the words you use most often when criticizing yourself, and try to limit your usage of those words. This year I resolved to try to avoid calling myself or things I like “trash” and to watch my use of the word “lazy” (because of my obsession with productivity etc.) and it’s actually…been helpful, in some ways, if only because when I catch myself thinking one of my “watch words” it forces me to slow down and think of a different way that the same idea could be phrased.

Recommend 3 songs: Oooh. I’m going to recommend…”Wicked Games” by RAIGN, “My Eyes Are Still Bright” by Scars On 45, and “Storm Song” by Phildel.

I feel like most of the people in my circle who’d wanna do this have already been tagged, but if you haven’t been, consider it done. 

There has been a Decepticon emblem somewhere on my person every day since the election.

Today I saw a post that upset me. It was basically stating that half the fandom is incorrect to see the Decepticons as the ‘real’ good guys, and reiterated all the reasons that they’re terrible and the Autobots are, were, and always will be the only good guys. 

I may have growled ‘fuck you’ at the computer, almost reblogged with an angry comment…and then looked at myself with horror, because I make it my policy not to be negative at someone I’ve never met, or their thoughts, on such slim basis. Compassion is more important than anything else; we are all hurting, and it is so easy to do further damage that, especially on a platform such as tumblr, it does well to watch one’s words very, very carefully. Fictional characters are not worth doing real, tangible harm over. 

So why the hell was I so upset that I almost broke my own rules?

The election.

I have worn a Decepticon emblem somewhere on my person every day since the election. Earrings. My windbreaker. A t-shirt. But mostly the earrings, since they’re subtle and pass mostly unremarked. I’m even contemplating a tattoo, more seriously than ever before. 

I’m in agony. I’m a policy student; I specialize in public health policy. A few weeks ago, my mentor quite literally told me to hold off on entering the workforce for the next four years; he feels that me starting a career under the Trump Administration would be a very bad idea. At the same time, I’m significantly changing the course of my immediate future in light of the election; I’m applying to Teach For America, which has an LGBT initiative to recruit LGBT teachers. It’s intended to make up grade and graduation (and survival) differences between LGBT and straight students. I’m going to actively pursue being placed in a red state, where I can do the most good. 

It’s not like I don’t understand this is dangerous. There is a large part of me that wants to flee the country (New Zealand being the favorite refuge, right now). But my family didn’t leave China during the Cultural Revolution, though it killed my great-grandparents and led to the torture and humiliation of many of my other family members. My grandmother had to be almost forcefully sent to the US because the rest of the family knew damn well her opinionated nature and total disregard for her own safety would get her dead. But it wasn’t the first time the family had weathered horrors. I know too well that it won’t be the last. And if my great-grandparents could stay in China then, then no incompetent orange baboon’s arse will chase me from the United States. 

I’m bi. I’m multiracial. I’m a woman. I’m an intellectual. This is not a good combination in Trump’s America. But I’m not afraid. 

Because I think about Megatron every time I start browsing the New Zealand visa site. Megatron, and my family. 

We’ve been weaponizing words for generations. Two thousand years, in fact. Megatron, the young miner working in the dark for a better world, shaping words to change sparks, speaks to me on a deep level. This is what we have done for those two thousand years. And like Megatron, we have paid a price. Very often in blood. We’ve never been good at shutting up. 

Megatron is both a power fantasy and a cautionary tale for me right now, and right now, what I really need is the power fantasy. I feel incredibly helpless; I am not the only one. Megatron, someone who starts out so utterly helpless, gives me hope that I, too, may yet be powerful one day. That I may be capable of righting the injustices that cause me such pain now. 

I do not mean to excuse his atrocities. I am repulsed by them perhaps more than many others, because I understand how easy it might be to slip over the edge to committing them. (Anyone who tells you it is easy not to slip over that edge is a person to be very frightened of; they obviously do not see themselves as capable of horror, and those people are the ones most likely to commit horrors–they do not examine themselves or their motivations, they believe they are utterly in the right, and that is the most dangerous of persons). 

In the wake of this election, we all feel helpless. We are suddenly enemies in our own countries. Our neighbors turn on us for our compassion, for our liberal sentiments and our belief that all people are created equal. Does We the People still cover us? We’re not sure. There are so many who would say no. There are so many who believe we’re seeing the rise of another Hitler. 

Megatron rebelled against an authoritarian government. The lowest of the low, he shattered the monstrous system that treated him and his fellows as disposable objects. We are facing a future in which we are disposable objects. Is it any wonder we find hope in him? Is it any wonder that, seeing Trump get another pass for a lie, or use a tweet to cover up his nefarious dealings, you are being deceived gains new, immediate meaning? How about rise up? 

It’s not Optimus who gives us hope, Optimus who was a cop in IDW, Optimus, the well-meaning supporter of the status quo (that very same status quo that has so failed us!).

It’s Megatron, who may have fallen from grace, but who understands. Who was the miner who toppled an empire.

You may interpret canon as you wish. I would never want to step on someone’s toes for that. But for all you folks wondering why the hell fandom has suddenly decided the Decepticons are more appealing…

…it’s very simple. We’ve just realized we’re in their position. 


Although we’ve mentioned this in the update post itself, some people might miss the note. Please turn ON your Sound Effects in your Options menu. If it is turned off, it will hinder your progress in the mini-game. If there is an error and the mini-game doesn’t give you points, THIS is most likely the cause. We are currently working on a fix for this and will update everyone when it is ready. Thank you for your patience! :’)

Alright, this needs to be fucking said, because I have fucking HAD it

You might have seen this gifset going around that depicts John Oliver during his D.C. Statehood segment where he’s talking about the pandas in D.C. not mating, with a picture of Rey and Kylo Ren’s lightsaber duel taking up the graphics box that originally showed the pandas. It got over 600 notes in the first 48 hours. It is to date my second most popular post on tumblr. It was my first attempt at a gif edit, something I’d been wanting to try for a long time, and it felt good to see it become so popular. It felt good, because for the first time in a long time, I was able to create something. And it felt good because I was able to do something that I’ve never done before.

I have been dealing with a whole mess of problems. I lost someone important to me two years ago at probably one of the worst times to lose a person, and it took about a year and a half to realize the grief had given way to actual depression. I felt like my life shattered when I realized that, because people tell me they love what a bright, happy person I am, and suddenly I realize I’m no longer that person. I haven’t been for two years now and I’m just now realizing why. This is all happening within a week of moving into an apartment and living on my own for the first time, and transition is something I’ve never been able to deal with well, so going through that plus seeking out help for my depression when I’m three hours away from any decent support system was incredibly difficult for me.

My problems didn’t stop there. I went to an anime convention the weekend before moving in, and while I was there I lost my car keys, so my mom had to drive two and a half hours down to bring me the second set, which made me feel like an absolute failure. About three weeks later was when disaster really struck. I was driving to my apartment and accidentally hit a pedestrian. I wasn’t going fast, and the girl seemed like she wasn’t injured, but the whole time I was freaking out. For the first time in my life I was in a position where I could’ve killed someone, and I shut down. That was the beginning of my suicidal thoughts. I was never suicidal before that. My therapist figured I had developed PTSD from the accident, so she sent me to a specialist. Despite therapy, despite the specialist, my depression only got worse. My PTSD is a lot more manageable now, but the depression keeps getting worse. 

I missed a lot of classes this semester. There were so many days that it was difficult to get out of bed. I’m also an art major, so my homework isn’t just figuring out problems or doing research-based assignments. I have to be able to conceptualize and create my assignments from scratch. I haven’t been able to do that. It kept getting harder as the semester went on. I’m a creative major who feels shut off from her creativity. That’s not good. Any time I would get an idea for something I would lose it halfway through a sketch, and I’d feel like an even bigger failure than before. So, i was missing classes, my assignments were completely lackluster, and I was feeling like a failure the whole time, as my depression kept getting worse. It was a positive feedback loop of misery. 

Last spring, I had to stay up late to get a lot of my assignments done, and while I did that, I was usually marathoning John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. He’s entertaining, speaks from a viewpoint I agree with, and he covered a lot of interesting topics. I was able to learn about real-world issues as I was doing my assignments. Many times when I stayed home from classes this semester I found myself watching Last Week Tonight. It’s not often I marathon Last Week Tonight, after catching up on all the segments I missed I only watched a new segment when it came out. It wasn’t until this past Saturday that I was able to realize why I marathon Last Week Tonight only on those days I missed and when I’m pulling all-nighters: marathoning Last Week Tonight is what I do when I laboring through something difficult. My own existence has become something difficult. My own life is an unpleasant burden. I’ve become so depressed and so miserable and so pathetic that I’ve started treating my waking moments the way I treat an all-nighter. Imagine hitting rock-bottom that hard.

My suicidal thoughts have come and gone in waves, but they’ve become more persistent ever since I realized that I’m going to fail this semester. I’ve tried drawing something, anything, but I can’t create. I have no motivation to do anything except go to my job since I at least need the money to get myself home and hopefully be able to go to a convention in January to see my friends. I haven’t felt the desire to create anything in a long time. I can get a few ideas here and there, but when I do, there’s no motivation. Well, on another bad day a few weeks ago, I was marathoning Last Week Tonight, and the D.C. Statehood episode came up, and when I heard John Oliver say “We need them fucking. And we need them to fuck a lot!” All I could think was, Hey! That’s the Reylo fandom! That idea actually stuck with me for weeks. I downloaded a gif making program, giffed the clips I needed, put in a graphic of Rey and Kylo Ren, and lo and behold, I had created something! That was legitimately exciting for me, because while I am in no way better than I was before, I was able to create something despite my problems! And over 600 notes! Given the number of likes and reblogs combined, that’s probably at least 500 people I’ve been able to reach, at least five hundred people I’ve been able to amuse, and I was able to do that despite my depression, despite my suicidal thoughts, despite feeling like a failure. Five. Hundred. People.

Apparently I’m not allowed to enjoy things.

I made this post in response to a post I saw in the Reylo tag. The OP and I have each other blocked now, but I had to admit I was curious to know what they were saying about me, and when I saw what was on their blog, I was fucking livid.

Okay, @johnoliverphotos, where do we fucking start? How about, “I don’t care about The Force Awakens”. Then why the hell are you making anti-Reylo posts, crosstagging them, and putting my URL in them? Also, what do you know of the relationship? What do you know of the people who ship them? What do you know of abuse, something I’ve actually been a victim of? 

Another thing, I never said John Oliver would be for an abusive relationship. I never even said he would be for Reylo. I put a graphic on a gif and called you out for attacking me over it. Here’s my response.

NO WHERE did I say that John Oliver would support anything. I only stated the obvious: He probably could not give one shit less about shipping or the Star Wars fandom. He has his own life to live. He has a wife, he’s a soccer fan, and he has a career. His show is pretty damn popular, which is why people make posts of and about it. I made a post using clips from his show so I could entertain a shipping fandom, one that I really love being a part of. I could’ve made it for Royai (actually I’ve thought about making it for Royai), GrayLu, Lucelyn, or Victuuri. It’s a joke that could work for literally almost any pairing, and people would still get a kick out of it. I could’ve made it for Kylux, Finnrey, or Stormpilot and not have gotten treated like garbage over it. So why am I treated like garbage because I made it for Reylo?

There’s an obvious problem with the Star Wars fandom on tumblr. Clearly it’s not just polarizing people within the Star Wars fandom.

Because there have been other incidents of people not even involved in the Star Wars fandoms giving me shit because I ship Reylo. It’s not right. Here’s this wildly out-of-left-field concept: REYLO SHIPPERS ARE HUMAN BEINGS. We deserve to be listened to. We deserve to be heard. We deserve to be treated with the respect you’d treat anyone else with. We’re not suddenly less than human because we choose to ship Reylo. We’re real-life people dealing with real-life problems who are able to find enjoyment in shipping Rey and Kylo Ren. We have a wide variety of reasons not only for shipping Reylo but also for thinking it might become canon, and if we honestly think it might become canon, why shouldn’t we ship it? A lot of us come from groups that antis think they’re protecting. I’m bisexual, mentally ill, and an abuse victim. I find it incredibly biphobic when an anti asserts that Rey is a lesbian just so she can’t be with a man, it’s ableist as fuck when an anti tells a Reylo shipper that their coping method is unhealthy (especially since shipping Reylo has actually helped me cope with despression), and the tactics that antis employ are nearly identical to how my ex-boyfriend emotionally abused me. Antis have made every part of the Star Wars fandom except the Reylo fandom feel unsafe for me. I shouldn’t feel unsafe, I shouldn’t have to deal with people who act like they want my head on a pike every time I get on tumblr. Navigating this website when you’re a Reylo shipper often can feel like you’re walking with a sprained ankle on a tightrope suspended over lava. It can be a fucking nightmare sometimes.

All this really boils down to is, remember that there are people behind these screens. I’ve been stalked and harassed by antis before. I’ve even been harassed by one whom I directly told I was dealing with suicidal thoughts at the time they were harassing me! It seems like antis especially have this nasty habit of treating Reylo shippers like they’re not human, and this kind of attitude is pervading other parts of tumblr, so that an innocent joke that uses media outside of Star Wars suddenly opens up the OP to harassment, attacks, and defamation. I’ve had my anxiety spike because of this. I’m not mentally well, so stuff that I’m dealing with in one part of my life can affect how I’m feeling outside of it. I’m probably not the only one who has problems like this. It’s not fun. And antis are making it considerably worse and arguably more dangerous. They’re deliberately spreading lies about us, as you can see, and making it more acceptable for people who don’t know a damn thing about us to treat us the way antis treat us.

You never know what someone is going through. Keep that in mind the next time you think about pulling the same shit johnoliverphotos or literally any anti pulls. 

We deserve better.

pinkanimelife  asked:

I'm 14 and by January I have to figure out what I want to do in the future so I take the right courses in high school. I've always wanted to be an animator. But then I told my aunt and she said I had to choose something "realistic." I was doing some research and started reading your blog post and it gave me hope! Can a Canadian black anime crazed girl like me be an animator? What courses would I take for high school? Hope you reply!!!

@pinkanimelife I saw and responded to this in my DM’s; but I felt like this was a super important question, so I’m sharing my (extended) answer on here as well:

I ABSOLUTELY believe you can be an animator. And that fact that you can’t draw means nothing; start now! You’re asking me questions that I didn’t start asking until I was 18- and you’ll be much better for it.

As for the people that doubt you: DO. NOT. LET. THEM. Don’t let anyone else determine what you should do with YOUR life. The reason that you want to be a part of the animation industry is the exact same reason that I want to be a part of it. Cartoons shaped so much of who I am, and that’s something that I want to be able to bring to kids in the future

When it comes to your classes; don’t worry about it much- I’ll be honest with you: do well in high school so that you can do well in college; but to be perfectly truthful, it doesn’t matter- take some art classes; really learn how to draw; PRACTICE EVEY SINGLE DAY (I’m not exaggerating about that one, it’s the only reason I’m where I am today) when you get to college; you’ll have a better idea of what you want to do and the path you’ll need to take to get there

But also: hey, if they weren’t okay with weird, black, nerdy, anime teen freaks, then I wouldn’t have been hired as an intern, a year ago, right?? Don’t worry about it. Be you, and people will be drawn to that

i think that text post i reblogged is important because when i was like 15 (yes, 15) i felt a lot of anxiety about two separate parts of me…the desire to be silly and goofy and the desire to be serious and artistic or whatever. yes i know that sounds stupid as fuck but being 15 and spending too much time on the internet lead me to this weird belief that everyone had to only define themselves by one singular trait or concept - being funny and being poetic were totally at odds with other and to be a full cohesive person you had to pick one.

 and i agree with what the post says, it used to annoy me a lot (not so much anymore, because i’ve changed, we all do) encountering the kinds of people who could never be serious….who would always sacrifice a beautiful or vulnerable moment for a cheap laugh - worse yet, not even a laugh but simply any shallow or crude way to shut them and everyone around them off from being able to fully appreciate and feel something. 

but as i’ve gotten older i’ve find the opposite to be equally as grating, if not more. people still in that same mindset i had when i was 15 - that to find humour in things often is “cheap” , that to maintain a strict persona of spending all free time reading plath and writing poetry is the only way to be and be seen as interesting and artistic and beautiful. that to just have a laugh is to directly void any depth of your character and cheapen all artistic credibility. that’s a terrible way to be. life is fucking funny and i see so many still people so preoccupied with trying to turn every aspect of existence into a “moment” they become the most boring rigid unfun people in the universe - quite ironically alienating themselves from everyone around them and therefore “meaningful experiences” by refusing to engage in humour because it’s “cheap” and “invulnerable”, they in turn miss out on what is in itself a very powerful human experience, rich in meaning and unity.

i think anyone who has conquered adolescence and still sees their identity, people around them, and life in these such binaries is really sad. no one cares as much about your personal conception of identity as you, just have fun - in caring too much you just end up projecting the sort of identity that is appealing to very few people after all.

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When you've dislocated something, how do you put it back into place? Say, Character A has dislocated their finger and she's alone and (I assume) it's hurting like hell. Could she set it back into place by herself? If so, how? My brain wants to tell me that for a finger/toe a quick pull with the other hand could do the trick, but I worry it could also pinch important nerves/tendons/idk... I guess bigger articulations need more people, don't they?

Hey anon! Dislocations are specific to the joint involved. Dislocations of the finger are actually fairly uncommon; I’ve seen a lot of things, but I’ve never seen a finger dislocation, believe it or not. The tendons of the hands are typically strong enough to hold the fingers in place.

Medscape has a REALLY GOOD overview of finger dislocations in particular, but it’s aimed at provider, so it’s a little bit technical. It talks about joint stabilization, and all that.

Or you could watch this. WARNING: BRUTAL, except that the person doesn’t have any pain whatsoever. That’s because this really should be done with a nerve block (anesthesia into the hand). If you watch closely, you’ll see the physician briefly apply traction (pull) and allow the finger to go back into place sort of naturally, pulled by the tendons.

So there’s that.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Why hello there 500!

It seems this smol little side-blog has hit 500, and I’m so grateful. Thank you all so much. To show my thanks, I’m going to do a writing giveaway.

Basically, reblog this post (reblogs are the only thing that counts) and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a personalized imagine (Your name, appearance, personality, the works) with the boy of your choosing (one of the sidemen, Lachlan, Calfridge)

Good luck and thank you so much!

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Hi Aunt Jillie! I don't have anything very important to say or ask, other than to simply thank you. You never fail to make me smile and I love your little personal posts and outfit shots and bits of wisdom you offer to anyone who asks. Thank you for being you and encouraging us all to do the same.

You utter, utter darling. Thank you very much, and bless you for sending this today. Last night was awful, thanks to a combination of insomnia and non-stop nightmares, and I feel wretched today. Your message has made things a bit better. So again, thank you.

updated by dfi but posting it here because it’s important:


- know me irl
- are egalitarian/an anti-sjw
- are truscum/a terf
- think reverse racism/cisphobia is real
- like incest/pedophilic/abusive media (depends if you’re a victim)
- id outside your race/id outside your ability
- god just dont even follow if ur not japanese and you have anime character kins
- like things like south park/rick and morty/hamilton/mogeko games/dmmd
- like/post irl gore
- think otherkin oppression is real
- god i hate the otherkin community
- think that victims who cope with graphic media have priority over those who don’t (this is complicated message me if you’re confused)

- if you already follow and you do one of these message me

okay this is really why representation is important. My 52 year old, half filipino, half Polynesian mother went to see Moana with my little cousins and she cried through most of the movie because she saw her three daughters and herself in a Disney princess for the first time. We grew up in a predominantly white suburban town and she had to remind me and my sisters everyday that our brown skin, wide noses, dark features were beautiful and that one day we’ll get a princess like us. Not only does she look like us but she’s smart, kind, brave, family oriented and everything my mother has ever wanted in a Disney character. this is my thank you note to the people that took the time to accurately create a Disney princess that my 52 year old mother could finally look up to.

Yknow who’s always left out of Hamlet summaries/analyses? Laertes and Horatio. All the time. They’re just mentioned for the big plot points (Horatio lives, Laertes duels Hamlet) and that’s IT. And that just makes me really mad because those two characters are so much more important than what you’d gather from watching a Hamlet summary on YouTube.

anonymous asked:

Ally why does media constantly focus on physical appearance, it makes me feel that how I look is more important than who I am as a person.

Not all media does! Look into what kinds of media forms you are consuming :) I recommend getting into publications like Rookie Yearbook (or the website), local zines, YouTubers that discuss ideas and don’t focus on appearance (I love Meghan Mackay, Damon and Jo, Rosianna, Booksandquills, etc), The Messy Heads, 

Don’t watch tv shows or films that focus on those aspects if they are impacting your mindset and mental health. Unfollow the Instagram accounts that only post bodies (although check out ‘The Naked Diaries’, their account rocks). Choose not to live in an environment of outward focus, but internal instead xx

butchlinkle replied to your post: i bought candy corn at this import candy shop i…

candy corn looks like it tastes plastic-y to me

THATS WHAT I WAS EXPECTING TOO but it actually tastes like Candy. like just. generic candy.

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honestly candy corn is like…an aesthetic thing especially for halloween. I don’t know anyone that actually likes eating it

i can imagine for ppl w a rly big sweet tooth (especially small children??) it’s probably p alright since it literally just tastes. sweet.